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A conception not reducible to the small change of daily experience is like a currency not exchangeable for articles of consumption; it is not a symbol, but a fraud. ~ George Santayana
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by George Santayana
You can easily put together your own favorite spice blend, whether that's a salt and pepper mixture or you're adding herbs to it or Creole spice. Just watch out for the sodium content. That why I encourage you to make your own. ~ Emeril Lagasse
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Emeril Lagasse
The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits and vegetables while low in sodium. It is also enriched with olive oil, high in antioxidants as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. ~ David Perlmutter
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by David Perlmutter
Hypertension is an important risk factor for kidney disease, but dietary sodium has other damaging effects on the kidneys. High salt intake drives the production of oxygen radicals, leading to oxidative stress in kidney tissue. ~ Joel Fuhrman
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Joel Fuhrman
Better not to do than to do, better to meditate than to act, better his astrophysics, the threshold of the Unkowable, than my chemistry, a mess compounded of stenches, explosions and small futile mysteries. I thought of another moral, more down to earth and concrete, and I believe that every militant chemist can confirm it: that one must distrust the almost-the-same (sodium is almost he same as potassium, but with sodium nothing would have happened_, the practically identica, the approximate, the or-even, all surrogates, and all patchwork. the difference can be small, but they can lead to radically different consequences, like a railroad's switch points; the chemist's trade consists in good part in being aware of these differences, knowing them close up, and foreseeing their effects. And not only the chemist's trade. ~ Primo Levi
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Primo Levi
Utility then is not the measure of exchangeable value, although it is absolutely essential to it. ~ David Ricardo
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by David Ricardo
But pizza was originally Italian, although, Italian pizza doesn't taste much like this because this pizza is fortified with sodium. Which is a mineral ... or a vitamin. All I know is that it's good for you. ~ John Green
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by John Green
Fresh foods contain more potassium than sodium. In fact, if foods are unprocessed, they contain potassium that is 5 to 10 times more than sodium, which is the ratio that the bodies of hunter-gatherers adapted during their time. Potassium is beneficial for the kidneys, heart, and other organs in the body. A person with low potassium level is prone to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, which are also associated with excessive intake of sodium. Nowadays, the average American's intake of sodium is twice as much as potassium. ~ Daniel Adam
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Daniel Adam
The exchangeable value of all commodities, rises as the difficulties of their production increase. ~ David Ricardo
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by David Ricardo
Ramen is a dish that's very high in calories and sodium. One way to make it slightly healthier is to leave the soup and just eat the noodles. ~ Masaharu Morimoto
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Masaharu Morimoto
The human diet, for millions of years, did not contain any added salt - only the sodium present in natural foods, adding up to only about 1000 mg sodium per day. ~ Joel Fuhrman
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Joel Fuhrman
I insert the bevel and draw back the plunger. I know that the syringe contains more than sodium chloride-that even as the toxic contents fill my fathers veins, he is sharing with me his final gift: the horror and thrill of saving lives. ~ Jacob M. Appel
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Jacob M. Appel
Television. Maybe it was all a study in the art of mummification. The effect of the medium is so evanescent that those who work in its time apparatus feel the need to preserve themselves, delivering their bodies to be lacquered and trussed, sprayed with the rarest of pressurized jellies, all to one end, a release from the perilous context of time. This is their only vanity, to expect to dwell forever in hermetic sub-corridors, free of every ravage, secure as old kings asleep in sodium. ~ Don DeLillo
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Don DeLillo
Me and Frosted went to get a drink.
But she ordered somethin' bugged, and I ain't know what to think.
She ordered potassium, calcium,
Carbohydrate, scotch with sodium.
She took me to her crib, threw me on the couch ...
