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#1. The pope heard of the Knights' lax morals and sent an inquisitor to the island in 1574; he set up shop in a mansion in the shopping district. - Author: Tom Reiss
Fiji Island quotes by Tom Reiss
#2. I wondered if could I ride Filo to another island. - Author: Aneko Yusagi
Fiji Island quotes by Aneko Yusagi
#3. Red Rahloo means nothing here. You will only make the old gods angry. They are watching from their island. - Author: George R R Martin
Fiji Island quotes by George R R Martin
#4. I was a young kid from Long Island who wanted to do something large with her life, so I can relate to that. - Author: Edie Falco
Fiji Island quotes by Edie Falco
#5. Jeth had an unnatural talent for nuclear physics. Should that be a crime? He didn't like governments. Who did? How smart do you have to be before cynicism counts as villainy? And oh, God forbid you become independently wealthy enough to buy an island. Suddenly it's the Island of Dr. X, and the press can't refer to you without using the word "lair. - Author: Tom Francis
Fiji Island quotes by Tom Francis
#6. I know enough to know that no man is an island. - Author: Richard Branson
Fiji Island quotes by Richard Branson
#7. I'd rather have a search engine or a compiler on a deserted island than a game. - Author: John Carmack
Fiji Island quotes by John Carmack
#8. I'd been awake for thirty-six hours and driving for ten. Restless weeks, sleepless nights, and the decision stole into me like a thief. I never planned to go back to North Carolina- I'd buried it- but I blinked and found my hands on the wheel, Manhattan a sinking island to the north. I wore a week-old beard and three day denim, felt stretched by an edginess that bordered on pain, but no one here would fail to recognize me. That's what home was all about, for good or bad. - Author: John Hart
Fiji Island quotes by John Hart
#9. I just need to go to like an island or something, - Author: Andre Johnson
Fiji Island quotes by Andre Johnson
#10. There is an island where former versions of myself gallop around on all fours. - Author: Chelsea Hodson
Fiji Island quotes by Chelsea Hodson
#11. I told her the clitoris is like a Bonsai tree that needs constant tending and the g-spot is an unexplored island waiting to have a flag pinned on its peak. She laughed and said I should be a poet. Then we went to bed and crossed the sheets as if it were a new continent we had just discovered. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Fiji Island quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#12. Time since my escape ticked by and the voices came to me. God Almighty and the Devil coaxed me onwards and stated that the edge of the forest was close at hand. The voices told me that they would search for me by air and put screws on the points and docks where there was access to the mainland. The voices also told me that the three prisons on the island would go on lock down until I was caught or wasn't. - Author: Stephen Richards
Fiji Island quotes by Stephen Richards
#13. The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers, according as they get killed and so on; and when they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out; but at this time there were six of them, counting the twins as two. Let us pretend to lie here among the sugar-cane and watch them as they steal by in single file, each with his hand on his dagger. - Author: J.M. Barrie
Fiji Island quotes by J.M. Barrie
#14. Art isn't a means for income when it comes to Hex. He would do it if he was trapped on an island by himself or the richest man in the world. For him, art is like breathing. He just has to do it. - Author: Kenya Wright
Fiji Island quotes by Kenya Wright
#15. I live in a 'sky island,' a unique mountain valley environment where half the animal species of North America can be found. - Author: Nancy Farmer
Fiji Island quotes by Nancy Farmer
#16. Cat," said Peterkin, turning his head a little on one side, "I love you. - Author: R.M. Ballantyne
Fiji Island quotes by R.M. Ballantyne
#17. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are a bunch of practical jokers who meet somewhere and decide to have a contest. They invent a character, agree on a few basic facts, and then each one's free to take it and run with it. At the end, they'll see who's done the best job. The four stories are picked up by some friends who act as critics: Matthew is fairly realistic, but insists on that Messiah business too much: Mark isn't bad, just a little sloppy: Luke is elegant, no denying that; and John takes the philosophy a little too far. Actually, though, the books have an appeal, they circulate, and when the four realize what's happening, it's too late, Paul has already met Jesus on the road to Damascus, Pliny begins his investigation ordered by the worried emperor, and a legion of apocryphal writers pretends also to know plenty ... It all goes to Peter's head; he takes himself seriously. John threatens to tell the truth, Peter and Paul have him chained up on the island of Patmos. - Author: Umberto Eco
