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When women and men have approximately equal life expectancies, it seems to be because women die not only in childbirth (fewer than thought) but about equal from ... diseases; poor sanitation and water; inadequate healthcare; and diseases of malnutrition. In industrialized societies, early deaths are caused more by diseases triggered by stress, which breaks down the immune system. It is since stress has become the key factor that men have died so much sooner than women. ~ Warren Farrell
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Warren Farrell
The writer found that certain freshwater crustaceans, namely Californian species of Daphnia, copepods, and Gammarus when indifferent to light can be made intensely positively heliotropic by adding some acid to the fresh water, especially the weak acid CO2. When carbonated water (or beer) to the extent of about 5 c.c. or 10 c.c. is slowly and carefully added to 50 c.c. of fresh water containing these Daphnia, the animals will become intensely positive and will collect in a dense cluster on the window side of the dish. Stronger acids act in the same way but the animals are likely to die quickly. . . Alcohols act in the same way. In the case of Gammarus the positive heliotropism lasts only a few seconds, while in Daphnia it lasts from 10 to 50 minutes and can be renewed by the further careful addition of some CO2. ~ Jacques Loeb
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Jacques Loeb
I wonder if all women secretly fantasize, like me, about what it would be like to be an extraordinary beauty and bitchy as you wanna be. ~ Lori Lansens
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Lori Lansens
Not for the first time I felt myself confronted by the dizzying possibility that an entire episode in the story of mankind might have been forgotten. Indeed it seemed to me then, as I overlooked the mathematical city of the gods from the summit of the Pyramid of the Moon, that our species could have been afflicted with some terrible amnesia and that the dark period so blithely and dismissively referred to as `prehistory' might turn out to conceal unimagined truths about our own past. What is prehistory, after all, if not a time forgotten--a time for which we have no records? What is prehistory if not an epoch of impenetrable obscurity through which our ancestors passed but about which we have no conscious remembrance? It was out of this epoch of obscurity, configured in mathematical code along astronomical and geodetic lines, that Teotihuacan with all its riddles was sent down to us. And out of that same epoch came the great Olmec sculptures, the inexplicably precise and accurate calendar the Mayans inherited from their predecessors, the inscrutable geoglyphs of Nazca, the mysterious Andean city of Tiahuanaco ... and so many other marvels of which we do not know the provenance. It is almost as though we have awakened into the daylight of history from a long and troubled sleep, and yet continue to be disturbed by the faint but haunting echoes of our dreams ~ Graham Hancock
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Graham Hancock
Always I find when I begin to write there is one character who obstinately will not come alive ... He never does the unexpected thing, he never surprises me, he never takes charge. Every other character helps, he only hinders. And yet one cannot do without him. I can imagine a God feeling in just that way about some of us. The saints, one would suppose, in a sense create themselves. They come alive. They are capable of the surprising act or word. The stand outside the plot, unconditioned by it. But we have to be pushed around. We have the obstinancy of non-existence. We are inextricably bound to the plot, and wearily God forces us, here and there, according to his intention, characters without poetry, without free will, whose only importance is that somewhere, at some time, we help to furnish the scene in which a living character moves and speaks, perhaps the saints with the opportunities for their free will. ~ Graham Greene
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Graham Greene
There's nothing interesting about looking perfect- you lose the point. You want what you're wearing to say something about you, about who you are. ~ Emma Watson
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Emma Watson
Reagan was read portions of his own diary, and he said something I'll never forget: "It's like I wasn't president at all". Very sad. As I reflected about this i was sure that I didn't want to badger Mark Felt in the same manner. i didn't want Felt to have to say, in effect, "It's like i wasn't Deep Throat at all". ~ Bob Woodward
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Bob Woodward
