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#1. It was just too hard from my standpoint to apply myself properly for the lessons from art school and also work 6 hours a day at the Ben Paris restaurant in downtown Seattle. There was just no time to have a life. - Author: Mike Royer
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Mike Royer
#2. I learned more from the one restaurant that didn't work than from all the ones that were successes. - Author: Wolfgang Puck
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Wolfgang Puck
#3. Our sizable group was scattered among three different tables, and because the restaurant was a bit noisy, the kids' table didn't hear Alan lead us in the blessing. So Miss Kay went over to their table and led Mia and her cousins in their own prayer, thanking God for the food and asking Him to watch over Mia the next morning. After she finished, she asked the girls if they wanted to add anything. Mia said that she did. They all bowed their heads while Mia prayed for Mrs. Cathy, a dear friend of ours who was recovering from a recent mastectomy and undergoing chemotherapy for stage two breast cancer.
Miss Kay came over to me and Jase with tears in her eyes, recounting what Mia had prayed. "I just assumed she was going to pray for herself, but she prayed for Cathy instead."
When I told Miss Kay that we pray for Cathy each night at bedtime, Kay said, "Well, I guess Mia thought there was no reason that this night should be any different."
She also mentioned that she asked Mia if she was nervous about the next day.
"Not really" was Mia's response.
"But what do you feel?" Miss Kay asked her.
"Nothing. I just don't feel anything, really."
I guess I would interpret her response simply as Mia being at peace. - Author: Missy Robertson
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Missy Robertson
#4. A couple of months ago, I was down in Florida for the Food and Wine Festival. And this journalist grabbed me and said, 'How does it feel to be a TV guy? You're no longer in the restaurant business.' And I laughed. I asked him, 'How long do you think it takes me to do a season?' He said, 'Well, 200 days.' And I was like, '200 days? Try 20!' - Author: Tom Colicchio
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Tom Colicchio
#5. At school I was lazy. But I started working when I was 15, washing dishes at a local truck stop restaurant. I was really, really bored with school, and I wanted to get a job as fast as I could. School was just so easy. There was just no challenge to it. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#6. WHO'S GOT A TAMPON? I JUST GOT MY PERIOD, I will announce loudly to nobody in particular in a women's bathroom in a San Francisco restaurant, or to a co-ed dressing room of a music festival in Prague, or to the unsuspecting gatherers in a kitchen at a party in Sydney, Munich, or Cincinnati. Invariably, across the world, I have seen and heard the rustling of female hands through backpacks and purses, until the triumphant moment when a stranger fishes one out with a kind smile. No money is ever exchanged. The unspoken universal understanding is: Today, it is my turn to take the tampon. Tomorrow, it shall be yours. There is a constant, karmic tampon circle. It also exists, I've found, with Kleenex, cigarettes, and ballpoint pens. - Author: Amanda Palmer
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Amanda Palmer
#7. the highest-level report on cancer and heated oils to date, published in 2010 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization, determined that emissions from frying oils at the temperatures typically used in restaurants are "probably" carcinogenic to humans. The problem, as we know, is that these regular vegetable oils oxidize easily, and heat speeds up the reaction, especially when heated over periods of hours, as typically occurs when these oils are used in restaurant fryers. - Author: Nina Teicholz
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Nina Teicholz
#8. The average housewife goes to the restaurant to relax and enjoy the food. But when Eva walks in, she becomes the center of attention. - Author: Eva Gabor
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Eva Gabor
#9. I come from the restaurant business; you're talking to a guy used to working 12, 14 hours a day. - Author: Bobby Schilling
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Bobby Schilling
#10. I don't know what it is exactly, being a server. It's a job, certainly, but not exclusively. There's a transparency to it, an occupation stripped of the usual ambitions. One doesn't move up or down. One waits. You are a waiter.

It is fast money - loose, slippery bills that inflate and disappear over the course of an evening. It can be a means, to those with concrete ends and unwavering vision. I grasped most of that easily enough when I was hired at the restaurant at twenty-two. - Author: Stephanie Danler
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Stephanie Danler
#11. We met at a local restaurant.
She tweeted from her Smartphone ,"Socializing is so liberating compared to being hung on Social media all the time".
