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#1. This is, indeed, an insightful observation. The Archbishop [Joseph L. Berardin] insists that the natural resemblance between Christ and his priests must not stop merely with the fact that they share a common masculinity. Our question is, 'Why must it BEGIN there?' If the faithful cannot see Christ in a male who exemplifies no godlike virtues - humility, gentleness, and self-effacing service - can they not see him in a female who does? Indeed, if the priest acts 'in persona Christi,' not 'in masculinitate Christi,' then 'NATURAL resemblance' between Christ and the priest, it would seem, does not entail PHYSICAL, that is SEXUAL resemblance, but a resemblance which is natural to the SPIRITUAL order with which the worshiping congregation has to do. And in this order there is neither male nor female, even as there is neither Jew nor Greek. We would, therefore, conclude that since the Word was made flesh, as the apostle John has declared him (John 1:14), we rightly heed those who, in the flesh, symbolize his presence as they speak and act in his name. But we see no reason to add to what the apostle said by insisting that the Word was made MALE flesh, for both male and female are equally bearers of the divine image. And since God created humankind in his image, male AND female, we can only conclude that women as well as men should be ordained to the priesthood, because femaleness, like maleness, is a fitting symbol (sacramental sign) of Deity. - Author: Paul King Jewett
Female Priests quotes by Paul King Jewett
#2. People always ask how there are female priests, but in this world there are. - Author: Maggie Q
Female Priests quotes by Maggie Q
#3. Aging is fraught with difficulties, most particularly for women who have been socialized to think of youth as beauty and the female role as reproduction. - Author: Margaret M. Lock
Female Priests quotes by Margaret M. Lock
#4. We need to become more open minded to the idea that many of us exist on a spectrum - a continuum - of gender. That for some of us the choice isn't just one or the other - completely male or completely female - but often a combination of both. In fact, it seems there are three different lines on the sexuality spectrum: how you self identify, who you're attracted to, and what you look like. And it seems the dial can be at any place on any of those three lines. - Author: Eddie Izzard
Female Priests quotes by Eddie Izzard
#5. When we have the courage to claim space for ourselves. When we risk creativity. When we relish our sensuality. When we honor our lives and their experiences as valuable. When we create from a female body, expressing ourselves in a woman's voice, using a woman's language. We begin to bloom. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Female Priests quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#6. Most of the female-directed films, if they got distribution, would have fewer dollars to support the film and play in fewer theaters than the men. Because the female-directed films go to smaller companies. So the gap starts widening. - Author: Catherine Hardwicke
Female Priests quotes by Catherine Hardwicke
#7. I studied with the idea of becoming a Catholic priest. - Author: Peter Jurasik
Female Priests quotes by Peter Jurasik
#8. The only sexism involved in the Miers nomination is the administration's claim that once they decided they wanted a woman, Miers was the best they could do. Let me just say, if the top male lawyer in the country is John Roberts and the top female lawyer is Harriet Miers, we may as well stop allowing girls to go to law school. - Author: Ann Coulter
Female Priests quotes by Ann Coulter
#9. I can hear people in American society saying, "Oh, you just like that subservient kind of woman in Asia who waits on her man hand and foot." Nothing could be more of a misconception. Many Asian women I've met, surely the most interesting ones. . . have strengths of character that most of us in America - male or female-simply lack. - Author: Richard Terrill
Female Priests quotes by Richard Terrill
#10. White women and black men have it both ways. They can act as oppressor or be oppressed. Black men may be victimized by racism, but sexism allows them to act as exploiters and oppressors of women. White women may be victimized by sexism, but racism enables them to act as exploiters and oppressors of black people. Both groups have led liberation movements that favor their interests and support the continued oppression of other groups. Black male sexism has undermined struggles to eradicate racism just as white female racism undermines feminist struggle. As long as these two groups or any group defines liberation as gaining social equality with ruling class white men, they have a vested interest in the continued exploitation and oppression of others. - Author: Bell Hooks
Female Priests quotes by Bell Hooks
#11. She frowned. Then blurted, "Do you have other females?"
As if anyone could measure up to her? "No! Why do you ask?"
"We haven't layed together and you are a male with obvious ... needs. Even now, your body has changed, hardening, growing big."
