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Absolute perfection is here and now, not in some future, near or far.
The secret is in action - here and now.
It is your behavior that blinds you to yourself.
Disregard whatever you think yourself to be and act as if you were absolutely perfect
- whatever your idea of perfection may be.
All you need is courage. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
Farmsteads Near quotes by Nisargadatta Maharaj
We never get so near God as when we plead for others. ~ F.B. Meyer
Farmsteads Near quotes by F.B. Meyer
She had golden blazing sun kissed hair, which hung down in loose, lazy spirals, a heart shaped pouted mouth, which was pink tinged with violet blushing, wide, spangled blue eyes that glimmered sparks to flicker and ember in the vivid intelligence of the moon's love, and a yielding body, that seem to tangle in loose rhythm as I walked near to her. ~ Keira D. Skye
Farmsteads Near quotes by Keira D. Skye
I think every actor has their list of roles that were near misses. I've had my share. ~ Michael Eklund
Farmsteads Near quotes by Michael Eklund
The Harivansa says, "An abode without birds is like a meat without seasoning." Such was not my abode, for I found myself suddenly neighbor to the birds; not by having imprisoned one, but having caged myself near them. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Farmsteads Near quotes by Henry David Thoreau
The other guys drink, but they don't drink anywhere near what I used to. And I think they're slightly respectful of the fact that I'm off it, so it's not a problem. ~ Graham Coxon
Farmsteads Near quotes by Graham Coxon
Imagine how weird phones would look if your mouth was nowhere near your ears. ~ Steven Wright
Farmsteads Near quotes by Steven Wright
The mass are animal, in pupilage, and near chimpanzee. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Farmsteads Near quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The godly are honorable "You have been honorable" (Isaiah 43:4). The godly are "a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord" (Isaiah 62:3). They are "plants of renown" (Ezek. 16:14). They are not only vessels of mercy but vessels of honor (2 Tim. 2:21). Aristotle calls honor the chief good thing. The godly are near akin to the blessed Trinity: they have the tutelage and guardianship of angels; they have "God's name written upon them" (Rev. 3:12) and "the Holy Spirit dwelling in them" (2 Tim. 1:14). ~ Thomas Watson
Farmsteads Near quotes by Thomas Watson
I was born on Mather Air Force Base near Sacramento, but we moved around a lot. ~ Carrie Vaughn
Farmsteads Near quotes by Carrie Vaughn
We care too much about what happens to be there as a result of history. I worry even more that we care too much for the past and not enough for the present and the near present. ~ Nicholas Serota
Farmsteads Near quotes by Nicholas Serota
Hebb's notion, as you'll recall, is that "when an axon of cell A is near enough to excite cell B or repeatedly and consistently takes part in firing it, some growth process or metabolic changes take place in one or both cells such that A's efficiency, as one of the cells firing B, is increased." Let's expand this idea a little so we can see how it might apply to memory, and especially to a memory of the fact that two stimuli once occurred together.

In order for two stimuli to be bound together in the mind, to become associated, the neural representations of the two events have to meet up in the brain. This means that there has to be some neuron (or a set of neurons) that receives information about both stimuli. Then, and only then, can the stimuli be linked together and an association be formed between them. ~ Joseph E. LeDoux
Farmsteads Near quotes by Joseph E. LeDoux
Cuba has nine official National Public Holidays

January 1st - Liberation Day & New Year's
Liberation Day is also called "Triunfo de la Revolucion." This day celebrates the removal of dictator Batista from power and the start of Fidel Castro's power.
January 2nd - Victory of the Armed Forces
A holiday commemorating its revolution's history.

Good Friday
Good Friday became a national holiday following the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The first Good Friday recognized as a holiday was in 2014, according to Granma, the Official Body Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

May 1st - International Labour Day
Called "Dia de los Trabajadores," noted there are many celebrations this holiday, including "speeches on the 'Plaza de la Revolucion' celebrating the work force and the Communist party."

July 25th till 27th - Commemmoration of the Assault to Moncada/National Rebellion Day
This three-day long holiday remembers the 1953 capture and exile of Fidel Castro, according to VisitarCuba. This happened near Santiago in the Moncada army barracks. This week is also celebrated with carnivals in Santiago as the saint day of St. James (Santiago).

