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You should fall because you fail to do the move, not because you fail to try the move. ~ Andy Kirkpatrick
Fail To Do quotes by Andy Kirkpatrick
In the natural order men are all equal and their common calling is that of manhood, so that a well-educated man cannot fail to do well in that calling and those related to it. It matters little to me whether my pupil is intended for the army, the church, or the law. Before his parents chose a calling for him nature called him to be a man. Life is the trade I would teach him. When he leaves me, I grant you, he will be neither a magistrate, a soldier, nor a priest; he will be a man. All that becomes a man he will learn as quickly as another. In vain will fate change his station, he will always be in his right place. "Occupavi te, fortuna, atque cepi; omnes-que aditus tuos interclusi, ut ad me aspirare non posses. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Fail To Do quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
The novel is apparently autobiographical and is being publicised as such but Doust has done with his material what so many autobiographical novelists fail to do: he has turned it into a shapely story, with no extraneous material or diversions and with an absolutely consistent and convincing narrative voice.' - Sydney Morning Herald ~ Jon Doust
Fail To Do quotes by Jon Doust
Of course. I understand."
"One of your brilliant mentality could not fail to do so, Hastings. ~ Agatha Christie
Fail To Do quotes by Agatha Christie
Offices are peculiar places and nobody is ever quite sure what happens in them, least of all the people who work there. But the day tends to begin with a morning meeting, in which everybody decides what they will fail to do for the rest of the day. ~ Mark Forsyth
Fail To Do quotes by Mark Forsyth
If you cry 'Forward' you must be sure to make clear the direction in which to go. Don't you see that if you fail to do that and simply call out the word to a monk and a revolutionary, they will go in precisely opposite directions? ~ Anton Chekhov
Fail To Do quotes by Anton Chekhov
If it is so easy to help people in real need through no fault of their own, and yet we fail to do so, aren't we doing something wrong? At a minimum, I hope this book will persuade you that there is something deeply askew with our widely accepted views about what it is to live a good life. ~ Peter Singer
Fail To Do quotes by Peter Singer
If we fail to do something, the people following us will have nothing to build upon ~ Sunday Adelaja
Fail To Do quotes by Sunday Adelaja
People tell me this is obvious. But it's ok to be obvious. Knowing and doing are different. Many people know many obvious things they completely fail to do, despite their knowledge. ~ Scott Berkun
Fail To Do quotes by Scott Berkun
That what you do to others, you do to yourself; what you fail to do for others, you fail to do for yourself; that the pain of others is your pain, and the joy of others your joy, and that when you disclaim any part of it, you disclaim a part of yourself. Now is the time to reclaim yourself. Now is the time to see yourself again ~ Neale Donald Walsch
Fail To Do quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
There has to be a consequence to failure. Schools in the inner cities cannot be told, 'Oh, we want you to teach every child to learn how to read and, incidentally, if you fail to do that there's no consequence,' .. There has to be a consequence to failure, and the Title I money needs to follow the child. ~ Karl Rove
Fail To Do quotes by Karl Rove
Your repressed feelings desperately try to climb to the surface but fail to do so, and in therapy we seek to reveal -- to uncloak, if you will -- these unconscious desires, the things that your mind tries to repress, those secrets of your soul. ~ Allan Dare Pearce
Fail To Do quotes by Allan Dare Pearce
It is not what we think or feel that makes us who we are. It is what we do. Or fail to do ... ~ Jane Austen
Fail To Do quotes by Jane Austen
It pain me to tell you that once again Count Olaf would appear with yet another disgusting scheme, and that Mr. Poe would once again fail to do anything even remotely helpful. ~ Lemony Snicket
Fail To Do quotes by Lemony Snicket
We are not of what we feel or believe to do, we are of what we do or fail to do. ~ Judith McNaught
Fail To Do quotes by Judith McNaught
What many people failed to do then (and continue to fail to do today) is admit what happened, understand the context, and make sure those circumstances never happen again. The winter soldiers showed us that redemption is possible when truth is spoken. Nothing can change until we acknowledge what is - as I have learned over time. ~ Jane Fonda
Fail To Do quotes by Jane Fonda
