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them that you be allowed to take the rest of the ~ Paul Falcone
Falcone Batman quotes by Paul Falcone
One of the first movies I ever saw was 'Batman,' based on the TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward. ~ Peter Jackson
Falcone Batman quotes by Peter Jackson
There was a time above... a time before... there were perfect things... diamond absolutes. But things fall... things on earth. And what falls... is fallen. In the dream, it took me to the light. A beautiful lie. ~ Batman
Falcone Batman quotes by Batman
It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then... he shoots fire from his eyes, and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him. ~ Batman
Falcone Batman quotes by Batman
The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules! ~ Heath Ledger
Falcone Batman quotes by Heath Ledger
Something was wrong. I felt a cold shiver. I didn't know what at first. Something was just ... wrong. I thought of Azrael for some reason, the Imposter, in that cowl, pretending he was Batman. It was that same sick feeling, a crazy kind of panic sparking deep beneath the surface, ready to erupt any second but held in check for the moment by the cold shiver getting colder by the minute.
My fingers were so cold ... against the warmth of Bruce's chest ... and then the realization came, right underneath those cold fingertips, I knew what was wrong.
"When did these heal?" I whispered. ~ Chris Dee
Falcone Batman quotes by Chris Dee
If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can't stop you, you become something else entirely - legend, Mr Wayne. ~ Henri
Falcone Batman quotes by Henri
Effing St. Clair.
I cross my arms and slouch into one of the plastic seats. I am so not in the mood for this.He takes the chair next to me and drapes a relaxed arm over the back of the empty seat on his other side. The man across from us is engrossed in his laptop,and I pretend to be engrossed in his laptop,too. Well,the back of it.
St. Clair hums under his breath. When I don't respond,he sings quietly. "Jingle bells,Batman smells,Robin flew away..."
"Yes,great,I get it.Ha ha. Stupid me."
"What? It's just a Christmas song." He grins and continues a bit louder. "Batmobile lost a wheel,on the M1 motorway,hey!"
"Wait." I frown. "What?"
"What what?"
"You're singing it wrong."
"No,I'm not." He pauses. "How do you sing it?"
I pat my coat,double-checking for my passport. Phew. Still there. "It's 'Jingle bells, Batman smells,Robin laid an egg'-"
St. Clair snorts. "Laid an egg? Robin didn't lay an egg-"
"'Batmobile lost a wheel,and the Joker got away.'"
He stares at me for a moment,and then says with perfect conviction. "No."
"Yes.I mean,seriously,what's up with the motorway thing?"
"M1 motorway. Connects London to Leeds."
I smirk. "Batman is American. He doesn't take the M1 motorway."
"When he's on holiday he does."
"Who says Batman has time to vacation?"
"Why are we arguing about Batman?" He leans forward. "You're derailing us from the real topic.The fact that you, Anna Olip ~ Stephanie Perkins
Falcone Batman quotes by Stephanie Perkins
Some things are not meant to be kept forever ... You know you have to stop and let go when things aren't going right, and everything you do is unappreciated. Remember what batman said? 'it is wiser to be alone but happy ... than with somebody who does nothing while you're doing everything ... ' ~ Noemie Lenoir
Falcone Batman quotes by Noemie Lenoir
If you look at all the comic book films that have come since then, in terms of tone, in terms of look, even in terms of Danny Elfman's music for Batman, so many that followed have been inspired by that, specifically. It had a cultural impact worldwide. ~ Michael Uslan
Falcone Batman quotes by Michael Uslan
My book is very wild. But you know during the period of BATMAN, that there were thousands of Batman and Robin costumes sold and these weren't just for kids. ~ Burt Ward
