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There are two things that prevent us from achieving our dreams: believing them to be impossible or seeing those dreams made possible by some sudden turn of wheel fortune, when you least expected it. ~ Paulo Coelho
Firus Wheel quotes by Paulo Coelho
The stewardess was none other than Brenda Vaccaro, my great friend in real life. Brenda decks me. I fall to the floor of the plane, out of commission. She's saved the day. Brenda and I took longer to do our fight scene than any of our other scenes, because we fell down laughing for three takes. The wonderful absurdity of my turning the heavy wheel to open the plane door, her hand on my shoulder, turning me to look at her cute face, then doing our rehearsed one, two, three punches and shoves, just broke us up. My legs were jelly, I was wheezing with laughter - it was the closest I'd gotten to being in a school play. Sympathy for our nervous young director pulled us together just enough to get through it. ~ Lee Grant
Firus Wheel quotes by Lee Grant
I'm not reinventing the wheel. I'm just making it run without squeaking.

Sunny Anderson, TV Chef ~ Lexi Dare
Firus Wheel quotes by Lexi Dare
Mallory dropped her head to the steering wheel. "Look, I'm mad at you, okay? This isn't about me. I know my painful memories are relative. My life is good. I'm lucky. This isn't about how poor little Mallory has had it so hard. I'm not falling apart or anything."
He stroked a hand down her back. "Of course you're not. You're just holding the steering wheel up with your head for a minute, that's all. ~ Jill Shalvis
Firus Wheel quotes by Jill Shalvis
We must distinguish between felicity and prosperity; for prosperity leads often to ambition, and ambition to disappointment; the course is then over, the wheel turns round but once, while the reaction of goodness and happiness is perpetual. ~ Walter Savage Landor
Firus Wheel quotes by Walter Savage Landor
Is it really her I love, I thought to myself as I looked again at Chloe reading on the sofa across the room, or simply an idea that collects itself around her mouth, her eyes, her face? In using her face as a guide to her soul, was I not perhaps guilty of mistaken metonymy, whereby an attribute of an entity is substituted for the entity itself (the crown for the monarchy, the wheel for the car, the White House for the US government, Chloe's angelic expression for Chloe…)? ~ Alain De Botton
Firus Wheel quotes by Alain De Botton
Similarly, forcing your beliefs onto someone else damages your relationship. The damage may not be easy to spot at first, like tiny cracks in a wooden wheel, but it's just a matter of time before the wheel splits apart. ~ Derek Lin
Firus Wheel quotes by Derek Lin
A central notion in the Affordable Care Act was we had an inefficient system with a lot of waste that didn't also deliver the kind of quality that was needed that often put health care providers in a box where they wanted to do better for their patients, but financial incentives were skewed the other way, we don't need to reinvent the wheel
you're already figuring out what works to reduce infections in hospitals or help patients with complicated needs. ~ Barack Obama
Firus Wheel quotes by Barack Obama
And I have the same heart in the same socket of chest, and it hammers the way it used to, and I find myself thinking the same words, safe again, trapped again. My palms sweat on the steering wheel. I remind myself: I am not that girl. I am not that girl. I've changed. I've grown. It's a long time ago. ~ Lauren Slater
Firus Wheel quotes by Lauren Slater
She wondered if this were what hell was about. Not a place of punishment but of disparity. Those who had done nothing to earn their fate lived like this, while three miles away, others rode the Ferris wheel and children raised their hands joyfully to a hot-air balloon that rained down candy on their heads. ~ James Lee Burke
Firus Wheel quotes by James Lee Burke
So many young decorators are trying to reinvent the wheel, and the results are sometimes very dubious. They're striving to do things that have never been done before. Quite often it is done without authority, without knowledge, and without a background in taste. They need to be educated about the past, and they need a richer vocabulary. ~ Albert Hadley
Firus Wheel quotes by Albert Hadley