Few relationships are as critical to the business enterprise itself as the relationship to government. The manager has responsibility for this relationship as part of his responsibility to the enterprise itself. To a large extent the relationship to government results from what businesses do or fail to do. ~ Peter Drucker
Fail To Do quotes by Peter Drucker
We can make up for our actions. But for our inactions, what we fail to do ... ~ James Sallis
Fail To Do quotes by James Sallis
We are responsible not only for what we do, but also for what we fail to do. ~ Jan-Philipp Sendker
Fail To Do quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
The marketplace judges technologies by their practical effectiveness, by whether they succeed or fail to do the job they are designed to do. ~ Freeman Dyson
Fail To Do quotes by Freeman Dyson
And therefore, all of those for whom authentic transformation has deeply unseated their souls must, I believe, wrestle with the profound moral obligation to shout form the heart - perhaps quietly and gently, with tears of reluctance; perhaps with fierce fire and angry wisdom; perhaps with slow and careful analysis; perhaps by unshakable public example - but authentically always and absolutely carries a a demand and duty: you must speak out, to the best of your ability, and shake the spiritual tree, and shine your headlights into the eyes of the complacent. You must let that radical realization rumble through your veins and rattle those around you.
Alas, if you fail to do so, you are betraying your own authenticity. You are hiding your true estate. You don't want to upset others because you don't want to upset your self. You are acting in bad faith, the taste of a bad infinity.

Because, you see, the alarming fact is that any realization of depth carries a terrible burden: those who are allowed to see are simultaneously saddled with the obligation to communicate that vision in no uncertain terms: that is the bargain. You were allowed to see the truth under the agreement that you would communicate it to others (that is the ultimate meaning of the bodhisattva vow). And therefore, if you have seen, you simply must speak out. Speak out with compassion, or speak out with angry wisdom, or speak out with skillful means, but speak out you must.
And this is truly a ~ Ken Wilber
Fail To Do quotes by Ken Wilber
There must not be one law for the Jew and another for the Arabs ... In saying this, I do not assume that there are tendencies toward inequalirty or discrimination. It is merely a timely warning which is particularly necessary because we shall have a very large Arab minority. I am certain that the world will judge the Jewish State by what it will do with the Arabs, just as the Jewish people at large will be judged by what we do or fail to do in this state where we have been given such a wonderful opportunity after thousands of years of wandering and suffering. ~ Chaim Weizmann
Fail To Do quotes by Chaim Weizmann
It is difficult to think of anything more important than providing the best education possible for our children. They will develop the next technologies, medical cures, and global industries, while mitigating their unintended effects, or they will fail to do these things and consign us all to oblivion. ~ Sam Harris
Fail To Do quotes by Sam Harris
There is, I believe, no such thing as unconditional self-acceptance. Those who say so are promulgating a pernicious lie. One must first live a decent, honorable and productive life. Only then do you get to feel good about yourself.
Seeking to heedlessly gratify your desires or impulses of the moment to do things (or fail to do things) your conscience knows to be contrary to your standards of right, worthy and virtuous behavior is, in a mental, emotional and spiritual sense, akin to spending capital that you have not earned, and therefore will eventually cause you to feel very negatively ... about who and what you are. You cannot in the long run have your cake and eat it too. The longer ... you behave in certain ways, the more it comes to define you, not only to others, but also to yourself. ~ Laura C. Schlessinger
Fail To Do quotes by Laura C. Schlessinger
Don't fail to do something just because you can't do everything ~ Richard Stearns
Fail To Do quotes by Richard Stearns
The Home Guards are required to come in at once and deliver up their arms, those who fail to do so will be regarded as enemies of the Government and treated accordingly. ~ John Hunt Morgan
Fail To Do quotes by John Hunt Morgan
Keng's Disciple

The disciple: "When I don't know people treat me like a fool.
When I do know, the knowledge gets me into trouble.
When I fail to do good. I hurt others.
When I do good, I hurt myself.
If I avoid my duty, I am remiss,
But if I do it, I am ruined.
How can I get out of these contradictions?
This is what I came to ask you."

