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Is not literature meant to speak of our being a thousand different kinds of things, at times creating even this diversity? If literature gives up this purpose, this duty, it renounces all claim to legitimacy. I am Hungarian. I am Slovene. I am Serbian. You do not need literature for sentences like that. A bureaucrat will do, and a rubber stamp. A border guard. An Army. ~ Peter Esterhazy
Esterhazy quotes by Peter Esterhazy
Bureaucracy will be the deity of the twentieth century. ~ Peter Esterhazy
Esterhazy quotes by Peter Esterhazy
Already up to his waist in the quaking bog, Pendergast stopped struggling and stared up at his assassin. The icy glitter in the pale gray eyes spoke more eloquently of his hatred and despair than any words he might have spoken, and it shook Esterhazy to the core. ~ Douglas Preston
Esterhazy quotes by Douglas Preston
History belongs to the victors, legends to the people, fantasy to literature. Only death is certain. ~ Peter Esterhazy
Esterhazy quotes by Peter Esterhazy
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