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#1. In recent years behavioral scientists have shed some light on why these waiting techniques can be powerful. Let's first look at the notion that texting back right away makes you less appealing. Psychologists have conducted hundreds of studies in which they reward lab animals in different ways under different conditions. One of the most intriguing findings is that "reward uncertainty" - in which, for instance, animals cannot predict whether pushing a lever will get them food - can dramatically increase their interest in getting a reward, while also enhancing their dopamine levels so that they basically feel coked up.
If a text back from someone is considered a "reward," consider the fact that lab animals who get rewarded for pushing a lever every time will eventually slow down because they know that the next time they want a reward, it will be waiting for them. So basically, if you are the guy or girl who texts back immediately, you are taken for granted and ultimately lower your value as a reward. As a result, the person doesn't feel as much of an urge to text you or, in the case of the lab animal, push the lever. - Author: Aziz Ansari
Felicio Techniques quotes by Aziz Ansari
#2. Michael Horton gets at the heart of this: "The heart of most religions is good advice, good techniques, good programs, good ideas, and good support systems. . . . But the heart of Christianity is Good News. It comes not as a task for us to fulfill, a mission for us to accomplish, a game plan for us to follow with the help of life coaches, but as a report that someone else has already fulfilled, accomplished, followed, and achieved everything for us. Good advice may help us in daily direction; the Good News concerning Jesus Christ saves us from sin's guilt and tyranny over our lives and the fear of death. It's Good News because it does not depend on us. It is about God and his faithfulness to his own purposes and promises. - Author: Matt Perman
Felicio Techniques quotes by Matt Perman
#3. Resilient strength is the opposite of helplessness. The tree is made strong and resilient by its grounded root system. These roots take nourishment from the ground and grow strong. Grounding also allows the tree to be resilient so that it can yield to the winds of change and not be uprooted. Springiness is the facility to ground and 'unground' in a rhythmical way. This buoyancy is a dynamic form of grounding. Aggressiveness is the biological ability to be vigorous and energetic, especially when using instinct and force. In the immobility (traumatized) state, these assertive energies are inaccessible. The restoration of healthy aggression is an essential part in the recovery from trauma. Empowerment is the acceptance of personal authority. It derives from the capacity to choose the direction and execution of one's own energies. Mastery is the possession of skillful techniques in dealing successfully with threat. Orientation is the process of ascertaining one's position relative to both circumstance and environment. In these ways the residue of trauma is renegotiated. - Author: Peter A. Levine
Felicio Techniques quotes by Peter A. Levine
#4. The notion of carefully wrought bullshit involves, then, a certain inner
strain. Thoughtful attention to detail requires discipline and objectivity. It entails accepting standards and limitations that forbid the indulgence of impulse or whim. It is this selflessness that, in connection with bullshit, strikes us as inapposite. But in fact it is not out of the question at all. The realms of advertising and of public relations, and the nowadays closely related realm of politics, are replete with instances of bullshit so unmitigated that they can serve among the most indisputable and classic paradigms of the concept. And in these realms there are exquisitely sophisticated craftsmen who - with the help of advanced and demanding techniques of market research, of public opinion polling, of psychological testing, and so forth - dedicate themselves tirelessly to getting every word and image they produce exactly right. - Author: Harry G. Frankfurt
Felicio Techniques quotes by Harry G. Frankfurt
#5. The science and technology which have advanced man safely into space have brought about startling medical advances for man on earth. Out of space research have come new knowledge, techniques and instruments which have enabled some bedridden invalids to walk, the totally deaf to hear, the voiceless to talk, and, in the foreseeable future, may even make it possible for the blind to "see." - Author: Hubertus Strughold
Felicio Techniques quotes by Hubertus Strughold
