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#1. Long after their associates have gone southward, they linger like the last leaves on the tree. It is indeed "good-bye to summer" when the bluebirds withdraw their touch of brightness from the dreary November landscape at the north to whirl through the southern woods and feed on the waxy berries of the mistletoe. - Author: Neltje Blanchan
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Neltje Blanchan
#2. I don't associate much with anybody. I'm not big on all the teachings and groups and being a part of something, I guess. - Author: Frank Fairfield
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Frank Fairfield
#3. I always like to associate with a lot of priests because it makes me understand anti-clerical things so well. - Author: Hilaire Belloc
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Hilaire Belloc
#4. In a pack sprint to the finish line, a solo rider without allies or associates is a tired & losing one. - Author: Lance Armstrong
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Lance Armstrong
#5. In all societies, it is advisable to associate if possible with the highest; not that the highest are always the best, but because, if disgusted there, we can descend at any time; but if we begin with the lowest, to ascend is impossible. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#6. I write with a sort of grim determination to deal with things that are hidden and difficult, and this means, I think, that pleasure is out of the question. I would associate this with narcissism anyway, and I would disapprove of it. - Author: Colm Toibin
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Colm Toibin
#7. When you gossip about another person, listeners unconsciously associate you with the characteristics you are describing, ultimately leading to those characteristics' being "transferred" to you. So, say positive and pleasant things about friends and colleagues, and you are seen as a nice person. In contrast, constantly complain about their failings, and people will unconsciously apply the negative traits and incompetence to you. - Author: Richard Wiseman
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Richard Wiseman
#8. One of the most critical decisions made in life is choosing with whom to spend your time. For it is those close relationships that gradually mold our character until we become a reflection of the company we keep. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#9. As an astronomer, I get to ignore the details of the things that we don't understand. There's a lot of work that we can do on scales that we do understand, and there is actually a finite size that I can associate with a super massive black hole. - Author: Andrea M. Ghez
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Andrea M. Ghez
#10. As individuals, we must think nobler thoughts. We must not encourage vile thoughts or low aspirations. We shall radiate them if we do. If we think noble thoughts, if we encourage and cherish noble aspirations, there will be that radiation when we meet people, especially when we associate with them. - Author: David O. McKay
Erlbaum Associates quotes by David O. McKay
#11. What made Obama unique was that he was the ultimate charismatic politician
the most unknown stranger ever to achieve the presidency in the United States. No one knew who he was, he came out of nowhere, he had this incredible persona that floated him above the fray, destroyed Hillary, took over the Democratic Party and became president. This is truly unprecedented: A young unknown with no history, no paper trail, no well-known associates, self-created. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#12. I definitely associate music with color. For example, my first record has a red cover but it is totally green and blue to me. - Author: Kaki King
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Kaki King
#13. The thing was, the places of your life, like the clothes you wore and the car you drove and the friends and associates you had, were a product of the way you lived. - Author: J.R. Ward
Erlbaum Associates quotes by J.R. Ward
#14. In the case of Michel Angelo we have an artist who with brush and chisel portrayed literally thousands of human forms; but with this peculiarity, that while scores and scores of his male figures are obviously suffused and inspired by a romantic sentiment, there is hardly one of his female figures that is so, - the latter being mostly representative of woman in her part as mother, or sufferer, or prophetess or poetess, or in old age, or in any aspect of strength or tenderness, except that which associates itself especially with romantic love. Yet the cleanliness and dignity of Michel Angelo's male figures are incontestable, and bear striking witness to that nobility of the sentiment in him, which we have already seen illustrated in his sonnets. - Author: Edward Carpenter
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Edward Carpenter
#15. Even if it is painful and lonely, associate with worthy companions. - Author: Chris Prentiss
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Chris Prentiss
#16. I think Michael Moore is an amazing man - an amazing, brave man. And I think people are probably going to start saying, 'Don't associate with Cindy Sheehan.' People who speak truth to power somehow are marginalized in this country. - Author: Cindy Sheehan
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Cindy Sheehan
#17. It is a part of our office to stand uncloaked, masked, sword bared, upon the scaffold for a long time before the client is brought out. Some say this is to symbolize the unsleeping omnipresence of justice, but I believe the real reason is to give the crowd a focus, and the feeling that something is about to take place. A crowd is not the sum of the individuals who compose it. Rather it is a species of animal, without language or real consciousness, born when they gather, dying when they depart. Before the Hall of Justice, a ring of dimarchi surrounded the scaffold with their lances, and the pistol their officer carried could, I suppose, have killed fifty or sixty before someone could snatch it from him and knock him to the cobblestones to die. Still it is better to have a focus, and some open symbol of power.
Wolfe, Gene (1994-10-15). Shadow & Claw: The First Half of 'The Book of the New Sun' (p. 184). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. - Author: Gene Wolfe
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Gene Wolfe
#18. What we do in dreams we also do when we are awake: we invent and fabricate the person with whom we associate-and immediately forget we have done so. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#19. The thing that people associate with expertise, authoritativeness, kind of with a capital 'A,' don't correlate very well with who's actually good at making predictions. - Author: Nate Silver
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Nate Silver
#20. Every defendant knows, if endowed with the mental competence for criminal responsibility, that the life he will take by his homicidal behavior is that of a unique person, like himself, and that the person to be killed probably has close associates, 'survivors,' who will suffer harms and deprivations from the victim's death. - Author: David Souter
Erlbaum Associates quotes by David Souter
#21. The deviation of man from the state in which he was originally placed by nature seems to have proved to him a prolific source of diseases. From the love of splendour, from the indulgences of luxury, and from his fondness for amusement he has familiarised himself with a great number of animals, which may not originally have been intended for his associates.
The wolf, disarmed of ferocity, is now pillowed in the lady's lap. The cat, the little tiger of our island, whose natural home is the forest, is equally domesticated and caressed. The cow, the hog, the sheep, and the horse, are all, for a variety of purposes, brought under his care and dominion. - Author: Edward Jenner
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Edward Jenner
#22. Like the Birth Of Venus, the song [Yello "oh, Yeah"] denotes the birth of the bro. The song just reminds me of bros looking out over lowered Ray-Bans. It birthed a negative sexual revolution. I was going to a lot of bondage clubs at the time and they did play this song. The song I associate more is that horrible Enigma song with the Gregorian chant. There's something good buried in that song and I might not hate it as much if I hadn't been a sex worker. - Author: Margaret Cho
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Margaret Cho
#23. Trippers and askers surround me,
People I meet.... the effect upon me of my early life.....
of the ward and city I live in....of the nation,
The latest news....discoveries, inventions, societies....
authors old and new,
My dinner, dress, associates, looks, business, compliments,
The real or fancified indifference of some man or woman
I love,
The sickness of one of my folks- or of myself....or
ill-doing....or loss or lack of money....or
depressions or exaltations,
They come to me days and nights and go from me again,
But they are not the Me myself. - Author: Walt Whitman
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Walt Whitman
#24. To the gods I am indebted for having good grandfathers, good parents, a good sister, good teachers, good associates, good kinsmen and friends, nearly everything good. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#25. We are tempted (and encouraged) to believe that the kingdom of God spreads throughout the earth by presenting the gospel, through some pat formula, to strangers. That doesn't happen very often. The gospel spread throughout the world of the first centuries by conversations between close friends and relatives, business associates and neighbors-people with whom the passionate Christians already had personal contact. So today the Church grows and expands, and people come to maturity in Christ nearly always through the influence of people they already know and trust, like you.