Crap. He'd tried to hide the erection, he really had. "Marissa-"
"Surely you need to be eased regularly. Your body is phearsom."
That didn't sound good. "What?"
"Potent and powerful. Worthy of entering a female."
Butch closed his eye, thinking Mr. Worthy was really rising to the occasion now. - Author: J.R. Ward
Female Priests quotes by J.R. Ward
#12. In case you weren't aware, my good fellow, you are in the company of one of the most skilled and accomplished women in England. In fact, I would say Dr. Gibson has a male brain in a woman's body."
Garrett grinned wryly at his last comment, which she knew had been intended as a compliment. "Thank you, Doctor."
"Despite my short acquaintance with Dr. Gibson," Ethan said, "her brain seems entirely female to me." The remark caused Garrett to stiffen slightly, as she expected a mocking comment to follow. Something about how a woman's mind was changeable, or shallow, the usual clichés. But as Ethan continued, there was no hint of teasing in his tone. "Keen, subtle, and quick, with an intellect strengthened by compassion- yes, she has a woman's mind."
Thrown off guard, Garrett stared at him with a touch of wonder.
In that brief, private moment, Ethan looked as if he really did prefer her to everything else in the world. As if he saw all of her, the good and the bad, and wouldn't change a thing about her. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Female Priests quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#13. I don't think there's any great mystery to writing female characters, so long as you talk to them. If you lived in a monastery and never met any women, maybe it would be difficult. - Author: Ken Follett
Female Priests quotes by Ken Follett
#14. You have to stop letting me do this," he bit off, half-angrily.
"If you'll stop leaning on me so that I can get my hands on a blunt object, I'll be happy to…!"
He kissed the words into oblivion. "It isn't a joke," he murmured into her mouth. His hips moved in a gentle, sensuous sweep against her hips. He felt her shiver.
"That's…new," she said with a strained attempt at humor.
"It isn't," he corrected. "I've just never let you feel it before." He kissed her slowly, savoring the submission of her soft, warm lips. His hands swept under the blouse and up under her breasts in their lacy covering. He was going over the edge. If he did, he was going to take her with him, and it would damage both of them. He had to stop it, now, while he could. "Is this what Colby gets when he comes to see you?" he whispered with deliberate sarcasm.
It worked. She stepped on his foot as hard as she could with her bare instep. It surprised him more than it hurt him, but while he recoiled, she pushed him and tore out of his arms. Her eyes were lividly green through her glasses, her hair in disarray. She glared at him like a female panther.
"What Colby gets is none of your business! You get out of my apartment!" she raged at him.
She was magnificent, he thought, watching her with helpless delight. There wasn't a man alive who could cow her, or bend her to his will. Even her drunken, brutal stepfather hadn't been able to force her to do something she didn't want to do - Author: Diana Palmer
Female Priests quotes by Diana Palmer
#15. It's imposible to even imagine Lucy Ricardo without Ethel Mertz, and because of that, this dynamic duo set the bar for future female friendships on TV. Consider Laverne and Shirley, Kate and Allie, Mar and Rhoda, Wilma and Betty, and Cagney and Lacey - where would they have been without Lucy and Ethel. - Author: Elisabeth Edwards
Female Priests quotes by Elisabeth Edwards
#16. The problem with the word "vagina" is that vaginas seem to be just straight-out bad luck. Only a masochist would want one, because only awful things happen to them. Vaginas get torn. Vaginas get "examined.".. No. Let's clear this up right now - I don't actually have a vagina. I never have. I, personally, have a cunt. Cunt is a proper, old, historic, strong word, and it doubles up as the most potent swear word in the English language. Yeah. That's how powerful it is, guys. If I tell you what I've got down there, old ladies and clerics might faint. I like how shocked people are when you say "cunt." Compared to this, the most powerful swear word men have got out of their privates is "dick," which is frankly vanilla. In a culture where nearly everything female is still seen as squeam-inducing and/or weak - menstruation, menopause, just the sheer, simple act of calling someone "a girl" - I love that "cunt" stands on its own, as the supreme, unvanquishable word. - Author: Caitlin Moran
Female Priests quotes by Caitlin Moran
#17. The Vatican is an organization that excommunicates women for attempting to become priests13 but does not excommunicate male priests for raping children.14 It excommunicates doctors who perform abortions to save a mother's life - even if the mother is a nine-year-old girl raped by her stepfather and pregnant with twins15 - but it did not excommunicate a single member of the Third Reich for committing genocide. - Author: Sam Harris
Female Priests quotes by Sam Harris
#18. My brother often complains to me about the 'angry Asian male' in the United States. As a female, I haven't encountered this, but Asian-American men are angry. They're angry because, for so many years, they've been neglected as sex symbols. Asian women have it much easier, I think; we're accepted into various circles. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
Female Priests quotes by Tess Gerritsen
