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#1. God's mercy does not make sin tolerable; it makes sin forgivable. The proud and the depraved alike must kneel at the same feet for mercy. For those willing, God turns sin's empty cistern into a deep wellspring overflowing with love. - Author: Beth Moore
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Beth Moore
#2. You need to take the traumas and make them part of who you've come to be, and you need to fold the worst events of your life into a narrative of triumph, evincing a better self in response to things that hurt. - Author: Andrew Solomon
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Andrew Solomon
#3. People say the cross is a sign of how much man is worth. That's not true. The cross is a sign of how depraved we really are, that it took the death of God's own Son. The only thing that could save a people like us was the death of God's own Son under the wrath of His own Father paying the price, rising again from the dead. Powerful to say, this is the Gospel of Jesus. - Author: Paul Washer
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Paul Washer
#4. Who was Amanda Knox? Was she a fresh-faced honor student from Seattle who met anyone's definition of an all-American girl - attractive, athletic, smart, hard-working, adventuresome, in love with languages and travel? Or was her pretty face a mask, a duplicitous cover for a depraved soul? - Author: Tina Brown
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Tina Brown
#5. To be honest, I didn't want to believe that Christianity could radically transform someone's character and values. It was much easier to raise doubts and manufacture outrageous objections that to consider the possibility that God actually could trigger a revolutionary turn-around in such a depraved and degenerate life. - Author: Lee Strobel
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Lee Strobel
#6. Now there was only one hope, the sovereign grace of God. God would have to transform my heart to do what a heart cannot make itself do, namely, want what it ought to want. Only God can make the depraved heart desire God. - Author: John Piper
Evincing A Depraved quotes by John Piper
#7. It is impossible to fully comprehend the evil that would have conjured up such a cowardly and depraved assault upon thousands of innocent people. - Author: Jean Chretien
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Jean Chretien
#8. After dessert we sipped on strong cups of tea, one of the luxuries we can afford to take for granted here in the trade routes.
"Delightful," she said. "If only for a little cream."
"Don't speak to me of cream, Captain. I dream about milk at least twice a week. I run naked with milk running in rivulets from the corners of my mouth. I even miss humble parsley
zounds, how I've taken that weed for granted! And butter, I'll not describe my butter dreams, they're too depraved."
Mabbot chuckled. "We must leave something for dreams. - Author: Eli Brown
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Eli Brown
#9. A culture that does not aspire to the divine becomes obsessed with the fascination of evil, reveling in the frivolous, the depraved, and the bestial. - Author: George Gilder
Evincing A Depraved quotes by George Gilder
#10. Classical liberalism . . . does not wholly define modern American conservatism. There is an added element: a concern with social and civic virtue. The term virtue has become a bad word in some quarters of American life. (It is especially unpopular with the chronically wicked and depraved.) Young people, especially, tend to associate it with finger-wagging and with people who tell you how to live your life. This is a very narrow view of virtue: It applies only to what it is good to do, rather than what it is good to be and what it is good to love. . . .

