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#1. I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go." --at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon - Author: Barack Obama
Eshghi 57 quotes by Barack Obama
#2. I cannot regret it. They tell us in the temple that true joy is found only in freedom from the Wheel that is death and rebirth, that we must come to despise earthly joy and suffering, and long only for the peace of the presence of the eternal. Yet I love this life on Earth, Morgan, and I love you with a love that is stronger than death, and if sin is the price of binding us together, life after life across the ages, then I will sin joyfully and without regret, so that it brings me back to you, my beloved! - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Eshghi 57 quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
#3. If we could shrink the Earth's population to a village of 100 people, with all existing human ratios staying the same, it would look like this: There would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 from the Americas and 8 Africans. 80 would live in substandard housing. 70 would be unable to read. 50 would suffer from malnutrition. 50 per cent of the entire world's wealth would be in the hands of only 6 people. And all 6 would be citizens of the United States. - Author: Ahdaf Soueif
Eshghi 57 quotes by Ahdaf Soueif
#4. If the Christ we follow sent out his disciples with no extra possessions (Luke 9:1-6 and 10:1-12) and warned would-be devotees that he had nowhere to lay his head (see Luke 9:57-62), then we must recognize that it is extremely difficult to live in a Christian way in a consumer culture. - Author: Marva Dawn
Eshghi 57 quotes by Marva Dawn
#5. Then one detail caught my attention. "Time (of birth), 5:57 A.M." Wow! I really was born! I wasn't an alien who was dropped down into my adoptive parents' arms. I was a real baby who experienced a real birth from a real mother at a real time of day. For me, that tid-bit of information was like a meal to a starving woman. - Author: Sherrie Eldridge
Eshghi 57 quotes by Sherrie Eldridge
#6. Persons with Disability (PWD), Ex-Serviceman (XSM), Kashmiri Migrant (KM). Please refer to the Norms for the same. There are 394 vacancies for the above position (200 Electronics, 120 Mechanical, 57 Computer Science, - Author: Anonymous
Eshghi 57 quotes by Anonymous
#7. Let's not automatically turn to the next page in the textbook because it's the next page of the textbook, but because that page best serves the students we are teaching. And if the next page isn't as good as the one 57 pages later, let's go to the one 57 pages away without guilt. - Author: Rick Wormeli
Eshghi 57 quotes by Rick Wormeli
#8. Fully 57 percent of American college students are women. Life insurance companies sell more policies to women than to men. As women continue to draw on experience and education, they're accelerating their numbers in upper management, too. - Author: Suzanne Fields
Eshghi 57 quotes by Suzanne Fields
#9. 57. Omniscience and bliss, and mature wisdom, Remaining independent, limitless strength - Attaining all these, he shines ever, the Self without afflictions. With an immaculate body, he, as the Self, merges in Siva. 58. Japa of the name, worship, bathing in holy waters, ritual sacrifices, None of these or others are needed. The fruits of dharma and adharma, Water oblations to forefathers, None of these are for him. 59. No injunctions for observance, no fasts, Nothing required by way of getting into or out of (any action), No vows of celibacy for him, know this. 60. Not having any recourse to falling into the fire or water, Or falling from the mountain top, Enjoy the feast of the Knowledge of Siva, eternal and pure. Rid of the rules applying to all creation, move about as you please. 61. I tell you this is the Truth, the Truth, the Truth, thrice over. There is nothing greater than this, Nothing greater is there to be known, Nothing at all, nowhere ever. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
Eshghi 57 quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#10. I've tackled many challenges in my lifetime. The most satisfying ones were food related. Like the 2-pound burger at Fuddruckers that I had to devour in 15 minutes. Shattered it in 5 minutes and 46 seconds! Or
the Blazing Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings: eat 12 blazing wings in 5 minutes. Killed it in 57 seconds! Quaker Steak and Lube's all-you-can- eat wings in one sitting? I may still hold the record in Madison, Wisconsin, for scarfing down 78. I'll never forget when 6 linemen and I went to a sushi restaurant during the time of the 2011 Rose Bowl in Pasadena. We didn't exactly take on an eating challenge, but we did get kicked out of the place when the owner ordered, "Go home now.