#19. If all females were not only well educated themselves but were prepared to communicate in an easy manner their stores of knowledge to others; if they not only knew how to regulate their own minds, tempers, and habits but how to effect improvements in those around them, the face of society would be speedily changed. - Author: Catharine Beecher
Female Priests quotes by Catharine Beecher
#20. Ain't but one kind of blues and that consists of a male and female that's in love. - Author: Son House
Female Priests quotes by Son House
#21. As long as fathers rule but do not nurture, as long as mothers nurture but do not rule, the conditions favoring the development of father-daughter incest will prevail. - Author: Judith Lewis Herman
Female Priests quotes by Judith Lewis Herman
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Female Priests quotes by Simran
#23. I reflected how easy it is for a man to reduce women of a certain age to imbecility. All he has to do is give an impersonation of desire, or better still, of secret knowledge, for a woman to feel herself a source of power. - Author: Anita Brookner
Female Priests quotes by Anita Brookner
#24. They spend their lives fighting against priests and then give prayerbooks as gifts. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Female Priests quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#25. I think one of the great joys of being a writer is you can transcend everything, even your own sex, what century you live in, and how you think. I found it quite natural to think as a male because I actually think that as a female, one often thinks in the mind of a male in terms of eroticism. You think about what the other person feels. So it's not that hard to imagine being that person. - Author: Rebecca Miller
Female Priests quotes by Rebecca Miller
#26. Thorny compositions that sound as if female teen punkers the Shaggs received doctorates in the music of 12-tone composer Alban Berg, and then rewrote their Philosophy of the World ... Carefully notated structures and interplay morph effortlessly into free improvisation that is intelligent and expressive, but never self-indulgent. Also featuring intense lyrics sung with their clear and melodic voices, the two women make transcendent chamber music outside of any genre. - Author: Elliott Sharp
Female Priests quotes by Elliott Sharp
#27. When humans work, they frequently become unaware of their own body, their own senses, are surprised to find that their wrists ache or their backs are sore or their friend has left the building. It's as close to an out-of-body experience as can be achieved short of fifty volts, a circle of warding, a pigeon's claw cut from an albino female of purest white feathers, or a lot of mushrooms. - Author: Kate Griffin
Female Priests quotes by Kate Griffin
#28. Master Vance - Lovers are allowed to explode if a little female puts her pretty ass in danger. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Female Priests quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#29. Among my favorite half-dozen topics is the field of Victorian female explorers, the intrepid women who packed up their parasols and petticoats and roamed the world in search of adventure. Some were scientists, some artists, some unabashed curiosity-seekers who simply went out to see what they could see. - Author: Deanna Raybourn
Female Priests quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#30. Why political intellectuals, do you incline towards the proletariat? In commiseration for what? I realize that a proletarian would hate you, you have no hatred because you are bourgeois, privileged, smooth-skinned types, but also because you dare not say that the only important thing there is to say, that one can enjoy swallowing the shit of capital, its materials, its metal bars, its polystyrene, its books, its sausage pâtés, swallowing tonnes of it till you burst – and because instead of saying this, which is also what happens in the desires of those who work with their hands, arses and heads, ah, you become a leader of men, what a leader of pimps, you lean forward and divulge: ah, but that's alienation, it isn't pretty, hang on, we'll save you from it, we will work to liberate you from this wicked affection for servitude, we will give you dignity. And in this way you situate yourselves on the most despicable side, the moralistic side where you desire that our capitalized's desire be totally ignored, brought to a standstill, you are like priests with sinners, our servile intensities frighten you, you have to tell yourselves: how they must suffer to endure that! And of course we suffer, we the capitalized, but this does not mean that we do not enjoy, nor that what you think you can offer us as a remedy – for what? – does not disgust us, even more. We abhor therapeutics and its vaseline, we prefer to burst under the quantitative excesses that you judge the most stupid. And do - Author: Jean Francois Lyotard
Female Priests quotes by Jean Francois Lyotard
#31. All my friends are female, I've edited for a magazine for young girls for 15 years, I relate to women, and I'm very, very close to my younger sister. - Author: John Searles
Female Priests quotes by John Searles
#32. But my dear young lady," he said offering a cigarette, "who ever said I have a poor opinion of women? On the contrary, I have a very high opinion of women, and the more I see of them the more I like them. - Author: Frank O'Connor
Female Priests quotes by Frank O'Connor
#33. How does this keep happening to you?" Fiona asked me. "Mackinac's a little island but guess what, you come across yet another body!"