Falcone Batman quotes by Burt Ward
When men are growing up and they're reading about Batman, Spiderman, Superman ... those are not fantasies ... they're options. ~ Jerry Seinfeld
Falcone Batman quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
Holy Hawt Chemisty, Batman! ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Falcone Batman quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
They stood either side of him like haunting little genetic bookends. The one thing he'll leave behind, two kids who called another man for help with their homework. ~ David Louden
Falcone Batman quotes by David Louden
I liked Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite because I really enjoyed the interaction between those two characters. ~ Henry Cavill
Falcone Batman quotes by Henry Cavill
I understand that when Gary Oldman was in that suit [Batman], sweat would just drip off of him where they had to have holes in the gloves or something. ~ Morgan Freeman
Falcone Batman quotes by Morgan Freeman
The greatest thing about provable reality is that by definition reality is shared. Every argument is really an agreement - an agreement that there is a reality that can be shared, judged, and discussed. To argue over whether the speed of light is constant or Batman could beat up the Lone Ranger is to share the parameters. God is solipsistic; reality is shared. ~ Penn Jillette
Falcone Batman quotes by Penn Jillette
Don't talk like you're one of them! You're not... even if you'd like to be. To them you're just a freak, like me. They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out. Like a leper. See, their morals, their "code"... it's a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these uh, these "civilized people", they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve. ~ Christopher J. Nolan
Falcone Batman quotes by Christopher J. Nolan
My favorite villain was maybe Batman. I think Vandal Savage is really cool 'cause he has the ability not to die and he's smart, but he doesn't have any gadgets, he doesn't shoot fire and he doesn't fly. He's just old school, and I love that. ~ Casper Crump
Falcone Batman quotes by Casper Crump
The Frieds have these two enormous dogs, Pasta Batman and Marco Baseball. They're both some kind of Great Dane/Saint Bernard/werewolf hybrid. I remember the first time I came over, we pulled up in Mrs. Fried's truck, and my first thought upon seeing them was 'We might not be able to kill those things with the car.' I envisioned them bouncing off the fender, getting up, cracking their knuckles, and then diving through the windshield to eat our necks. ~ Kathleen Hale
Falcone Batman quotes by Kathleen  Hale
We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]. That's enough. Let's not get greedy. It's a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with. ~ Christian Bale
Falcone Batman quotes by Christian Bale
I watch 'Batman & Robin' from time to time. It's the worst movie I ever made, so it's a good lesson in humility. ~ George Clooney
Falcone Batman quotes by George Clooney
Forget about Batman, Superman, and the Power Rangers, cause I'll be your hero if you're ever in some danger. ~ Coolio
Falcone Batman quotes by Coolio
'Joker' was a violent, dark, and brutal book, so I wanted to do something a little less heavy. I played around with the idea of a children's book, and that eventually became 'Noel.' And I just kept finding these parallels between things I could do with Batman and Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol.' ~ Lee Bermejo
Falcone Batman quotes by Lee Bermejo
Batman: One more thing. When you find something out, you can call me on this.
Commissioner Gordan: A cell phone with one button?
Batman: A bat signal.
Commissioner Gordan: Christ. He actually put a bat on it. ~ Geoff Johns
Falcone Batman quotes by Geoff Johns
Lonny finishes his drink and stands. "So what's our plan?"