I liked her tweet and asked for the Bill. - Author: Ketan Waghmare
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Ketan Waghmare
#12. So many of my memories are generated by and organized around food: what I ate, what people cooked, what I cooked, what I ordered in a restaurant. My mental palate is also inextricably intertwined with the verbal part of my brain. Food, words, memories all twist together, so it was the obvious way to structure my life. Each memory of food opened up an entire scene for me, it was the key that unlocked everything. - Author: Kate Christensen
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Kate Christensen
#13. Especially in the food business, critics take very seriously how much power they have. They can shut a restaurant down. - Author: Jon Favreau
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Jon Favreau
#14. I'm in the process of brainstorming with my marketing team and all that stuff, trying to come up with a concept for a late-night restaurant for people in Birmingham. - Author: Ruben Studdard
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Ruben Studdard
#15. I was sitting on my own in a restaurant, when I saw a beautiful woman at another table. I sent her a bottle of the most expensive wine on the menu. She sent me a note:
"I will not touch a drop of this wine unless you can assure me that you have seven inches in your pants." So I wrote back: "Give me the wine. As gorgeous as you are, I'm not cutting off three inches for anyone. - Author: Akhil
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Akhil
#16. I don't want to do anything and everything. I want to be a brand that, every time I leverage my name, I want people to feel sure that it's going to be something good - so whether it be my movies, my perfume, my restaurant, my musical, it'll be good work, good food and good everything. - Author: Shilpa Shetty
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Shilpa Shetty
#17. They look so tired, so hot!" everyone kept saying, but not one of them thought to open their doors, to invite one of these wretches inside, to welcome them into the shady bits of heaven that the refugees could glimpse behind the houses, where wooden benches nestled in arbours amid redcurrant bushes and roses. There were just too many of them. Too many weary, pale faces, dripping with sweat, too many wailing children, too many trembling lips asking, "Do you know where we could get a room? A bed?" … "Would you tell us where we could find a restaurant, please, Madame?" It prevented the townspeople from being charitable. There was nothing human left in this miserable mob; they were like a herd of frightened animals. Their crumpled clothes, crazed faces, hoarse voices, everything about them made them look peculiarly alike, so you couldn't tell them apart. - Author: Irene Nemirovsky
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Irene Nemirovsky
#18. No, I don't go to that restaurant anymore. No body goes there. It's too crowded. - Author: Yogi Berra
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Yogi Berra
#19. Is there anything, apart from a really good chocolate cream pie and receiving a large unexpected cheque in the post, to beat finding yourself at large in a foreign city on a fair spring evening, loafing along unfamiliar streets in the long shadows of a lazy sunset, pausing to gaze in shop windows or at some church or lovely square or tranquil stretch of quayside, hesitating at street corners to decide whether that cheerful and homy restaurant you will remember fondly for years is likely to lie down this street or that one? I just love it. I could spend my life arriving each evening in a new city. - Author: Bill Bryson
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Bill Bryson
#20. If we were in a restaurant sometimes Orpheus would look sullen and wouldn't talk to me and I thought people felt sorry for me. I should have realized that women envied me. Their husbands talked too much.
But I wanted to talk to him about my notions. I was working on a new philosophical system. It involved hats. - Author: Sarah Ruhl
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Sarah Ruhl
#21. Finding balance in life is perhaps the greatest challenge of this generation, especially for women. I've decided that I need to compartmentalize my life better. From the time my kids get home until after dinner, I put my phone away. If I pick it up, my kids call me on it, and I have to put money in the "phone jar." When the phone jar gets full, the kids can spend the money on fun family outings, like going to a movie or going to their favorite restaurant. This unplugged time has helped me to be more mindful and give them my full attention. - Author: Dayna Devon
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Dayna Devon
#22. Le Cirque at first was one of those general French restaurants in town, which were cooking more or less the same food. At Le Cirque, I wanted to do something different while respecting the foundation of the restaurant. I did that through the menu. - Author: Daniel Boulud
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Daniel Boulud
#23. The idea of a terrorist attack that assaults innocent human beings in a building or a mall or a restaurant is bad enough. Yet the terrorist mind that looks at a passenger plane and sees the fuel and the intensity of the blast, and sees the rocket engines that will carry it into the heart of destruction like a cruise missile, but who does not see the humanity of one single soul on that airplane, is the chilling truth of what we're up against. - Author: Alan Keyes
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Alan Keyes
#24. Working at a restaurant is a tough gig. - Author: Kevin McCarthy
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Kevin McCarthy
#25. Once abroad, I eat one meal a day picnic-style: Ive learned that no mature stomach can tolerate an endless routine of rich restaurant meals. - Author: Arthur Frommer
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Arthur Frommer
#26. Chefs don't actually say 'That's a spicy meat-a-ball,' except to indicate that there's a bomb threat in the restaurant without alarming the customers. Terrorism is the spiciest meatball there is. - Author: Mario Batali
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Mario Batali
#27. I can't go to a restaurant and order food because I keep looking at the fonts on the menu. - Author: Donald Knuth
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Donald Knuth