October 19th - Independence Day, "Dia de la Independencia"
Independence Day celebrates the early independence of Cuba in 1868, when Carlos Manuel Cespedes freed his slaves and began the War of Independence against Spain, accord ~ Hank Bracker
Farmsteads Near quotes by Hank Bracker
My mum lives near Holkham Bay in Norfolk, and with my dad by the coast in Suffolk, I spend quite a bit of time by the sea. ~ Miranda Raison
Farmsteads Near quotes by Miranda Raison
Let the soul be drawn out and upward, that God may grant us a breath of the heavenly atmosphere. We may keep so near to God that in every unexpected [100] trial our thoughts will turn to Him as naturally as the flower turns to the sun. ~ Anonymous
Farmsteads Near quotes by Anonymous
We have much to beg forgiveness for," Annys said. For once her expression was soft, her hawk-like eyes downcast."We all do," I said, "if not for this, than something else.""That's very… Zen of you," Master Dogan said. I laughed. "Don't get used to it. I'm pretty sure it's a near-death thing and will pass, but let's enjoy it while we can. ~ Christina Garner
Farmsteads Near quotes by Christina Garner
By the bye, as I must leave off being young, I find many douceurs in being a sort of chaperon , for I am put on the sofa near the fire and can drink as much wine as I like. ~ Jane Austen
Farmsteads Near quotes by Jane Austen
I don't think you comprehend the depth of my feeling for you. It goes beyond wanting to be near you, or protect you. I want you to be happy, and I want you to be treated with respect. ~ Sylvain Reynard
Farmsteads Near quotes by Sylvain Reynard
It's not a problem to be surrounded by other writers if that's the craft that you're doing. I suppose if you get obsessed with the notion of being a writer more than the writing itself, that would be bad. But I live near really smart, thoughtful people who take writing very seriously, and I can meet them for breakfast and talk books. ~ Phil Klay
Farmsteads Near quotes by Phil Klay
There is nothing new about prophecies to the effect that the end of the world is near if we do not repent. What is new is that such a prophecy is now true, for two obvious reasons. First, nuclear weapons give us the means to wipe ourselves out quickly: no humans possessed this means before. Second, we already appropriate about forty per cent of the Earth's net productivity (that is, the net energy captured from sunlight). With the world's human population now doubling every forty-one years, we will soon have reached the biological limit to growth, at which point we will have to start fighting each other in deadly earnest for a slice of the world's fixed pie of resources. In addition, given the present rate at which we are exterminating species, most of the world's species will become extinct or endangered within the next century, but we depend on many species for our own life support. ~ Jared Diamond
Farmsteads Near quotes by Jared Diamond
And consider this which is near to thee, this boundless abyss of the past and of the future in which all things disappear. How then is he not a fool who is puffed up with such things or plagued about them and makes himself miserable? for they vex him only for a time, and a short time. Think ~ Marcus Aurelius
Farmsteads Near quotes by Marcus Aurelius
Zeke started forward, but I grabbed his arm. "No," I told him urgently. "Don't go near him, he's lost a lot of blood. He might not be able to stop himself from biting you."
"I'm run through, not deaf," Jackal remarked from the floor. Honestly, he was the loudest mortally wounded vampire I'd ever heard. I figured that if he could make this much noise, he was in no danger of dying. "Although ... " He grimaced, and his voice became lower, more like a growl. "You might want to get the meatsack out of here if you want his blood to stay on the inside. His inside, not mine. ~ Julie Kagawa
Farmsteads Near quotes by Julie Kagawa
When you've had a near-death experience, your life is never the same. A divine fire is supernaturally transferred into your soul, to tell everyone about your encounter. This in itself, is a miracle. As such, I am on a mission to rid hell of its future recruits. ~ Josephine Akhagbeme
Farmsteads Near quotes by Josephine Akhagbeme
Depression must be avoided, no matter what the cost. Depression is lying on the Edwardian couch for six months, too tired to unlace your shoes. Depression is awakening each morning feeling as if someone near and dear and closely related died the night before. Bad news. Don't tempt depression. ~ Tim Sandlin
Farmsteads Near quotes by Tim Sandlin
When your body is clear there is control. When your body is clear you can choose whom to let in. There is love everywhere.
Please cradle my rabbit heart. Please navigate yourself around me well. I know too much. I can recognize darkness because he is my brother, my maker. I can drink lightness because it is the only way to survive. I can shut off my heart but that leads to evil, so I express her and revel in the nuance of blood currents, and the sacred demons. I fear and quake with my eyes darting fight or flight love or die. The lightning comes from below this time and rips out of my throat for the world to see. They all see my rabbit and I have trained her to hunt. In her perfect glory she is shy and extroverted, chaste and perverted, my sweet near-death more alive than ever. Take her. Take me while I am ripe and open, rub berries on my lips and bear fat in my hair. Tattoo me with a needle and impale me with your warmth. Heal me, fuck me, and work my heart till she beats strong and unafraid. Haunches bared, teeth sharpened, wide-eyed and aware. Hurry. I want to feel safe. ~ Tanya Tagaq
Farmsteads Near quotes by Tanya Tagaq
I had worked for a newspaper of sorts, word got around, and I became editor of our local school newspaper, The Drum. I don't recall being given any choice in this matter; I think I was simply appointed. My second-in-command, Danny Emond, had even less interest in the paper than I did. Danny just liked the idea that Room 4, where we did our work, was near the girls' bathroom. "Someday I'll just go crazy and hack my way in there, Steve," he told me on more than one occasion. "Hack, hack, hack." Once he added, perhaps in an effort to justify himself: "The prettiest girls in school pull up their skirts in there." This struck me as so fundamentally stupid it might actually be wise, like a Zen Koan or an early story by John Updike. ~ Stephen King
Farmsteads Near quotes by Stephen King
At a certain level, credible deterrence depends on a credible enemy. The Soviet Union disintegrated, but the surviving superpower's instinct to de-escalate intensified: In Kirkuk as in Kandahar, every Lilliputian warlord quickly grasped that you could provoke the infidel Gulliver with relative impunity. Mutually assured destruction had curdled into Massively Applied Desultoriness.

