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#1. Years later I saw a film - poignantly sad, and for me unbearably so - about a scientist who had invented a kind of total sense recorder, not just video but audio and smellio and touchio and the rest, which he set to play every afternoon in a given place a given time, for as long as the mechanism lasted. The scene he projected was that of a dozen or so young couples dancing on a terrace in the same holiday house, on the same island, where the recorder itself was kept. Then this young man comes across it while it is playing and at first is convinced he is watching a real occurrence: he sees this beautiful girl, in her slinky 1930s outfit, dancing and laughing and chattering with her friends, and he falls in love with her on the spot. Second day, same time around, he comes to the island at a slightly different time so he sees a slightly different excerpt, and still doesn't twig and falls deeper in love. And so on and so forth for various days until he happens on a duplicate bit and realises something is wrong. But by then, of course, he is irretrievably hooked. So what does he do? He digs out the machine, fiddles with its insides until he has grasped its workings, and then sets it up in recording mode and records himself into the scene in a desperate last-ditch attempt to join the dancers. Which works, and there he stays: trapped there amongst them in a virtual dimension, forever young, forever re-enacting the same little loop of life, over and over. - Author: A.P. .
Entorno Virtual quotes by A.P. .
#2. Our prediction is that the emerging tracking and rendering technologies offered by Nintendo's Wii, Microsoft's Kinect, and PlayStation's Move will combine with 3-D monitors and inexpensive head-mounted displays to increase consumer demand substantially in the next few years. In other words, virtual reality will soon become the killer app of the multibillion dollar gaming industry. - Author: Jim Blascovich
Entorno Virtual quotes by Jim Blascovich
#3. To see justice done, men were prepared to take the law into their own hands. In the Carolinas, bands of vigilantes or Regulators crisscrossed the territory in the late 1760s, stamping out local hooligans and waging war on interlopers. This vigilante attitude was epitomized by a Scots Borders descendant from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, named Captain William Lynch. He ruled as virtual dictator of his county, punishing wrongdoers and warning lawless elements that "we will inflict such corporal punishment on him or them, as to us shall seem adequate to the crime committed or the damage sustained." "Lynch's Law," and the punishments and hangings it inflicted, also became part of American culture - an ugly part, but a legacy of a harsh world and a harsh, unforgiving people. - Author: Arthur Herman
Entorno Virtual quotes by Arthur Herman
#4. Brummer was unique. His world was known as a haven for those who still refused to embrace technology. Like most Dragolians, he was similar to the original template of a human being. For ages, Dragolians had refused the implementation of advanced genes within their population. Whereas most humans had infrared, telescopic, and fractional vision that permitted them to observe and scrutinize four or five different things at once at various depths, Dragolians did not. While most humans could survive with their gills under oceans or with their skin sealant secretion in the vacuum of space and hostilities of planet atmospheres, Dragolians couldn't. They lacked double genitals, temperature control genes and other basic comforts that were standards on any individual. They still possessed the original brain schematic, refusing to compartmentalize areas to specific functions with enhanced nerve terminals. It had been proven long ago that a triple brain split into small sectors connected with each other was the most functional intellectual state. One part was mainly used for the conscious state, one for the virtual state, and the other as the control center of the body's physiology while also doubling as the backup copy of the essential traits of the other two parts. This third part of the brain also was the input/output terminal that interacted between the two other minds and the cyber world. Even so, this was all likely to change in a few years as research was on the verge of eliminati - Author: Vincent Pet
Entorno Virtual quotes by Vincent Pet
#5. ...self-discovery has been so tainted by technology and the fear of loss it creates. The immediacy that the internet and all things digital provide has cut off an arm of real experience, trumping virtual validation over lived reflection. - Author: Emma Bee Bernstein
Entorno Virtual quotes by Emma Bee Bernstein
#6. If I were a candy bar I'd want to be a snicker, because then I'd have the last laugh!! - Author: Neil Leckman
Entorno Virtual quotes by Neil Leckman
#7. Here's my suggestion to musicians: When you're about to reach for whatever musical tools you use, virtual or real, guitar or computer, ask yourself if you're doing so to save time or because you don't feel like straining your brain. Or, more important, ask yourself if you have anything to say yet. If not, keep working (or playing) upstairs, in your brain. Sure, it's okay to react to what happens when playing with the tools -- or the way a chord sounds, a loop, or even an accident. But make sure you express what you wanted to say or what you imagined. Don't let your tools make you their bitch. - Author: Ben Folds
Entorno Virtual quotes by Ben Folds
#8. The dismantling of the vast and wholly parasitic armaments industry had given an unprecedented - sometimes, indeed, unhealthy - boost to the world economy. No longer were vital raw materials and brilliant engineering talents swallowed up in a virtual black hole - or, even worse, turned to destruction. Instead, they could be used to repair the ravages and neglect of centuries, by rebuilding the world. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Entorno Virtual quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#9. Does your family play games, too?" She tries to sound off-hand.
"No. Just me - and my brother."
Which means her parents are in the casinos, then, leaving this kid in a collapsing mine. Okay, a virtual one, but still. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Entorno Virtual quotes by Nenia Campbell
#10. When I saw how real virtual reality can be, and that we can replace human vision with virtual vision, this can be the ultimate platform. - Author: Brendan Iribe
Entorno Virtual quotes by Brendan Iribe
#11. I've always been afraid that if I played Sim City I'd just get virtual junk mail for occupant/resident since it is so much like real life!!! It would suck to be invisible in two worlds at once, as always that gives me an interesting story idea.
Have to run someone, no doubt a solicitor, is at my door ... - Author: Neil Leckman
Entorno Virtual quotes by Neil Leckman
