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A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present. ~ Thomas Fuller
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Thomas Fuller
It's his mother's birthday? But he didn't tell me. I don't have a card. I don't have a gift. How could he do this to me?
Men are crap. ~ Sophie Kinsella
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Sophie Kinsella
Today is my birthday and I'm very happy, not because it's my birthday today...I'm happy because I have paid one more installment of my life. ~ Gauri Shankar Gupta
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Gauri Shankar Gupta
When confronted with a birthday in a week I will remember that a book can be a really good present, too. ~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
That's swell. That's what I call answering like a man. When is your birthday?" "In January." "I'd have sworn to it. So is mine. I believe the highest types are born in January. It's barometric - you can look it up in Ellsworth Huntington. The parents make love in spring when the organism is healthiest and then the best specimens are conceived. If you want children you should plan to knock up your dear one in that season. Ancient wisdom is right. Now science comes lately and finds it out. ~ Saul Bellow
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Saul Bellow
I am a social outcast, shunned by society. Nobody ever invites me to parties. My own birthday avoids me, and only comes around every two years. ~ Jarod Kintz
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Jarod Kintz
Listen, I don't give a fuck if you forget my birthday. I don't need people reminding me I'm closer to death. ~ Justin Halpern
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Justin Halpern
I wish I hadn't met you in the rain: it comes every winter.
I wish you hadn't told me your favorite wine: I've become a drinker.
I wish I never showed you my hidden birthmark:
It looks back at me at night asking where you are.
I wish I hadn't read you my journal, all the pages praising you,
It's corrupted now that I can't tell if I write for me or you.
I wish I hadn't told you my daily routine: it's not mine anymore.
I can't enjoy 11:11, my favorite song, a birthday cake, or a concert tour.
I'm not afraid of the future, it's the past that takes a while. ~ Karl Kristian Flores
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Karl Kristian Flores
I'm super, it's like my favourite meal and a birthday blowjob from Christina Hendricks in here. ~ David Louden
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by David Louden
A noble maiden must convey dignity and chastity without appearing to think about either one. Let common-born girls tussle in the hay with their loutish swains. The future of your family's bloodline and your future lord's bloodline should be your greatest concern. Let no man but one of your family embrace you. Let no man but your betrothed kiss any more than your fingertips; let your betrothed kiss you only on fingers, cheek, or forehead, lest he think you unchaste. And never allow yourself to be alone with a man, to safeguard the precious jewel of you reputation. No well-born maiden ever suffered from keeping her suitors at arm's length. Your chastity will make you a prize to you future husband's house and an honor to your own."
- form Advice to a Young Noblewoman, by Lady Fronia of Whitehall (in Maren) given to Ally on her twelfth birthday by her godmother, Queen Thayet ~ Tamora Pierce
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Tamora Pierce
It's nonsense to say money doesn't buy happiness, but people exaggerate the extent to which more money can buy more happiness. ~ Daniel Kahneman
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Daniel Kahneman
I think that we may safely trust a good deal more than we do. We may waive just so much care of ourselves as we honestly bestow elsewhere. Nature is well adapted to our weakness as our strength. The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well nigh incurable form of disease. We are made to exaggerate the importance of what work we do; and yet how much is not done by us! or, what if we had been taken sick? How vigilant we are! determined not to live by faith if we can avoid it; all the day long on the alert, at night we unwillingly say our prayers and commit ourselves to uncertainties. So thoroughly and sincerely are we compelled to live, reverencing our life, and denying the possibility of change. This is the only way, we say; but there are as many ways as there can be drawn radii from one centre. All change is a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle which is taking place every instant. Confucius said, "To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge." When one man has reduced a fact of the imagination to be a fact to his understanding, I foresee that all men will at length establish their lives on that basis. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Henry David Thoreau
I can remember the three restaurant experiences of my childhood. All I wanted to do on my birthday was to go to the Automat in New York ... but I don't know if you consider that a real restaurant. ~ Alice Waters
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Alice Waters
Just short of my 40th birthday, I told my wife, Beth, I was going to build us a little weekend place in ... well, in the uh, Southern Hemisphere. The deep Southern Hemisphere, actually. New Zealand, maybe. Or Argentina. Possibly Chile. She suggested medication. ~ Patrick Symmes
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Patrick Symmes
monopolists downplay their monopoly status to avoid scrutiny, while competitive firms strategically exaggerate their uniqueness. ~ Peter Thiel
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Peter Thiel
I mean, what is an un-birthday present?"
A present given when it isn't your birthday, of course."
Alice considered a little. "I like birthday presents best," she said at last.
You don't know what you're talking about!" cried Humpty Dumpty. "How many days are there in a year?"
Three hundred and sixty-five," said Alice.
And how many birthdays have you?"
One. ~ Lewis Carroll
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Lewis Carroll
He loves me so he hurts me
To try and make me good.
It doesn't work. I'm just too bad
And don't do what I should.

