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Sunset was only thirty minutes gone when some pissant vampire waylaid Deacon on his way to Theriault's. One of those younger shits who wrote poetry to Mother Darkness and thought becoming a vampire would make him sparkle. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
A jagged stone existed where her heart had been. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
Such a nice day - out all day up in the Carter Notch direction, trout-fishing, with the long drive there and the long drive home again in time for supper. It was a lovely brook and I caught seven good trout and one small one - which eight trout-persons you should have for your breakfast if only you were near enough. It was not alone the fishing, but the delightful loneliness and being out of doors. ~ Sarah Orne Jewett
Fedeles Brook quotes by Sarah Orne Jewett
In most parts of the world, people go to sleep without fearing that in the middle of the night a neighbouring tribe might surround their village and slaughter everyone. Well-off British subjects travel daily from Nottingham to London through Sherwood Forest without fear that a gang of merry green-clad brigands will ambush them and take their money to give to the poor (or, more likely, murder them and take the money for themselves). Students brook no canings from their teachers, children need not fear that they will be sold into slavery when their parents can't pay their bills, and women know that the law forbids their husbands from beating them and forcing them to stay at home. Increasingly, around the world, these expectations are fulfilled. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Fedeles Brook quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
Are you imperfect, romantically irrational, ridiculously fearless, and utterly illogical? You're my ideal reader, friend, partner. I'm your fan. ~ Brook Tesla
Fedeles Brook quotes by Brook Tesla
A large part of our excessive, unnecessary manifestations come from a terror that if we are not somehow signaling all the time that we exist, we will in fact no longer be there ~ Peter Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Peter Brook
One day of praying and six days of fun, the odds against going to heaven are six to one. ~ Brook Benton
Fedeles Brook quotes by Brook Benton
I don't want to make the same mistakes of being swept along with things, taking on jobs that I'm not passionate about, that I don't really believe in but that everyone says I should do. ~ Kelly Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Kelly Brook
Your purse is bulging, Mr. Fox. Tuck it away before you board. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
Lipton, a professor of history at SUNY Stony Brook, concluded, "In the face of recent revelations about the reckless and self-indulgent sexual conduct of so many of our elected officials, it may be worth recalling that sexual restraint rather than sexual prowess was once the measure of a man. ~ Timothy J. Keller
Fedeles Brook quotes by Timothy J. Keller
Leave this touching and clawing. Let him be to me a spirit. A message, a thought, a sincerity, a glance from him, I want, but not news nor pottage. I can get politics, and chat, and neighborly conveniences from cheaper companions. Should not the society of my friend be to me poetic, pure, universal, and great as nature itself? Ought I to feel that our tie is profane in comparison with yonder bar of cloud that sleeps on the horizon, or that clump of waving grass that divides the brook? Let us not vilify, bur raise it to that standard. That great, defying eye, that scornful beauty of his mien and action, do not pique yourself on reducing, but rather fortify and enhance. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fedeles Brook quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
A woman growing up under American ideas of liberty in government and religion, having never blushed behind a Turkish mask, nor pressed her feet in Chinese shoes, cannot brook any disabilities based on sex alone, without a deep feeling of antagonism with the power that creates it. ~ Susan B. Anthony
Fedeles Brook quotes by Susan B. Anthony
I prefer to get fat on honey. ~ Stefanie Brook Trout
Fedeles Brook quotes by Stefanie Brook Trout
Women in the 1950s were so much sexier. That's what I aspire to look like. ~ Kelly Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Kelly Brook
The First Flowers
Beside the brook
Toward the willows,
During these days
So many yellow flowers have opened
Their eyes into gold.
I have long since lost my innocence, yet a memory
Touches my depth, the golden hours of morning, and gazes
Brilliantly upon me out of the eyes of flowers.
I was going to pick flowers;
Now I leave them all standing
And walk home, an old man. ~ Hermann Hesse
Fedeles Brook quotes by Hermann Hesse
A thousand for his love expired each day, And those who saw his face, in blank dismay Would rave and grieve and mourn their lives away- To die for love of that bewitching sight Was worth a hundred lives without his light. None could survive his absence patiently, None could endure this king's proximity- How strange it was that man could neither brook The presence nor the absence of his look! ~ Farid Al-Din Attar
Fedeles Brook quotes by Farid Al-Din Attar
Ordinary" has to be one of the loneliest words in our vocabulary today. Who wants a bumper sticker that announces to the neighborhood, "My child is an ordinary student at Bubbling Brook Elementary"? Who wants to be that ordinary person who lives in an ordinary town, is a member of an ordinary church, and has ordinary friends and works an ordinary job? Our life has to count! We have to leave our mark, have a legacy, and make a difference. And all of this should be something that can be managed, measured, and maintained. We have to live up to our Facebook profile. It's one of the newer versions of salvation by works. ~ Michael S. Horton
Fedeles Brook quotes by Michael S. Horton
I can't promise to love someone for ever. I can't imagine anyone could promise to love me for ever. I mean, it sounds like a lovely day, but I go to red carpet events all the time and I'm the centre of attention so it's not like I'm looking for that! ~ Kelly Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Kelly Brook
Brook, you don't sound like yourself."

