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I am no infant!" Valor growled. Why did they insist on treating him as if he were ill or fatally wounded? He was merely fatigued from a long night's ride and strenuous battle.
"Your behaviour would prove otherwise, milord. ~ Marcia Lynn McClure
Fatally Wounded quotes by Marcia Lynn McClure
In that inevitable, excruciatingly human moment, we are offered a powerful choice. This choice is perhaps one of the most vitally important choices we will ever make, and it determines the course of our lives from that moment forward. The choice is this: Will we interpret this loss as so unjust, unfair, and devastating that we feel punished, angry, forever and fatally wounded
or, as our heart, torn apart, bleeds its anguish of sheer, wordless grief, will we somehow feel this loss as an opportunity to become more tender, more open, more passionately alive, more grateful for what remains? ~ Wayne Muller
Fatally Wounded quotes by Wayne Muller
He wasn't dead yet. A man could be shot or stabbed, he could be fatally wounded, spurting his life out upon the ground, and still have a few precious minutes to bring down his enemy. ~ Fonda Lee
Fatally Wounded quotes by Fonda Lee
Like a wounded soldier
Trudging the old road home,
But I ain't the old me,
And I walk this path alone.
I'm battle-worn, I'm battle-torn
With these scars inside my chest,
Kept up that happy face for you,
To hide that I'm a mess.

But I gave you every ounce of fight in me,
And I have no regrets.
If I was going to lose you,
At least I lost you to my best.
But it felt so wrong,
So tangled up in blue,
Like that old Dylan song,
Like I don't know who I am,
Now that you're gone.

But I lived through the pain.
Now I see the other side.
Now I know that life's too short
To shut myself down and hide.
I'm battle-torn, but I'm battle-born.
These scars are part of me.
I got nothing left but what I've learned,
And I'll use that, and you'll see,

I can still give every ounce of fight in me,
Till I have no regrets,
Because if I'm going to lose someone,
I'm gonna lose her to my best.
And I'll be strong,
When a hard rain's a-gonna fall,
Like that old Dylan song,
You're the reason I stand tall,
And that will never be gone. ~ Emery Lord
Fatally Wounded quotes by Emery Lord
If I were a better version of me, I would not react faster than I think, would not be wounded when no harm was intended, would understand before too much time had passed to forgive ... ~ Arthur Phillips
Fatally Wounded quotes by Arthur Phillips
The whole reason I wanted to take Owen to Disney World is that I fear that someday he's going to look through his childhood photo album and wonder why all his vacations with his aunt took pace at places like the McKinley Memorial and Wounded Knee. And yet here we are. Powell's cemetery was just too close to Cinderella's Castle for me to pass up. ~ Sarah Vowell
Fatally Wounded quotes by Sarah Vowell
If you're wonderful in any way somebody will fuck with you. Just like if you're horrible in any way they're gonna fuck with you. The world is for the average and the common. Those are the people who never hurt - they just fall asleep. The rest of us, we're The Walking Wounded. ~ Kim Fowley
Fatally Wounded quotes by Kim Fowley
Dr. Lister, who treated the wounded Pres. Garfield, had been so stung by the medical establishment's reaction to his embrace of African-American doctors that he, in response, refused to do part from the status quo enough to considering using antiseptic techniques. ~ Candice Millard
Fatally Wounded quotes by Candice Millard
To find Margo Roth Spiegelman, you must become Margo Roth Spiegelman.
And I had done many of the things she might have done: I had engineered a most unlikely prom coupling. I had quieted the hounds of caste warfare. I had come to feel comfortable inside the rat-infested haunted house where she did her best thinking. I had seen. I had listened. But I could not yet become the wounded person. ~ John Green
Fatally Wounded quotes by John Green
Miraculously, though, the same coral heads that split the ship's sides held the wounded vessel fast, upright as if she were in the jaws of a vise. ~ Kieran Doherty
Fatally Wounded quotes by Kieran Doherty
The vanquished know war. They see through the empty jingoism of those who use the abstract words of glory, honor, and patriotism to mask the cries of the wounded, the senseless killing, war profiteering, and chest-pounding grief. ~ Chris Hedges
Fatally Wounded quotes by Chris Hedges
You can only pretend that you're already dead and thus free yourself up to focus on three things: 1) finding and killing the enemy, 2) communicating the situation and resulting actions to adjacent units and higher headquarters, and 3) triaging and treating your wounded. If you love your men, you naturally think about number three first, but if you do you're wrong. The grim logic of combat dictates that numbers one and two take precedence. ~ Donovan Campbell
Fatally Wounded quotes by Donovan Campbell
...There is a place in you where you have never been wounded, where there's
still a sureness in you, where there's a seamlessness in you, and where
there is a confidence and tranquility in you. And I think the intention of
prayer and spirituality and love is now and again to visit that inner kind
of sanctuary. ~ John O’Donohue
Fatally Wounded quotes by John O’Donohue
He skidded to a dead halt and stared hard at Austin. The boy's chin carried so many nicks from his first shave that it was a wonder he hadn't bled to death. He was a year older than Houston had been when he'd last stood on a battlefield. Sweet Lord, Houston had never had the opportunity to shave his whole face; he'd never flirted with girls, wooed women, or danced through the night. He'd never loved.
Not until Amelia.
And he'd given her up because he'd thought it was best for her. Because he had nothing to offer her but a one-roomed log cabin, a few horses, a dream so small that it wouldn't cover the palm of her hand.
And his heart. His wounded heart. ~ Lorraine Heath
Fatally Wounded quotes by Lorraine Heath
All people need to be treated gently and respectfully, especially those who have been wounded. They will be unusually sensitive to rough handling. Nevertheless, all people must be challenged to see that their self-centeredness hasn't been caused by the people who hurt them; it's only been aggravated by the abuse. And they must do something about it, or they're going to be miserable forever. ~ Timothy Keller
Fatally Wounded quotes by Timothy Keller
The Russians had a strange attack method on the ground. I saw this myself, when we were flying over Stalingrad. In that area, they would attack in waves of five or six ranks. The first wave had weapons, and the following soldiers had nothing. They did not even have tank support - nothing. They had to pick up the weapons from the dead and wounded and keep going forward. Then the next wave did the same thing, and the next. It was incredible to us. Throwing away lives that way. ~ Colin D. Heaton
Fatally Wounded quotes by Colin D. Heaton
Learning to live with wounded places is a mission threaded with find¬ing and making beauty. If I'm open to the likelihood of it, I can always find beauty under any circumstances, whether it's in a kindly gesture from a stranger or the first shoot of greenery shoving up through the waste of a calamitous event. Beauty is the antidote to grief and despair, and it is the one sure thing I can bring to bear when I confront a place that has fallen on hard times. ~ Trebbe Johnson
Fatally Wounded quotes by Trebbe Johnson
I'm sensitive. I'm nothing but a big ball of mushy sensitive stuff inside. Tell her, pumpkin."

