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#1. Once the spark of true love has been ignited, it cannot be quenched. It is there forever. - Author: Anne Rouen
Fdr Wartime quotes by Anne Rouen
#2. I am a huge admirer of Franklin Roosevelt's, and I believe social security has done untold good in alleviating the once-widespread issue of poverty among the elderly. FDR believed in the greatness and generosity of Americans - but he was also a cold-blooded politician. - Author: Jon Meacham
Fdr Wartime quotes by Jon Meacham
#3. Don't ever let anyone tell you that history doesn't repeat. For 70 years, liberals have been spinning the yarn that FDR's New Deal, despite all the evidence that it exacerbated and prolonged the Great Depression, quickened our economic recovery. Indeed, I remember scratching my head when one of my college history professors in the 1970s tried to convince us of that theory and its corollary - an even better howler - that FDR was actually a conservative, because if he hadn't implemented his socialist programs, the republic would have died right there. - Author: David Limbaugh
Fdr Wartime quotes by David Limbaugh
#4. By far the easiest grounds for gaining conscientious objector status in wartime are religious. You can be a brilliant moral philosopher with a prize-winning doctoral thesis expounding the evils of war, and still be given a hard time by a draft board evaluating your claim to be a conscientious objector. Yet if you can say that one or both of your parents is a Quaker you sail through like a breeze, no matter how inarticulate and illiterate you may be on the theory of pacifism or, indeed, Quakerism itself. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Fdr Wartime quotes by Richard Dawkins
#5. I have to express sympathy from the bottom of my heart to those people who were taken as wartime comfort women. As a human being, I would like to express my sympathies, and also as prime minister of Japan I need to apologize to them. - Author: Shinzo Abe
Fdr Wartime quotes by Shinzo Abe
#6. electrical wires dragged down by the weight of the ice and flickering balefully, a row of sleet-covered planes stranded in an airport, a huge truck that's jackknifed and tipped over and is lying on its side with smoke coming out. An ambulance is on the scene, a fire truck, a huddle of raingear-clad operatives: someone's been injured, always a sight to make the heart beat faster. A policeman appears, crystals of ice whitening his moustache; he pleads sternly with people to stay inside. It's no joke, he tells the viewers. Don't think you can brave the elements! His frowning, frosted eyebrows are noble, like those on the wartime bond-drive posters from the 1940s. Constance remembers those, or believes she does. But she may just be remembering history books or museum displays or documentary films: so hard, sometimes, to tag those memories accurately. Finally, a minor touch of pathos: a stray dog is displayed, semi-frozen, wrapped in a child's pink nap blanket. A gelid baby - Author: Margaret Atwood
Fdr Wartime quotes by Margaret Atwood
#7. Yesterday evening Mickey and I and other deluded WAAFs went through the blackout and into the wilds of Hammersmith enduring the journey with the thought of the rollicking, witty West End show, Broadway Follies, studded with stars, to which we WAAFs had been invited free. I might say frightful, I might say terrible, awful, boring, tedious, but they only reveal the inadequacy of words. After the third hour, or so it seemed, I was convinced that I had died and was in hell, watching turn after turn in unending procession, each longer, each less funny, each more unbelievably bad than the last. During the interval, Hendon WAAFs rushed to the bar, scruffy WAAFs, obviously from West Drayton, sat still rollicking with mirth in the Stalls. We tossed back whisky and ginger beer and watched in a stupor the longer, duller, apparently unending second half. After came the journey back in the blackout made blue by our opinions of the evening. - Author: Joan Rice
Fdr Wartime quotes by Joan Rice
#8. And of course, FDR was very charming. At 6'2, he was tall enough to be her beau, and they made a beautiful couple. And she could encourage him. His mother also encouraged him. So this notion of a woman with ideas of her own and a spirit of her own and a style of her own was very congenial to Franklin. And he loved her. And their romance was a very dear and true and deep romance. - Author: Blanche Wiesen Cook
Fdr Wartime quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