". . . .You are trying to sound
The middle of the ocean
With a six-foot pole.
You have got lost and are trying
To find your way back
To your own true self.
You find nothing
But illegible signposts
Pointing in all directions.
I pity you."

The disciple asked for admittance,
Took a cell, and there
Trying to cultivate qualities
He thought desirable
And get rid of others
Which he disliked.
Ten days of that!

". . . Do not try
To hold on to Tao -
Just hope that Tao
Will keep hold of you!"

". . . You want the first elements?
The infant has them.
Free from care, unaware of self,
He acts without reflection,
Stays where he is put, does not know why,
Does not figure things out,
Just goes along with them,
Is part of the current.
These are the first elements!"

The disciple asked:
Is this perfection?

Lao replied: "Not at all.
It is only the beginning.
Thomas Merton
Fail To Do quotes by Thomas Merton
Do not give attention to what others do or fail to do; give attention to what you do or fail to do, ~ Wayne W. Dyer
Fail To Do quotes by Wayne W. Dyer
The first truth is the most basic affirmation of our faith: God loves us. This is not a general rule to which you, personally, may be an exception. It is not a conditional rule that applies only when you are good, pure, and lovable. God's passionate and personal love for each and every human being expresses who God is. Unfailing love is the divine nature and the divine choice in relation to us. God loves us with an overwhelming love that none of our sins can erase.While we can grieve and disappoint this love, nothing we do or fail to do can alter its depth or reality. It is a gift, a given.We cannot control whether God loves us by efforts to gain this love or even to lose it. Since we neither deserve nor earn such love, God's fondest dream is that we will receive and respond to it. ~ Marjorie, J. Thompson
Fail To Do quotes by Marjorie, J. Thompson
The hand that stretches the bow must open like a child's hand opens. What sometimes hinders the precision of the shot is the archer's over-active will. He thinks: "What I fail to do will not be done", and that's not quite how things work. Man should always act, but he must also let other forces of the universe act in their own due time. ~ Eugen Herrigel
Fail To Do quotes by Eugen Herrigel
First you must face your own reality in the present, here and now! If you fail to do that, if you do not obtain first-hand experience from it, there will be no deep, far-reaching changes in you. ~ Frank M. Wanderer
Fail To Do quotes by Frank M. Wanderer
Education has now become the chief problem of the world, its one holy cause. The nations that see this will survive, and those that fail to do so will slowly perish ... There must be re-education of the will and of the heart as well as of the intellect; and the ideals of service must supplant those of selfishness and greed. ~ G. Stanley Hall
Fail To Do quotes by G. Stanley Hall
In real markets, agents make bad choices. They are often ignorant, misinformed, and irrational. Yet, markets tend to punish agents for making bad choices, and they tend to learn from their mistakes. For instance, if you fail to pay your bills, your credit rating declines and you have a harder time getting loans. If you fail to do research and buy an unreliable car, you suffer from repair bills. In contrast, when people in government make bad choices, the political process almost never punishes them. Studies show that voters are terrible at retrospective voting - they do not know whom to blame for bad government - and so politicians are not punished for making bad choices. ~ Jason Brennan
Fail To Do quotes by Jason Brennan
Whatever we do or fail to do will influence the course of history. ~ Arthur Henderson
Fail To Do quotes by Arthur Henderson
The Government covers their own ass from things they fail to do to protect its own people from corporations that control the government, which is the reason we don't have checks and balances in this country. They checked how much balance they needed to influence congress and all the other branches of government in some way, shape, or form, and cash is king. ~ Immortal Technique
Fail To Do quotes by Immortal Technique
Economy, prudence, and a simple life are the sure masters of need, and will often accomplish that which, their opposites, with a fortune at hand, will fail to do. ~ Clara Barton
Fail To Do quotes by Clara Barton
No failure you have need to fear, Except to fail to do your best - What have you done, what can you do? That is the question, that the test. ~ Various