I woke up the next morning with a spoon in my mouth. ~ LL Cool J
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by LL Cool J
VERY EARLY ONE MORNING in July 1977, the FBI, having been tipped off about Operation Snow White, carried out raids on Scientology offices in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, carting off nearly fifty thousand documents. One of the files was titled "Operation Freakout." It concerned the treatment of Paulette Cooper, the journalist who had published an exposé of Scientology, The Scandal of Scientology, six years earlier. After having been indicted for perjury and making bomb threats against Scientology, Cooper had gone into a deep depression. She stopped eating. At one point, she weighed just eighty-three pounds. She considered suicide. Finally, she persuaded a doctor to give her sodium pentothal, or "truth serum," and question her under the anesthesia. The government was sufficiently impressed that the prosecutor dropped the case against her, but her reputation was ruined, she was broke, and her health was uncertain. The day after the FBI raid on the Scientology headquarters, Cooper was flying back from Africa, on assignment for a travel magazine, when she read a story in the International Herald Tribune about the raid. One of the files the federal agents discovered was titled "Operation Freakout." The goal of the operation was to get Cooper "incarcerated in a mental institution or jail. ~ Lawrence Wright
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Lawrence Wright
Now you can help fight the negative effects of the sun on your skin from the inside out. This doesn't replace sunscreen, but it will help protect your sensitive skin from the sun's quite harmful ultra violet rays. Servings: 2 calories: 205 | sodium: 319 mg | dietary fiber: 10.8 | total fat: 3.4 g | total carbs: 40.5 g | protein: 5.6 g Ingredients 2 ½ cups coconut water 1 ½ oranges (sliced, peeled and seeds removed) 2 kiwis (peeled and sliced) 2 tbsp flaxseeds (preferably ground or in powder form) Directions Enjoy this wonderful tasting and practical drink after blending it at high speed for at least 45 seconds. ~ Lisa Brian
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Lisa Brian
Research suggests that when people stick to a lower-sodium diet for a period of time, they actually develop a preference for less salty foods. Meanwhile, reports from the Iowa Women's Health Study, which has been ongoing since the mid-1980s, showed that women who made the transition to a plant-based, lower-fat diet actually acquired, over a span of months, aversions to many of the processed and fast foods they liked at the start of the study. When changes like these occur, you know you've begun to rehabilitate your taste buds. ~ David L. Katz
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by David L. Katz
If human misery and efficient boredom could be beautiful, there would have been a kind of beauty in the endlessly replicated, hot-desking, rack-mounted workers and their swiftly exchangeable work stations. Lit up by the dead light of our monitors we would constantly scratch at our keyboards - it could have been sadly romantic, if it hadn't been for the sirens. Hanging ~ Mike Daisey
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Mike Daisey
High salt intake is a risk factor for osteoporosis because excess dietary sodium promotes urinary calcium loss, leading to calcium loss from bone and therefore decreased bone density. ~ Joel Fuhrman
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Joel Fuhrman
The rotation of the polarization plane is extraordinarily small in all gases, thus also in sodium vapour. ~ Pieter Zeeman
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Pieter Zeeman
In stating the principles which regulate exchangeable value and price, we should carefully distinguish between those variations which belong to the commodity itself, and those which are occasioned by a variation in the medium in which value is estimated, or price expressed. ~ David Ricardo
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by David Ricardo
Sodium is an important mineral that is essential for proper functioning of the human body - however, the American diet contains dangerously high amounts of sodium, almost 80 percent of which comes from processed and restaurant foods. ~ Joel Fuhrman
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Joel Fuhrman
I use a lot of fresh citrus, garlic, and fresh herbs when cooking to cut down on fat and sodium but punch up flavor. Our cupboards and fridge are full of condiments - mustards, vinegars, etc. that also add tons of flavor but are low in fat, calories, or other processed additives. ~ Cat Cora
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Cat Cora
We had one of those Friday dates that turned into an entire weekend, and by the end of it, I loved him so much my larynx ached. Vulnerable love, incorrigible love. Love in which he was both the nausea and the sodium bicarbonate. ~ Kathleen Rooney
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Kathleen Rooney
gave rise to a selection process in which the survivors were predominantly those with greater capacity to retain sodium in their system, while those with lower capacity perished. The selection mechanism was dehydration. Wilson and Grim hold that the black populations that grew out of the slave imports came to be dominated, through genetic inheritance, by people with extra capacity to retain salt in their system. And this, they conclude, is the main factor that explains the phenomenon in question. This explanation is disputed by other medical scientists. The conflicting views of the contending scientists were summarized recently by Daniel Goleman (1990). According to Goleman, Elijah Saunders, a cardiologist at the University of Maryland Medical School and coauthor of a leading textbook on the subject, Hypertension in Blacks, holds that anger against racism is the principal cause of hypertension among blacks in the United States. Shirley Brown of the University ~ Joseph E. Inikori