My memory has so many different sections and, like all survivors, there are so many compartments with so many triggers. I'll remember a smell which reminds me of a man which reminds me of a place which reminds me of another man who I think was with a woman who had a certain smell - and I'm back to square one. This is the case for most survivors, I believe. When we try to put together our pasts, the triggers are many and varied, the memories are disjointed - and why wouldn't they be? We were children. Even someone with an idyllic childhood who is only trying to remember the lovely things which happened to them will scratch their head and wonder who gave them that doll and was it for Christmas or their third birthday? Did they have a party when they were four or five? When did they go on a plane for the first time? You see, even happy memories are hard to piece together - so imagine how hard it is to collate all of the trauma, to pull together all of the things I've been trying to push away for so many years. ~ Laurie Matthew
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Laurie Matthew
Epigraphs from Ballroom Dancing: An Erotic Romance of Dominance and Submission

"He's like my father in a way - loves the chase and is bored with the conquest - and once married, needs proof he's still attractive, so flirts with other women and resents you."
- Jacqueline Bouvier, July, 1952, making an observation about her future husband in a letter to her priest "Father L," the Reverend Joseph Leonard of Dublin, Ireland.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Mr. President..."
- Norma Jeane Mortenson, May 19, 1962, Madison Square Garden, New York City. ~ Anna Andreesen
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Anna Andreesen
Man, first I'm shot, now I'm going to be a friggin' zombie. At this rate, I'll never live to have my first date or a driver's license. Ah, gah! I've come too far to die a predestrian virgin. Bubba, you can't let me die ... I only have seventeen more months and three days to my sixteenth birthday! (Nick) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years. ~ Ausonius
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Ausonius
I hear you have a birthday today."
Sally laughed. "I don't know where you could have possibly heard that."
"It might have been from a certain blonde running around the mansion reminding everyone of the party of the century taking place in honor of, and I quote, 'the most bad ass gypsy healer known to man', which was followed up with a, 'no offense to Rachel, but fact is fact. ~ Quinn Loftis
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Quinn Loftis
Other people's children's birthday parties are the most joyful events you will ever resent having to attend. ~ Jim Gaffigan
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Jim Gaffigan
The weird thing about having your birthday on a school day is that by the time you get to be ten, or eleven for sure, no one at school knows it's your birthday anymore. It's not like when you're little and your mom brings cupcakes for the whole class. But even though no one knows, you walk around like it's supposed to be a national holiday. You walk around thinking that people are supposed to be nice to you, like maybe on your birthday you're ten times more breakable than on any other day. Well, it doesn't work that way. It just doesn't. ~ A.M. Homes
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by A.M. Homes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM ~ Bestwishesandquotes.com
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Bestwishesandquotes.com
At that favoured period, as at this. Mrs. Southcott had recently attained her five-and-twentieth blessed birthday, of whom a prophetic private in the Life Guards had heralded the sublime appearance by announcing that arrangements ~ Charles Dickens
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Charles Dickens
It is no parlor trick: There is a skull and, in the dark, it is glowing. Somehow it is now floating above us all. Listen: The skull is speaking. It is saying your name. It knows about you and your favorite flower and all about your tenth birthday. But it does not matter. You are not convinced. For some reason, you are still full of doubt. You stare into the dark, looking for wires. Grasping for strings, you hold your hands out. ~ Joe Meno
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Joe Meno
My mom was never the type to write me long letters or birthday cards. We never got mani-pedis together, she never gave me a locket with our picture in it. She wouldn't tell me I looked beautiful, or soothe me when a boy broke my heart. But she was there. She kept me safe. She did her best to make me tough. She fed me the most delicious home-cooked meals. For lunch, she'd pack me rare sliced steak over white rice and steamed broccoli. She sent me to private school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. She is still there for me. She will always be there for me, as long as she's able. That's a great mom. ~ Ali Wong
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Ali Wong
... tomorrow was her birthday, and she was thinking how fast the years went by, how old she was getting, and how little she seemed to have accomplished. Almost twenty-five and nothing to show for it. ~ Louisa May Alcott
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Louisa May Alcott
In the souls of the people The Grapes of Wrath are Filling and Growing Heavy, growing heavy for the vintage."

Happy 112th Birthday John Steinbeck. ~ John Steinbeck
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by John Steinbeck
I am six years old and instead of celebrating with birthday cakes, I chew on a piece of charcoal. ~ Loung Ung
Exaggerate Birthday quotes by Loung Ung
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