Fail To Do quotes by Various
No religion is absolutely perfect. Yet not only do we fight for religion, but also are we often willing to sacrifice our lives for it. And what we hopelessly fail to do is to live it. A true religion is that which has no caste, no creed, no colour. It is but an all-uniting and all-pervading embrace. ~ Sri Chinmoy
Fail To Do quotes by Sri Chinmoy
...[She] was not nearly so intrusive. If she happened to observe the comings and goings of her friends out of the corner of her eye (which she could hardly fail to do, given the nature of her favorite sitting-place) and chanced to be able to remember when she had seen them and where they had been going, it was simply a tribute to her keen powers of observation and recall. Conscious spying was beneath her altogether. ~ Tom Holt
Fail To Do quotes by Tom Holt
As investors, we want to believe we are smart, insightful and uniquely talented - even though we often fail to do the heavy lifting, put in the long hours, and make the uncomfortable but necessary decisions to achieve success. ~ Barry Ritholtz
Fail To Do quotes by Barry Ritholtz
It´s ironic how failures in life are often proceded by warning signs that we dont pick up on, either because they´re not loud enough or we´re not paying attention...When the little warnings fail to do their job, the universe simply bumps up its campaign to get you back n track. Even if it means clocking you over the head with a major disaster to finally shake some sense into you. ~ Kay Cassidy
Fail To Do quotes by Kay Cassidy
The world we see today is the world we'll see tomorrow if we fail to do something now to change the things we don't like about it. ~ Mayor Deah
Fail To Do quotes by Mayor Deah
Do not give your attention to what others do or fail to do; give it to what you do or fail to do. ~ Gautama Buddha
Fail To Do quotes by Gautama Buddha
Anatomy of a Movement
Senator Bill Bradley defines a movement as having three elements: (1) A narrative that tells a story about who we are and the future we're trying to build. (2) A connection between and among the leader and the tribe. (3) Something to do - the fewer limits the better. Too often organizations fail to do anything but the third. ~ Seth Godin
Fail To Do quotes by Seth Godin
Thanks to modern technology, we now can deliver every text in every research library to every citizen in our country, and to everyone in the world. If we fail to do so, we are not living up to our civic duty. ~ Robert Darnton
Fail To Do quotes by Robert Darnton
To me, the housewife who puts her teacups unwashed in the sink because her husband won't wash them, is political. Every act is political: the things you do, as well as the things you omit doing; the things you refuse to do; the things you fail to do; the things you say, as well as the things you don't say. ~ Ronee Blakley
Fail To Do quotes by Ronee Blakley
When those who are responsible for the leadership of State begin to move in villainous ways; when they begin to destroy the fabric of what it is that our nation is held together with; when they violate the Constitution of our nation and begin to do things that are false to our dreams and our hopes
it is incumbent upon every citizen by right, but also by responsibility, to challenge that administration, to raise their voice in vigorous dissent and to challenge the way in which the state is doing business. And those who fail to do that, should be charged with patriotic treason! ~ Teddy Roosevelt
Fail To Do quotes by Teddy Roosevelt
We get on now with a lighter step, and quicker: ridicule is found to be more convincing than argument, imaginary agonies touch more than true sorrows, and monthly novels convince, when learned quartos fail to do so. ~ Anthony Trollope
Fail To Do quotes by Anthony Trollope
The entire history of baby formula has been the history of one overlooked nutrient after another ... and still to this day babies fed on the most "nutritionally complete" formula fail to do as
well as babies fed human milk. Even more than margarine, formula stands as the ultimate test product of nutritionism and a fair index of its hubris. ~ Michael Pollan
Fail To Do quotes by Michael Pollan
I don't know why we keep building these fucking dams," Adams said in a surprisingly forceful British whisper. "Not only do they cause environmental and social disasters, they, with very few exceptions, all fail to do what they were supposed to do in the first place. Look at the Amazon, where they've all silted up. What is the reaction to that? They're going to build another eighty of them. It's just balmy. We must have beaver genes or something ... There's just this kind of sensational desire to build dams, and maybe that should be looked at and excised from human nature. Maybe the Human Genome Project can locate the beaver/dam-building gene and cut that out. ~ Douglas Adams
