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#1. I met an old lady once, almost a hundred years old, and she told me, 'There are only two questions that human beings have ever fought over, all through history. How much do you love me? And Who's in charge? - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Eternal Questions quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#2. And then there are the eternal questions of love and sex. Can there be friendship between men and women as long as the hormones rage and rule? How is sex related to love
and love to sex? Are we truly pigeonholed in our sexuality
or does society alone insist on this? What is 'straight'? What is 'gay'? What is 'bi'? And does any of it matter deep in one's soul? Shouldn't we get rid of these labels in an attempt to be really open to ourselves and to each other? - Author: Erica Jong
Eternal Questions quotes by Erica Jong
#3. Purpose in the suffering

A crisis-- the kind that knocks the wind out of ya, the kind that makes your blood run cold and alters your perception of all you think your reality "is," THAT kind of crisis brings us not only to our knees, but smack-dab with every question we've ever pondered on God's existence. There is purpose in the suffering. It MAKES us ask eternal questions with eternal answers. Often that's what it takes to wake us up. The suffering is actually merciful, from a God who would literally do ANYTHING to get us to run into His arms. - Author: Carrie Lynn Jones
Eternal Questions quotes by Carrie Lynn Jones
#4. I'm really intrigued by those eternal questions of creation and belief and faith. I don't care who you are, it's what we all think about. It's in the back of all our minds. - Author: Ridley Scott
Eternal Questions quotes by Ridley Scott
#5. Ever since I could remember, I'd been engaging in literary transference/transplantation/translation from one culture to another. Growing up on English literature, I taught myself to see my daily reality reflected in my reading material, while plumbing its universal truths in search of particulars... In reading English literature with a Pakistani lense, it seemed to me that all cultures were concerned with the same eternal questions and that people were more similar to one another than they were different. As Alys Binat says in Unmarriagble, "Reading widely can lead to an appreciation of the universalities across cultures."

But as Valentine Darsee says, "We've been forced to seek ourselves in the literature of others for too long. - Author: Soniah Kamal
Eternal Questions quotes by Soniah Kamal
#6. Jesus of Nazareth could have chosen simply to express Himself in moral precepts; but like a great poet He chose the form of the parable, wonderful short stories that entertained and clothed the moral precept in an eternal form. It is not sufficient to catch man's mind, you must also catch the imaginative faculties of his mind. - Author: Dudley Nichols
Eternal Questions quotes by Dudley Nichols
#7. Questions permeate every aspect of our world and our life. Life is all about questions. If you stop asking, you stop living. - Author: Louis Kahn
Eternal Questions quotes by Louis Kahn
#8. To establish evolutionary interrelatedness invariably requires exhibiting similarities between organisms. Within Darwinism, there's only one way to connect such similarities, and that's through descent with modification driven by the Darwinian mechanism. But within a design-theoretic framework, this possibility, though not precluded, is also not the only game in town. It's possible for descent with modification instead to be driven by telic processes inherent in nature (and thus by a form of design). Alternatively, it's possible that the similarities are not due to descent at all but result from a similarity of conception, just as designed objects like your TV, radio, and computer share common components because designers frequently recycle ideas and parts. Teasing apart the effects of intelligent and natural causation is one of the key questions confronting a design-theoretic research program. Unlike Darwinism, therefore, intelligent design has no immediate and easy answer to the question of common descent.