"Hold on a minute, stop right there. Forget the you part about the bodies. Okay, the first one was mine I'll give you that, but the last one was definitely a we body. - Author: Duffy Brown
Female Priests quotes by Duffy Brown
#34. Yeah, I've worked with a couple of female directors, now, and I think that they're amazing. As good or better than guy directors. - Author: Alia Shawkat
Female Priests quotes by Alia Shawkat
#35. It was one thing to read about a society obsessed with female purity - quite another to find yourself living in one. - Author: Emily Croy Barker
Female Priests quotes by Emily Croy Barker
#36. How many exes do you have? You're like a fame-whore, female pop star gone wild after she left her sock puppets show for more mature gig. - Author: Rea Lidde
Female Priests quotes by Rea Lidde
#37. Jesus was not sent here to teach the people to build magnificent churches and temples amidst the cold wretched huts and dismal hovels. He came to make the human heart a temple, and the soul an altar, and the mind a priest. - Author: Kahlil Gibran
Female Priests quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#38. I turned at this new voice, a female voice with a deep country twang. My mouth dropped open at what I saw. Dolly Parton, or a fair impersonation of her, was standing in the doorway. Big blonde hair, tiny body, enormous knockers, wearing a pink negligee set, complete with marabou feathers, even on the high-heeled slippers she wore. I realized she wasn't Dolly because she had to be my age, or maybe a year or two older. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Female Priests quotes by Kristen Ashley
#39. From stalking to chastity belts to female genital mutilation, throughout history men have tried to control women's sexuality and reproductive choices. And women have developed several strategies in response: contraception, abortion, clandestine affairs, mariticide (killing one's husband), and infanticide. - Author: Michael Shermer
Female Priests quotes by Michael Shermer
#40. But why should I cast myself in the ancient female part of victim of men's plots and passions? - Author: Ellen Douglas
Female Priests quotes by Ellen Douglas
#41. My life has been about living like a monk and looking like a priest so that people will come up to me and tell me their most appalling stories. They have to make their confession to somebody, and it might as well be me. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Female Priests quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#42. Simply being born female in our society is to grow up being told your worth as a person is tied to how slim and attractive you are. Even for those of us lucky enough to have evolved parents, the message is still driven home by the world at large. - Author: Padma Lakshmi
Female Priests quotes by Padma Lakshmi
#43. The shedding of blood has historically been seen as a male act of heroism: from right-of-passage fistfights, to contact sports and combat. Infrequent, random events seen as standalone milestones; stories to tell once the pain - and enough time - has passed. Female bleeding is more mundane, more frequent, more getonwithit, despite its existence being the reason that every single life begins - Author: Sinéad Gleeson
Female Priests quotes by Sinéad Gleeson
#44. Within this enclosed women's world, so to say, behind the walls and fortifications of it, I felt the presence of a great ideal, without which the garrison would not have carried on so gallantly; the idea of a Millennium when women were to reign supreme in the world. The old mother at such times would take on a new shape, and sit enthroned as a massive dark symbol of that mighty female deity who had existed in old ages, before the time of the prophet's God. Of her they never lost sight, but they were, before all, practical people with an eye on the needs of the moment and with infinite readiness of resource. - Author: Karen Blixen
Female Priests quotes by Karen Blixen

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