Fail To Do quotes by Douglas Adams
All I'm arguing for really is that we should have a conversation where the best ideas really thrive, where there's no taboo against criticizing bad ideas, and where everyone who shows up, in order to get their ideas entertained, has to meet some obvious burdens of intellectual rigor and self-criticism and honesty - and when people fail to do that, we are free to stop listening to them. What religion has had up until this moment is a different set of rules that apply only to it, which is you have to respect my religious certainty even though I'm telling you I arrived at it irrationally. ~ Sam Harris
Fail To Do quotes by Sam Harris
When we undertake the impossible, we often fail to do anything at all. ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Fail To Do quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
Bonhoeffer examined and dismissed a number of approaches to dealing with evil. "Reasonable people," he said, think that "with a little reason, they can pull back together a structure that has come apart at the joints." Then there are the ethical "fanatics" who "believe that they can face the power of evil with the purity of their will and their principles." Men of"conscience" become overwhelmed because the "countless respectable and seductive disguises and masks in which evil approaches them make their conscience anxious and unsure until they finally content themselves with an assuaged conscience instead of a good conscience." They must "deceive their own conscience in order not to despair." Finally there are some who retreat to a "private virtuousness. Such people neither steal, nor murder,nor commit adultery, but do good according to their abilities. but... they must close their eyes and ears to the injustice around them. Only at the cost of self-deception can they keep their private blamelessness clean from the stains of responsible action in the world. In all that they do, what they fail to do will not let them rest. ~ Eric Metaxas
Fail To Do quotes by Eric Metaxas
Portland was a dream both in the literal sense and the metaphorical sense, both tangible and not - a fleeting affair you want to hold on to but can't, so you try memorizing her every detail only to fail to do so in the consumption, in the savoring, in the absorbing of yourself into her. When she's gone, she comes to you in snippets, replaying in your mind like a fragmented picture show. ~ Jackie Haze, Borderless
Fail To Do quotes by Jackie Haze, Borderless
We ought also to learn, beginning early, that we don't always succeed. A good batting average in baseball is .300; a good batting average in life is a great deal lower than that. Life holds many more defeats than victories for all of us. Shouldn't we get used to this early? We should learn, too, to aim higher than we think we can hit. "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?" What we fail to do today, we, or someone, may do tomorrow. Our failure may pave the way for someone else's success. ~ Anonymous
Fail To Do quotes by Anonymous
You need only do three things in this country to avoid poverty - finish high school, marry before having a child, and marry after the age of 20. Only 8 percent of the families who do this are poor; 79 percent of those who fail to do this are poor. ~ William Galston
Fail To Do quotes by William Galston
The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold back the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him are from the creation of the world clearly seen - being understood by the things that are made - even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are inexcusable." Romans 1:18-20 In what sense does he pronounce them to be "inexcusable," except with reference to such excuse as human pride is apt to allege in such words as, "If I had only known, I would have done it; did I not fail to do it because I was ignorant of it?" or, "I would do it if I knew how; but I do not know, therefore I do not do it"? All such excuse is removed from them when the precept is given them, or the knowledge is made manifest to them how to avoid sin. ~ Augustine Of Hippo
Fail To Do quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
You must achieve liberation during your life time.