Fiji Island quotes by Umberto Eco
#18. We're all trapped. It's always 1734. All of us, we're stuck in the same time capsule, the same as those television shows where the same people are marooned on the same desert island for thirty seasons and never age or escape. They just wear more makeup. In a creepy way, those shows are maybe too authentic. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Fiji Island quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#19. I look around me, man . . . I'm trying to do what I've always done, to protect people, to keep them safe from the monsters - only I'm pretty sure I'm one of them. I can't figure out where I could have . . . what else I might have done . . ." I swallowed. "I'm lost. I know every step I took to get here, and I'm still lost." "Harry . . ." "And my friends," I said. "Even Thomas . . . I was stuck out on that island of the damned for a year. A year, Michael, and they only showed up a handful of times. Just Murphy and Thomas, maybe half a dozen times in more than a year. It's just a goddamned boat ride away, forty minutes. People drive farther than that to go to the movies. They know what I'm turning into. They don't want to watch it happening to me. - Author: Jim Butcher
Fiji Island quotes by Jim Butcher
#20. Members brought books, precious objects, and records of creature history to the city and purchased an island in the lagoon from the Catholic Church: Isola della Stella (Island of Stars). On it were monastic buildings that were converted to suit the Congregation's purposes. ..the vast, ancient monastery library, filled with books, papers, and papyri;...This council chamber, with its stunning frescoes, mosaics, vaulted ceiling, and gallery where the most precious records are kept, embodies the Congregation's power. - Author: Deborah Harkness
Fiji Island quotes by Deborah Harkness
#21. Tripp was on the sailing team, a third-generation Bonesman, a gentleman and a scholar, a purebred golden retriever - dopey, glossey, and expensive. He was rumpled and rosy as a healthy infant, his hair sandy, his skin tan from whichever island he'd spent winter break on. He had the ease of someone who had always been and would always be just fine, a boy of a thousand second chances. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Fiji Island quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#22. And so I sat in the centre of this old city that I loved, which itself sat at the bottom of a tiny island. I was surrounded by people I loved, and I felt happy and miserable at the same time. I thought of what a mess everything had been, but that it wouldn't always be this way. - Author: Hanif Kureishi
Fiji Island quotes by Hanif Kureishi
#23. This is when I forgave my parents. This big secret that was not ready to reveal itself was the reason my parents had sent us here. This colossal secret was the reason my parents had been absent from their children, had never talked too much, but clearly had plenty to give.
This is when I forgave my parents. On the remainder of our silent journey to the island, my soul was anything but mute. This is when I mourned the death of Murdoch and Elizabeth Benedict for the first time. - Author: Tabitha Freeman
Fiji Island quotes by Tabitha Freeman
#24. Cassie spoke up, "He is like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys." ...
Tameron said "No one is lost here. And we have just as many girls, well, maybe not as many as we have boys, but a fair amount. Who is this Peter Pan you speak of? A hero?" he asked Cassie.
Alicia spoke up then ... "He led a group of boys in a world of adventure on an island paradise."
Tameron looked at Cassie to see if she agreed. She smiled and nodded.
"This Peter Pan was real?" he asked.
"No, he was a fairy... uhm, tale," Cassie said.
Tameron smiled. "I like the idea. I'll have to read it sometime... - Author: Terry Spear
Fiji Island quotes by Terry Spear
#25. Why leave a country when you're on top? Whether it was another communist scare or the even greener pastures in America, no one ever gives me a straight answer. (The only thing anyone can agree on is that they still miss the island.) - Author: Eddie Huang
Fiji Island quotes by Eddie Huang
#26. The Fallen

