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#1. Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You'll find what you need to furnish it- memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey. - Author: Tad Williams
End Of Journey quotes by Tad Williams
#2. Find the journey's end in every step. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
End Of Journey quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#3. Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. - Author: Christina Rossetti
End Of Journey quotes by Christina Rossetti
#4. In her experience, it was those first sixty seconds, from the moment she flashed her P.I. license to the end of her pitch, that she was most likely to earn someone's cooperation. Older people were the easiest, if only because they were so often bored out of their minds that they welcomed any distraction. Men were curt, but they usually found the time, as long as she did the little-me, big-eye, big-chest thing. Women were more skeptical, because women spent their lives listening to bullshit. - Author: Laura Lippman
End Of Journey quotes by Laura Lippman
#5. As long as I talked unceasingly about the Lord,The Lord stayed away, kept at a distance.But when I silenced my mouth, sat very stillAnd fixed my mind at the doorway of the Lord,I was linked to the music of the Word,And all my talking came to an end. - Author: Kabir
End Of Journey quotes by Kabir
#6. What is life, in the end, but a series of small victories and larger failures? - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
End Of Journey quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#7. I'm always sort of anticipating life being difficult, but on a basic level, that's sort of on the surface, on a basic level, I'm optimistic in the sense that I think it's all going to be alright in the end. - Author: Emily Mortimer
End Of Journey quotes by Emily Mortimer
#8. Those little age differentials, so crucial and so gross when we are young, erode. We end up belonging to the same category, that of the non-young. I've never much minded this myself. [p. 66] - Author: Julian Barnes
End Of Journey quotes by Julian Barnes
#9. I hope no one who reads this book has been quite as miserable as Susan and Lucy were that night; but if you have been - if you've been up all night and cried till you have no more tears left in you - you will know that there comes in the end a sort of quietness. You feel as if nothing is ever going to happen again. - Author: C.S. Lewis
End Of Journey quotes by C.S. Lewis
#10. Even if you're going through hardships, it doesn't mean that God isn't with you, he doesn't love you, or he isn't watching out for you. He may be testing your faith, seeing if you'll turn TO him in your time of crisis or turn AWAY from him. And if you're a true Christian, then that means that you're his child, and he's your father. And in the end, children always turn to their parents, and they'll forever need them. Just as we will always need God in our life to survive, and live a life as a Christian. Your life may not me extravagant here, but it will be in heaven, where you can be in the Lord's lap. - Author: No Longer Available
End Of Journey quotes by No Longer Available
#11. I liked to imagine there was that kind of softness inside even the toughest of tough guys. In that regard, I guess I'm like most other women. I like the idea of these bad boys having soft nougat centers. Of course, not all men are like that. You brek them open, expecting nougat, and you end up with something disgusting like coconut. That's something that needs to be understood from the get-go. Some men are just assholes. Period. - Author: Jennifer Becton
End Of Journey quotes by Jennifer Becton
#12. He'd [Cork] learned early not to invest a lot of emotion in thinking about the truth in a crime. As a cop, he'd gathered evidfence that had been used to guess at the truth, but in the end responsibility for assembling the pieces and nailing truth to the wall was in the hands of others - lawyers, judges, and juries. Truth became a democratic process, the will of twelve. He'd been burned when he cared too deeply. As a result, he'd trained himself to remain a little distant in his emotional involvement on a case. In the end, the outcome was out of his hands, and to allow himself to believe too strongly in the absoluteness of a thing he couldn't control was useless. He felt different now. Desperate in a way. This time he had to hold the truth in his own hands like a beating heart. - Author: William Kent Krueger
End Of Journey quotes by William Kent Krueger
#13. Someone who touches your heart, all be it a mere fleeting moment, means no less than those who stay a lifetime. The longing is no less, and your life will never be the same after their gentle caress burns a swathe through your soul as there it will remain until the end of time... - Author: Virginia Alison
End Of Journey quotes by Virginia Alison
#14. I might not know every step of my journey, but standing still wouldn't accomplish a thing. Sometimes you just had to take a step, whatever the direction, and see what happened. - Author: Jean Brashear
End Of Journey quotes by Jean Brashear
#15. No university in the world has ever risen to greatness without a correspondingly great library ... When this is no longer true, then will our civilization have come to an end. - Author: Lawrence Clark Powell
End Of Journey quotes by Lawrence Clark Powell
#16. The summer night is like a perfection of thought. - Author: Wallace Stevens
End Of Journey quotes by Wallace Stevens
#17. What I remember most is that the laws of physics no longer seemed to apply. Gravity was backwards and the world was, I'm quite certain, moving in slow motion. His pull wasn't a pull; I was just falling upward, and he caught me. There really was no beginning or end to the kiss; it wasn't even really there- and because of that, it was tremendous. Our lips were just four sweet, shy people meeting, saying, "Hello, it's nice to meet you." But what passed between them was massive. Nuclear. And in an instant, every cobweb inside me was obliterated. My inner struggles, my uncertainty, my fear of tiger attack ... gone. Just the feeling of being a newborn, a pure soul just waiting to be imprinted upon. - Author: James Patterson
End Of Journey quotes by James Patterson
#18. God is in complete control. He knows the end from the beginning. God knows what you will need a week from now, a month from now, even ten years from now. And the good news is He's already taking care of you. - Author: Joel Osteen
End Of Journey quotes by Joel Osteen
#19. For one thing, everyone there is so clever. Do they think me dull?
Perhaps I should assure them that our goats enjoyed listening to me for hours on end. I am certain their bleats meant "Do go on, Miri, darling. You are immensely entertaining."
Your immensely entertaining sister,
Miri - Author: Shannon Hale
