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We will not build our offensive game plan around our punter. We will not major in punting. ~ Rex Ryan
Feagles Punter quotes by Rex Ryan
OUr teachers at LT&C had their A levels and the odd teaching certificate. It is astonishing how a black crepe robe worn over a coat or blouse gives a Cockney punter or a Covent Garden flower girl the gravitas of an Oxford don. Accent be damned in Africa, as long as it's foreign and you have the right skin colour. ~ Abraham Verghese
Feagles Punter quotes by Abraham Verghese
The punter never made her feel quite so taken care of, never made her feel about to be entered by something that didn't know she was there and yet was all about making her feel good anyway, coming in. Entertainment is blind. ~ David Foster Wallace
Feagles Punter quotes by David Foster Wallace
Or maybe they're the only sane ones. After all, they're the ones with all the power and riches. They're the ones who get everybody else to do what they want them to do, like die for them and work for them and get them into power and protect them and pay taxes and buy them toys, and they're the ones who'll survive another big war, in their bunkers and tunnels. So, given things being the way they are, who's to say they're the loonies because they don't do things the way Joe Punter thinks they ought to be done? If they thought the same way as Joe Punter, they'd be Joe Punter, and somebody else would be having all the fun. ~ Iain Banks
Feagles Punter quotes by Iain Banks
It's weird when you're watching yourself in a film - you can't really detach yourself from the experiences you've had that day. You're never watching the film as a proper punter. ~ James McAvoy
Feagles Punter quotes by James McAvoy
If you lose your best cornerback and punter, I'd say that's a double loss. ~ John Madden
Feagles Punter quotes by John Madden
At the end of the day, there are a hell of a lot of notes being played out there and I defy the average middle-American or the average punter to differentiate between them. ~ Jeff Beck
Feagles Punter quotes by Jeff Beck
Jamie Keehn, our second Australian punter. Again, you have to learn the language. You just can't speak to those guys. You have to know how to speak Australian ... Australians have a higher voice. When you just speak regular English, it doesn't quite get across. Of course, we've had experience with our Australians, so we're pretty comfortable with adjusting our dialect so that it fits the ability to communicate. ~ Les Miles
Feagles Punter quotes by Les Miles
Steele yanked on the pistol, but the front sight got snagged on the Frenchman's belt. Jean-Luc's right arm hit him in the
wrist, a painful bone-on-bone collision that wrenched the Five-seven out of his grip. Steele could make out Burrows's bodyguard
posted up ahead, faithfully guarding his boss's booth.

Jean-Luc shouted a warning while trying to dodge the server who seemed to appear out of nowhere. The bodyguard turned to his
left, reached into his jacket, and squared up to the threat. Steele's instincts told him that he was too far behind the eight-ball
to get the MP9 into action fast, so he improvised.

He launched a kick at Jean-Luc's ankle that would have made an NFL punter proud. His leg muscles pistoned his foot toward
its target like a hot rod on a quarter-mile track. The impact snapped the fleeing Frenchman's puny ankle, causing him to tumble
into the server.

Now. ~ Sean Parnell
Feagles Punter quotes by Sean  Parnell
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