Now that it's over,
My worlds forever changed.
Without you, I feel empty,
All this pain, still remains. - Author: S.L. Ross
Fiji Island quotes by S.L. Ross
#27. All justice is inherently social. Can someone on a desert island be either just or unjust? - Author: Thomas Sowell
Fiji Island quotes by Thomas Sowell
#28. If you want to take the island, then burn your boats. With absolute commitment come the insights that create real victory. - Author: Tony Robbins
Fiji Island quotes by Tony Robbins
#29. I had a great education. From kindergarten to John Dewey High School in Coney Island, I am public-school educated. - Author: Spike Lee
Fiji Island quotes by Spike Lee
#30. O ye by wandering tempest sown
'Neath every alien star,
Forget not whence the breath was blown
That wafted you afar!
For ye are still her ancient seed
On younger soil let fall
Children of Britain's island-breed,
To whom the Mother in her need
Perchance may one day call. - Author: William Watson
Fiji Island quotes by William Watson
#31. My dream is to go spend a week on some island with no phone. - Author: Cara Delevingne
Fiji Island quotes by Cara Delevingne
#32. I was also thinking about isolation on an evolutionary scale as well, like when you think of an island like Madagascar where things are free to evolve unfettered by outside powers. That starts to reach into the underlying narrative, which is more of a literal story that I used as a construct to build songs around. - Author: Colin Stetson
Fiji Island quotes by Colin Stetson
#33. Why do you want to know?"
The shrug again. "Just wondering."
"Really. You've skipped your lawn tennis or duck hunting or whiskey drinking or whatever else people of your sort do all day, only to come all the way out to the island to ask me about the piano piece. Because you were just wondering." I pushed away from the door. "Coming here to kiss me would have been more believable."
"Well, it was second on my list."
"I'm not intimidated by you," I said, blunt. "If you're hoping I'll turn out to be some pathetic, blubbering little rag-girl who begs you not to ruin her, you're in for a surprise."
"That's good." Lord Armand met my eyes. "I like surprises."
We gazed at each other, he on the bed and me by the door, neither of us giving quarter. It seemed to me that the room was growing even more dim, that time was repeating the same ploy it had pulled in Jesse's cottage, drawing out long and slow. The storm outside railed against the castle walls, drowning the air within. It layered darkness through Armand's eyes, the once-vivid blue now deep as the ocean at night.
Beyond my window the rain fell and fell, fat clouds weeping as if they'd never stop.
"Nice bracelet," Armand said softly. "Did you steal it?"
I shook my head. "You gave it to me."
"Did I?"
"As far as everyone else if concerned, yes. You did."
"Hmm. And what do I get in return for agreeing to be your…benefactor?"
"The answer to your question."
"No kiss?" - Author: Shana Abe
Fiji Island quotes by Shana Abe
#34. On the island of tears, we were subjected to every kind of humiliation, - Author: Edna O'Brien
Fiji Island quotes by Edna O'Brien
#35. The baking wind tore at his hat and he held it by the brim with one hand. It relieved him to look at it, for the great river was like a long tale, of both great joy and great woe. And it seemed to be a story road that a person could take, and it would take him to some place where he could free his mind. Men had striven against one another to control the unreeling river-road, battling at New Madrid and Island Number Ten, at Baton Rouge and Vicksburg, in the heat of the summer and the humid choking air of the malarial swamps. But the river carried away men and guns and the garbage of war, covering it over, washing itself clean again as if they had never been. - Author: Paulette Jiles
Fiji Island quotes by Paulette Jiles
#36. If Kumar had his way they would leave for Fiji every year just before Thanksgiving and not return until the New Year rang in and the decorations came down. They would swim with the fishes and lie on the beach eating papaya. On the years they were tired of Fiji they would go to Bali or Sydney or any sunny, sandy place whose name contained an equal number of consonants and vowels. - Author: Ann Patchett
Fiji Island quotes by Ann Patchett
#37. Acquittal. The kourtroom broke into a loud cheer. The judge just gave up calling for order. He had to wait for the shouting to die down. It was a long time coming. All the spectators were jumping around hugging each other. The marshals led me out of the courtroom and handcuffed me. They brought me back to Rikers Island where i was put into solitary confinement. - Author: Assata Shakur
Fiji Island quotes by Assata Shakur
#38. The worst thing is not that the world is unfree, but that people have unlearned their liberty.