Conservatives recognize, of course, that people frequently fall short of these standards. In their personal conduct, conservatives do not claim to be better than anyone else. . . . But for conservatives, these lapses do not provide an excuse to get rid of the standards. Even hypocrisy--professing one thing but doing another--is in the conservative view preferable to a denial of standards because such denial leads to moral chaos or nihilism. - Author: Dinesh D'Souza
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
#11. [The Utopians] marvel that any mortal can take pleasure in the weak sparkle of a little gem or bright pebble, when he has a star, or the sun itself, to look at. They are amazed at the foolishness of any man who considers himself a nobler fellow because he wears clothing of specially fine wool. No matter how delicate the thread, they say, a sheep wore it once, and still was nothing but a sheep ... They do not understand why a dunderhead with no more brains than a post, and who is as depraved as he is foolish, should command a great many wise and good people simply because he happens to have a great pile of gold. - Author: Thomas More
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Thomas More
#12. The Romanovs inhabit a world of family rivalry, imperial ambition, lurid glamour, sexual excess and depraved sadism; this is a world where obscure strangers suddenly claim to be dead monarchs reborn, brides are poisoned, fathers torture their sons to death, sons kill fathers, wives murder husbands, a holy man, poisoned and shot, arises, apparently, from the dead, barbers and peasants ascend to supremacy, giants and freaks are collected, dwarfs are tossed, beheaded heads kissed, tongues torn out, flesh knouted off bodies, rectums impaled, children slaughtered; here are fashion-mad nymphomaniacal empresses, lesbian ménage à trois, and an emperor who wrote the most erotic correspondence ever written by a head of state. Yet this is also the empire built by flinty conquistadors and brilliant statesmen that conquered Siberia and Ukraine, took Berlin and Paris, and produced Pushkin, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and Dostoevsky; a civilization of towering culture and exquisite beauty. - Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Simon Sebag Montefiore
#13. I'm not scared of anything. But cats ... ' He blew out a puff of air and shook his head. Those soulless eyes. That depraved indifference. Cats are evil, dude. - Author: Gina Damico
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Gina Damico
#14. There's nothing depraved about sex. Of course with a little creativity, some toys and a whole lot of dirty talk, you can change that. - Author: Suzanne Wrightt
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Suzanne Wrightt
#15. But the state had no jurisdiction over the conscience of the individual and no right, therefore, to fight heresy or lead a holy war. While it could have nothing to do with the spiritual realm, the state must have unqualified and absolute authority in temporal affairs. Even if the state were cruel, tyrannical, and forbade the teaching of God's word, Christians must not resist its power.37 For its part, the true church, the Kingdom of God, must hold aloof from the inherently corrupt and depraved policies of the Kingdom of the World, dealing only with spiritual affairs. Protestants believed that the Roman Church had failed in its true mission because it had dallied with the sinful Kingdom of the World. - Author: Karen Armstrong
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Karen Armstrong
#16. My sweet little whorish Nora I did as you told me, you dirty little girl, and pulled myself off twice when I read your letter. I am delighted to see that you do like being fucked arseways. Yes, now I can remember that night when I fucked you for so long backwards. It was the dirtiest fucking I ever gave you, darling. My prick was stuck in you for hours, fucking in and out under your upturned rump. I felt your fat sweaty buttocks under my belly and saw your flushed face and mad eyes. At every fuck I gave you your shameless tongue came bursting out through your lips and if a gave you a bigger stronger fuck than usual, fat dirty farts came spluttering out of your backside. You had an arse full of farts that night, darling, and I fucked them out of you, big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks and a lot of tiny little naughty farties ending in a long gush from your hole. It is wonderful to fuck a farting woman when every fuck drives one out of her. I think I would know Nora's fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women. It is a rather girlish noise not like the wet windy fart which I imagine fat wives have. It is sudden and dry and dirty like what a bold girl would let off in fun in a school dormitory at night. I hope Nora will let off no end of her farts in my face so that I may know their smell also.

