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#1. Growing up, we were surrounded by stories of women being married off without their consent, and it was always about how they compromised, reconciled, and found love in the end. It was romanticized so much. What an abhorrent thing to tell someone - that your love isn't where your interest lie, or that your parents know what's best for you better than you do. - Author: Sonali Dev
Fixed Marriage quotes by Sonali Dev
#2. It may be true of all relationships, not only between fathers and sons, but between men and women. Nothing seems fixed. Everything is always changing. We seem to have very little control over our emotional life. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
Fixed Marriage quotes by Sherwood Anderson
#3. I had started on the marriage and motherhood beat by accident with a post on my personal, read only by friends, blog called 'Fifty Shades of Men'. I had written it after buying Fifty Shades of Grey to spice up what Dave and I half-jokingly called our grown up time, and had written a meditation on how the sex wasn't the sexiest part of the book. "Dear publishers, I will tell you why every woman with a ring on her finger and a car seat in her SUV is devouring this book like the candy she won't let herself eat." I had written. "It's not the fantasy of an impossibly handsome guy who can give you an orgasm just by stroking your nipples. It is instead the fantasy of a guy who can give you everything. Hapless, clueless, barely able to remain upright without assistance, Ana Steele is that unlikeliest of creatures, a college student who doesn't have an email address, a computer, or a clue. Turns out she doesn't need any of those things. Here is the dominant Christian Grey and he'll give her that computer plus an iPad, a beamer, a job, and an identity, sexual and otherwise. No more worrying about what to wear. Christian buys her clothes. No more stress about how to be in the bedroom. Christian makes those decisions. For women who do too much - which includes, dear publishers, pretty much all the women who have enough disposable income to buy your books - this is the ultimate fantasy: not a man who will make you come, but a man who will make agency unnecessary, a man who will choose you - Author: Jennifer Weiner
Fixed Marriage quotes by Jennifer Weiner
#4. I have a theory: I believe that with the advent of the United States and the lawful definition of marriage, it was defined as between one man and one woman. It was anti-polygamy, in effect saying no man can hoard his women. - Author: Ariel Pink
Fixed Marriage quotes by Ariel Pink
#5. Death is a funny thing. Not funny haha, like a Woody Allen movie, but funny strange, like a Woody Allen marriage. - Author: Norm MacDonald
Fixed Marriage quotes by Norm MacDonald
#6. He struck a dramatic pose, hands on hips. "Et tu, Judas?" Unfazed by the theatrics, Ayden said,
"I don't know what you're talking about." Blake pointed an accusing finger.
"I know you melted the wires in my engine. Think you're so smart. But you're not the only one with mechanical ability."
"You called Logan, didn't you."
"Of course I called Logan. He's my mechanical ability. But that's not the point. The point is I got it fixed and I'm here in time to pick her up. So despite your backstabbing sabotage, I'm ready to take her to school. Aurora, please get out of the," he eyed Ayden's car, "super exotic sports car and into my…practical hybrid." His face fell into misery.
"Come on, dude,

