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There is no standard way of using painting techniques. ~ Wu Guanzhong
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Guanzhong
Never lay aside something for tomorrow that can be done today. ~ Sensei Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Sensei Wu
What you must do," said Monkey, "is lure the monster from its hiding place, but be certain it is a fight you can survive. ~ Wu Cheng'en
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Cheng'en
I would advise all young musicians to not only experience and play chamber music, but to go to operas, speak to the singers, to explore and expand your horizons. ~ Wu Han
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Han
No legislative, administrative or judicial activity in the Hong Kong SAR is allowed to contradict the Basic Law, let alone to go against the Basic Law. ~ Wu Bangguo
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Bangguo
In my 20s, I could just power through stuff and be fine, but now, in your 40s? It's kind of like Kobe Bryant. He plays basketball a little bit differently than he did when he first started out. ~ Daniel Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Daniel Wu
I was a senior research scientist that changed the accepted view of the structure of the universe.
I disproved one of the then widely accepted "laws" of physics, 'the conversation of parity', by proving that identical nuclear particles do not always act alike. ~ Chien-Shiung Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Chien-Shiung Wu
Past and Future are a duality of which Present is the reality. The now-moment alone is eternal and real. ~ Wei Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wei Wu Wei
We have the best chance of communicating our thoughts if we are sincere and speak from the heart, without hidden intent. ~ Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Wei
I have been wanting to do beauty for years and to pair with an international beauty company. It will solidify the image of Jason Wu as a world. All my shows have a distinctive hair and makeup look. It feels so natural for me; the woman who wears my clothes would have my makeup as part of her beauty regime. ~ Jason Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Jason Wu
My mom used to take me to antique shows, which I hated because everything was so dusty and old and there were all these weird ladies selling their antiques. We call them "eclectic" now. But it was really amazing that I was exposed to that when I was younger. Now that I have my own taste, I understand it more. ~ Jason Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Jason Wu
You must love the land, my children, and ring it in with your love. For the land is the most precious thing on this island. It is like rain, like the heart of a woman. ~ Wu Ming-Yi
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Ming-Yi
Doctrines, scriptures, sutras, essays, are not to be regarded as systems to be followed. They merely contribute to understanding. They should be for us a source of stimulation, and nothing more ... Adopted, rather than used as a stimulus, they are a hindrance ~ Wei Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wei Wu Wei
I had a hard time in middle school. I was never really quite me until I was 16 or 17, and things like bullying didn't matter anymore. ~ Jason Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Jason Wu
Asian Americans haven't had as many opportunities as other people to build their careers in Hollywood, just because there hasn't been that much of an interest, especially in Asian American males. ~ Daniel Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Daniel Wu
The larger lesson is that technological development does not necessarily mean
civilized values ~~ we all have to remain on guard. Humans, unlike robots, have the
power to choose how to behave. ~ William F. Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by William F. Wu
Transcendence implies the surpassing of two things, and the consequent attainment of a third thing. But there are no 'things' in reality, of any kind whatever: there is only the thing-in-itself, its suchness, which is Reality, revealed when the illusory dualism of inexistent qualities is dissolved. ~ Wei Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wei Wu Wei
The feeling of inner detachment and isolation is not in itself an abnormal phenomenon but is normal in the sense that consciousness has withdrawn from the phenomenal world and got outside time and space.

You will find the clearest parallels in Indian philosophy, especially in Yoga.

In your case the feeling is reinforced by your psychological studies.

The assimilated unconscious apparently disappears in consciousness without trace, but it has the effect of detaching consciousness from its ties to the object.

I have described this development in my commentary on the Golden Flower. It is a sort of integration process and an anticipation of consciousness.

The cross is an indication of this, since it represents an integration of the 4 (functions).

It is perfectly understandable that, when consciousness detaches itself from the object, the feeling arises that one does not know where one stands.

Actually one is standing nowhere, because standing has a below and an above.

But there one has no below and above at all, because spatiality pertains to the world of the senses, and consciousness possesses spatiality only when it is in participation with that world.

It is a not-knowing, which has the same positive character as nirvana in the Buddhist definition, or the wu-wei, not-doing, of the Chinese, which does not mean doing nothing.