"Your son is very sensitive," I dutifully recited.

"That didn't sound believable." He gently tugged on a strand of my hair, moving in closer. "My feelings are hurt. You've wounded me. Kiss it better."

"Apologies." I gave him a brief but sweet kiss on the lips.

"That the best you got?" He rubbed his lips against mine, trying to lure me in deeper. "You should be ashamed of yourself. I think you can do much, much better than that. Why, you missed my mouth entirely. ~ Kylie Scott
Fatally Wounded quotes by Kylie Scott
Maybe being winged means being wounded by infinity. ~ Li-Young Lee
Fatally Wounded quotes by Li-Young Lee
My father was an immigrant who literally walked across Europe to get out of Russia. He fought in World War I. He was wounded in action. My father was a great success even though he never had money. He was a very determined man, a great role model. ~ Arlen Specter
Fatally Wounded quotes by Arlen Specter
The steam trains crossed the country, the gleaming tracks clumsy sutures across wounded miles of stolen land. ~ Libba Bray
Fatally Wounded quotes by Libba Bray
What?' Noah looked at me, all innocence.
'You're not shy.'
'No,' I said, narrowing my eyes. 'And pretending to be makes you look like a jackass.'
Noah feigned offense. 'You've wounded me to the core with your profane characterization.'
'Pass the tissues. ~ Michelle Hodkin
Fatally Wounded quotes by Michelle Hodkin
I hold the door to the post office open for a weathered man in a wheelchair. He is gracious, thanking me. One leg is missing, and just as I notice this, I see the sticker on the back of his chair: VIETNAM VETS.