#12. In AR, a falling tree makes no sound unless there is a witness to behold the event. Otherwise, it is only a changing pattern in a complex data-stream. - Author: Mark Cantrell
Entorno Virtual quotes by Mark Cantrell
#13. Is not a problem looking for a quick fix. Life is a conversation and you need places to have it. The virtual provides us with more spaces for these conversations and these are enriching. But what makes the physical so precious is that it supports continuity in a different way; it doesn't come and go, and it binds people to it. You can't just log off or drop out. - Author: Sherry Turkle
Entorno Virtual quotes by Sherry Turkle
#14. They weren't people that liked change. They were the kind of people that would have tied change to a chair with dental floss if they could in order to avoid it. They were the type of people who desired to live in their virtual bubbles and grew to resent anyone that challenged that world. - Author: Anna M. Aquino
Entorno Virtual quotes by Anna M. Aquino
#15. True friendship is counted in memories, experiences, and troubles shared; it's a bond built up over time in person, not a virtual tally on the Internet. It finds you; you don't find it. - Author: Connor Franta
Entorno Virtual quotes by Connor Franta
#16. [Virtual Currencies] may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations Promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system. - Author: Ben Bernanke
Entorno Virtual quotes by Ben Bernanke
#17. I really believe that the virtual world mirrors the physical world. - Author: Marissa Mayer
Entorno Virtual quotes by Marissa Mayer
#18. The major impediment to experiencing the sacred depths of ordinary moments is the speed and distraction of contemporary life that moves to the imperatives of the global economic order.In addition, we increasingly live in a virtual world in which our reality is filtered through media and information technology. - Author: Sam Keen
Entorno Virtual quotes by Sam Keen
#19. When you put on the headset, you want to be tricked; you want your mind to believe you are actually teleported to this new virtual place. - Author: Brendan Iribe
Entorno Virtual quotes by Brendan Iribe
#20. Thrice damned she howls like Cerberus to the night
Guarding virtues that lie like forgotten stains
On oaken floors that pave the willow lined paths of the past
That lead to a meadow filled with the detritus of wasted love
Rotting under a forgotten sun that no longer shines
In a heart gone cold therein lies the haste of anger. - Author: Neil Leckman
Entorno Virtual quotes by Neil Leckman
#21. ... there was no better company for an especially personal revelation than the company of virtual strangers. - Author: John Irving
Entorno Virtual quotes by John Irving
#22. I think what I need to do is stay awake while I'm sleeping so I can see what I'm dreaming better!! - Author: Neil Leckman
Entorno Virtual quotes by Neil Leckman
#23. When I work with experimental gadgets, like new variations on virtual reality, in a lab environment, I am always reminded of how small changes in the details of a digital design can have profound unforeseen effects on the experiences of the humans who are playing with it. The slightest change in something as seemingly trivial as the use of a button can sometimes completely alter behavior patterns.
For instance, Stanford University researcher Jeremy Bailenson has demonstrated that changing the height of one's avatar in immersive virtual reality transforms self-esteem and social self-perception. Technologies are extensions of ourselves, and, like the avatars in Jeremy's lab, our identities can be shifted by the quirks of gadgets. It is impossible to work with information technology without also engaging in social engineering. - Author: Jaron Lanier
Entorno Virtual quotes by Jaron Lanier
#24. Management OS should be nothing but a Management OS for Hyper-V. Don't make it a domain controller, don't install SQL Server, don't turn it into a Remote Desktop Services session host; Microsoft's support services won't like it. Instead, install those applications in virtual machines that are running on the host. - Author: Aidan Finn
Entorno Virtual quotes by Aidan Finn
#25. What are you? German? American? English? Greek? Japanese? Turkish? French? Indian? Chinese? These are not real, these are virtual! You are human! This is what is real! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Entorno Virtual quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#26. This virtual world is sparsely populated but you may find some of my soldiers that were able to get in to the world who may prove to be a big help in your quest. That is if they haven't been captured by the gloobas or turn into traitors themselves. - Elder God "The Thousand Years War - Author: Angel Ramon Medina
Entorno Virtual quotes by Angel Ramon Medina
#27. It could always all be unreal - how could you ever tell otherwise? You took it on trust, in part because what would be the point of doing anything else? When the fake behaved exactly like the real, why treat it as anything different? You gave it the benefit of the doubt, until something proved otherwise. - Author: Iain M. Banks
Entorno Virtual quotes by Iain M. Banks
#28. The first million words are the hardest. - Author: Francis Hamit
Entorno Virtual quotes by Francis Hamit
#29. But the thing that stands eternally in the way of really good writing is always one: the virtual impossibility of lifting to the imagination those things which lie under the direct scrutiny of the senses, close to the nose. It is this difficulty that sets a value upon all works of art and makes them a necessity. The senses witnessing what is immediately before them in detail see a finality which they cling to in despair, not knowing which way to turn. Thus this so-called natural or scientific array becomes fixed, the walking devil of modern life. - Author: William Carlos Williams
Entorno Virtual quotes by William Carlos Williams
#30. Virtual reality is just air guitar writ large. - Author: Robert J. Sawyer
Entorno Virtual quotes by Robert J. Sawyer
#31. Reading a book carves brand-new neural pathways into the ancient cortical bedrock of our brains. It transforms the way we see the world. Makes us, as Nicholas Carr puts it in his recent essay 'The Dreams of Readers', 'more alert to the inner lives of others'.
We become vampires without being bitten. In other words, more empathic. Books make us see in a way that casual immersion in the Internet, and the quickfire virtual world it offers, doesn't. - Author: Kevin Dutton
Entorno Virtual quotes by Kevin Dutton
#32. If some unemployed punk in New Jersey, can get a cassette to make love to Elle McPherson for $19.95, this virtual reality stuff is going to make crack look like Sanka. - Author: Dennis Miller
Entorno Virtual quotes by Dennis Miller
#33. When I look at this world I feel a deep pain.
A burden in my soul.
This overwhelming sadness threatens to engulf me, to crush me with waves of despair.