End Of Journey quotes by Shannon Hale
#20. Mr. Geronimo's life up to this point had been a journey of a type that was no longer uncommon in our ancestors' peripatetic world, in which people easily became detached from places, beliefs, communities, countries, languages, and from even more important things, such as honor, morality, good judgment, and truth; in which, we may say, they splintered away from the authentic narratives of their life stories and spent the rest of their days trying to discover, or forge, new, synthetic narratives of their own. - Author: Salman Rushdie
End Of Journey quotes by Salman Rushdie
#21. There's a lot of fear connected with the inner journey because it penetrates our illusions. Taking the inner journey will lead you into some very shadowy places. You're going to learn things about yourself that you'll wish you didn't know. There are monsters in there-monsters you can't control-but trying to keep them hidden will only give them greater power. - Author: Parker J. Palmer
End Of Journey quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#22. How can we expect the world to change if we are unwilling to change ourselves? We hate the haters, judge the judgers, and refuse to forgive the supposed unforgivable. We are hypocrites, most of us, comfortable condemning others for the same things we do. Like sheep we follow, like wolves we attack, like fools we listen to the loudest voices, even when they scream nothing but hate. We are lost in our desire to be like everyone else, and paralyzed in our fear to be ourselves. We are desperate to feel safe amidst our cries for retaliation and more wars. Where is the common sense? If we want to end war, then be peaceful. If we want to know love, then stop hating. if we want to find happiness, then let go of negativity, and befriend gratitude. real change isn't born from making the same choices over and over, especially choices muddied with insecurity and fear. we can't wrest ourselves from darkness by turning out our light. everything just gets darker then. Let's worry less about changing the world and more about changing ourselves. That, we can do, each one of us. With commitment and work. And a single candle does wonders in even the darkest of nights. - Author: Scott Stabile
End Of Journey quotes by Scott Stabile
#23. Transition and change - guaranteed to cause anxiety. That anxiety shows itself in physical and behavioral ways, but also with thoughts (sometimes really crazy ones). This is the (primitive/automatic) brain's way of keeping us safe from the danger of change. We end up getting so involved with the feeling and thoughts of anxiety, we get distracted from the "danger". If we trust the anxiety then our primitive brain has succeeded in "protecting" us from the danger. I suggest not believing, trusting, or taking direction from the anxiety and continue your pursuits forward. Then, you will be amazed at your ability to attract and reveal your true capabilities, your light, your magic. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
End Of Journey quotes by Charles F. Glassman
#24. There is no end to the petals of the inner rose. Continue to unfold set after set of petals until you have completed your meditation session. - Author: Frederick Lenz
End Of Journey quotes by Frederick Lenz
#25. What people still do not like to admit is that there were two crimes in the form of one. Just as the destruction of Jewry was the necessary condition for the rise and expansion of Nazism, so the ethnic cleansing of Germans was a precondition for the Stalinization of Poland. I first noticed this point when reading an essay by the late Ernest Gellner, who at the end of the war had warned Eastern Europeans that collective punishment of Germans would put them under Stalin's tutelage indefinitely. They would always feel the guilty need for an ally against potential German revenge. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
End Of Journey quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#26. I am always interested in characters who are in these kinds of transitional moments in their lives, when it's not clear where they're going to end up. It's interesting territory for fiction. - Author: K.M. Soehnlein
End Of Journey quotes by K.M. Soehnlein
#27. When I was waiting tables, washing dishes, or mowing lawns for money, I never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. I was on my own path, my own journey, an American journey where I could think for myself, decide for myself, define happiness for myself. - Author: Paul Ryan
End Of Journey quotes by Paul Ryan
#28. It's like this. Sometimes, when you've a very long street ahead of you, you think how terribly long it is and feel sure you'll never get it swept. And then you start to hurry. You work faster and faster and every time you look up there seems to be just as much left to sweep as before, and you try even harder, and you panic, and in the end you're out of breath and have to stop
and still the street stretches away in front of you. That's not the way to do it.
You must never think of the whole street at once, understand? You must only concentrate on the next step, the next breath, the next stroke of the broom, and the next, and the next. Nothing else.
That way you enjoy your work, which is important, because then you make a good job of it. And that's how it ought to be.
And all at once, before you know it, you find you've swept the whole street clean, bit by bit. what's more, you aren't out of breath. That's important, too ... (28-29) - Author: Michael Ende
End Of Journey quotes by Michael Ende
#29. If you listen to the urban speech patterns in India you'll find it's quite characteristic that a sentence will begin in one language, go through a second language and end in a third. It's the very playful, very natural result of juggling languages. You are always reaching for the most appropriate phrase. - Author: Salman Rushdie
End Of Journey quotes by Salman Rushdie
#30. Nonetheless, when it finally ended and the hairdressers left and Tess insisted upon pulling her to the mirror, Fire saw, and understood, that everyone had done the job well. The dress, deep shimmering purple and utterly simple in design, was so beautifully-cut and so clingy and well-fitting that Fire felt slightly naked. And her hair. She couldn't follow what they'd done with her hair, braids thin as threads in some places, looped and wound through the thick sections that fell over her shoulders and down her back, but she saw that the end result was a controlled wildness that was magnificent against her face, her body, and the dress. She turned to measure the effect on her guard - all twenty of them, for all had roles to play in tonight's proceedings, and all were awaiting her orders. Twenty jaws hung slack with astonishment - even Musa's, Mila's, and Neel's. Fire touched their minds, and was pleased, and then angry, to find them open as the glass roofs in July.