#6. something to be attained by special virtuous techniques, the less real it becomes. As it becomes less real, it recedes further into the distance of abstraction, futurity, unattainability. The - Author: Thomas Merton
Felicio Techniques quotes by Thomas Merton
#7. I have been writing fairy tales for as long as I can remember. Not much has changed in terms of my natural attraction to the narrative techniques of fairy tales. My appreciation of them in the traditional stories has deepened, especially of flat and unadorned language, intuitive logic, abstraction, and everyday magic. - Author: Kate Bernheimer
Felicio Techniques quotes by Kate Bernheimer
#8. The Lourie Center ... is a national pioneer in developing and applying early intervention techniques to diagnose and treat emotional and developmental problems in young children ... - Author: Connie Morella
Felicio Techniques quotes by Connie Morella
#9. I have seen the consequences of attempting to shortcut this natural process of growth often in the business world, where executives attempt to "buy" a new culture of improved productivity, quality, morale, and customer service with strong speeches, smile training, and external interventions, or through mergers, acquisitions, and friendly or unfriendly takeovers. But they ignore the low-trust climate produced by such manipulations. When these methods don't work, they look for other Personality Ethic techniques that will - all the time ignoring and violating the natural principles and processes on which a high-trust culture is based. - Author: Stephen R. Covey
Felicio Techniques quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#10. Our teaching of mathematics revolves around a fundamental conflict. Rightly or wrongly, students are required to master a series of mathematical concepts and techniques, and anything that might divert them from doing so is deemed unnecessary. Putting mathematics into its cultural context, explaining what is has done for humanity, telling the story of its historical development, or pointing out the wealth of unsolved problems or even the existence of topics that do not make it into school textbooks leaves less time to prepare for the exam. So most of these things aren't discussed. - Author: Ian Stewart
Felicio Techniques quotes by Ian Stewart
#11. Memory enhancement self-help programs abound and promise improved memory performance by the utilization of any number of seemingly unique techniques focused on the context of how information is encoded. - Author: David Perlmutter
Felicio Techniques quotes by David Perlmutter
#12. When your mind drifts away from one of the secret meditation techniques, do not become upset or frustrated. Gently move your mind back to the technique you were practicing and begin again. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Felicio Techniques quotes by Frederick Lenz
#13. We also have to give up the notion of a divine savior, which has nothing to do with what religion we belong to, but refers to the idea of someone or something who will save us without our having to go through any pain. In fact, giving up that kind of false hope is the first step. We have to be with ourselves. We have to be real people. There is no way of beating around the bush, hoping for the best. If you are really interested in working with yourself, you can't lead that kind of double life, adopting ideas, techniques, and concepts of all kinds, simply in order to get away from yourself. - Author: Chogyam Trungpa
Felicio Techniques quotes by Chogyam Trungpa
#14. HeroicPublicSpeaking.com. It was the power of having each other's backs that made this possible and resulted in a long-term business partnership and friendship. At HeroicPublicSpeaking.com, we offer tons of free tips sheets, guides, e-books, and video training on public speaking and on-camera performance techniques for both professionals and laymen alike. So, if you have a wedding toast, a big presentation, a sales pitch, or just want to improve your ability to communicate, head over there now. - Author: Anonymous
Felicio Techniques quotes by Anonymous
#15. reality, a businesslike approach to charity has been dominant within large-scale organized philanthropy for at least 120 years, ever since industrialists such as Carnegie and Rockefeller vowed to apply business techniques to the realm of philanthropy. - Author: Linsey McGoey
Felicio Techniques quotes by Linsey McGoey
#16. : Whether we are aware of it or not, we will refine the quality of our humanity throughout the course of our lives. More and more, people seek spiritual techniques to help them do this. But joy and suffering will do this for you, too. Every lifetime offers countless opportunities to become more whole.