You say when I go back you will suck me off and you want me to lick your cunt, you little depraved blackguard. I hope y - Author: James Joyce
Evincing A Depraved quotes by James Joyce
#17. Human wisdom delights to trim and arrange the doctrines of the cross into a system more artificial and more congenial with the depraved tastes of fallen nature; instead, however, of improving the gospel carnal wisdom pollutes it, until it becomes another gospel, and not the truth of God at all. - Author: SPURGEON C H
Evincing A Depraved quotes by SPURGEON C H
#18. I wonder if there is anyone who is not depraved. A wearisome thought.
I want money. Unless I have it ...
In my sleep, a natural death! - Author: Osamu Dazai
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Osamu Dazai
#19. There's something depraved about screwing a woman who doesn't give a fuck about it. It heats your blood ... " And then, after a moment's meditation - "Can you imagine what she'd be like if she had any feelings? - Author: Henry Miller
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Henry Miller
#20. He looked as surprised as I was about the kiss and more than a little guilty. "I ... " he started. "I'm sorry. That was wrong. You're my dead roommate's little sister, and I'm here to protect you, not to ... " He trailed off, lost for words.
When I finally regained control of my tongue, I said, "It's depraved and you should be ashamed of yourself." I dropped the bottle into the snow and walked determinedly toward him. "Do it again. - Author: Karsten Knight
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Karsten Knight
#21. If you've ever signed up for a website and given a fake zip code or a fake birthday, you have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Any child under thirteen who visits newyorktimes.com violates their Terms of Service and is a criminal - not just in theory, but according to the working doctrine of the Department of Justice.1 The examples I've laid out are extreme, sure, but the laws involved are so broadly written as to ensure that, essentially, every Internet-using American is a tort-feasing felon on a lifelong spree of depraved web browsing. - Author: Christian Rudder
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Christian Rudder
#22. [T]he man who meditates is a depraved animal. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#23. I love when he's in these moods, this affectionate. Though it can be said of Gray that he's this way all the time with me. He never has an off day. I've known every single day of our life together so far just what he's thinking and feeling because he tells me, he shows me in so many different, lovely, sometimes depraved ways.

Usually with my clothes off.

Most often with his head between my legs.

And that's where I think this hot kiss is going - forget dinner, forget needing to shower off the busy workday. I'm wholly in this when I grip the back of his head and fall deeper into his mouth, moaning my protest when we part too soon.

His forehead rests to mine.

I spur him on. "Your sugar wife needs attention. You've neglected my needs all day, Grayson."