My reply came out of my mouth before I could choose it. "I am not the person I was three weeks ago and I will never be that person again."

Surprised by my own response, I relayed it to my therapist who was helping me work through issues surrounding my brother's death. "Of course you're not," she said. "And one of the best things you can do for yourself is to know that you are a different person now. ~ Brook Noel
Fedeles Brook quotes by Brook Noel
Here I find the true nature of the tree - not in the bulk of its shape but in the way its form alters my vision of the world. ~ Stefanie Brook Trout
Fedeles Brook quotes by Stefanie Brook Trout
To go fishing is the chance to wash one's soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on blue water. It brings meekness and inspiration from the decency of nature, charity toward tackle-makers, patience toward fish, a mockery of profits and egos, a quieting of hate, a rejoicing that you do not have to decide a darned thing until next week. And it is discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish. ~ Herbert Hoover
Fedeles Brook quotes by Herbert Hoover
You came." His gaze held hers. "And I knew that you are not useful to me, Ash. Not anymore. Except as a reason to get up in the morning
"You don't sleep anymore," she reminded him, smiling.
"Except as a reason to keep breathing
"You don't need air."
He narrowed his eyes at her. "I'm still new at this Guardian thing. So just shut up, and let me tell you that I love you. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
I want the shining gravel in a dark brook. I want the sparkle of the stone beneath the rays of sun, I want death that frees me. I could manage to have pleasure if I abstained from thinking. Then I'd feel the ebb and flow of air in my lungs. ~ Clarice Lispector
Fedeles Brook quotes by Clarice Lispector
Orozco's despair was not just in finding himself poor, but in discovering that effort, honest intentions, and gentlemanly status had nothing to do with sucess in a commercial economy. ~ Timothy Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Timothy Brook
Yeah. When you want what's real and you try to find that in high school, you might as well be looking for a mossy rock beside a babbling brook on the corner of Sixth and Pine in downtown Seattle. ~ Deb Caletti
Fedeles Brook quotes by Deb Caletti
By the brook she came suddenly upon Rosemary West, who was sitting on the old pine tree. She was on her way home from Ingleside, where she had been giving the girls their music lesson. She had been lingering in Rainbow Valley quite a little time, looking across its white beauty and roaming some by-ways of dream. Judging from the expression of her face, her thoughts were pleasant ones. Perhaps the faint, occasional tinkle from the bells on the Tree Lovers brought the little lurking smile to her lips. Or perhaps it was occasioned by the consciousness that John Meredith seldom failed to spend Monday evening in the gray house on the white wind-swept hill. ~ L.M. Montgomery
Fedeles Brook quotes by L.M. Montgomery
Physicians are like kings- They brook no contradiction. ~ John Webster
Fedeles Brook quotes by John Webster
The moon went slowly down in loveliness; she departed into the depth of the horizon, and long veil-like shadows crept up the sky through which the stars appeared. Soon, however, they too began to pale before a splendour in the east, and the advent of the dawn declared itself in the newborn blue of heaven. Quieter and yet more quiet grew the sea, quiet as the soft mist that brooded on her bosom, and covered up her troubling, as in our tempestuous life the transitory wreaths of sleep brook upon a pain-racked soul, causing it to forget its sorrow. From the east to the west sped those angels of the Dawn, from sea to sea, from mountain-top to mountain-top, scattering light from breast and wing. On they sped out of the darkness, perfect, glorious; on, over the quiet sea, over the low coast-line, and the swamps beyond, and the mountains above them; over those who slept in peace and those who woke in sorrow; over the evil and the good; over the living and the dead; over the wide world and all that breathes or as breathed thereon. ~ H. Rider Haggard