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Joseph E. Inikori
If someone accidentally ingests sodium azide, you shouldn't try to resuscitate the person because you could die, too, giving CPR. This is a highly toxic chemical. ~ William Davis
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by William Davis
But now the rub for man. If sex is a fulfillment of his role as an animal in the species, it reminds him that he is nothing himself but a link in the chain of being, exchangeable with any other and completely expendable in himself. Sex represents, then, species consciousness and, as such, the defeat of individuality, of personality. But it is just this personality that man wants to develop: the idea of himself as a special cosmic hero with special gifts for the universe. He doesn't want to be a mere fornicating animal like any other-this is not a truly human meaning, a truly distinctive contribution to world life. From the very beginning, then, the sexual act represents a double negation: by physical death and of distinctive personal gifts. This point is crucial because it explains why sexual taboos have been at the heart of human society since the very beginning. They affirm the triumph of human personality over animal sameness. With the complex codes for sexual self-denial, man was able to impose the cultural map for personal immortality over the animal body. He brought sexual taboos into being because he needed to triumph over the body, and he sacrificed the pleasures of the body to the highest pleasure of all: self-perpetuation as a spiritual being through all eternity. This is the substitution that Roheim was really describing when he made his penetrating observation on the Australian aborigines: "The repression and sublimation of the primal scene is at the bottom of tot ~ Ernest Becker
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Ernest Becker
Wealth, as Mr Hobbes says, is power. But the person who either acquires, or succeeds to a great fortune, does not necessarily acquire or succeed to any political power, either civil or military. His fortune may, perhaps, afford him the means of acquiring both; but the mere possession of that fortune does not necessarily convey to him either. The power which that possession immediately and directly conveys to him, is the power of purchasing a certain command over all the labour, or over all the produce of labour which is then in the market. His fortune is greater or less, precisely in proportion to the extent of this power, or to the quantity either of other men's labour, or, what is the same thing, of the produce of other men's labour, which it enables him to purchase or command. The exchangeable value of every thing must always be precisely equal to the extent of this power which it conveys to its owner. ~ Adam Smith
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Adam Smith
I'm trying to cut down a little on eating, on sodium, keep my blood pressure down, which is tough. Because I love food! I do, but it's unfair how everything that's bad for you tastes so good, and all the good stuff, veggies and green things, doesn't match up. ~ Ice Cube
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Ice Cube
[Professor Bragg asserts that] In sodium chloride there appear to be no molecules represented by NaCl. The equality in number of sodium and chlorine atoms is arrived at by a chess-board pattern of these atoms; it is a result of geometry and not of a pairing-off of the atoms. ~ Henry Edward Armstrong
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Henry Edward Armstrong
Internet does not equal sodium pentothal. ~ Drew Barrymore
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Drew Barrymore
The circle of salt's potential victims grew at an alarming rate. Part of Dahl's research into the evils of salt involved breeding a strain of salt-sensitive rats, in which he induced hypertension by feeding them commercially prepared baby food that contained added sodium. In April 1970, newspapers ran an Associated Press report about Dahl's findings under scary headlines like "Baby Food Salt May Be Harmful, Researcher Says." The report quoted Dahl calling salted baby food "a needless kind of risk. ~ Alan Levinovitz
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Alan Levinovitz
Companies are experimenting with replacing sodium chloride with potassium chloride, because most of the health problems come from sodium. It works for some products, but if you diminish the amount of sodium, people want sugar and fat instead. ~ Michael Moss
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Michael Moss
I try to identify myself with the atoms ... I ask what I would do If I were a carbon atom or a sodium atom. ~ Linus Pauling
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Linus Pauling
I felt bad for lying to John, who was about as honest as Abe Lincoln on sodium Pentothal. ~ Mark Adams
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Mark Adams
The value of any commodity, therefore, to the person who possesses it, and who means not to use or consume it himself, but to exchange it for other commodities, is equal to the quantity of labour which it enables him to purchase or command. Labour, therefore, is the real measure of the exchangeable value of all commodities. The real price of everything, what everything really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it. ~ Adam Smith
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Adam Smith
But most of all, where did this deeply complex sweetness come from?! It's far too nuanced to be solely brown sugar!"