Life offers its wisdom generously. Everything teaches. Not everyone learns. Life asks of us the same thing we have been asked in every class: "Stay awake." "Pay attention." But paying attention is no simple matter. It requires us not to be distracted by expectations, past experiences, labels, and masks. It asks that we not jump to early conclusions and that we remain open to surprise. Wisdom comes most easily to those who have the courage to embrace life without judgment and are willing to not know, sometimes for a long time. It requires us to be more fully and simply alive than we have been taught to be. It may require us to suffer. But ultimately we will be more than we were when we began. - Author: Rachel Naomi Remen
Felicio Techniques quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
#17. For months I've been working on creating techniques to reproduce Swarovski crystals in sugar using the real stones to guide me. - Author: Ron Ben-Israel
Felicio Techniques quotes by Ron Ben-Israel
#18. Do not place hope in finding a secret technique. Polish the mind through ceaseless training; that is the key to effective techniques. - Author: Kyuzo Mifune
Felicio Techniques quotes by Kyuzo Mifune
#19. I love learning new techniques. - Author: David Bailey
Felicio Techniques quotes by David Bailey
#20. How he led is no mystery. His techniques were time-honored. He knew his men. He saw to it that they had dry socks, enough food, sufficient clothing. He pushed them to but never beyond the breaking point. He got out of them more than they knew they had to give. His concern for them was that of a father for his son. He was the head of a family. He - Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Felicio Techniques quotes by Stephen E. Ambrose
#21. I love to read and teach experimental fiction but yes, neither this work nor my first novel is really that experimental. It uses some experimental techniques but in the end, I would not say that it is experimental. I'm not sure why. I do a lot of writing on my own, and I have always just written this way. - Author: Porochista Khakpour
Felicio Techniques quotes by Porochista Khakpour
#22. Don't be afraid to adapt new ingredients into your own techniques, and traditional ingredients into new recipes. - Author: Jose Garces
Felicio Techniques quotes by Jose Garces
#23. Cinema is still a very young art form with extraordinary techniques and very impressive special effects but sometimes it seems the soul has been taken out of things. - Author: Catherine Deneuve
Felicio Techniques quotes by Catherine Deneuve
#24. During the last 2,500 years in Buddhist monasteries, a system of seven practices of reconciliation has evolved. Although these techniques were formulated to settle disputes within the circle of monks, i think they might also be of use in our households and in our society.
The first practice is Face-to-Face-Sitting. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Felicio Techniques quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#25. By the time I was six or seven-years-old, I had learned several techniques of how to use my voice and was able to choose the sound I wanted to distinguish myself, so I started writing songs on the piano. - Author: Wendy Starland
Felicio Techniques quotes by Wendy Starland
#26. A student well versed in even one technique will naturally see corresponding points in other techniques. A upper level punch, a lower punch, a front punch and a reverse punch are all essentially the same. Looking over thirty-odd kata, he should be able to see that they are essentially variations on just a handful. - Author: Gichin Funakoshi
Felicio Techniques quotes by Gichin Funakoshi
#27. The Wall is nothing more than a talking point Trump uses to trigger his racist and xenophobic base. MAGA minions have been brainwashed by Nazi propaganda techniques to see foreigners as evil monsters who want to exterminate white America, and Trump as their protector who was sent by God. - Author: Oliver Markus Malloy
Felicio Techniques quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#28. Modus Operandi, or method of operation, is really a term that refers to the habits, techniques and peculiarities of behavior of a criminal. All criminals have a modus operandi, - Author: Mauro V. Corvasce
Felicio Techniques quotes by Mauro V. Corvasce
#29. As far as swing and techniques are concerned, I don't know diddly squat. When I'm playing well, I don't even take aim. - Author: Fred Couples
Felicio Techniques quotes by Fred Couples
#30. Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system. - Author: Sidney Hook
Felicio Techniques quotes by Sidney Hook
#31. For all of us there is an approach to the seemingly unapproachable. This is the life-affirming work of learning to stay present even under difficult circumstances, to embrace mental, physical, and spiritual pain using techniques suitable for each particular level of discomfort. - Author: Stephen Levine
Felicio Techniques quotes by Stephen Levine
#32. Public life drives out private life. The more political our society becomes (in the broadest sense of 'political' - the obsessions, the compulsions of collectivity) the more individuality seems lost. … [N]ational purpose is now involved with the manufacture of commodities in no way essential to human life, but vital to the political survival of the country. … The whole matter … has to do with invasion of the private sphere (including the sexual) by techniques of exploitation and domination. - Author: Saul Bellow