'Take hold of yourselves,' she snapped. 'It's a disguise, remember? This isn't going to work if the people meant to help me can't keep their heads.'

'It will work, Lady Granddaughter.' Tess handed Fire two knives in ankle holsters. 'You'll get what you want from whomever you want. Tonight King Nash would give you the Winged River as a present, if you asked for it. Dells, child - Prince Brigan would give you his best warhorse. - Author: Kristin Cashore
End Of Journey quotes by Kristin Cashore
#31. Europe is often held up as a cautionary tale, a demonstration that if you try to make the economy less brutal, to take better care of your fellow citizens when they're down on their luck, you end up killing economic progress. But what European experience actually demonstrates is the opposite: social justice and progress can go hand in hand. - Author: Paul Krugman
End Of Journey quotes by Paul Krugman
#32. TWENTY YEARS AFTER the end of air travel, the caravans of the Traveling Symphony moved slowly under a white-hot sky. - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
End Of Journey quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#33. If the world ended the day after tomorrow, I would not go to my death without first knowing I'd done everything I could to save my friend. - Author: Rick Riordan
End Of Journey quotes by Rick Riordan
#34. There's a lot of terrible things goin' on all the time, but you gotta try and have some fun in the end. - Author: Mose Allison
End Of Journey quotes by Mose Allison
#35. Ending