#28. I only eat meat if I go to a nice restaurant and there is an exceptional dish, or if I'm at somebody's home for a dinner, I'll eat whatever is in front of me. Otherwise, I don't eat anything that walks around and has a face. - Author: Bryan Fuller
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Bryan Fuller
#29. A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team. It makes the most of every crew member's talent and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity to speed up service. - Author: David Ogilvy
Flairs Restaurant quotes by David Ogilvy
#30. I like to use my influence for good, rather than evil. And in this case, the good is a free meal at a swanky restaurant. But I don't have much influence, as you could tell if you saw the meal I was just given: two packets of saltine crackers and a glass of water (ice not included). - Author: Jarod Kintz
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Jarod Kintz
#31. The disparity between a restaurant's price and food quality rises in direct proportion to the size of the pepper mill. - Author: Bryan Q. Miller
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Bryan Q. Miller
#32. Blithe; he seething - until they had left the restaurant and started - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#33. The restaurant business is robust and successful precisely because individual restaurants are vulnerable and short-lived. Taleb wishes that society honoured ruined entrepreneurs as richly as it honours fallen soldiers. - Author: Matt Ridley
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Matt Ridley
#34. I went out a couple of times with Pierce. He's totally recognizable, and he makes no effort to tone it down. Some people were glancing over at us in the restaurant, and he just went over and introduced himself. And it does work. It dissipates all the attention. Me? I just crawl under the table. - Author: Robert Pattinson
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Robert Pattinson
#35. Most people who open restaurants will fail, because they lack the fundamental understanding of restaurant math. Either they think they're superstar cooks or they think they're superstar hosts. - Author: Joe Bastianich
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Joe Bastianich
#36. The after-party is always at a restaurant, and for me, the fun starts when I get a cheese platter. That's as f-ed up as I get. - Author: Kate McKinnon
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Kate McKinnon
#37. Any successful hospitality operation - be it a hotel or restaurant, chain or independent, low-cost provider or luxury establishment - requires an effectively performing individual operation. You have to attract the right customers, have the service product, set the right price for your product, and provide the right level of service - all the while managing your employees the right way to achieve your goals. This requires a combination of knowledge from a variety of disciplines, and thus this section includes contributions from our faculty in human resources, management, marketing, operations, and strategy. - Author: Michael C. Sturman
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Michael C. Sturman
#38. [Clyde Ross] was stationed in California. He found that he could go into stores without being bothered. He could walk the streets without being harassed. He could go into a restaurant and receive service. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#39. Led Zeppelin was the rock band's rock band, but it was Plant who made it special. He had the knack of taking a seemingly inconsequential string of words, adding a searing shriek, and knocking the listener back on his heels. This was no less impressive on stage than in the restaurant. - Author: Andre The BFG
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Andre The BFG
#40. That we have made a hero of Howard Hughes tells us something interesting about ourselves, something only dimly remembered, tells us that the secret point of money and power in America is neither the things that money can buy nor power for power's sake (Americans are uneasy with their possessions, guilty about power, all of which is difficult for Europeans to perceive because they are themselves so truly materialistic, so versed in the uses of power), but absolute personal freedom, mobility, privacy. It is the instinct which drove America to the Pacific, all through the nineteenth century, the desire to be able to find a restaurant open in case you want a sandwich, to be a free agent, live by one's own rules. - Author: Joan Didion
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Joan Didion
#41. When I was a kid, I have two dreams. I want to be a baseball player. Hometown, Hiroshima, has a Japanese baseball franchise team called Hiroshima Carps. You know, and then I want to be a sushi chef. I want to make own restaurant - sushi restaurant. - Author: Masaharu Morimoto
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Masaharu Morimoto
#42. You want me to be your spy in a game of restaurant espionage? Will I need a code name?"
"It's nothing morally reprehensible or anything, " Wes hastened to assure her. "Just curiosity."
"I think your code name should be Tiberius," she said decisively. "I'll be Uhura."
"Tiberius? As in James Tiberius Kirk?" Wes blinked, then grinned. "Oh my God, this is your version of flirting. How do you say 'I fancy you' in Klingon? - Author: Louisa Edwards
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Louisa Edwards
#43. The hardest novel to write was Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant. - Author: Anne Tyler
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Anne Tyler
#44. Nothing goes perfectly, especially when you're opening a restaurant. - Author: Bobby Flay
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Bobby Flay
#45. This phrase did not have the ring of verisimilitude because I am famously bad at math. If I'm in charge of tipping at a restaurant, the waiter will either fall to his knees in gratitude or slash my tires. There ain't no Mr. In Between. - Author: Celia Rivenbark
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Celia Rivenbark
#46. It's a funny thing. I'll be in my home town of Columbus at a restaurant or something, and the waiter maybe asks, 'What do you do?' and I say, 'Oh, I'm in a band ... Twenty One Pilots,' and he'll say, 'Cool, I'll check it out. I never heard of them.' And then I say, 'In September we're playing the Schottenstein Center,' and it's like, 'What?!' - Author: Tyler Joseph
Flairs Restaurant quotes by Tyler Joseph

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