Felicio Techniques quotes by Saul Bellow
#33. Education for freedom must begin by stating facts and enunciating values, and must go on to develop appropriate techniques for realizing the values and for combating those who, for whatever reason, choose to ignore the facts or deny the values. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Felicio Techniques quotes by Aldous Huxley
#34. Software craftsmanship is a long journey to mastery. It's a mindset where software developers choose to be responsible for their own careers, constantly learning new tools and techniques and constantly bettering themselves. - Author: Sandro Mancuso
Felicio Techniques quotes by Sandro Mancuso
#35. As analytical pharmacologists, what we are allowed to see of a new molecule's properties is totally dependent on the techniques of bioassay we use. - Author: James Black
Felicio Techniques quotes by James Black
#36. On the other hand it is possible that human control over the
machines may be retained. In that case the average man may have
control over certain private machines of his own, such as his car of
his personal computer, but control over large systems of machines will
be in the hands of a tiny elite -- just as it is today, but with two
difference. Due to improved techniques the elite will have greater
control over the masses; and because human work will no longer be
necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the
system. If the elite is ruthless the may simply decide to exterminate
the mass of humanity. If they are humane they may use propaganda or
other psychological or biological techniques to reduce the birth rate
until the mass of humanity becomes extinct, leaving the world to the
elite. Or, if the elite consist of soft-hearted liberals, they may
decide to play the role of good shepherds to the rest of the human
race. They will see to it that everyone's physical needs are
satisfied, that all children are raised under psychologically hygienic
conditions, that everyone has a wholesome hobby to keep him busy, and
that anyone who may become dissatisfied undergoes "treatment" to cure
his "problem." Of course, life will be so purposeless that people will
have to be biologically or psychologically engineered either to remove
their need for the pow - Author: Theodore J. Kaczynski
Felicio Techniques quotes by Theodore J. Kaczynski
#37. Man's mastery over nature, then, is a mastery which has less and less control over itself ... A world where techniques are paramount is a world given over to desire and fear; because every technique is there to serve some desire or fear.2 - Gabriel Marcel - Author: Stephen Batchelor
Felicio Techniques quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#38. Drugs don't have spiritual potential, human beings have spiritual potential. And it may be that we need techniques to move us in that direction, and the use of psychoactive drugs clearly is one path that has helped many people. - Author: Andrew Weil
Felicio Techniques quotes by Andrew Weil
#39. It [the Mexican War] was a training ground for generals, so that when the sad self-murders settled on us, the leaders knew the techniques for making it properly horrible. - Author: John Steinbeck
Felicio Techniques quotes by John Steinbeck
#40. We mythologists know very well that myths and legends contain borrowings, moral lessons, nature cycles, and a hundred other distorting influences, and we labor to cut them away and get to what might be a kernel of truth. In fact, these same techniques must be applied to the most sober histories, for no one writes the clear and apparent truth - if such a thing can even be said to exist. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Felicio Techniques quotes by Isaac Asimov
#41. I want to experiment with new techniques and become a "traditional baroque artist." - Author: Camille Henrot
Felicio Techniques quotes by Camille Henrot
#42. Primer of Love [Lesson 14]
I think the best thing I can do is to be a distraction.
A husband lives and breathes his work all day long.
If he comes home to more table thumping,
how can the poor man ever relax?
- Jackie Kennedy

Lesson 14) Learn to nip lover's quarrels in the bud
by distraction and humor -- without raising your voice.

This does not include mastering that passive aggressive ploy called the silent treatment which is much louder and destructive than outright screaming. Nipping techniques include distraction, humor, rough sex and counting backwards from MCLV in Latin.Once you've mastered this technique, you'll spend the night neatly tucked in each other's arms -- though her ass will be a little sore. No argument about that. - Author: Beryl Dov
Felicio Techniques quotes by Beryl Dov
#43. By the eighteenth century many were showing all the negative conservatism of a vested interest overtaken by events: dogged devotion to old techniques, suspicion of innovation, resentment of competition and xenophobia. - Author: Timothy C.W. Blanning
Felicio Techniques quotes by Timothy C.W. Blanning

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