The profound doubt you seem to be suffering fr ~ C.G. Jung
Finckel Wu quotes by C.G. Jung
There is only one thing worse than coming home from the lab to a sink full of dirty dishes, and that is not going to the lab at all! ~ Chien-Shiung Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Chien-Shiung Wu
I believe life is about balance. My mom was brilliant, yet manipulative. Beautiful, but had more voices in her head than the Wu-Tang Clan. Loves her kids, killed her last husband. I say last husband because you don't get another one after that. ~ Christopher Titus
Finckel Wu quotes by Christopher Titus
Doing or not doing something - they are similar. Both involve an action and sincerity. ~ CLAMP
Finckel Wu quotes by CLAMP
Nothing in this world is difficult, but thinking makes it seem so. Where there is true will, there is always a way. ~ Wu Cheng'en
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Cheng'en
When I sit here and see that the eight brothers from the neighborhood that I grew up with still have success, it had to be magical. I doubt if you get another 'Wu-Tang Clan.' That might be harder than getting the new 'Jackson Five.' Certain groups you only get one time, and we just happened to be that group. ~ Raekwon
Finckel Wu quotes by Raekwon
The best antidote to the disruptive power of innovation is overregulation. ~ Tim Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Tim Wu
You're always in the mode of creating the next season. It's so fast, and in two months, the collection you just did is already old, and it's always next, next, next. ~ Jason Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Jason Wu
The person who desires to leave things better than he found them, who does more than his share, who is not attached to rewards, who is always seeking to benefit others, who knows he is cared for and rewarded by the Universe for his every effort, is able to act selflessly, without expectation of a reward or a return, without thought of advantage, and of him it is said, "He is better than the best," and, of course, he is greatly rewarded. ~ Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Wei
But I found tai chi when I was studying with Leung Shum, who teaches Eagle Claw and Wu Hao. ~ Lou Reed
Finckel Wu quotes by Lou Reed
If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things, then this is the best season of your life." - Wu-Men ~ Leo Babauta
Finckel Wu quotes by Leo Babauta
Each person reveals himself by what he says and does, by the way he dresses, by the way he responds to events, by what he reads and watches, and generally by the way he lives life. By observing anyone, you can see what that person is like. ~ Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Wei
The wu in wuxia means both "to cut" and "to stop." It also refers to the weapon - usually a sword - carried by the assassin, the hero of the story. The genre became very popular during the Song Dynasty [960–1279]. These stories often depicted a soldier in revolt, usually against a corrupt political leader. In order to stop corruption and the killing of innocent people, the hero must become an assassin. So wuxia stories are concerned with the premise of ending violence with violence. Although their actions are motivated by political reasons, the hero's journey is epic and transformative - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the Tang Dynasty, a prominent poet named Li Bai wrote some verses about an assassin. This is the earliest example I know of wuxia literature. Gradually, the genre gave shape to ideas and stories that had been percolating in historical and mythological spheres. Although these stories were often inspired by real events of the past, to me they feel very contemporary and relevant.

It's one of the oldest genres in Chinese literature, and there are countless wuxia novels today. I began to immerse myself in these novels when I was in elementary school, and they quickly became my favorite things to read. I started with newer books and worked my way back to the earliest writing from the Tang Dynasty. ~ Hou Hsiao-hsien
Finckel Wu quotes by Hou Hsiao-hsien
In order to be effective truth must penetrate like an arrow - and that is likely to hurt. ~ Wei Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wei Wu Wei
We will not reform the yuan until the time is right even if there is external pressure. ~ Wu Yi
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Yi
But they're not real now," Wu said. "That's what I'm trying to tell you. There isn't any reality here. ~ Michael Crichton
Finckel Wu quotes by Michael Crichton
I grew up listening to a lot of Snoop Dogg and the Wu-Tang Clan. Actually, I was a huge Wu-Tang fan. ~ Bobby Moynihan
Finckel Wu quotes by Bobby Moynihan
The notion that human life has greater value than any other form of life is both unjustifiable and arrogant. ~ Wei Wu Wei
Finckel Wu quotes by Wei Wu Wei
Micromanaging erodes people's confidence, making them overly dependennt on their leaders. Well-meaning leaders inadvertently sabotage their teams by rushing to the rescue and offering too much help. A leader needs to balance assistance with wu wei, backing off long enough to let people learn from their mistakes and develop competence. ~ Diane Dreher
Finckel Wu quotes by Diane Dreher
Just as honey is not the sweetness
The words of Wu Hsin are not
The truth.
However, time spent with these words is like
The aftermath of rain.
In due course a sprouting of
Understanding will occur and
Will bear fruit at a pace
Outside of one's control. ~ Wu Hsin
Finckel Wu quotes by Wu Hsin
Working on 'Fresh Off the Boat' has been really enlightening to me because it's made me actually think about the roles that Asians and Asian-American women have played in media. Not because I didn't think it was important before, but because before, I was really focused on just paying my rent. ~ Constance Wu
Finckel Wu quotes by Constance Wu
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