Fedeles Brook quotes by H. Rider Haggard
She met the Lusitanian cooks, a husband and wife team whose passionate screams in
Portuguese during their fights and lovemaking were legendary among the sailors. - pag. 191 ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
Her hand shot to the front of his breeches, making claws of her fingers and trapping his genitals in a tight grip. He froze. As if testing, she hefted the
firm weight she found. Heavy, but so very delicate.
She bared her teeth. "And even in the dark, now I'll know that I'm ripping off the right cods."
His eyes narrowed, and the hot interest she saw in his gaze sent shivers skittering down her spine. That wasn't just business now. She tightened her
grip. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
From the very first, I knew you'd be dangerous to me. I should have run."
"I'd have caught you. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
It is sweet to see how soon a spring becomes a rill, and a rill runs on into a rivulet, and a rivulet swells into a brook; and before one has time to say 'what are you at?' - before the first tree it ever spoke to is a dummy, or the first hill it ever ran down has turned blue, here we all have airs and graces, demands and assertions of a full grown river. ~ R.D. Blackmore
Fedeles Brook quotes by R.D. Blackmore
Death lieth still in the way of life, Like as a stone in the way of a brook; I will sing against thee, Death, as the brook does, I will make thee into music which does not die. ~ Sidney Lanier
Fedeles Brook quotes by Sidney Lanier
Advice is like rain that soaks everything without being sought. ~ Timothy Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Timothy Brook
Use me," he said. "For as long as you like. ~ Meljean Brook
Fedeles Brook quotes by Meljean Brook
In a clear brook
With joyful haste
The whimsical trout
Shot past me like an arrow
I play the line of the song, I play the leaps and plunges of the right hand of the piano, I am the trout, the angler, the brook, the observer. ~ Vikram Seth
Fedeles Brook quotes by Vikram Seth
The dell was to be left in solitude among its dark, old trees, which, with their multitudinous tongues, would whisper long of what had passed there, and no mortal be the wiser. And the melancholy brook would add this other tale to the mystery with which its little heart was already overburdened, and whereof it still kept up a murmuring babble, with not a whit more cheerfulness of tone than for ages heretofore. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
Fedeles Brook quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
You should read Spanish,' he said. 'It is a noble tongue. It has not the mellifluousness of Italian
Italian is the language of tenors and organ-grinders
but it has grandeur: it does not ripple like a brook in a garden, but it surges tumultuous like a mighty river in a flood. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Fedeles Brook quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
I gave, at first, attention close;
Then interest warm ensued;
From interest, as improvement rose,
Succeeded gratitude.

'Obedience was no effort soon,
And labour was no pain;
If tired, a word, a glance alone
Would give me strength again.

'From others of the studious band
Ere long he singled me,
But only by more close demand
And sterner urgency.

'The task he from another took,
From me he did reject;
He would no slight omission brook
And suffer no defect.

'If my companions went astray,
He scarce their wanderings blamed.
If I but faltered in the way
His anger fiercely flamed. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Fedeles Brook quotes by Charlotte Bronte
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