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I know six years is a big break. But I never walked away from music. I never released an album because I wanted to do a different album, something I have never done before, ~ Hadiqa Kiani
Farivar Kiani quotes by Hadiqa Kiani
Iran's population tends to be fairly well educated, with a literacy rate of 77 percent. ~ Cyrus Farivar
Farivar Kiani quotes by Cyrus Farivar
We cannot wait for others to make a difference, we have to be the change ourselves. To be a part of the making of yet another cancer hospital is a blessing in itself.' Watch me live on ARY Digital and donate to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Peshawar as much as you can. ~ Hadiqa Kiani
Farivar Kiani quotes by Hadiqa Kiani
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