Since he belonged, even at the age of six, to that great clan which cannot keep this feeling separate from that, but must let future prospects, with their joys and sorrows, cloud what is actually at hand, since to such people even in earliest childhood any turn in the wheel of sensation has the power to crystallise and transfix the moment upon which its gloom or radiance rests, James Ramsay, sitting on the floor cutting out pictures from the illustrated catalogue of the Army and Navy stores, endowed the picture of a refrigerator, as his mother spoke, with heavenly bliss. ~ Virginia Woolf
Firus Wheel quotes by Virginia Woolf
Some libertarians succeed by re-inventing the wheel. Most libertarians fail by re-inventing the flat tire. ~ Mike Cloud
Firus Wheel quotes by Mike Cloud
But dying's part of the wheel, right there next to being born. You can't pick out the pieces you like and leave the rest. Being part of the whole thing, that's the blessing. ~ Natalie Babbitt
Firus Wheel quotes by Natalie Babbitt
It's not that deep down I want someone to "take care of me," it's that I'm exhausted, and occasionally overwhelmed by self-doubt. I'm steering the ship, but I don't know what I'm doing. None of us do. But it would be *so nice* to believe that someone out there did, and that maybe they could take the wheel for a little while. ~ Anna Kendrick
Firus Wheel quotes by Anna Kendrick
Georgie was extra. She was the fourth wheel. (On something that only needed three wheels. The fourth wheel on a tricycle.) ~ Rainbow Rowell
Firus Wheel quotes by Rainbow Rowell
The wheel outside the door is just the moon.
The objects hanging from the eaves, just the autumn clouds ~ Liang Li
Firus Wheel quotes by Liang Li
This excerpt is presented as reproduced by Copernicus in the preface to De Revolutionibus: "Some think that the earth remains at rest. But Philolaus the Pythagorean believes that, like the sun and moon, it revolves around the fire in an oblique circle. Heraclides of Pontus and Ecphantus the Pythagorean make the earth move, not in a progressive motion, but like a wheel in rotation from west to east around its own center." ~ Plutarch
Firus Wheel quotes by Plutarch
But for now, it even has a Gandhian approach to sabotage; before a police vehicle is burnt for example, it is stripped down and every part is cannibalized. The steering wheel is straightened out and made into a bharmaar barrel, the rexine upholstery stripped and used for ammunition pouches, the battery for solar charging. Should I write a play I wonder- Gandhi Get Your Gun. Or will I be lynched? ~ Arundhati Roy
Firus Wheel quotes by Arundhati Roy
Riders on the Ferris Wheel got the clearest, most horrific view of what happened next. ~ Erik Larson
Firus Wheel quotes by Erik Larson
Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn't it? ~ Robert Jordan
Firus Wheel quotes by Robert Jordan
Did you have fun? How many boys did you make out with?" She asks. "Seventy. At least." "How many shots did you take?" "Fourteen. I let go of the wheel halfway home and Jesus drove me the rest of the way. ~ Sara Wolf
Firus Wheel quotes by Sara Wolf
Trent, is this a date?"
He didn't reach for the key still in the ignition. "You never told me how your car got impounded."
"Is this a date?" I asked again, more stridently.
Silent, he sat there, his hands on the wheel as he stared at the front door and the neon bowling pins flashing on and off. "I want it to be. ~ Kim Harrison
Firus Wheel quotes by Kim Harrison
At the wheel, Hamid Abdul was trying not to watch them. Hamid, his immigrant brother. How Slava was exceeding his immigrant brief with this fine-skinned American specimen. See Slava take the milk of this American skin into his mouth, Hamid. Look at her fingers disappear from your rearview mirror. We are miscegenating with the natives, Hamid, we are assimilating, are we not? ~ Boris Fishman
Firus Wheel quotes by Boris Fishman
Roarke "I'll drop you." Eve "No, better I catch a cab or take the underground. This guy sees me show up in a hot car with a fancy piece behind the wheel, he's not going to like me." Roarke "You know how I love being referred. to as your fancy piece." Eve "Sometimes you're my love muffin. ~ Nora Roberts
Firus Wheel quotes by Nora Roberts
There are four places of regular and fixed occurrence (in the history of) all Buddhas:--first, the place where they attained to perfect Wisdom (and became Buddha); second, the place where they turned the wheel of the Law;(20) third, the place where they preached the Law, discoursed of righteousness, and discomfited (the advocates of) erroneous doctrines; and fourth, the place where they came down, after going up to the Trayatrimsas heaven to preach the Law for the benefit of their mothers. ~ Faxian
Firus Wheel quotes by Faxian