You've eaten eight hundred dollars' worth of sushi. - Author: Jake Byrne
Eshghi 57 quotes by Jake Byrne
#11. It is true, I never stop wanting to learn the hard eucharisteo for deathbeds and dark skies and the prodigal sons. But I accept this is the way to begin, and all hard things come in due time and with practice. Yet now wisps of cheese tell me gentle that this is the first secret step into euchaisteo's miracle. Gratitude for the seemingly insignificant - a seed - this plants the giant miracle. The miracle of eucharisteo, like the Last Supper, is in the eating of crumbs, the swallowing down one mouthful. Do not disdain the small. The whole of life - even the hard - is made up of the minute parts, and if I miss the infinitesimals, I miss the whole. (Page 57) - Author: Ann Voskamp
Eshghi 57 quotes by Ann Voskamp
#12. I've been to 57 states. - Author: Barack Obama
Eshghi 57 quotes by Barack Obama
#13. I don't want to be on stage when I'm 57, talking about ... 'Let's Get It Started.' - Author:
Eshghi 57 quotes by
#14. The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places. (p 57) - Author: Bryant McGill
Eshghi 57 quotes by Bryant McGill
#15. As we see from the Scriptures, it had become a common and proverbial expression that if someone wanted to refer to a prophet, he called him a "fool." So in the history of Jehu (2 Kings 9:11), they said of a prophet: "Why did this mad fellow come to you?" And Isaiah shows (Is. 57:4) that they opened their mouths and put out their tongues against him. But all they accomplished by this was to become a terrible stench and a curse, while the dear prophets and saints have honor, praise, and acclaim throughout the world and are ruling forever with Christ, the Lord. - Author: Martin Luther
Eshghi 57 quotes by Martin Luther
#16. My wife of 57 years was buried today beside our son, who died in 1941 as a result of a truck accident when he was hitchhiking to take a job. She has longed for him all these years, and now she is with him. I know they are embraced in happiness. - Author: Terry Kay
Eshghi 57 quotes by Terry Kay
#17. The weight of clouds can reach quite astonishing proportions. For
example, a cumulonimbus cloud, commonly known as the thunder
cloud, can contain up to 300,000 tons of water.
The fact that a mass of 300,000 tons of water can remain aloft is
truly amazing. Attention is drawn to the weight of clouds in other verses
of the Qur'an:
It is He Who sends out the winds, bringing advance news of His mercy,
so that when they have lifted up the heavy clouds, We dispatch them to
a dead land and send down water to it, by means of which We bring
forth all kinds of fruit... (Qur'an, 7:57)
It is He Who shows you the lightning, striking fear and bringing hope;
it is He Who heaps up the heavy clouds. (Qur'an, 13:12)
At the time when the Qur'an was revealed, of course, it was quite
impossible to have any information about the weight of clouds. This
information, revealed in the Qur'an, but discovered only recently, is yet
another proof that the Qur'an is the word of Allah. - Author: Harun Yahya
Eshghi 57 quotes by Harun Yahya
#18. I'm 57, I can't look like a 30-year-old. You try to hold age at bay, but there comes a point when you just have to give up gracefully. - Author: Elton John
Eshghi 57 quotes by Elton John
#19. I heard some famous people had an anniversary, five long years together, it was Hollywood history. Now my grandma and grandpa never made no printed page, but they took the love of 57 years right to the grave. - Author: Clay Walker
Eshghi 57 quotes by Clay Walker
#20. Instead of celebrating with a cake (too full of poisonous refined sugars) and presents (too materialistic), my mother would come into my room at exactly 3:57 A.M. to tell me the story of my miraculous emergence into this world, as if it was some fairy tale. Although I supposed few fairy tales involved the words 'vaginal flowering'. - Author: Molly Harper
Eshghi 57 quotes by Molly Harper
#21. Ratings in the NFL. Then Kemp, too, was injured. His replacement was a fellow named Mike Moroski, so obscure that any question concerning his NFL career would be considered out of bounds in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Moroski had been with the 49ers for exactly two weeks before he became, by default, their starting quarterback. He completed 57.5 percent of his passes. Eventually people must have noticed. As Walsh performed miracle after miracle with his quarterbacks, - Author: Michael Lewis
Eshghi 57 quotes by Michael Lewis
#22. That night I dreamed of Conrad. I was the same age I was now, but he was younger, ten or eleven maybe. I think he might even have been wearing
overalls. We played outside my house until it got dark, just running around the yard.
I said, "Susannah will be wondering where you are. You should go home." He said, "I can't. I don't know how.
Will you help me?" And then I was sad, because I didn't know how either. We weren't at my house anymore, and it was so dark. We were in the
woods. We were lost.