The dads in those tv shows spend a great deal of time talking to their kids in their living rooms. Steven Keaton - the dad of my dreams - seems to do nothing but sit on his couch or at his kitchen table talking to his children about their myriad teenage calamities. He listens and listens to his kids and he pours glasses of orange juice and hands them to his kids as he listens some more. He tells his kids he loves them by telling his kids he loves them. Dad tells me he loves me when he forms a pistol out of this forefinger and thumb and points it at me as he farts. He tells us he loves us by showing us the tattoo we never knew he had on the inside of his bottom lip: Fuck you. ~ Trent Dalton
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Trent Dalton
Do you remember," he said, "one of Holmes's little scores over Watson about the number of steps up to the Baker Street lodging? Poor old Watson had been up and down them a thousand times, but he had never thought of counting them, whereas Holmes had counted them as a matter of course, and knew that there were seventeen. And that was supposed to be the difference between observation and non-observation. Watson was crushed again, and Holmes appeared to him more amazing than ever. Now, it always seemed to me that in that matter Holmes was the ass, and Watson the sensible person. What on earth is the point of keeping in your head an unnecessary fact like that? If you really want to know at any time the number of steps to your lodging, you can ring up your landlady and ask her. ~ A.A. Milne
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by A.A. Milne
Nature has a way of taking care of things. If you have a certain figure you'll go back to it. Breast feed and don't worry about it. ~ Eva Herzigova
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Eva Herzigova
The smaller the dinner table, the better the side conversation: you can gossip about the guests without fearing whether you will be overheard. It just isn't good table manners to exclude someone from their own ridicule. That's why the juiciest side conversations occur at a table for one. ~ Bauvard
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Bauvard
Be prepared, you're about to get my opinion. ~ Chip Macgregor
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Chip Macgregor
I took my solo and beat hell out of the skins. Then Spoof swiped at his mouth and let go with a blast and moved it up into that squeal and stopped and started playing. It was all headwork. All new to us.

New to anybody.

I saw Sonny get a look on his face, and we sat still and listened while Spoof made love to that horn.

Now like a scream, now like a laugh - now we're swinging in the trees, now the white men are coming, now we're in the boat and chains are hanging from our ankles and we're rowing, rowing - Spoof, what is it? - now we're sawing wood and picking cotton and serving up those cool cool drinks to the Colonel in his chair - Well, blow, man! - now we're free, and we're struttin' down Lenox Avenue and State & Madison and Pirate's Alley, laughing, crying - Who said free? - and we want to go back and we don't want to go back - Play it, Spoof! God, God, tell us all about it! Talk to us! - and we're sitting in a cellar with a comb wrapped up in paper, with a skin-barrel and a tinklebox - Don't stop, Spoof! Oh Lord, please don't stop! - and we're making something, something, what is it? Is it jazz? Why, yes, Lord, it's jazz. Thank you, sir, and thank you, sir, we finally got it, something that is ours, something great that belongs to us and to us alone, that we made, and that's why it's important and that's what it's all about and - Spoof! Spoof, you can;t stop now --

But it was over, middle of the trip. And there was Spoof st ~ Charles Beaumont
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Charles Beaumont
Listen to the praises about you in silence; listen to the critics about you even in more silence! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
The kind of new beginnings that transform our lives are less about what we do in our lives, and more about what we deliver into the life of another. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Many voices ask for our attention. There is a voice that says, 'Prove that you are a good person.' Another voice says, 'You'd better be ashamed of yourself.' There also is a voice that says, 'Nobody really cares about you,' and one that says, 'Be sure to become successful, popular, and powerful.' But underneath all these often very noisy voices is a still, small voice that says, 'You are my Beloved, my favor rests on you.' That's the voice we need most of all to hear. To hear that voice, however, requires special effort; it requires solitude, silence, and a strong determination to listen.