I lied.
I wanted you from that moment.
I wanted you, wrapped in starlight and reflections,
To be tied up with strings.
And ropes.
And chains.
I wanted you hanging around my neck
Like a charm I could press to my heart and
Make three wishes on.

But I trapped the want
And the words inside my mouth.
I buried those secret things under my tongue,
Biting down until blood and bitterness
Filled my mouth
And poured down the back of my throat.

In the beginning, you said, there was only water.
But what about the end?

I closed my eyes and lay flat
With my back to the ocean
And my face to the sky.
I lifted my hands and caught ribbons of wind
Underneath my fingernails.
I rode the water for so long,
I forgot what my skin felt like when it was dry. - Author: Autumn Doughton
End Of Journey quotes by Autumn Doughton
#36. Bertrand Russell declared that, in case he met God, he would say to Him, "Sir, you did not give us enough information." I would add to that, "All the same, Sir, I'm not persuaded that we did the best we could with the information we had. Toward the end there, anyway, we had tons of information. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
End Of Journey quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#37. A true big dreamer takes small steps to reach the end of the dream. - Author: W.O. Makora
End Of Journey quotes by W.O. Makora
#38. The Colonel explained to me that 1. this was Alaska's room, and that 2. she had a single room because the girl who was supposed to be her roommate got kicked out at the end of last year, and that 3. Alaska had cigarettes, although the Colonel neglected to ask whether 4. I smoked, which 5. I didn't. - Author: John Green
End Of Journey quotes by John Green
#39. My sister, she's amazing. She sort of inspired me to take this journey to Latin America. - Author: Jenna Bush
End Of Journey quotes by Jenna Bush
#40. I turned myself into an artist because then my life would be about creating meaning out of ugliness and that would be my life, and it was noble. It was the beginning of a journey, the creating of the world every single day and I was not bored. I was ecstasy and creation and nothingness turned into melodies and I was dancing with the spirits. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
End Of Journey quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#41. Aunt Prue was holding one of the squirrels in her hand, while it sucked ferociously on the end of the dropper. 'And once a day, we have ta clean their little private parts with a Q-tip, so they'll learn ta clean themselves.' That was a visual I didn't need. 'How could you possibly know that?' 'We looked it up on the E-nternet.' Aunt Mercy smiled proudly. I couldn't imagine how my aunts knew anything about the Internet. The Sisters didn't even own a toaster oven. 'How did you get on the Internet?' 'Thelma took us ta the library and Miss Marian helped us. They have computers over there. Did you know that? - Author: Kami Garcia
End Of Journey quotes by Kami Garcia
#42. The rest of the journey passed pleasantly enough; Harry wished it could have gone on all summer, in fact, and that he would never arrive at King's Cross... but as he had learned the hard way that year, time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead, and all too soon, the Hogwarts Express was pulling in at platform nine and three-quarters. - Author: J.K. Rowling
End Of Journey quotes by J.K. Rowling

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