Even the most shy person among us talks to people every day. Most of that talk is idle chatter, not very useful for the advancement of God's kingdom. Every one of those less-than-redemptive conversations is a lost opportunity for extending the Lordship of Jesus. However, if we could learn to enhance the quality of our conversations, we could improve our ability to do what Jesus commanded-make disciples. We could turn that meaningless chatter into a means of God's grace, helping our friends become all God intends for them and enriching their lives (and our own) in the process. - Author: D. Michael Henderson
Erlbaum Associates quotes by D. Michael Henderson
#26. Your associates can be priceless. - Author: Napoleon Hill
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Napoleon Hill
#27. Whatever obscurities may involve religious tenets, humility and love constitute the essence of true religion; the humble is formed to adore, the loving to associate with eternal love. - Author: Johann Kaspar Lavater
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Johann Kaspar Lavater
#28. People today find real debate about actual topics difficult, and much prefer the parody of debate which consists of giving a dog a bad name and then beating him for it, and lashing out, too, at anyone who associates with the dog you happen to be beating at the time. - Author: N. T. Wright
Erlbaum Associates quotes by N. T. Wright
#29. I want to thank my wife who I don't normally usually associate with Iran. I want to thank you for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases. It's good. It is work, but it's the best kind of work, and there's no one I'd rather work with! - Author: Ben Affleck
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Ben Affleck
#30. Taylor grinned. "Well, I've been giving these things a lot of thought - "
" - You really have been busy these past twelve hours - "
" - and I feel as though I've peaked in the large firm environment. After all, there's only so much you can learn in one place - "
" - I'm pretty sure that's a line from a song - "
" - and so I was thinking that maybe I should start my own law firm."
With this having been declared, they both fell silent. After a long moment, Jason spoke first.
"I think that's a great idea."
Taylor jumped off the couch excitedly. "I know! I can see it now - Taylor Donovan and Associates. That has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"
Jason gave her the strangest look. "Don't you mean Taylor Andrews and Associates?"
Taylor laughed as if this was the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard.
She stopped abruptly when she saw Jason's serious expression. "Ohh . . . I see our first fight as a married couple is going to be a big one. - Author: Julie James
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Julie James
#31. was speaking to hospitality associates at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, Florida, when one very young, very skinny, and very brave associate stood up. He said, "I didn't have a father, so I don't know how to properly button my jacket. Do I leave the last button open? When I need help with things like this, I don't know where to look for answers." After that tug at my heart, I wrote this career reference book specifically directed at hospitality associates globally. Hospitality Management: People Skills and Manners On and Off the Job covers just about every area of the hospitality associate's professional and personal life. - Author: Lyn Pont
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Lyn Pont
#32. was empty but for her. In the rows behind her sat a roomful of Sam's friends and former business associates, many of whom looked with angry surprise and spoke in barely concealed whispers - Author: S.K. Epperson
Erlbaum Associates quotes by S.K. Epperson
#33. Get your associates as fast as you can and then get a bachelors."
"I don't want that. I want to work in TV."
"Trust me, Laura. You'd be happier if you were an accountant. - Author: Teresa Lo
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Teresa Lo
#34. A man's mind is elevated to the status of the women he associates with. - Author: Professor Griff
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Professor Griff
#35. Like no one else ... you share that part of my mind that associates itself mostly with ideal things and places ... The impression thinking about you gives me is very closely linked with that given me by a lonely hillside or a sunny afternoon ... or books that have meant more to me than I can explain ... This is grand, but still it isn't enough for this world ... The earthly and obvious part of me longs to see and touch you and realise you as tangible. - Author: Vera Brittain
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Vera Brittain
#36. If you two are starting a detective agency, I want in," said Selene, adjusting her ball cap.