#9. With a practised hand he pulls out a knife and presses it against her throat. Hurry up, he hisses through clenched teeth, hurry up! At that same instant she is again struck by their inability to express themselves in normal sentences; they use only monosyllabic words, as if they have forgotten how to speak. And perhaps they have. Perhaps that happens to people in wartime, words suddenly become superfluous because they can no longer express reality. Reality escapes the words we know, and we simply lack new words to encapsulate this new experience. - Author: Slavenka Drakulic
Fdr Wartime quotes by Slavenka Drakulic
#10. Didn't young people care what the generation before them had achieved? And if not, why had everyone gone through those grim difficult wartime years? - Author: Sara Sheridan
Fdr Wartime quotes by Sara Sheridan
#11. I was brought up to believe that everyone brave is forgiven, but in wartime courage is cheap and clemency out of season. Unless - Author: Chris Cleave
Fdr Wartime quotes by Chris Cleave
#12. As smart as he was, though, I suspect even FDR didn't realize that once you created a bureaucracy, it took on a life of its own. It was almost impossible to close down a bureaucracy once it had been created. - Author: Ronald Reagan
Fdr Wartime quotes by Ronald Reagan
#13. The chronology was for the convenience of the reader who may be unfamiliar with some of the names and events mentioned. My publisher persuaded me to cut it, on account of the wartime paper shortage. - Author: William T. Vollmann
Fdr Wartime quotes by William T. Vollmann
#14. All defense secretaries in wartime have, needless to say, made misjudgments. - Author: Bill Kristol
Fdr Wartime quotes by Bill Kristol
#15. FDR's struggle with illness and subsequent metal-filled life are remarkably similar to the story of another great leader who was part robot: Iron Man. FDR, much like Tony Stark, was cocky and arrogant before his life-changing diagnosis, but the years of suffering changed all of that, and he emerged more humble, more fearless, and ready to defend America. Also, FDR wore iron braces and used a wheelchair, which, for the purposes of this comparison, is exactly like a well-armed robot suit. - Author: Daniel O'Brien
Fdr Wartime quotes by Daniel O'Brien
#16. Once upon a time, the most successful Democratic leader of them all, FDR, looked south and said I see one third of a nation ill-housed, ill clad, ill nourished. Today our national Democratic leaders look south and say, I see one third of a nation and it can go to hell. - Author: Zell Miller
Fdr Wartime quotes by Zell Miller
#17. My father was one of the fortunate wartime servicemen: he made a full recovery from his injuries, was promoted to captain, survived the war, had a satisfying career as a colonial officer and, eventually, died in February 2002, a month before his 85th birthday. - Author: Michael Ashcroft
Fdr Wartime quotes by Michael Ashcroft
#18. The lamplight was eerie, and, standing there motionless in our bathrobes, sleepy, with shadows flickering all around, I felt as though I had woken from one dream into an even more remote one, some bizarre wartime bomb shelter of the unconscious. - Author: Donna Tartt
Fdr Wartime quotes by Donna Tartt
#19. Under the New Deal, governmental goons smashed down doors to impose domestic policies. G-Men were treated like demigods, even as they spied on dissidents. Captains of industry wrote the rules by which they were governed. FDR secretly taped his conversations, used the postal service to punish his enemies, lied repeatedly to maneuver the United States into war, and undermined Congress's war-making powers at several turns. When warned by Frances Perkins in 1932 that many provisions of the New Deal were unconstitutional, he in effect shrugged and said that they'd deal with that later (his intended solution: pack the Supreme Court with cronies). In 1942 he flatly told Congress that if it didn't do what he wanted, he'd do it anyway. - Author: Jonah Goldberg
Fdr Wartime quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#20. The advent of AIDS circa 1980 has really forced medicine and biology to take enormous steps just for sheer survival. The same way war propels hard technology, AIDS has created wartime conditions in the field of biology that will have all sorts of spin-offs. - Author: Paul Di Filippo
Fdr Wartime quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#21. It seemed to Karina further proof that wartime was the only time the world became as simple and carnivorously liberating as it must exist at all times in men's minds. - Author: Omar El Akkad
Fdr Wartime quotes by Omar El Akkad
#22. I was an engineer with Fairbanks Morse, Mr. President. I helped design some of the engines in their locomotives before the war, but then transferred my knowledge to the engines used in the Grant and Lee tanks, many of which were sent to the British."