It was our love of foreign cloth that ousted the wheel from its position of dignity. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Firus Wheel quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Nobody is born with a steering wheel or a gear shift in his hand. It's something you choose to do or you don't. ~ Mario Andretti
Firus Wheel quotes by Mario Andretti
Dust when it was dry. Mud when it was rainy. Swearing, steaming, sweating, scheming, bribing, bellowing, cheating, the carny went its way. It came like a pillar of fire by night, bringing excitement and new things into the drowsy towns- lights and noise and the chance to win an Indian blanket, to ride on the ferris wheel, to see the wild man who fondles those reptiles as a mother would fondle her babes. Then it vanished in the night, leaving the trodden grass of the field and the debris of popcorn boxes and rusting tin ice cream spoons to show where it had been. ~ William Lindsay Gresham
Firus Wheel quotes by William Lindsay Gresham
Here is how you know someone has had a good idea: Other people freely admit to their friends that said idea has changed their lives. Most people today will grant that fire and the wheel are the big two. After that, any attempts to rank the greatest ideas of all time are going to draw lots of argument. You'll have zealots pimping this god or that on the one hand, scientists pimping Darwin on the other, and then practical people pointing at written language and saying, look, fellas, the reason those ideas have gone viral is because someone figured out how to write them down. ~ Kevin Hearne
Firus Wheel quotes by Kevin Hearne
You will always be the outsider, Nemesis had told him, the seventh wheel. You will not find a place among your brethren. ~ Rick Riordan
Firus Wheel quotes by Rick Riordan
So the whole conversation is going right off course. It's like a supermarket trolley with a wonky wheel, because all the time I'm thinking, this should be easy to push along, and everything I say just takes me in the wrong direction. ~ Nick Hornby
Firus Wheel quotes by Nick Hornby
He smiled as he led me toward the ship's wheel. Go ahead, touch it, ~ Cassia Leo
Firus Wheel quotes by Cassia Leo
If my wheel comes off and I hit the fence real hard, I get to whack every damn one of you with a hammer. ~ Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Firus Wheel quotes by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Language does for intelligence what the wheel does for the feet and the body. It enables them to move from thing to thing with greater ease and speed and ever less involvement. ~ Marshall McLuhan
Firus Wheel quotes by Marshall McLuhan
When the alchemist speaks of Mercurius, on the face of it he means quicksilver (mercury), but inwardly he means the world-creating spirit concealed or imprisoned in matter. The dragon is probably the oldest pictoral symbol in alchemy of which we have documentary evidence. It appears as the Ouroboros, the tail-eater, in the Codex Marcianus, which dates from the tenth or eleventh century, together with the legend 'the One, the All'. Time and again the alchemists reiterate that the opus proceeds from the one and leads back to the one, that it is a sort of circle like a dragon biting its own tail. For this reason the opus was often called circulare (circular) or else rota (the wheel). Mercurius stands at the beginning and end of the work: he is the prima materia, the caput corvi, the nigredo; as dragon he devours himself and as dragon he dies, to rise again in the lapis. He is the play of colours in the cauda pavonis and the division into the four elements. He is the hermaphrodite that was in the beginning, that splits into the classical brother-sister duality and is reunited in the coniunctio, to appear once again at the end in the radiant form of the lumen novum, the stone. He is metallic yet liquid, matter yet spirit, cold yet fiery, poison and yet healing draught - a symbol uniting all the opposites. ~ C.G. Jung
Firus Wheel quotes by C.G. Jung
They say despair is a terrible thing, but hope is worse: it keeps you shackled for ever, like a dog in a wheel, always running, but never able to go anywhere, save round and round. ~ Karen Maitland
Firus Wheel quotes by Karen Maitland
He opened the rear door and I got in and sank down into the cushions and George slid under the wheel and started the big car. It moved away from the curb and around the corner with as much noise as a bill makes in a wallet. ~ Raymond Chandler
Firus Wheel quotes by Raymond Chandler
To the Nameless Saints who soothe the winds and still the restless sea...