That's what prayer is. It is listening to the voice that calls us 'my Beloved'. ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
One can always be kind to people about whom one cares nothing. ~ Oscar Wilde
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Oscar Wilde
Being a warrior is not about the act of fighting, it's about being so prepared to face a challenge and believing so strongly in a cause that you are fighting for that you refuse to quit. ~ Richard Machowicz
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Richard Machowicz
In the same library book that taught me about Theia and how the moon was made, I read that Earth travels two hundred million miles around the sun between fall and spring.
Some people die without ever having left their hometown, and yet they could be ninety million miles from where they were born.
We're all just ants, riding a bus on a highway too long to comprehend. ~ Jack Heath
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Jack Heath
Story ideas, but it's also musing on stuff that I'm thinking about. This leads me to this and this leads me to this. They're kind of random and haphazard. Often I can't find anything. Somehow, by doing that, even though I don't necessarily refer to them in a specific way, I have some sort of architecture in my head. ~ Charlie Kaufman
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Charlie Kaufman
I don't want to spend my life doing jobs that I don't care about. ~ Steven Hill
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Steven Hill
Someone has said that planning is the place where man shows himself most like God. Nothing is more godlike than the planner, the thinker, the organizer. He is the one who draws the blueprint for success. He is the one who builds the roadway on which accomplishment will travel. It is likely that our greatest opportunity is to have a good set of definitely worked-out objectives that are fully believed in and about which firm determinations have been made. ~ Sterling W. Sill
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Sterling W. Sill
I knew."
"I knew what you were then, Sophie. Your dad told me before the betrothal. And you told me about your grandmother, and what happened to your grandfather."
I shook my head. "Then, why?"
Cal took his time before answering. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Rachel Hawkins
Freedom to choose has what might be called expressive value. Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are and what we care about. ~ Barry Schwartz
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Barry Schwartz
Have the courage of your own convictions and don't be swayed by friends who boast about their financial home runs. Last year's winners are often this year's losers. ~ Nancy Dunnan
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Nancy Dunnan
I didn't do any of what they told me,' she said, 'because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was all something dirty that shouldn't be done to anybody, much less to the poor man who had the bad luck to marry me.' So she let herself get undressed openly in the lighted bedroom, safe now from all the acquired fears that had ruined her life.
'It was very easy,' she told me, 'because I'd made up my mind to die. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I wonder why no one called the police about the rocket launcher? God knows my neighbors usually report it if I so much as fart in my backyard. (Bubba) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
One of the biggest misconceptions is that carbs are bad. It's a fad right now. Full disclosure: I'm sponsored by Barilla. But I've always been free about saying I love carbs, including pasta, in moderation. ~ Mikaela Shiffrin
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Mikaela Shiffrin
What I didn't realize at the time was that living through that bust was the luckiest thing that would ever happen to me. It taught me perhaps the single most important lesson about business and about life: Things go wrong more often than they go right. Failure is actually a natural - even crucial - element of a healthy economy. ~ Scott Fearon
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Scott Fearon
Bryon tilted his head to a very odd angle, half-closed his eyes and composed his features to suggest that he was about to expire from chronic indigestion. ~ Susanna Clarke
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Susanna Clarke
I think that if you've got 5 million people that enjoy drama and invest in characters, you must take the time to not worry about your job and getting sacked and just go for it and hit it again. ~ Max Beesley
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Max Beesley
I loved the idea of doing something that has this misconception about what stewardesses were. And, I also love the idea that these girls were navigating a blatantly misogynistic society, with the girdle checks and make-up checks. ~ Christina Ricci
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Christina Ricci
You are here for a reason. There is nothing accidental about you. There is a specific purpose, assignment, and mission on earth that only you can fulfill. Never doubt your specialness. ~ Mandy Hale
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Mandy Hale