"Oh, the answer to that is in the flavoring I used."
"Soy sauce?!"
"Oh my gosh, she added soy sauce to a dessert?!"
"I used it at the very end of the recipe.
To make the whipped-cream filling, I used heavy cream, vanilla extract, light brown sugar and a dash of soy sauce.
Once the cakes were baked, I spread the whipped cream on top, rolled them up and chilled them in the fridge for a few minutes.
All of that made the brown sugar in the cake both taste and look even cuter than it did before."
"Aah, I see. The concept is similar to that of salted caramels. Add salt to something sweet..
... and by comparison the sweetness will stand out on the tongue even more strongly.
She's created a new and unique dessert topping- Soy Sauce Whipped Cream!"
"Soy sauce whipped cream, eh? I see! So that's how it works!"
Since it isn't as refined as white sugar, brown sugar retains trace amounts of minerals, like iron and sodium.
The unique layered flavor these minerals give to it matches beautifully with the salty body of soy sauce!
"Without brown sugar as the main component, this exquisite deliciousness would not be possible!"
"It tastes even yummier if you try some of the various fruits in between each bite of cake.
The candy sculptures are totally edible too.
If you break one up into crumbs an ~ Yuto Tsukuda
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
Going to grocery stores is almost my favorite thing to do to calm myself down. There's something about just walking aisle after aisle making mundane choices. 'Do I want that? No, I want the one that has the low sodium.' And that feels like a good exercise to be doing when there isn't anything to be doing. It's like a kick-starter in some way. ~ Shane Carruth
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Shane Carruth
Every reader of the Dreiser novels must cherish astounding specimens
of awkward, platitudinous marginalia, of whole scenes spoiled by bad writing, of phrases as brackish as so many lumps of sodium hyposulphite. ~ H.L. Mencken
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by H.L. Mencken
Once or twice, at night, he planted himself in front of the type-writer, trying to get back to the book he'd come to New York to write. It was supposed to be about America, and freedom, and the kinship of time to pain, but in order to write about these things, he'd needed experience. Well, be careful what you wish for. For now all he seemed capable of producing was a string of sentences starting, Here was William. Here was William's courage, for example. And here was William's sadness, smallness of stature, size of hands. Here was his laugh in a dark movie theater, his unpunk love of the films of Woody Allen, not for any of the obvious ways they flattered his sensibility, but for something he called their tragic sense, which he compared to Chekhov's (whom Mercer knew he had not read). Here was the way he never asked Mercer about his work; the way he never talked about his own and yet seemed to carry it with him just beneath the skin; the way his skin looked in the sodium light from outside with the light off, with clothes off, in silver rain; the way he embodied qualities Mercer wanted to have, but without ruining them by wanting to have them; the way his genius overflowed its vessel, running off into the drain; the unfinished self-portrait; the hint of some trauma in his past, like the war a shell-shocked town never talks about; his terrible taste in friends; his complete lack of discipline; the inborn incapacity for certain basic things that made you want to mother him, fuc ~ Garth Risk Hallberg
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
So many social changes are as irreversible as the reaction when sodium is thrown into water. ~ Gunnar Myrdal
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Gunnar Myrdal
When fluoridated water was first introduced as a potential prevention against tooth decay, it was a natural product: calcium fluoride, to be exact. Now if there's fluoride in our water, it is sodium fluoride, which is literally a toxic waste product of the aluminum industry. ~ Amy Myers
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Amy Myers
At 11, I could say 'I am sodium' (Element 11), and now at 79, I am gold. ~ Oliver Sacks
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Oliver Sacks
Oil painting did to appearances what capital did to social relations. It reduced everything to the equality of objects. Everything became exchangeable because everything became a commodity. ~ John Berger
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by John Berger
On the whole it may be observed, that the specific use of a body of unproductive consumers, is to give encouragement to wealth by maintaining such a balance between produce and consumption as will give the greatest exchangeable value to the results of the national industry. ~ Thomas Malthus
Exchangeable Sodium quotes by Thomas Malthus
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