Lenos turned his grandmother's talisman between his hands as he prayed.

I beg protection for this vessel--

A sound shuddered through the ship, followed by a swell of cursing. Lenos looked up as Lila got to her feet, steam rising from her hands.

-- and those who sail aboard it. I beg kind waters and clear skies as we make our way--

"If you break my ship, I will kill you all," shouted Jasta.

His fingers tightened around the pendant.

-- our way into danger and darkness.

"Damned Antari," muttered Alucard, storming up the steps to the landing where Lenos stood, elbows on the rail.

The captain slumped down against a crate and produced a flask. "This is why I drink."

Lenos pressed on.

I beg this as a humble servant, with faith in the vast world, in all its power.

He straightened, tucking the necklace back under his collar.

"Did I interrupt?" asked Alucard.

Lenos looked from the singe marks on the deck to Jasta bellowing from the wheel as the ship tepped suddenly sideways under the force of whatever magic the three Antari were working, and at last to the man who sat drinking on the floor.

"Not really, ~ V.E. Schwab
Firus Wheel quotes by V.E. Schwab
The world we are trying to transcend is not the physical world of air, sunlight, and ocean. After all, that world, even with all of its problems, is an amazingly beautiful world. Our problem is with the world that mind has constructed. Can we see that there is a mental world that we have created somewhere in our consciousness? It is a mind-created world that we have been living in forever. When we open our eyes, we see the outer world. We can walk outside near the ocean for just ten or twenty minutes and we see a beautiful world with sand, rocks, waves; the ocean is singing a song. It is a beautiful world. There is nothing wrong with that world. It is perfect, sacred in itself.

The world that we must transcend is the world that mind has constructed. That world has lots of problems, lots of drama, lots of stories, and lots of suffering. It's a forever spinning wheel of painfulness, agony, and so forth. ~ Anam Thubten
Firus Wheel quotes by Anam Thubten
Andrew interrupts. "You're letting her drive your car? Are you kidding me? You've never even let me sit behind the damn wheel!" I look over at Andrew and shrug. "You aren't the one I'm in love with. ~ Colleen Hoover
Firus Wheel quotes by Colleen Hoover
My mother used to wheel me about the campus when we lived in that neighborhood and, as she recounted years later, she would tell me that I would go to McGill. ~ Rudolph A. Marcus
Firus Wheel quotes by Rudolph A. Marcus
I turned the steering wheel as far as I could. The old blue Volvo didn't believe in power steering.
"More," my father said.
I thought I was going to die. I thought I might have a heart attack. I thought if I ever had to drive that car, I'd end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
"I think I'm having a heart attack," I said.
"Never mind. ~ A.M. Homes
Firus Wheel quotes by A.M. Homes
I was concious of Zach's breathing, his shirt pulled across his chest, one arm draped on the steering wheel. The hard, dark look of it. The mystery of his skin.
It was foolish to think some things were beyond happening, even being attracted to Negroes. I'd honestly thought such a thing couldn't happen, the way water could nog run uphill or salt could not taste sweet. A law of nature. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Firus Wheel quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
It is wrong to say that schoolmasters lack heart and are dried-up, soulless pedants! No, by no means. When a child's talent which he has sought to kindle suddenly bursts forth, when the boy puts aside his wooden sword, slingshot, bow-and-arrow and other childish games, when he begins to forge ahead, when the seriousness of the work begins to transform the rough-neck into a delicate, serious and an almost ascetic creature, when his face takes on an intelligent, deeper and more purposeful expression - then a teacher's heart laughs with happiness and pride. It is his duty and responsibility to control the raw energies and desires of his charges and replace them with calmer, more moderate ideals. What would many happy citizens and trustworthy officials have become but unruly, stormy innovators and dreamers of useless dreams, if not for the effort of their schools? In young beings there is something wild, ungovernable, uncultured which first has to be tamed. It is like a dangerous flame that has to be controlled or it will destroy. Natural man is unpredictable, opaque, dangerous, like a torrent cascading out of uncharted mountains. At the start, his soul is a jungle without paths or order. And, like a jungle, it must first be cleared and its growth thwarted. Thus it is the school's task to subdue and control man with force and make him a useful member of society, to kindle those qualities in him whose development will bring him to triumphant completion. ~ Hermann Hesse
Firus Wheel quotes by Hermann Hesse
It is spruce and pine and hemlock country, deerfly and punkie and blackfly country, wool and four-wheel-drive country, loon and osprey and raven country. My kind of country. ~ Christine Jerome
Firus Wheel quotes by Christine Jerome
If I sit next to a madman as he drives a car into a group of innocent bystanders, I can't, as a Christian, simply wait for the catastrophe, then comfort the wounded and bury the dead. I must try to wrestle the steering wheel out of the hands of the driver. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Firus Wheel quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
My will and my desire were both revolved, as is a wheel in even motion driven, by Love, which moves the sun and other stars. ~ Dante Alighieri
Firus Wheel quotes by Dante Alighieri
Other cars on the highway driven by believers will suddenly be out of control and stark pandemonium will occur on ... every highway in the world where Christians are caught away from the drivers wheel. ~ Jerry Falwell
Firus Wheel quotes by Jerry Falwell
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