If I were really asked to define myself, I wouldn't start with race; I wouldn't start with blackness; I wouldn't start with gender; I wouldn't start with feminism. I would start with stripping down to what fundamentally informs my life, which is that I'm a seeker on the path. I think of feminism, and I think of anti-racist struggles as part of it. But where I stand spiritually is, steadfastly, on a path about love. ~ Bell Hooks
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Bell Hooks
Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious, as in It's a nice day, or You're very tall, or Oh dear you seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you all right? At first Ford had formed a theory to account for this strange behavior. If human beings don't keep exercising their lips, he thought, their mouths probably seize up. After a few months' consideration and observation he abandoned this theory in favor of a new one. If they don't keep on exercising their lips, he thought, their brains start working. After a while he abandoned this one as well as being obstructively cynical and decided he quite liked human beings after all, but he always remained desperately worried about the terrible number of things they didn't know about. "Yes," he agreed with ~ Douglas Adams
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Douglas Adams
Now Doon seemed to care for his new friends more than he did for her. Every time she thought about him she felt a thud of pain, like a bruised place inside her. ~ Jeanne DuPrau
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Jeanne DuPrau
Many things about our bodies would not seem to us so filthy and obscene if we did not have the idea of nobility in our heads. ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Georg C. Lichtenberg
I'm usually all about the tight jeans and little T-shirt, but sometimes I want to put on a black, sequined dress and be a freaking girl ~ Britney Spears
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Britney Spears
Look here', he said, frowning, 'You shouldn't joke about matters related to food. ~ Ambai
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Ambai
All the time we were there, you could see that dead squirrel right out in plain sight. Whenever anyone mentions New Hampshire, that squirrel is always what I think of. I bet I've thought about that squirrel a million times. ~ Wally Lamb
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Wally Lamb
Jem," he said, "are you responsible for this?"
"Yes sir."
"Why'd you do it?"
Jem said softly, "She said you lawed for niggers and trash."
"You did this because she said that?"
Jem's lips moved, but his, "Yes sir," was inaudible.
"Son, I have no doubt that you've been annoyed by your contemporaries about me
lawing for niggers, as you say, but to do something like this to a sick old lady is
inexcusable. I strongly advise you to go down and have a talk with Mrs. Dubose," said
Atticus. "Come straight home afterward."
Jem did not move.
"Go on, I said."
I followed Jem out of the livingroom. "Come back here," Atticus said to me. I came
Atticus picked up the Mobile Press and sat down in the rocking chair Jem had
vacated. For the life of me, I did not understand how he could sit there in cold blood and
read a newspaper when his only son stood an excellent chance of being murdered with
a Confederate Army relic. Of course Jem antagonized me sometimes until I could kill
him, but when it came down to it he was all I had. Atticus did not seem to realize this, or
if he did he didn't care.
I hated him for that, but when you are in trouble you become easily tired: soon I was
hiding in his lap and his arms were around me.
"You're mighty big to be rocked," he said.
"You don't care what happens to him," I said. "You just send him on to get s ~ Harper Lee
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Harper Lee
Maggie Louise sat in a hardback chair, holding her baby brother, Squinchy, and her eyes fell upon Agee. There was something about the eyes of Maggie Louise that caught him the first time they met. They were 'temperature less, keen, serene, and wise and pure gray eyes,' Agee said, and they seemed to look everywhere and see into things. To look into the eyes of Maggie Louise was 'scary as hell, and even more mysterious than frightening,' said Agee. She knew she'd like him and he her. ~ Dale Maharidge
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Dale Maharidge
If orange trees grew all over the country, you couldn't sell oranges. Do you understand that? So, all our decision making is based upon scarcity or the availability of resources. If we have a shortage of any kind of resource, we put all the labs to work on making substitute materials. People always worry about 'What if we run out of a certain material?', but we have enough technology today to make thousands of different substitutes. ~ Jacque Fresco
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Jacque Fresco
Leo scratched his head. Well, I dunno about enchiladas- "Enceladus" Piper corrected. Whatever. But Old Potty Face mentioned another name. Porpoise Fear, or something? ~ Rick Riordan
Expectancies About Alcohols Effects quotes by Rick Riordan
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