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#1. At first, being a female role model really terrified me. But it hasn't turned out to be an awful burden. I get a lot of letters from women who tell me that, after watching Xena, they have bought the Harley-Davidson they always wanted or left an abusive relationship. - Author: Lucy Lawless
Female Role Models quotes by Lucy Lawless
#2. There's no shortage of female role models. They're everywhere - in history, in literature, in the news. Just look around. - Author: Keri Russell
Female Role Models quotes by Keri Russell
#3. There aren't that many female role models in science. There are a couple of women, but mostly you've got Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss - they're all guys. Bill Nye the Science Guy. I love that guy, but it's all guys. - Author: Elise Andrew
Female Role Models quotes by Elise Andrew
#4. The Blood She Betrayed is unique, and Shahkara, the character, is one of the most engaging strong female role models I've seen in a long time. This girl can handle herself! The plot is full of ingenious twists, turns and surprises, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. - Author: L.J.Smith
Female Role Models quotes by L.J.Smith
#5. I think the culture today is very, very different from what it was in the '60s, and I feel lucky that I grew up at a time when I had these very strong female role models. - Author: Susanna Hoffs
Female Role Models quotes by Susanna Hoffs
#6. When you've played Buffy - who's such a strong female role model - it's really hard for another female character to compare to her. - Author: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Female Role Models quotes by Sarah Michelle Gellar
#7. Since no one is always right, always being right is really a role model for his children feeling inadequate. - Author: Warren Farrell
Female Role Models quotes by Warren Farrell
#8. When you speak of role models, when we talk to our kids, everybody is a role model, everyone, just as you look at a Michael Jordan to be the terrific athlete he is. - Author: Walter Payton
Female Role Models quotes by Walter Payton
#9. I want to be the best role model I can be for my family. I want my husband and I to be the ones our kids look to for guidance, to be the great role models that I had with my parents growing up, so for as hard as we work, I want our kids to see us having fun. I want our kids to know that we have to feel our bodies. And nutrition is a huge part of that. - Author: Kerri Walsh
Female Role Models quotes by Kerri Walsh
#10. Whatever good I have accomplished as an actress I believe came in direct proportion to my efforts to portray black women who have made positive contributions to my heritage. - Author: Cicely Tyson
Female Role Models quotes by Cicely Tyson
#11. Today I detach from other people's dramas. I love them and pray for them. I am a role model of peace for them. But I no longer rescue them, or put my own needs last. It is my right to be happy and to help others as I feel lovingly guided instead from guilt or obligation. I respect my feelings and expect others to do so too. And so it is! - Author: Doreen Virtue
Female Role Models quotes by Doreen Virtue
#12. I have chosen to use the terms lesbian existence and lesbian continuum because the word lesbianism has a clinical and limiting ring Lesbian existence suggests both the fact of the historical presence of lesbians and our continuing creation of the meaning of that existence I mean the term lesbian continuum to include a range - through each woman's life and throughout history - of woman-identified experience; not simply the fact that a woman has had or consciously desired genital sexual experience with another woman. If we expand it to embrace many more forms of primary intensity between and among women, including the sharing of a rich inner life, the bonding against male tyranny, the giving and receiving of practical and political support; if we can also hear in it such associations as marriage resistance and the 'haggard' behavior identified by Mary Daly (obsolete meanings 'intractable,' 'willful,' 'wanton,' and 'unchaste' a woman reluctant to yield to wooing') - we begin to grasp breadths of female history and psychology that have lain out of reach as a consequence of limited, mostly clinical, definitions of 'lesbianism.'

Lesbian existence comprises both the breaking of a taboo and the rejection of a compulsory way of life It is also a direct or indirect attack on male right of access to women But it is more than these, although we may first begin to perceive it as a form of nay-saying to patriarchy, an act or resistance It has of course included role playing, sel - Author: Adrienne Rich
Female Role Models quotes by Adrienne Rich
#13. We've seen the kind of social impact a professional sports team has on a city. A team brings high-profile role models into your community who are healthy and they're great images for the city to gravitate toward, especially for kids. - Author: Mick Cornett
Female Role Models quotes by Mick Cornett
#14. I think on some level, role models are overrated If you require a role model who looks just like you to be something you wanna be and you can't find one, is that a reason to not be what you wanna be? No! - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Female Role Models quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#15. In Stage I, divorces were not allowed, so men's [sexual] affairs did not put women's economic security in jeopardy; in Stage II, affairs could lead to divorce, so men's affairs did place women's economic security in jeopardy. We did not want political leaders who would be role models for behavior that would put women's economic security in jeopardy. - Author: Warren Farrell
Female Role Models quotes by Warren Farrell
#16. What we'd consider a positive role model, I think it's impossible to actually be a role model. You'll have your flaws or defects of character, regardless. You just speak like a positive role model, and that's just something that you're being conscious of, and you make the decision, "I want to say positive things." - Author: Curtis Jackson
Female Role Models quotes by Curtis Jackson
#17. At Camfed, we have focused on transforming the vicious cycle of poverty in many rural African communities into a cycle of opportunity. Alumnae of Camfed's programs go on to become role models and mentors for future generations of young students. We call this the 'virtuous circle,' and we know this is a model that works. - Author: Ann Cotton
Female Role Models quotes by Ann Cotton
#18. I don't really understand why I should be a role model but I know that children do look up to me, so it is my responsibility to motivate people and be inspiring. I hope that I can do that for kids. - Author: Josh Peck
Female Role Models quotes by Josh Peck
#19. If your kid needs a role model and you ain't it, you're both fucked. - Author: George Carlin
Female Role Models quotes by George Carlin