Even if you fail to do it during your lifetime, you must think of god at least at the time of death, since one becomes what he thinks of
at the time of death. But unless all your life you have been thinking of God, unless you have accustomed yourself to dhyana of 'God
always during life, it would not at all be possible for you think of God at the time of death. ~ Ramana Maharshi
Fail To Do quotes by Ramana Maharshi
Came to them in the flesh. The apostle also says: "The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold back the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him are from the creation of the world clearly seen - being understood by the things that are made - even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are inexcusable."Rom 1.18-20 In what sense does he pronounce them to be "inexcusable," except with reference to such excuses as human pride is apt to allege in such words as, "If I had only known, I would have done it; did I not fail to do it because I was ignorant of it?" or," I would do it if I knew how; but I do not know, therefore I do not do it"? ~ Anonymous
Fail To Do quotes by Anonymous
You don't remember what you never fail to do, that is common knowledge, ~ Per Petterson
Fail To Do quotes by Per Petterson
And if Sarah Palin whose Web site put and today scrubbed bull's-eyes targets on 20 Representatives, including Gabby Giffords, does not repudiate her own part - however tangential - in amplifying violence and violent imagery in American politics, she must be dismissed from politics. She must be repudiated by the members of her own party. And if they fail to do so, each one of them must be judged to have silently defended this tactic that today proved so awfully foretelling. And they must in turn be dismissed by the responsible members of their own party. ~ Keith Olbermann
Fail To Do quotes by Keith Olbermann
To do good to one is to do bad to another. But you don't need to hear my excuses. They are the same that everyone makes to themselves when faced with the misery of others; though they would like to do the right thing, they simply fail to do so and look after themselves instead. ~ Fay Weldon
Fail To Do quotes by Fay Weldon
To lessen or destroy sexual pleasure is to lessen temptation; a fallback in case the religious injunctions on veiling and seclusion somehow fail to do the job. ~ Geraldine Brooks
Fail To Do quotes by Geraldine Brooks
Over the years, I've come to recognize that democratization in Ethiopia is not just a matter of choice. It's a matter of national survival. I am deeply convinced that we either democratize and have a good chance of surviving, or if we fail to do so, we disintegrate. ~ Meles Zenawi
Fail To Do quotes by Meles Zenawi
If those of us in positions of responsibility fail to do everything in our power to protect the right of privacy, we risk something far more valuable than money. We risk our way of life ... Fortunately, technology gives us the tools to avoid these risks. It is my sincere hope that by using them and by working together, we will. ~ Tim Cook
Fail To Do quotes by Tim Cook
The hand of the market is blind as well as invisible, and left to its own devices it may fail to do anything at all about the threat of global warming or the dangerous potential of artificial intelligence. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Fail To Do quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
I would rather commit a sin of commission than a sin of omission, and the evangelical community is exactly the opposite. The evangelical community would rather not do something wrong and the price they're willing to pay for not doing something wrong is they're willing to fail to do something right; they're so afraid of making a mistake. Now the reason they're afraid of making a mistake is they're cowards and our community produces cowards. ~ J.P. Moreland
Fail To Do quotes by J.P. Moreland
The interesting thing about procrastination is that is has more to do with what we fail to do than with what we do. ~ Nido R. Qubein
Fail To Do quotes by Nido R. Qubein
My objection to supernatural beliefs is precisely that they miserably fail to do justice to the sublime grandeur of the real world. They represent a narrowing-down from reality, an impoverishment of what the real world has to offer. ~ Richard Dawkins
Fail To Do quotes by Richard Dawkins
Ethical transgressions are generally divided into two categories: the bad things we do (acts of commission) and the good things we fail to do (acts of omission). We tend to judge the former far more harshly. The origin of this imbalance remains a mystery, but it surely relates to the value we place on a person's energy and intent. ~ Sam Harris
Fail To Do quotes by Sam Harris
I put the question to Miller: what will be the influence of the spread of knowledge such as this? Knowledge of a world incomparably more improbable and more beautiful than the imaginings of any myth-maker. A world, only a few years ago, completely unknown to all but a handful of people. What the effects of its general discovery by all? Miller laughed. 'It will have exactly as much or as little effect as people want it to have. Those who prefer to think about sex and money will go on thinking about sex and money. However loudly the movies proclaim the glory of God.' Persistence of the ingenuous notion that the response to favourable circumstances is inevitably and automatically good. Raw material, once again, to be worked up. One goes on believing in automatic progress, because one wants to cherish this stupidity: it's so consoling. Consoling, because it puts the whole responsibility for everything you do or fail to do on somebody or something other than yourself. ~ Aldous Huxley
Fail To Do quotes by Aldous Huxley
Marriage can be made to work if both the partners can see beyond themselves and understand the limitations,needs and abilities of the other person and are willing to embrace the positive and negative aspects of each other in their understanding.
But it never happens that way. We expect others to understand and comply with us while we fail to do the same.