"You don't have to go," I tell him, shrugging out of Carmindor's jacket. "I'm sort of going AWOL, so it's not in your contract."

"Then as far as I'm concerned, I'm off the clock," he says, straightening his suit. "I can do whatever I want with my time, and I want to help you out. So what's the plan?"

"First," I say, "to the vending machines. With all this good luck, they gotta have an Orange Crush."

And holy gods of soda, Batman, by the glowing light of the great vending machines on the third floor, I spot a beautiful Orange Crush button, and when I push it an orange bottle rolls out. I crack the seal and drink to the sweet, sweet taste of victory.

"That's your plan?" Lonny says. "To drink a soda? ~ Ashley Poston
Falcone Batman quotes by Ashley Poston
Even though at 17 it was limited, I had a life before Batman. ~ Jerry Robinson
Falcone Batman quotes by Jerry Robinson
Dichotomies are an inherent part of comics, aren't they? Comics are both pictures and words. They blend time and space. Many feature characters with dual identities like Bruce Wayne/Batman. Cartoonists also tend to live dichotomous lives because many of us have day jobs. ~ Gene Luen Yang
Falcone Batman quotes by Gene Luen Yang
The film's title star, Christian Bale, told me in June that he'd signed a multi-picture contract. When I caught up with Batman Begins ... All I can tell you is, we're talking. There was quite an air of secrecy around the development of 'Batman Begins,' and there will be even more around the development of another film, if they move forward. ~ Christopher Nolan
Falcone Batman quotes by Christopher Nolan
The antidote to joy is dread. ~ Sam Hamm
Falcone Batman quotes by Sam Hamm
There's cat feces in my Batman costume, and all the lines in my screenplay were snorted by the neighborhood cokehead. Ah, but that's life, no? ~ Jarod Kintz
Falcone Batman quotes by Jarod Kintz
Nice to meet you," Durand says in a ridiculously deep voice. Jeez, he sounds like Batman. "I'm ~ Erin Watt
Falcone Batman quotes by Erin Watt
When I got my start, I kind of got my big break with The Princess Diaries and during the press rounds for that everyone asked me: "Did you always want to be a princess growing up?" And the truth was, no I wanted to be Catwoman. And I think a lot of women feel that way. And the fact that I am actually her is such a dream come true. It's such a pinch me moment. And the fact that I am Catwoman in Chris Nolan's Gotham to Christian Bale's Batman is unbelievably cool. ~ Anne Hathaway
Falcone Batman quotes by Anne Hathaway
Why do we fall? So we can get back up again. ~ Thomas Wayne
Falcone Batman quotes by Thomas Wayne
We deserved it. I mean, if you get a pummeling, you deserved it. But isn't it wonderful to remember a time that America was once so innocent that all we had to worry about was the next 'Batman' movie? ~ Joel Schumacher
Falcone Batman quotes by Joel Schumacher
At home it's all Batman and Star Wars and they do gang up on me. Sometimes I don't want to dress up as Darth Vader or play train sets, so I'll go out for a drink with the girls. ~ Sadie Frost
Falcone Batman quotes by Sadie Frost
Now you must journey inwards to what you really fear it's inside you... there is no turning back. Your training is nothing. The will is everything. The will to act. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely. Are you ready to begin? - Batman Begins ~ Henry Ducard
Falcone Batman quotes by Henry Ducard
Look, I like gritty. I write gritty. There is a time and a place for gritty. I'll take my Batman gritty, thank you, and I will acknowledge that such a portrayal means that my 11-year-old has to wait before he sees The Dark Knight. But if Hollywood turns out a Superman movie that I can't take him to? They've done something wrong. ~ Greg Rucka
Falcone Batman quotes by Greg Rucka
With you guys, it seems like I'm hot stuff … a know-it-all … but I've been back with The Batman again, and next to him I feel like I'm a stupid kid repeating fifth grade … for the third time. ~ Marv Wolfman
Falcone Batman quotes by Marv Wolfman
Considering my specialization in architecture, I'm not surprised that the first graphic novel to thoroughly engage, not to say captivate, me is Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor's 'Batman: Death by Design.' ~ Martin Filler
Falcone Batman quotes by Martin Filler
You weren't the perfect father but that's okay because -- probably nobody's a perfect father. No family's perfect, either. I was lucky. I was privileged. Not because of the big house and the money, but because you gave me a lot of yourself. You taught me, you showed me, you encouraged me -- you never lied to me and you never demanded that I be anything I'm not. I didn't imitate you because you insisted that I do so, but because I wanted to. Of all the men I knew, you were most worthy of imitation. Then I blamed you for letting me be who I was. Pretty dumb. You and Alfred gave me a home and you gave me what we don't mention. The L word. You were the best family I could have had. Thanks. ~ Dennis O'Neill
Falcone Batman quotes by Dennis O'Neill
When you're a kid and you're a superhero lover, the holy trinity is Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, so to be able to take any of those and play with it is a huge joy. ~ Alex Kurtzman
Falcone Batman quotes by Alex Kurtzman
Who doesn't want to draw Batman or Superman? Everyone would like to be able to draw them. I've been really lucky when it comes to the characters that I get to illustrate. ~ Lee Bermejo
Falcone Batman quotes by Lee Bermejo
Batman has been acknowledged as a legend in my lifetime. ~ Bob Kane
Falcone Batman quotes by Bob Kane
Warner Bros offered me the next Batman, and the only reason that I didn't do it was because of The Saint. ~ Val Kilmer
Falcone Batman quotes by Val Kilmer
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