FDR was once again intrigued by what he heard. "The engine that pulls my train is a Fairbanks Morse locomotive."
Brock beamed. "Yes it is, sir. Engine 978. - Author: Derek Hart
Fdr Wartime quotes by Derek Hart
#23. And who is the hero of that story? Who slew the dragon [totalitarianism]? Yes, it was the ordinary man, the taxpayer, the grunt who fought and won the wars. Yes, it was America and its allies. Yes, it was the great leaders: FDR, de Gaulle, Adenauer, Truman, John Paul II, Thatcher, Reagan. But above all, victory required one man without whom the fight would have been lost at the beginning. It required Winston Churchill. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
Fdr Wartime quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#24. FDR, JFK, LBJ [all Democratic presidents ] we have a pretty long list of presidents who maybe were not entirely forthcoming with intelligence information before they went to war, so I'd be cautious against making legal cases against the administration. - Author: Barack Obama
Fdr Wartime quotes by Barack Obama
#25. Could it be that many of our problems with prayer and much of our weakness in prayer come from the fact that we are not all on active duty, and yet we still try to use the transmitter? We have taken a wartime walkie-talkie and tried to turn it into a civilian intercom to call the servants for another cushion in the den. - Author: John Piper
Fdr Wartime quotes by John Piper
#26. The Founding Fathers are always spinning in their graves over something, as is Ronald Reagan, or FDR. Edward R. Murrow is a perennial grave spinner in the news business (though in fact, Murrow was cremated). - Author: Mark Leibovich
Fdr Wartime quotes by Mark Leibovich
#27. That soldiers do terrible things during wartime should not surprise us. - Author: Nick Flynn
Fdr Wartime quotes by Nick Flynn
#28. The man who gets drunk in peacetime is a coward. The man who gets drunk in wartime goes on being a coward. - Author: Jose Bergamin
Fdr Wartime quotes by Jose Bergamin
#29. His wartime experience had taught him to trust his instincts, even though he'd never been sure where they'd come from. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Fdr Wartime quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#30. Keynes was chief economic adviser to the British government and largely responsible for keeping the British economy afloat at a time when more than half of our gross national product, and all of out foreign exchange, was being spent on the war ... I was lucky to be present at one of his rare appearances in Cambridge, when he gave a lecture with the title "Newton, the Man." ... Four years later he died of heart failure, precipitated by overwork and the hardships of crossing the Atlantic repeatedly in slow propeller-driven airplanes under wartime conditions. - Author: Freeman Dyson
Fdr Wartime quotes by Freeman Dyson
#31. Returning to Washington,FDR declared that Yalta Conference had put and end to the kind of balance-of-power divisions that had long marred global politics. His assessment echoed Woodrow Wilson's idealistic and equally inaccurate claims at the end of World War I. In London, Churchill told his cabinet that "poor Chamberlain believed he could trust Hitler. He was wrong. But I don't think I'm wrong about Stalin." Soviet-British friendship, Churchill maintained, "would continue as long as Stalin was in charge. - Author: Madeleine K. Albright
Fdr Wartime quotes by Madeleine K. Albright
#32. The government has room to scale back individual rights during wartime without violating the Constitution. The Constitution just sets minimums. Most of the rights that you enjoy go way beyond what the Constitution requires. - Author: Antonin Scalia
Fdr Wartime quotes by Antonin Scalia
#33. The modern Middle East was largely created by the British. It was they who carried the Allied war effort in the region during World War I and who, at its close, principally fashioned its peace. It was a peace presaged by the nickname given the region by covetous British leaders in wartime: 'The Great Loot.' - Author: Scott Anderson
Fdr Wartime quotes by Scott Anderson
#34. There's nothing sexier than a girl who's like, 'I know who FDR is, I know about the New Deal, I'm going to give you a new deal.' and then, over a period of years, she structures her sex acts in such a way that they save the economy. - Author: Eugene Mirman
Fdr Wartime quotes by Eugene Mirman
#35. It is time for blacks to begin the shift from a wartime to a peacetime identity, from fighting for opportunity to the seizing of it. - Author: Shelby Steele
Fdr Wartime quotes by Shelby Steele

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