The more indifferent people are to politics, to the interests of others, the more obsessed they become with their own faces. The individualism of our time.

Not being able to fall asleep and not allowing oneself to move: the marital bed.

If high culture is coming to an end, it is also the end of you and your paradoxical ideas, because paradox as such belongs to high culture and not to childish prattle. You remind me of the young men who supported the Nazis or communists not out of cowardice or out of opportunism but out of an excess of intelligence. For nothing requires a greater effort of thought than arguments to justify the rule of nonthought… You are the brilliant ally of your own gravediggers.

In the world of highways, a beautiful landscape means: an island of beauty connected by a long line with other islands of beauty.

How to live in a world with which you disagree? How to live with people when you neither share their suffering nor their joys? When you know that you don't belong among them?... our century refuses to acknowledge anyone's right to disagree with the world…All that remains of such a place is the memory, the ideal of a cloister, the dream of a cloister…

Humor can only exist when people are still capable of recognizing some border between the important and the unimportant. And nowadays this border ha - Author: Milan Kundera
Fiji Island quotes by Milan Kundera
#39. Break On Through

You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run
Tried to hide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side, yeah

We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
But can you still recall
The time we cried
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side

see'mon, yeah

Everybody loves my baby
Everybody loves my baby
She get(s high)
She get(s high)
She get(s high)
She get(s high)

I found an island in your arms
Country in your eyes
Arms that chain
Eyes that lie
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through, oww!
Oh, yeah!

Made the scene
Week to week
Day to day
Hour to hour
The gate is straight
Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through
Break on through
Break on through
Break on through
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - Author: The Doors
Fiji Island quotes by The Doors
#40. So am I. I have stumbled enough. I am forgiven. I am abundant. I am certainly insouciant. I'm not your tar baby. You're the star, baby. Love the lucky well. MARIA SEMPLE wrote for television shows including Arrested Development, Mad About You, and Ellen. She has escaped from Los Angeles and lives with her family on an island off Seattle. This is her first - Author: Maria Semple
Fiji Island quotes by Maria Semple
#41. I liked to discover connections like that, especially if they concerned Lila. I traced lines between moments and events distant from one another, I established convergences and divergences. In that period it became a daily exercise: the better off I had been in Ischia, the worse off Lila had been in the desolation of the neighborhood; the more I had suffered upon leaving the island, the happier she had become. It was as if, because of an evil spell, the joy or sorrow of one required the sorrow or joy of the other; even our physical aspect, it seemed to me, shared in that swing. - Author: Elena Ferrante
Fiji Island quotes by Elena Ferrante
#42. Being with him made her feel as though her soul had escaped from the narrow confines of her island country into the vast, extravagant spaces of his. He made her feel as though the world belonged to them- as though it lay before them like an opened frog on a dissecting table, begging to be examined. - Author: Arundhati Roy
Fiji Island quotes by Arundhati Roy
#43. I don't think my memory of that night is ever coming back."
"Do you want me to hit you on the head with a coconut? It works on Gilligan's Island. - Author: Jennifer Echols
Fiji Island quotes by Jennifer Echols
#44. Women are exciting for this one reason - it is the secret of women's allure - women enjoy submission, being bound. This I bring out in the Paradise Island sequences where the girls beg for chains and enjoy wearing them. Because all of this is a universal truth, a fundamental subconscious feeling of normal humans, the children love it. That is why they like Wonder Woman on Paradise Island better than anywhere else. - Author: William Moulton Marston
Fiji Island quotes by William Moulton Marston
#45. Emma thought of Julian, sitting here, in this office. Year after year, from the time he was twelve and all scraped elbows and torn jeans. He would sit patiently with pen and ink, writing his letter to the Clave, petitioning them to let his sister Helen come home from Wrangel Island. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Fiji Island quotes by Cassandra Clare
#46. I'm not sure that when I read 'Treasure Island' for the first time, when I was about 10, I understood all the words or what was going on. But that didn't stop me reading it, and I certainly didn't forget it. - Author: Mal Peet
Fiji Island quotes by Mal Peet
#47. I know it must have been hell for you, alone on that island for 5 years, but I'm...
-But what?
But was there ever a day when you were just... happy to be away from everything? No pressure from your family. No need to be the person everyone else expects you to be, was there ever a day when...
-When I didn't feel lost, I felt... free? More than one and uh... Those are the days that I miss.

-Huntress and Oliver, S1: E7, Arrow - Author: Ga
Fiji Island quotes by Ga

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