A growl comes out of his mouth and it delights me. Turns me on. Makes me wetter than a summer rain. "You know how hard that smart mouth of yours makes me. I'm about to put you on your knees. - Author: V. Theia
Evincing A Depraved quotes by V. Theia
#24. Just this past summer, I took online courses in introductory logic and law through civilization. Often the weight of history, with its facts heaped upon facts requiring complex chains of inference to sort through – I mean complex for someone with the soft brain of a tomato merchant; for me the premises are obvious and the conclusions dire and inescapable – threatened to crush me, and I was ultimately forced to abandon the whole undertaking. By way of recovery, I spent the rest of the summer immersed in a Freudian meditation on some choice tabloids. The mysterious lives of celebrities make for challenging induction. The reasoning process involves navigating many gaps in our knowledge of them. What is certain is that under the iceberg of glitz and glamor lie neurotic, depraved individuals with bizarre habits and hobbies, people who think they're above the law. - Author: Benson Bruno
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Benson Bruno
#25. I, like you, was not depraved or defected before birth but created to be magnificent, a wonderful and freeing realization - simple but explosive. - Author: David W. Earle
Evincing A Depraved quotes by David W. Earle
#26. People have died for love, they have lied and cheated and parted from those who loved them in turn. Love has slammed doors on fortunes, made bad man from heroes and heroes from libertines. Love has corrupted, cured, depraved and perverted. It is the remedy, the melody, the poison and the pain. The appetite, the antidote, the fever and the flavour. Love Kills. Love Cures. Love is a bloody menace. Oh, but it's fun while it lasts. - Author: Louise Welsh
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Louise Welsh
#27. And let no one suppose that I claim that just living can be taught for, in a word, I hold that there does not exist an art of the kind which can implant sobriety and justice into depraved natures. Nevertheless, I do think that the study of political discourse can help more than any other thing to stimulate and form such qualities of character - Author: Isocrates
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Isocrates
#28. We're a depraved civilization. All this technology, all the computer games and the iPhones ... nobody will sit for art anymore. What a dismaying state of humanity. - Author: Diane Paulus
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Diane Paulus
#29. I have no intention of uttering my last words on the stage. Room service and a couple of depraved young women will do me quite nicely for an exit. - Author: Peter O'Toole
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Peter O'Toole
#30. Because revelations of systemic deception erode our most basic, default expectation of good faith, they play an outsize role in producing a crisis of authority. Each exposure of previously secret misdeeds - steroid use, Ponzi schemes, rigged intelligence - produces an acute and debilitating psychological effect. Vertigo sets in, similar to that experienced by a spouse who, after decades of what he thought was a happy, loyal marriage, discovers his wife has been cheating all along. Suddenly we realize we live in a world entirely more depraved than the one we thought we inhabited. - Author: Christopher L. Hayes
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Christopher L. Hayes
#31. Lying is a false significance of speech, with a will to deceive, which cannot be cured but by shame and reason; it is a monstrous and wicked evil, that filthily depraved and defileth the tongue of man. - Author: Jon Jones
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Jon Jones
#32. This I hold to be the chief office of history, to rescue virtuous actions from the oblivion to which a want of records would consign them, and that men should feel a dread of being considered infamous in the opinions of posterity, from their depraved expressions and base actions. - Author: Tacitus
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Tacitus
#33. The maker of kitsch does not create inferior art, he is not an incompetent or a bungler, he cannot be evaluated by aesthetic standards; rather, he is ethically depraved, a criminal willing radical evil. And since it is radical evil that is manifest here, evil per se, forming the absolute negative pole of every value-system, kitsch will always be evil, not just kitsch in art, but kitsch in every value-system that is not an imitation system. - Author: Hermann Broch
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Hermann Broch
#34. I've never had any objection to appearing depraved or villainous. But I draw the line at looking like a prize idiot. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#35. I was extremely shy of approaching my hero but he, as I found out, was sorely in need of company. By then almost completely blind, he was claustrated and even a little confused and this may help explain the rather shocking attitude that he took to the blunt trauma that was being inflicted in the streets and squares around him. 'This was my country and it might be yet,' he intoned to me when the topic first came up, as it had to: 'But something came between it and the sun.' This couplet he claimed (I have never been able to locate it) was from Edmund Blunden, whose gnarled hand I had been so excited to shake all those years ago, but it was not the Videla junta that Borges meant by the allusion. It was the pre-existing rule of Juan Perón, which he felt had depraved and corrupted Argentine society. I didn't disagree with this at all - and Perón had victimized Borges's mother and sister as well as having Borges himself fired from his job at the National Library - but it was nonetheless sad to hear the old man saying that he heartily preferred the new uniformed regime, as being one of 'gentlemen' as opposed to 'pimps.' This was a touch like listening to Evelyn Waugh at his most liverish and bufferish. (It was also partly redeemed by a piece of learned philology or etymology concerning the Buenos Aires dockside slang for pimp: canfinflero. 'A canfinfla, you see,' said Borges with perfect composure, 'is a pussy or more exactly a cunt. So a canfinflero is a trafficker in cunt: in Ang - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#36. In that thoroughly evil and violent and depraved culture, there was no hope for those children. This nation was so polluted that it as like gangrene that was taking over a person's leg, and God had to amputate the leg or the gangrene would spread and there wouldn't be anything left. In a sense, God's action was an act of mercy. - Author: Norman L. Geisler
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Norman L. Geisler
#37. But one also finds in the human heart a depraved taste for equality, which impels the weak to want to bring the strong down to their level, and which reduces men to preferring equality in servitude to inequality in freedom. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#38. But that we are so totally depraved, is a truth which no one ever truly learned by being only told it. - Author: John Newton
Evincing A Depraved quotes by John Newton
#39. Ever notice how the more depraved a man is, the more he tries to ruin other people's fun? - Author: Elizabeth Cunningham
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Elizabeth Cunningham
#40. Francisco, what's the most depraved type of human being?" "The man without a purpose. - Author: Ayn Rand
Evincing A Depraved quotes by Ayn Rand

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