Darwinists necessarily see this as a bad thing and as a regression to ignorance. From the design theorists' perspective, however, frank admissions of ignorance are much to be preferred to overconfident claims to knowledge that in the end cannot be adequately justified. Despite advertisements to the contrary, science is not a juggernaut that relentlessly pushes back the frontiers of knowledge. Rather, science is an interconnected web of theoretical and factual c - Author: William A. Dembski
Eternal Questions quotes by William A. Dembski
#9. Always remember that the ocean delights in feeling your feet in her eternal bath ... - Author: Robert Wyland
Eternal Questions quotes by Robert Wyland
#10. indeed I know for a fact that you do know, what the fuck kind of questions are you asking me - Author: Michael F. Moore
Eternal Questions quotes by Michael F. Moore
#11. I have to look at our staff and ask the hard question - Would I hire them again? - Author: Jeff Henderson
Eternal Questions quotes by Jeff Henderson
#12. It's not a bad lesson to learn in the bleaker months: how you view a storm is a question of perspective; provided you find the right rock to watch it from, it could be the most incredible thing you'll ever witness. - Author: Dan Stevens
Eternal Questions quotes by Dan Stevens
#13. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity. - Author: Voltaire
Eternal Questions quotes by Voltaire
#14. When that day comes, I want to remember that the questions, frustrations, and believe that I am lost are all signs that I chose an authentic path, not a stagnant finish line. - Author: Jackie Viramontez
Eternal Questions quotes by Jackie Viramontez
#15. He felt the comfort of being part of an eternal cycle symbolized by the gold strips on either side of the black mourning band he wore. Light, dark, light. The dark was just an interval. - Author: Jack Campbell
Eternal Questions quotes by Jack Campbell
#16. My talent speaks for itself, I ain't gotta answer nobody else's questions. I'm going home, we're gonna have a party! - Author: James Toney
Eternal Questions quotes by James Toney
#17. Why are empirical questions about how the mind works so weighted down with political and moral and emotional baggage? - Author: Steven Pinker
Eternal Questions quotes by Steven Pinker
#18. The ashes of my fathers, wrote me a destiny, but my existence in pothers, that destiny questions my identity, lost in an ocean of significant others, my mind's plagued with perplexity, and though life has my soul caught up in smothers, judgment of this age must be left to posterity. - Author: Harpreet Singh Nanda
Eternal Questions quotes by Harpreet Singh Nanda
#19. The scientific approach uncovers, that Communism does not eliminate the inequality between men, the social injustice, exploitation of man by man and other evils of society - communism merely changes their form and gives birth to new evils, which become eternal fellow-travelers of communism. - Author: Alexander Zinoviev
Eternal Questions quotes by Alexander Zinoviev
#20. In tourism college they were taught that American notions of what constitutes a personal question are quite different from their own. Tư has learned this the hard way, through responses to questions like: And what do they pay you to be a pharmaceutical representative with GlaxoSmithKline, Mr. Clark? Is this lady your wife or your daughter? Do they have the death penalty in your state of Texas? Why are the insides of your ears so hairy? - Author: Camilla Gibb
Eternal Questions quotes by Camilla Gibb
#21. If the ills of humanity were caused by culture, they could certainly be cured in no way other than by culture.4 But the ills we have in mind are native to the human heart, which always remains the same, and culture only brings them out. With all its wealth and power, it only shows that the human heart, in which God has put eternity [Eccles. 3:11], is so huge that all the world is too small to satisfy it. Human beings are in search of another and better redemption than culture can give them. They are looking for lasting happiness, an enduring eternal good. They are thirsting for a redemption that saves them physically as well as spiritually, for time but also for eternity. - Author: Anonymous
Eternal Questions quotes by Anonymous
#22. When you get asked hundreds of questions, it's not possible to remember the answer to every one. - Author: William J. Clinton
Eternal Questions quotes by William J. Clinton
#23. I am not the perishable body, but the eternal Self. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
Eternal Questions quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#24. If you are hired to shake up the system, do it. No one will believe you're the boss until you do one or more of the following: 1. Add a new division; 2. Lop off a present department; 3. Add new people or reassign and reward present employees; 4. Get rid of deadwood; 5. Change the method of accounting; 6. Change lawyers, accountants, or other outside services; 7. Ask a lot of questions, and demand answers by a certain date; 8. Get in touch with key people in your industry or city and arrange personal meetings; 9. Improve working conditions; 10. Update present benefit plans. - Author: Lois Wyse
Eternal Questions quotes by Lois Wyse