When I woke up, I was crying and Jeremiah was asleep next to me. I sat up in the bed. It was dark, the only light in the room was my alarm clock. It
read 4:57. I lay back down. - Author: Jenny Han
Eshghi 57 quotes by Jenny Han
#23. Cows provide approx 100 million tonnes of dry dung a year costing Rs 5000 crores which saves 50 million tonnes of firewood which again means that many trees saved and more environmental damage prevented. It is calculated that if these 73 million animals were to be replaced, we would need 7.3 million tractors at the cost of 2.5 lac each which would amount to an investment of 180,000 crores. In addition 2 crore, 37 lakh and 50 thousand tonnes of diesel which would mean another 57,000 crore rupees. This is how much we owe these animals, and this is what we stand to lose by killing them. - Author: Maneka Gandhi
Eshghi 57 quotes by Maneka Gandhi
#24. From 1935 to 1995, the average weight of "broilers" increased by 65%, while their time-to-market dropped 60% and their feed requirements dropped 57%. To gain a sense of the radicalness of this change, imagine human children growing to be 300 pounds in 10 years, while eating only granola bars and Flintstones vitamins. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Eshghi 57 quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#25. There, said they, is the Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, the innumerable company of angels, and the spirits of just men made perfect. [Heb. 12:22-24] You are going now, said they, to the paradise of God, wherein you shall see the tree of life, and eat of the never-fading fruits thereof; and when you come there, you shall have white robes given you, and your walk and talk shall be every day with the King, even all the days of eternity. [Rev. 2:7, 3:4, 21:4,5] There you shall not see again such things as you saw when you were in the lower region upon the earth, to wit, sorrow, sickness, affliction, and death, for the former things are passed away. You are now going to Abraham, to Isaac, and Jacob, and to the prophets
men that God hath taken away from the evil to come, and that are now resting upon their beds, each one walking in his righteousness. [Isa. 57:1,2, 65:17] - Author: John Bunyan
Eshghi 57 quotes by John Bunyan
#26. We can dismiss any notion that the Nazi regime murdered Jews in order to gratify German public opinion. It took elaborate precautions to hide these actions from the German people and from foreign observers. In official documents the responsible authorities referred to the killings with euphemisms like Sonderbehandlung ("special handling"), and undertook major operations to eliminate all traces of them, at a time when men and materiel could hardly be spared from the fighting. At the same time, there was no particular effort to keep the secret from German troops on the eastern front, many of whom were regularly assigned to participate. Some soldiers and officials photographed the mass executions and sent pictures home to their families and girlfriends.57 Many thousands of soldiers, civil administrators, and technicians stationed in the eastern occupied territories were eyewitnesses to mass killings. Many more thousands heard about them from participants. The knowledge inside Germany that dreadful things were being done to Jews in the east was "fairly widespread." As long as disorderly destruction such as the shop-front smashings, beatings, and murders of Kristallnacht did not take place under their windows, most of them let distance, indifference, fear of denunciation, and their own sufferings under Allied bombing stifle any objections.

In the end, radicalized Nazism lost even its nationalist moorings. As he prepared to commit suicide in his Berlin bunker in April 19 - Author: Robert O. Paxton
Eshghi 57 quotes by Robert O. Paxton
#27. Christianity stretches back through the ages, but in essence it exists only at one time: right now. - Author: Yann Martel
Eshghi 57 quotes by Yann Martel
#28. Surah 57 Ayah 25 from the Sahih International English Translation of Al-Quran.
We have already sent Our messengers with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those who support Him and His messengers unseen. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might. - Author: Anonymous
Eshghi 57 quotes by Anonymous
#29. A gospel which contains judgement as a prominent strand, as does the New Testament gospel, is relevant to men and women everywhere and in every age and culture. It does not need indigenization,57 so popular a catchword today, but requires only clarity of language and faithfulness in proclamation. The sense of right and wrong is universal in the human race and so is the knowledge that we fall below our own standards of what is right, and that this entails death. - Author: Broughton Knox
Eshghi 57 quotes by Broughton Knox
#30. SONNET 57
Being your slave, what should I do but tend
Upon the hours and times of your desire?
I have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do, till you require.
Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour
Whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you,
Nor think the bitterness of absence sour
When you have bid your servant once adieu;
Nor dare I question with my jealous thought
Where you may be, or your affairs suppose,
But, like a sad slave, stay and think of nought
Save, where you are how happy you make those.
So true a fool is love that in your will,
Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill. - Author: William Shakespeare
Eshghi 57 quotes by William Shakespeare
#31. I'm going to hell. I'm pretty sure she'd going to drag me there herself. - Author: Penelope Douglas
Eshghi 57 quotes by Penelope Douglas
#32. But his doom 54: Reserv'd him to more wrath; for now the thought 55: Both of lost happiness and lasting pain 56: Torments him; round he throws his baleful eyes 57: That witness'd huge affliction and dismay 58: Mixt with obdurate pride and stedfast hate: - Author: John Milton
Eshghi 57 quotes by John Milton
#33. Sweet music It beats love because there aren't any wounds: in the morning she turns on the radio, Brahms or Ives or Stravinsky or Mozart. She boils the eggs counting the seconds out loud: 56, 57, 58 ... she peels the eggs, brings them to me in bed. After breakfast it's the same chair and listen to the classical music. She's on her first glass of scotch and her third cigarette. I tell her I must go to the racetrack. She's been here about 2 nights and 2 days. "When will I see you again?" I ask. She suggests that might be up to me. I nod and Mozart plays. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Eshghi 57 quotes by Charles Bukowski
#34. It takes a lot to motivate me to exercise but Physique 57 is the ideal workout, it's efficient, fun and targeted to get the results you didn't think were possible! - Author: Demi Moore
Eshghi 57 quotes by Demi Moore
#35. SPRING In every winter's heart there is a quivering spring, and behind the veil of each night there is a smiling dawn. SP-ST-57 - Author: Kahlil Gibran
Eshghi 57 quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#36. Sherlock: You're exaggerating. It didn't happen that often. (in relation to Irene Adler's texts) John: 57 times in the run up to Christmas. Your pocket was moaning more than Mrs Hudson. Sherlock: Thank you for that mental image. - Author: Guy Adams
Eshghi 57 quotes by Guy Adams
#37. My heart is firmly fixed, O God, my heart is fixed" (Ps. 57:7, The Book of Common Prayer, 664). The - Author: Jane Tomaine
Eshghi 57 quotes by Jane Tomaine

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