A & E Kirk (2012-01-07). Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series Book 1) (pp. 209-210). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. - Author: A. Kirk
Fixed Marriage quotes by A.  Kirk
#7. Ruth and I don't have a perfect marriage, but we have a great one. How can I say two things that seem so contradictory? In a perfect marriage, everything is always the finest and best imaginable; like a Greek statue, the proportions are exact and the finish is unblemished. Who knows any human being lke that? For a marriage couple to expect perfection in each other is unrealistic. - Author: Billy Graham
Fixed Marriage quotes by Billy Graham
#8. Marriage can wait, education cannot. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
Fixed Marriage quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#9. Her husband sat silently while she talked, his hands fisted together, his half-smile set in concrete; he looked wisely down at the tablecloth. So this is marriage, I thought: this shared tedium, this twitchiness, and those little powdery runnels forming to the sides of the nose. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Fixed Marriage quotes by Margaret Atwood
#10. The ideal mother, like the ideal marriage, is a fiction. - Author: Milton Sapirstein
Fixed Marriage quotes by Milton Sapirstein
#11. The idea that you're completing someone else in a marriage to me is death. That to me is a false start and most of us are usually taught that ... you've got to stand on your own. Then you can build something extraordinary. - Author: Richard Gere
Fixed Marriage quotes by Richard Gere
#12. In marriage, the point is not to achieve a rapid union by tearing down and toppling all boundaries. Rather, in a good marriage, each person appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude and thus shows him the greatest faith he can bestow. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Fixed Marriage quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#13. It's so important to keep a marriage alive with small treats and doing little things for each other. Just remembering to say nice things and to have listening time is vital. That ghastly phrase 'quality time' means taking three minutes to sit down and be still with someone rather than yelling over your shoulder as you rush out. - Author: Joanna Lumley
Fixed Marriage quotes by Joanna Lumley
#14. And yep, here's yet one more heterosexual man who loves his wife. I'm telling you, it's a trend! Women I know who are always complaining they can never meet a good straight man - maybe you're living in the wrong part of the country. Maybe you need to hitchhike. Route 70 West could be the path to a great marriage. Go ahead, stick out your thumb for romance. - Author: John Waters
Fixed Marriage quotes by John Waters
#15. When a man marries, it's proof he can't govern his life. He needs a governess - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
Fixed Marriage quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#16. The horror of wedlock, the most appalling, the most loathsome of all the bonds humankind has devised for its own discomfort and degradation. - Author: Marquis De Sade
Fixed Marriage quotes by Marquis De Sade
#17. Whether idyllic or defective, relationships are the fabric of life. - Author: John Tracy Wilson
Fixed Marriage quotes by John Tracy Wilson
#18. There is no pleasure in the world like writing well and going fast. It's like nothing else. It's like a love affair, it goes on and on, and doesn't end in marriage. It's all courtship. - Author: Tennessee Williams
Fixed Marriage quotes by Tennessee Williams
#19. May this colloquium be an inspiration to all who seek to support and strengthen the union of man and woman in marriage as a unique, natural, fundamental and beautiful good for persons, families, communities, and whole societies. - Author: Pope Francis
Fixed Marriage quotes by Pope Francis
#20. By contrast, my wife at fifty-two yeas old seems to me just as attractive as the day I first met her. If I were to say this out loud, she would say, 'Douglas, that's just a line. No one prefers wrinkles, no one prefers grey.' To which I'd reply, 'But none of this is a surprise. I've been expecting to watch you grow older ever since we met. Why should it trouble me? It's the face itself that I love, not that face at twenty-eight or thirty-four or fourty-three. It's that face.'
Perhaps she would have liked to hear this but I had never got around to saying it out loud. I had always presumed there would be time and now, sitting on the edge of the bed at four a.m., no longer listening out for burglars, it seemed that it might be too late. - Author: David Nicholls
Fixed Marriage quotes by David Nicholls
#21. What we're trying to do is get things fixed, not allow them to stay broke. - Author: Mark Rippetoe
Fixed Marriage quotes by Mark Rippetoe
#22. Marriage is not comfortable and harmonious. Rather it is a place of individuation where a person rubs up against oneself and against the partner, bumps up against the person in love and in rejection, and in this fashion learns to know oneself, the world, good and evil, the heights and the depths. - Author: Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig
Fixed Marriage quotes by Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig
#23. Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Fixed Marriage quotes by Hillary Clinton
#24. These are the dilemmas for cancer patients. Who and what to believe? A particular treatment is not foolproof, or as many medical experts remind us, is not math, with a fixed and certain outcome. - Author: Tom Brokaw
Fixed Marriage quotes by Tom Brokaw
#25. Being an unveiled wife is about confronting and crushing your fears; believing in truth more than in doubt, worry, or lies, and finding your security in God alone - Author: Jennifer Smith
Fixed Marriage quotes by Jennifer Smith
#26. Warp threads are thicker than the weft, and made of a coarser wool as well. I think of them as like wives. Their work is not obvious - all you can see are the ridges they make under the colorful weft threads. But if they weren't there, there would be no tapestry. Georges would unravel without me. - Author: Tracy Chevalier
Fixed Marriage quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#27. Create miracles everyday with the one you love. - Author: Nisla Love
Fixed Marriage quotes by Nisla Love
#28. How delightful is the company of generous people, who overlook trifles and keep their minds instinctively fixed on whatever is good and positive in the world around them. - Author: Van Wyck Brooks
Fixed Marriage quotes by Van Wyck Brooks
#29. As jolaha ka maram na jana, jinh jag ani pasarinhh tana;
dharti akas dou gad khandaya, chand surya dou nari banaya;
sahastra tar le purani puri, ajahu bine kathin hai duri;
kahai kabir karm se jori, sut kusut bine bhal kori;
No one could understand the secret of this weaver who, coming into existence, spread the warp as the world; He fixed the earth and the sky as the pillars, and he used the sun and the moon as two shuttles; He took thousands of stars and perfected the cloth; but even today he weaves, and the end is difficult to fathom.
Kabir says that the weaver, getting good or bad yarn and connecting karmas with it, weaves beautifully. - Author: Kabir
Fixed Marriage quotes by Kabir
#30. But how did you know that it was Stacy?"
"There wasn't a green light flashing, that's for sure," he said. "Mostly, I felt I'd met a person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. That I didn't need to look any further.""
"But how can you be sure?" I persisted.
"You can't. There's not just one person in the world who's your type. There's a whole group with the same likes and dislikes. But you want to spend your whole life looking for all of them? You just feel that everything's right. You're at peace with yourself. - Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Fixed Marriage quotes by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
#31. We all want to spend eternity with God. We just don't want to spend time with Him. We stand and stare from a distance, satisfied with superficiality. We Facebook more than we seek His face. We text more than we study The Text. And our eyes aren't fixed on Jesus. They're fixed on our iPhones and iPads - emphasis on "i." Then we wonder why God feels so distant. It's because we're hugging the rim. We wonder why we're bored with our faith. It's because we're holding out.

We want joy without sacrifice.

We want character without suffering.

We want success without failure.

We want gain without pain.

We want a testimony without the test.

We want it all without going all out for it. - Author: Mark Batterson
Fixed Marriage quotes by Mark Batterson
#32. Marriage is a wonderful institution ... but who wants to live in an institution? - Author: Groucho Marx
Fixed Marriage quotes by Groucho Marx
#33. I think the tingles are important. They are real, and I am in favor of their survival. But they are not the basis for a satisfactory marriage. I am not suggesting that on should marry without the tingles. Those warm, excited feelings, the chill bumps, that sense of acceptance, the excitement of the touch that make up the tingles serve as the cherry on top of the sundae. But you cannot have a sundae with only the cherry. - Author: Gary Chapman
Fixed Marriage quotes by Gary Chapman
#34. The only kind of marriage liberals had ever glorified is the gay kind. But thanks to Michael Schiavo, the sanctity of marriage is fast becoming a liberal sacrament, with the proviso it has to involve 'mercy killing.' It took Michael Schiavo's devoted efforts to starve and dehydrate his wife to restore liberal faith in the institution. - Author: Ilana Mercer
Fixed Marriage quotes by Ilana Mercer
#35. Surely it is a great thing to increase the numerous host of fixed stars previously visible to the unaided vision, adding countless more which have never before been seen, exposing these plainly to the eye in numbers ten times exceeding the old and familiar stars. - Author: Galileo Galilei
Fixed Marriage quotes by Galileo Galilei

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