Who can I trust but you?

Our Western civilization has fallen foul to false idols.
Community is replaced by screen's of various sizes.
Friendship is reduced to a virtual status.

Yet in You I find community.
In you I find friendship.
The wife you provided, the baby on the way.

The love of this world is enmity with you.
The world's love blows hot and cold.
A politics of hate, a muffled church, neighbourhoods of fear and pain -
Broken, All Broken!
But, Your light still shines.
Pockets of hope, sparkles in the night.
The Sunrise is coming! - Author: David Holdsworth
Entorno Virtual quotes by David Holdsworth
#34. Virtual representation is so absurd as to not deserve an answer. I therefore pass it over with contempt. - Author: Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden
Entorno Virtual quotes by Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden
#35. Steven Spielberg making a Ready Player One movie is going to change the course of human history as pertains to how quickly virtual reality is adopted. He's going to shows the whole world the potential of VR, which is one of the reasons I think he's doing it. Once you have to compose for 360 degrees, and a movie is different every time you watch it depending on where you choose to look, it's like the dawn of a new era. - Author: Ernest Cline
Entorno Virtual quotes by Ernest Cline
#36. Certainly, virtual reality headsets are behind in resolution, but it'll all catch up pretty quickly once there's a consumer market and there's demand. - Author: Brendan Iribe
Entorno Virtual quotes by Brendan Iribe
#37. Neural implants could accomplish things no external interface could: Virtual and augmented reality with all five senses; augmentation of human memory, attention, and learning speed; even multi-sense telepathy - sharing what we see, hear, touch, and even perhaps what we think and feel with others. - Author: Ramez Naam
Entorno Virtual quotes by Ramez Naam
#38. Private listening really took off in 1979, with the popularity of the Walkman portable cassette player. Listening to music on a Walkman is a variation of the "sitting very still in a concert hall" experience (there are no acoustic distractions), combined with the virtual space (achieved by adding reverb and echo to the vocals and instruments) that studio recording allows. With headphones on, you can hear and appreciate extreme detail and subtlety, and the lack of uncontrollable reverb inherent in hearing music in a live room means that rhythmic material survives beautifully and completely intact; it doesn't get blurred or turned into sonic mush as it often does in a concert hall. You, and only you, the audience of one, can hear a million tiny details, even with the compression that MP3 technology adds to recordings. You can hear the singer's breath intake, their fingers on a guitar string. That said, extreme and sudden dynamic changes can be painful on a personal music player. As - Author: David Byrne
Entorno Virtual quotes by David Byrne

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