My thoughts jumble as an ache brews in my heart. I think of war and how it destroys, divides, and damages. I see the faces of those in the refugee camp and those who found their names on The List and are now in America. I want to tell this wounded soldier that I am sorry for his loss and for the abandonment he may have felt upon his return. I want to say other things, but right now I'm just honored to hold the door for him. ~ Alice J. Wisler
Fatally Wounded quotes by Alice J. Wisler
We are all substantially flawed, wounded, angry, hurt, here on Earth. But this human condition, so painful to us, and in someways shameful- because we feel we are weak when the reality of ourselves is exposed- is made much more bearable when it is shared, face to face, in words that have expressive human eyes behind them ... ~ Alice Walker
Fatally Wounded quotes by Alice Walker
When a turbulent mind and wounded heart surrenders to grace, breathing is easy. ~ T.F. Hodge
Fatally Wounded quotes by T.F. Hodge
No wounded man shall sound me and live. ~ George R R Martin
Fatally Wounded quotes by George R R Martin
In the three years since our nation began operations in Iraq, more than 2,500 Americans have been killed and more than 18,000 Americans have been seriously wounded. ~ Ike Skelton
Fatally Wounded quotes by Ike Skelton
When patronised, I'm unfortunately more flight than fight. Perhaps it's because I actually feel quite wounded. ~ Stella Young
Fatally Wounded quotes by Stella Young
A million zeros joined together do not, unfortunately, add up to one. Ultimately everything depends on the quality of the individual, but our fatally shortsighted age thinks only in terms of large numbers and mass organizations, though one would think that the world had seen more than enough of what a well-disciplined mob can do in the hands of a single madman. Unfortunately, this realization does not seem to have penetrated very far - and our blindness is extremely dangerous. ~ C. G. Jung
Fatally Wounded quotes by C. G. Jung
Our country is wounded and bleeding now if we don't know whether or not habeas corpus exists. ~ Keith Olbermann
Fatally Wounded quotes by Keith Olbermann
In a world where no one listens, where no one seems to care, where hatred is greater than love, where hearts are hardened by vengeance and pride, where violence is preferable to peace, what else is there for him to do but heal the wounded, and bury the dead, in a war that could go on forever? ~ Ben Okri
Fatally Wounded quotes by Ben Okri
You are an idealist, which means that you are destined to be disappointed, and perhaps even wounded. You seek a gospel of benevolence and miracle, which leaves no room for the sorrows of existence. You are like William Paley, arguing that the perfection of every design in the universe is proof of God's love for us. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Fatally Wounded quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
When we catch sight of the soul, we can become healers in a wounded world-in the family, in the neighborhood, in the workplace, and in political life-as we are called back to our "hidden wholeness" amid the violence of the storm. ~ Parker J. Palmer
Fatally Wounded quotes by Parker J. Palmer
When life leaves you broken, wounded, and shattered, hope will give you strength to face another day. ~ Marie Cornelio
Fatally Wounded quotes by Marie Cornelio
True evangelical faith is of such a nature it cannot lie dormant, but spreads itself out in all kinds of righteousness and fruits of love;
it dies to flesh and blood;
it destroys all lusts and forbidden desires;
it seeks, serves and fears God in its inmost soul (3);
it clothes the naked;
it feeds the hungry;
it comforts the sorrowful; 
it shelters the destitute;
it aids and consoles the sad;
it does good to those who do it harm;
it serves those that harm it;
it prays for those who persecute it;
it teaches, admonishes and judges us with the Word of the Lord;
it seeks those who are lost;
it binds up what is wounded;
it heals the sick;
it saves what is strong (sound);
it becomes all things to all people.
The persecution, suffering and anguish that come to it for the sake of the Lord's truth have become a glorious joy and comfort to it. ~ Menno Simons
Fatally Wounded quotes by Menno Simons
That is the idea I shall try to convey when I say that man is condemned to be free. Condemned, because he did not create himself, yet, in other respects is free; because, once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. The existentialist does not believe in the power of passion. He will never agree that a sweeping passion is a ravaging torrent which fatally leads a man to certain acts and is therefore an excuse. He thinks that man is responsible for his passion. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre
Fatally Wounded quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
One is never wounded by the love one gives, only by the love one expects. ~ Marty Rubin
Fatally Wounded quotes by Marty Rubin
I had many clients who didn't respect me, probably because of how they were raised. We're all the walking wounded. ~ Annie Sprinkle
Fatally Wounded quotes by Annie Sprinkle
You only benefit from books if you can give something back to them. What I mean is, if you approach them in the spirit of a duel, so you can both wound and be wounded, so you are willing to argue, to overcome and be overcome, and grow richer by what you have learned, not only in the book, but in life, or by being able to make something of your work. ~ Sandor Marai
Fatally Wounded quotes by Sandor Marai
In India: A Wounded Civilization, Naipaul writes that 'the Indian way of experiencing' means that 'the outer world matters only in so far as it affects the inner'. ~ Ian Jack
Fatally Wounded quotes by Ian Jack
You have to surrender to a book. If you do, when something in it seems to be going askew, you are wounded. The more you have surrendered to a book, the more jarring its errors appear. ~ Robert Gottlieb
Fatally Wounded quotes by Robert Gottlieb
With the help of a friend I got father into a wagon, when the crowd had gone. I held his head in my lap during the ride home. I believed he was mortally wounded. He had been stabbed down through the kidneys, leaving an ugly wound. ~ Buffalo Bill
Fatally Wounded quotes by Buffalo Bill
Anglers ... exaggerate grossly and make gentle and inoffensive creatures sound like wounded buffalo and man-eating tigers. ~ Roderick Haig-Brown
Fatally Wounded quotes by Roderick Haig-Brown
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