Thus marriage loses all it's sheen by the time the couple reaches middle age. ~ Chitralekha Paul
Fail To Do quotes by Chitralekha Paul
I'd rather succeed in doing what we can than fail to do what we can't. ~ Richard Adams
Fail To Do quotes by Richard Adams
The worst evil is not to commit crimes, but to fail to do the good one might have done. ~ Leon Bloy
Fail To Do quotes by Leon Bloy
All of us, have our antenna up for people who might harm us in one way or another, not just people who might hurt us physically, but also for people who might treat us unfairly, take advantage of us, cheat us or fail to do their share. And we react very strongly to be misleading by other people, is part of human nature, to guard against being hurt and exploited. ~ Mark Leary
Fail To Do quotes by Mark Leary
If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing. ~ Homer
Fail To Do quotes by Homer
I do not believe in the court system, at least I do not think it is especially good at finding the truth. No lawyer does. We have all seen too many mistakes, too many bad results. A jury verdict is just a guess - a well-intentioned guess, generally, but you simply cannot tell fact from fiction by taking a vote. And yet, despite all that, I do believe in the power of the ritual. I believe in the religious symbolism, the black robes, the marble-columned courthouses like Greek temples. When we hold a trial, we are saying a mass. We are praying together to do what is right and to be protected from danger, and that is worth doing whether or not our prayers are actually heard. ~ William Landay
Fail To Do quotes by William Landay
Our prayer life will become restful when it really dawns upon us that we have done all we are supposed to do when we have spoken to Him about it. From the moment we have left it with Him, it is His responsi-bility. ~ Ole Hallesby
Fail To Do quotes by Ole Hallesby
Eliot always said, "I'm sorry. I had to do that." If you are all right really, really all right, you don't do things that are sorry. ~ Rumer Godden
Fail To Do quotes by Rumer Godden
I never get tired of signing autographs 'cause I used to do it so much in class dreaming about the day that it might mean something to somebody. ~ Taylor Swift
Fail To Do quotes by Taylor Swift
Flocks of magpies have descended on our yard. I cannot sleep for all their raucous behavior. Perched on weathered fences, their green-black tales, long as rulers, wave up and down, reprimanding me for all I have not done.

I have done nothing for weeks. I have no work. I don't want to see anyone much less talk. All I want to do is sleep.

Monday, I hit rock-bottom, different from bedrock, which is solid, expansive, full of light and originality. Rock-bottom is the bottom of the rock, the underbelly that rarely gets turned over; but when it does, I am the spider that scurries from daylight to find another place to hide.

Today I feel stronger, learning to live with the natural cycles of a day and to not expect so much from myself. As women, we hold the moon in our bellies. It is too much to ask to operate on full-moon energy three hundred and sixty-five days a year. I am in a crescent phase. And the energy we expend emotionally belongs to the hidden side of the moon.... ~ Terry Tempest Williams
Fail To Do quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
What are you to do with the people who are cursed with both hearts and brains? ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Fail To Do quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
You've got to do something to fill up your day. And I can only play so much guitar and watch so many TV shows. It fulfills me. There are two things about it I like: It makes me happy, and it makes other people happy. ~ Stephen King
Fail To Do quotes by Stephen King
As I've gotten older, and now that my kids are starting to do what they do, I am now really focusing on sharing my knowledge and insights with them to help guide them on their journeys. ~ Jada Pinkett Smith
Fail To Do quotes by Jada Pinkett Smith
Freedom is not in doing what you want to do, but in becoming what you want to be. ~ Ardis Whitman
Fail To Do quotes by Ardis Whitman
Love God and follow Him. Really, nothing else matters. If you are ever unsure what to do, remember how Jesus loved people. He was the best at it. You can trust Him because anywhere He asks you to go, He has been there too. This is not an easy path, Lovies. Jesus went to hard places and did hard things; He loved folks everyone else hated or despised. But if you trust us at all, believe me: this is the life you want, this Jesus life. ~ Jen Hatmaker
Fail To Do quotes by Jen Hatmaker
What we want to do is guarantee all 4-year-old children in the City of Stamford a prekindergarten experience regardless of their financial circumstances. ~ Dannel Malloy
Fail To Do quotes by Dannel Malloy
Advocates of truth.―Truth is least likely to find advocates not when it is dangerous to speak the truth, but when it is boring to do so. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Fail To Do quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
We are not defined by our lack of fear - Dad had said, smiling as Ethan let our four-year-old brother tackle him - but rather by what we choose to do when facing the nightmare. ~ Courtney Alameda
Fail To Do quotes by Courtney Alameda
I have nothing to do with him," L said. "To be completely accurate, I do not even know B. He is simply someone I am aware of. But none of this affects my judgment. Certainly, I was interested in this case, and began to investigate it because I knew who the killer was. But that did not alter the way I investigated it, or the manner in which my investigation proceeded. Naomi Misora, I cannot overlook evil. I cannot forgive it. It does not matter if I know the person who commits evil or not. I am only interested in justice."