"Well, duh," said Eli, beaming at her.

"And we're going to need a name," Selene said. "Something good and catchy."

"You're right." Eli scratched his chin. "How about the Arkwell Detective Agency. The A.D.A."

Selene wrinkled her nose. "Sounds too much like a chemical or something."

"What about Booker and Associates?"

I rolled my eyes. "It's not all about you, you know?"

Eli grinned. "Says who?"

"I think we should call it Selene Investigations."

"No, Nightmare Investigations."

"Dreamer Investigations."

"The Dream Team."

"How about Magic Eyes? You know, like private eyes, only for magic."

"Corny much? - Author: Mindee Arnett
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Mindee Arnett
#37. Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. - Author: Sam Walton
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Sam Walton
#38. You can predict a person?s future and divine his bank balance if you know two things: the books he reads, the people he associates with. - Author: Earl Nightingale
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Earl Nightingale
#39. Do not have as friends harmful people, the wise person does not associate with the worst of people. Have as friends virtuous people, the wise person associates with the best of people. - Author: Gautama Buddha
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Gautama Buddha
#40. Now if you not only support them through that pregnancy, but now provide childcare for them so they can go back to school and get their GED or their associate's degree or bachelor's degree or their master's degree, learn how to take care of themselves, teach their baby how to take care of themselves so that you break the cycle of the dependency. - Author: Benjamin Carson
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Benjamin Carson
#41. The syrup of lilies hangs thick and sweet in the air, its cloying scent the traditional mask of death and rebirth: ashes and incense, rain and dirt, and something like rosin. It's the scent Hector associates with God. The scent of heavenly things. - Author: Kimberly Morgan
Erlbaum Associates quotes by Kimberly Morgan

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