Clearly, if one nation is responsible for near half the world's military budget, a lot of others aren't pulling their weight. The Pentagon outspends the Chinese, British, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Saudi, Indian, Italian, South Korean, Brazilian, Canadian, Australian, Spanish, Turkish, and Israeli militaries combined. So why doesn't it feel like that?

Well, for exactly that reason: If you outspend every serious rival combined, you're obviously something other than the soldiery of a conventional nation state. But what exactly? The geopolitical sugar daddy is so busy picking up the tab for the global order he's lost all sense of national interest. ~ Mark Steyn
Farmsteads Near quotes by Mark Steyn
But, Bill, old scout, your sister says there's a most corking links near here."
He turned and stared at me, and nearly ran us into the bank.
"You don't mean honestly she said that?"
"She said you said it was better than St. Andrews."
"So I did. Was that all she said I said?"
"Well, wasn't it enough?"
"She didn't happen to mention that I added the words, 'I don't think'?"
"No, she forgot to tell me that."
"It's the worst course in Great Britain. ~ P.G. Wodehouse
Farmsteads Near quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
While the right friends are near us, we feel that all is well. Our everyday life blossoms suddenly into bright possibilities. ~ Helen Keller
Farmsteads Near quotes by Helen Keller
Death and horror are always near us. The challenge is to get on with our lives and be happy when we can always see them out of the corner of our eye, blurred, but still recognisable in the background. ~ Gordon Reece
Farmsteads Near quotes by Gordon Reece
After every happiness comes misery; they may be far apart or near. The more advanced the soul, the more quickly does one follow the other. What we want is neither happiness nor misery. Both make us forget our true nature; both are chains-one iron, one gold; behind both is the Atman, who knows neither happiness nor misery. These are states, and states must ever change; but the nature of the Atman is bliss, peace, unchanging. We have not to get it, we have it; only wash away the dross and see it. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Farmsteads Near quotes by Swami Vivekananda
You remember that my great vision came to me when I was only nine years old, and you have seen that I was not much good for anything until after I had performed the horse dance near the mouth of the Tongue River during my eighteenth summer. ~ Black Elk
Farmsteads Near quotes by Black Elk
But as I say, if you look to the state of their souls you'll find the situation nowhere near as grave as polls suggest. There's more to being a servant of The Adversary than signing up. ~ Geoffrey Wood
Farmsteads Near quotes by Geoffrey Wood
Already in 2007 I thought I would be able to break the World record in the near future. That time Sammy Tangui was the pacemaker in Lausanne. I liked the way he was running. He is tall, he has a strong body and his stride is similar to mine. I told him in one of the coming years I would need him when I try to break the World record. ~ David Rudisha
Farmsteads Near quotes by David Rudisha
When you think about it, Alaska is also near the North Pole, so she must also be friends with Santa. ~ Jon Stewart
Farmsteads Near quotes by Jon Stewart
Some say "The end is near," as if that is shocking news. The truth is, the end is always near. What is actually shocking is that we, ourselves, can help to choose which end. ~ T.A. Barron
Farmsteads Near quotes by T.A. Barron
But the shrieking went on and on, primal, almost glad - this protest was righteous. I couldn't make up my mind whether the baby was male or female; the only certainties were near baldness and incandescent rage. The kid didn't like its blanket, or its rattle, or the lap it was sat on, or the world . . . the time had come to demand quality. ~ Helen Oyeyemi
Farmsteads Near quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
Leave your village, and conquer yourself before you conquer the world. That's what I did - I left my village. And once I master myself, I'm coming to a village near you to loot and pillage. ~ Jarod Kintz
Farmsteads Near quotes by Jarod Kintz
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