#25. The eternal spring is hidden in this living bread for our life's sake, although it is night. It is here calling out to creatures; and they satisfy their thirst, although in darkness, because it is night. This living spring that I long for, I see in this bread of life, although it is night. - Author: John Of The Cross
Eternal Questions quotes by John Of The Cross
#26. Our supple tribes repress their patriot throats, And ask no questions but the price of votes. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Eternal Questions quotes by Samuel Johnson
#27. There are some sleeping dogs that should be left to lie; there are some questions that should not be asked. - Author: Stanley Ellin
Eternal Questions quotes by Stanley Ellin
#28. The plea of necessity, that eternal argument of all conspirators. - Author: William Henry Harrison
Eternal Questions quotes by William Henry Harrison
#29. The Liars believe in no afterlife, no God. We see the universe as it is, Father Damien, and these naked truths are cruel ones. We who believe in life, and treasure it, will die. Afterward there will be nothing, eternal emptiness, blackness, nonexistence. In our living there has been no purpose, no poetry, no meaning. Nor do our deaths possess these qualities. When we are gone, the universe will not long remember us, and shortly it will be as if we had never lived at all. Our worlds and our universe will not long outlive us. Ultimately entropy will consume all, and our puny efforts cannot stay that awful end. It will be gone. It has never been. It has never mattered. The universe itself is doomed, transient, uncaring. [...] The truths, the great truths - and most of the lesser ones as well - they are unbearable for most men. We find our shield in faith. Your faith, my faith, any faith. It doesn't matter, as long as we believe, really and truly believe, in whatever lie we cling to. [...] We know truth for the cruel instrument it is. Beauty is infinitely preferable to truth. We invent beauty. Faiths, political movements, high ideals, belief in love and fellowship. All of them are lies. [...] Our lies are not perfect, of course. The truths are too big. But perhaps someday we will find one great lie that all humanity can use. Until then, a thousand small lies will do.
(from Way of Cross and Dragon) - Author: George R.R. Martin
Eternal Questions quotes by George R.R. Martin
#30. We spent the next two hours holding each other, Adrian's fingers kneading his history across my skin. My vertebrae became pinpoints on the time line he lingered upon, as I kissed my questions along his shoulders and neck. - Author: Jessica Topper
Eternal Questions quotes by Jessica Topper
#31. There are always more questions. Science as a process is never complete. It is not a foot race, with a finish line ... People will always be waiting at a particular finish line: journalists with their cameras, impatient crowds eager to call the race, astounded to see the scientists approach, pass the mark, and keep running. It's a common misunderstanding, he said. They conclude there was no race. As long as we won't commit to knowing everything, the presumption is we know nothing. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Eternal Questions quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#32. But each person is not only himself, he is also the unique, very special point, important and noteworthy in every instance, where the phenomena of the world meet, once only and never again in the same way. And so every person's story is important, eternal, divine; and so every person, to the extent that he lives and fulfills nature's will, is wondrous and deserving of full attention. In each of us spirit has become form, in each of us the created being suffers, in each of us a redeemer is crucified. Not - Author: Hermann Hesse
Eternal Questions quotes by Hermann Hesse
#33. The true purpose of life is the perfection of humanity through individual effort, under the guidance of God's inspiration. Real life is response to the best within us. To be alive only to appetite, pleasure, pride, money-making, and not to goodness and kindness, purity and love, poetry, music, flowers, stars, God and eternal hopes, is to deprive one's self of the real joy of living. - Author: David O. McKay
Eternal Questions quotes by David O. McKay
#34. Lips. You need to have three or four smart questions ready, and it's nice to have them on a note card you take out so you really seem prepared. - Author: Kate White
Eternal Questions quotes by Kate White
#35. Wherever life can grow, it will.
It will sprout out,
and do the best it can.
I give you what I have.
You don't get all your questions answered in this world.
How many answers shall be found
in the developing world of my Poem?
I don't know. Nevertheless I put my Poem,
which is my life, into your hands, where it will do the best it can. - Author: Gwendolyn Brooks
Eternal Questions quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#36. Memories which fastened him to places his flesh had never known presented him with answers to questions he had not asked. - Author: Frank Herbert
Eternal Questions quotes by Frank Herbert
#37. The weird thing about the bible is that almost everything in it is a metaphor.