"Only... in justice…" Misora gasped. "Then... nothing else matters?" "I wouldn't say that, but it is not a priority."
"You won't forgive any evil, no matter what the evil is?" "I wouldn't say that, but it is not a priority."
Like a thirteen-year-old victim. "There are people who justice cannot save." Like a thirteen-year old criminal. "And there are people who evil can save."
"There are. But even so," L said, his tone not changing at all, as if gently admonishing Naomi Misora. "Justice has more power than anything else."
"Power? By power... you mean strength?"
"No. I mean kindness." He said it so easily. ~ NisiOisiN
Fail To Do quotes by NisiOisiN
There is absolutely no point in not being a populist. What I feel emboldened to do is to take something which is a minority interest and make it accessible without dumbing it down. I'm such an enthusiast for peculiar things, things that are perhaps a bit avant-garde, and try and involve everyone. ~ Lee Hall
Fail To Do quotes by Lee Hall
In Hollywood, whenever you do anything, it seems like there's going to be 30 of them. When I did 'Look Who's Talking,' people went: 'Oh but there's going to be this baby movie and that baby movie.' I can't worry about that. I can only do what I want to do. ~ Amy Heckerling
Fail To Do quotes by Amy Heckerling
With any project there's one or two things that you really want to do and that's going to crack it. ~ Matthew Bourne
Fail To Do quotes by Matthew Bourne
I've never met a real live fan before. I didn't think about it until now, and it's a strange thing. All these people who love Monstrous Sea - they're numbers on a screen. Comments, views, likes. The bigger the numbers get, the less like people they seem. It's easy to forget they're humans like Wallace. Like me. Finding someone who likes it - who loves it - enough to make their own art about it and actually hand it to me themselves, instead of sending it to a P.O. box or emailing it, is surreal to the highest degree.

But he doesn't know I'm me. He doesn't know he handed his fanfiction to LadyConstellation. That is definitely wrong. It feels wrong. But it's not like I'm going to use it to hurt him. And what was I supposed to do? Maybe if he knew who I was, he'd have shoved it at me and forced me to read it. I've never met fans in real life, I don't know what they'll do if they meet me.

I know, if I had ever met Olivia Kane, author of Children of Hypnos, I would have probably burst into tears and collapsed on the floor at her feet. I doubt Wallace will do that, but I don't want to take the risk. ~ Francesca Zappia
Fail To Do quotes by Francesca Zappia
But the happy ending has to do with the tricks of the narrative, not with life, or even love, which is an uncontrollable, changeable feeling, with nasty surprises that are alien to the happy ending. ~ Elena Ferrante
Fail To Do quotes by Elena Ferrante
There is no virtue in doing something for someone else when it's something you also want to do. That's merely being helpful, but it's hardly commendable. The real virtue is in doing something you don't want to do, but doing it because someone else wants it. ~ Ann B. Ross
Fail To Do quotes by Ann B. Ross
There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do. - BILL WATTERSON, ~ Timothy Ferriss
Fail To Do quotes by Timothy Ferriss
I can make a record like the [previous] one I put out, but I don't want to do that because I want to set the bar so high for myself. I don't want to do it like everyone else. ~ Drake
Fail To Do quotes by Drake
Well, Mr. Holmes, what are we to do with that fact?" "To remember it
to docket it. We may come on something later which will bear upon it. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Fail To Do quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
Oh! I must somehow manage to do a figure in a few strokes. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Fail To Do quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
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