#20. I read every single letter. Some just break my heart. I've cried over letters that have come in, from young women and older women alike, saying to me, "You know, you made me want to stop crash dieting and just be healthy. You are my role model. I want to be like you." - Author: Evangeline Lilly
Female Role Models quotes by Evangeline Lilly
#21. I should mention that while I was growing up, Einstein was presented as a worthy role model for a young boy who was good at his studies. - Author: Sidney Altman
Female Role Models quotes by Sidney Altman
#22. For my relationships with men to change, I needed to change my relationship to myself as a woman. - Author: Gloria Ng
Female Role Models quotes by Gloria Ng
#23. It wasn't enough to push open the doors. You had to change minds. How could girls truly make their mark if their role models were houseplants, if their fashions scarcely allowed them to breathe? If any expression of opinion on any subject was considered by young men to be a threat? And even more so, how could they escape the basic fact that no matter how horrid the boys were, the young women still wanted to please them - because what choice had they, really? Where could they go besides back to their own homes, where they would rest under the heavy thumbs of their own mothers, or into the home of a man - with the hopes that this man would be indulgent, like Papa, and not oppressive or cruel, like so many others? - Author: Elizabeth Letts
Female Role Models quotes by Elizabeth Letts
#24. I think role models exist, but they usually don't get the light because people like scandal. - Author: Andie MacDowell
Female Role Models quotes by Andie MacDowell
#25. Most of us are not pure self-starters; most people need role models, they need coaches, they need exemplars, they maybe need some discipline or some rewards. We need to be motivated. - Author: Tyler Cowen
Female Role Models quotes by Tyler Cowen
#26. If, by the way I play, I can be a role model or encourage someone else, that would be great. - Author: Lisa Leslie
Female Role Models quotes by Lisa Leslie
#27. If you feel dirty, insignificant or unloved, then rats are a good role model. They exist without permission, they have no respect for the hierarchy of society, and they have sex 50 times a day. - Author: Banksy
Female Role Models quotes by Banksy
#28. The male role models I had all seemed to have been in the military. My father served in the army. My uncle was in the Marine Corps. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. There weren't any career soldiers in my family, but when I was young it seemed like a way of arriving at adulthood. - Author: Kevin Powers
Female Role Models quotes by Kevin Powers
#29. I am a person of faith, so I come from a community that's involved in 360,000 churches across the country, that is an institution that could, in a relatively short period of time, provide hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of positive male role models. - Author: Donald Miller
Female Role Models quotes by Donald Miller
#30. Now, religion professes a special role in the protection and instruction of children. "Woe to him," says the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, "who harms a child." The New Testament has Jesus informing us that one so guilty would be better off at the bottom of the sea, and with a millstone around his neck at that. But both in theory and in practice, religion uses the innocent and the defenseless for the purposes of experiment. By all means let an observant Jewish adult male have his raw-cut penis placed in the mouth of a rabbi. (That would be legal, at least in New York.) By all means let grown women who distrust their clitoris or their labia have them sawn away by some other wretched adult female. By all means let Abraham offer to commit filicide to prove his devotion to the Lord or his belief in the voices he was hearing in his head. By all means let devout parents deny themselves the succor of medicine when in acute pain and distress. By all means - for all I care - let a priest sworn to celibacy be a promiscuous homosexual. By all means let a congregation that believes in whipping out the devil choose a new grown-up sinner each week and lash him until he or she bleeds. By all means let anyone who believes in creationism instruct his fellows during lunch breaks. But the conscription of the unprotected child for these purposes is something that even the most dedicated secularist can safely describe as sin. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Female Role Models quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#31. Anybody can be a role model, anybody can. - Author: Selena
Female Role Models quotes by Selena
#32. For me, a male role model would be a man who, despite holding a leadership position, has the courage to say that he wants to reschedule a 7 p.m. meeting for 4 p.m. because he'd really like to be able to put his son to bed. - Author: Kristina Schroder
Female Role Models quotes by Kristina Schroder
#33. Poets have recently been misappropriating words in order to describe poetry as an economy that, outside the poem itself, has little to do with the dominance of the market but nearly everything to do with the dominance of the state. Across the United States poets have turned to economic models from a basic need to articulatea value for a livelihood dedicated, in whole or in part, to the poetic process. Their wages cannot, of course, be determined in the bear market for free verse.Popular neglect makes it easy for poets to assume that poetry is a gift and not a commodity. Too often they ignore the state's role as mediator between gift and market through the system of grants and copyright. - Author: Keneth Warren
Female Role Models quotes by Keneth Warren
#34. My success has depended wholly on putting things over on people, so I'm not sure that I'm that great a role model. I am, however, an expert on pretending to be an expert on pretending to be an expert. - Author: Meryl Streep
Female Role Models quotes by Meryl Streep
#35. But, for the role of Sarah Linden, we saw everybody. Everybody wanted this role. Every female actor in town really wanted to play a real woman and be in this drama. It was incredible that all these women were coming in. And then, Mireille [Enos] walked in the door and she was reading the lines that I had written, and I saw her in that field. I was like, "Wow, she's the one." - Author: Veena Sud
Female Role Models quotes by Veena Sud
#36. One cannot deny the great role women have played in the world community. My flight was yet another impetus to continue this female contribution. - Author: Valentina Tereshkova
Female Role Models quotes by Valentina Tereshkova
#37. Clearly, I'm committed to women's issues and stories and promoting gender equality. I have two incredible role models in Jenji [Kohan] and Shonda [Rhimes]. - Author: Alysia Reiner
Female Role Models quotes by Alysia Reiner

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