So it seems to me that when the bible describes church as a place where two or more people discuss God, they don't mean just the cathedral like churches. I don't know what, who or where God is; but if everything is a metaphor, I think he or she is a comparison to us. I think we are like, or as God. I think when we get together, and talk about ourselves, about being human, about what hurts us; we are also talking about God.

So that's also church, right?

I know this might seem blasphemous, but my priest tells me its okay to ask questions, even if they seem bizarre. - Author: Elizabeth Acevedo
Eternal Questions quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#38. All descended lines of beings of the finite dimensions, continued the waves, and all stages of growth in each one of these beings, are merely manifestations of one archetypal and eternal being in the space outside dimensions. Each local being - son, father, grandfather, and so on - and each stage of individual being - infant, child, boy, young man, old man - is merely one of the infinite phases of that same archetypal and eternal being, caused by a variation in the angle of the consciousness-plane which cuts it. Randolph Carter at all ages; Randolph Carter and all his ancestors both human and pre-human, terrestrial and pre-terrestrial; all these were only phases of one ultimate, eternal "Carter" outside space and time - phantom projections differentiated only by the angle at which the plane of consciousness happened to cut the eternal archetype in each case. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Eternal Questions quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#39. When I first sat down with my oncologist the day before Thanksgiving, and she told me I would need 8 rounds of chemo, one of my first questions admittedly was: 'Will I lose my hair?' It sounds shallow, I know, but it was a very scary image to me. - Author: Amy Robach
Eternal Questions quotes by Amy Robach
#40. On the very last day of shooting [of The Last King of Scotlang], I remember wanting to get the [Idi Amin] character out of me right away, as much as I could. You literally take a bath to wash him off you. Luckily, I went into another part not so long afterwards, so I was kind of able to push it away a little bit. But speech patterns, and little sounds, particularly colloquial things, like the way you ask questions or might respond, were sticking with me, probably because I'd worked so hard to make it a part of my everyday way of expressing myself. - Author: Forest Whitaker
Eternal Questions quotes by Forest Whitaker
#41. I looked down into my glass. It held club soda, but the way I was gazing into it you'd have thought it was filled with something stronger. I used to stare like that into glasses of whiskey, as if they contained coded answers. All they did was dissolve the questions, but there was a time when that was enough. - Author: Lawrence Block
Eternal Questions quotes by Lawrence Block
#42. Does the weight of consequence drag you down until it pulls you under? - Author: Ashlee Simpson
Eternal Questions quotes by Ashlee Simpson
#43. Most of us are conditioned for many years to have a political viewpoint - Republican or Democratic, liberal, conservative, or moderate. The fact of the matter is that most of the problems that we now face are technical problems, are administrative problems. They are very sophisticated judgments, which do not lend themselves to the great sort of passionate movements which have stirred this country so often in the past. - They deal with questions which are now beyond the comprehension of most men. - Author: John F. Kennedy
Eternal Questions quotes by John F. Kennedy
#44. Our bodies speak, if you would only listen. They speak another language: the mother tongue. It's half the puzzle, the missing pieces you have been searching for, the how and why behind the symptoms you fixate on, the whole behind the healing, which cannot be found at the bottom of a bottle of pills.
But you do not speak our language. My sick sisterhood, whose bodies have been felled by mysterious illnesses, bearing the arcane names of men long dead, to signify their suffering with no cure, no hope. The mothers who long for answers to the questions that their bodies are living, for soul-utions to the protest against this cold, hard world.
Into their dry hungry mouths are dropped pills not answers. Prescriptions and descriptions of symptoms – not cures or laws to halt the toxic corporate world that is allowed to carry on felling us like trees in the Amazon…
Each woman is an Amazon. But she does not know it. Instead she is treated. Separately. Her pile of notes, her bills, growing higher. Each one believes the sickness is hers alone. Each is sent home, ignored, tolerated.
Alone. In the darkness.
Until one day Medicine Woman arises within her.
And there in the centre of her pain she finds her outrage, her strength, her persistence as she searches for answers. She finds the will to die to this world and the right to live a different life where she is honoured for the value of her soul, not the sweat of her brow.
She begins to understand the messa - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Eternal Questions quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#45. Beauty fades, but cooking is eternal. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Eternal Questions quotes by Cassandra Clare
#46. Even if we choose to sever the ties to all we ever knew as home, to redefine the spaces we live in, the emotions that seem most natural to us, the ways we have of loving, there is a haunting feeling of loss and admiration for the people we knew first and best. Even if we never speak to them again, they are our first and purest loves. There is, for all of us, a time in which they meant the world. Sometimes, that time lasts as long as we live. It is eternal as breath. It is changeless and deathless. Sometimes, it ends at a very early age. Sometimes, we cannot help ourselves. Things happen. (203) - Author: Robert Goolrick
Eternal Questions quotes by Robert Goolrick
#47. At first I wanted to go to university, but I really didn't dare to. I was too self-conscious, being a working-class kid. It was really difficult. I was going to study history, but the professor asked me some questions I didn't understand, and I didn't dare to ask what they meant. I left university and went to work in the Post. - Author: Per Petterson
Eternal Questions quotes by Per Petterson
#48. Wie Gott in Frankreich' was the expression used by the Jews of Eastern Europe to describe perfect happiness. I puzzled over this simile for many years, and I think I can interpret it now. God would be perfectly happy in France because he would not be troubled by prayers, observances, blessings and demands for the interpretation of difficult dietary questions. Surrounded by unbelievers He too could relax toward evening, just as thousands of Parisians do at their favorite cafes. There are few things more pleasant, more civilized than a tranquil terrasse at dusk. - Author: Saul Bellow
Eternal Questions quotes by Saul Bellow

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