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When he first met Kai, Sehun already knew that he was about to lose entire world. Although at the time, he thought that Kai would try to destroy his world. How can you hang on to something so incomprehensible? How can you keep pouring love into an abyss? An abyss. That was what Kai was. This town was not his home. This house was not his home. Kai was. Being in his arms, having him inflict a sort of beautiful pain was home. Sehun fell for Kai and he fell for Sehun just as hard. ~ Hyperionova
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Hyperionova
His entire body softened at Kai's touch. Any softer, he'd have melted between Kai's fingers like thawing winter. ~ Hyperionova
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Hyperionova
The more you give up, the more you can't do. ~ Tao Exo
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Tao Exo
Thank you for this amazing adventure. I never knew that someone could love without limit. Even when you can't hear me say that I love you or when I can't hear you say that you love me, I found a wonderful lover that I hope to be with even in all of my other lives." he lifted his hands off Kai's neck. 'I love you.'

Kai held the sides of Sehun's face and connected their lips for a passionate kiss as they dropped to their knees. Kai forced a smile as he wiped the tears on Sehun's cheeks. 'And you will never know how much I love you. ~ FishMeAnEXo
Encaminhar Exo quotes by FishMeAnEXo
He's sleeping, Mr. Kim." Sehun muttered. "Don't disturb him. ~ FishMeAnEXo
Encaminhar Exo quotes by FishMeAnEXo
Don't give up on your dreams and keep working toward it. ~ LuHan
Encaminhar Exo quotes by LuHan
When the Zetas fill the sky,
Will our leaders tell us why?
Fully loaded satellites,
Will conquer nothing but our minds. ~ Matthew J. Bellamy
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Matthew J. Bellamy
The best thing in life is being able to do what people say you're not able to do. ~ Xiumin
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Xiumin
It was the first time that he'd cried in a very long time. All of his emotions poured out now, in a great rush of release: it was sadness tinged with bitterness, but mostly an intensely deep feeling of loss. ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
Even thought you can't see it, my son, things are changing. Things ALWAYS change, given enough time and pressure. The very thought of that is scary to some, but change is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It is a simple fact of life. ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
Time is one terrible enemy. ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
We can't help but to be human & get hurt. ~ D.O
Encaminhar Exo quotes by D.O
Your particular trip isn't done just yet. Remember that true enlightenment is never finished. Ever. Understanding is never complete. ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
So, Mr Oh Sehun." Kai called, grinning like an idiot. "Tell me more about you."

"Why would I?"

"So that I can distract myself from my shitty life. But please, no bluh bluh X plus 5X equals to 8 shit."

Sehun blinked his eyes at how Kai said that. This was the first time he had found the guy to be cute. "For your information, X plus 5X is not equivalent to 8. ~ FishMeAnEXo
Encaminhar Exo quotes by FishMeAnEXo
Winning or losing doesn't matter as long as we have each other. ~ EXO
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO
The Exo went pale when he realized what we were dealing with. Well, what he thought we were dealing with. I never really thought he was a paragon of courage, mister 'I'll-be-Captain-one-of-these-days' Beckett. He wanted to turn a blind eye as it were, and keep going. Of course we didn't want to break the law – or tempt karma… so the Captain over-ruled him and decided to stop. It was. A trap, I mean. But nothing like we thought – not something as mundane as Corsairs. Oh, no. And it didn't spring on us till days later, when we were light-years away. ~ Christina Engela
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Christina Engela
My first instinct was to come rushing to you. To scream in your face, to shake you out of it... anything to get you to come back to me. But I knew that you needed to take the time on your own. We all have a different journey. ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
I was depressed. I guess I still am ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
Sehun love Kai." he brushed his fingers on the gravestone. "Kai love Sehun."

"Sooooo much, Sehun... ~ FishMeAnEXo
Encaminhar Exo quotes by FishMeAnEXo
It's natural to fear death, as a conscious, thinking being - it's the literal end of you. I'm not even afraid of death itself. It's more of a profound... not wanting to leave the party ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
Forget all your regrets. Just mover on and be fearless. ~ D.O
Encaminhar Exo quotes by D.O
Sadly, history shows us that people literally scrambled their children's brains with heavy exposure to screens at young ages. Developing primate brains are wired to interact with others in a real environment, learning the enormous range of human behaviours from copying the people they love and trust, not staring mindlessly at images. ~ EXO Books
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Books
How much blunter can I be, Sehun? After tonight, it should be pretty obvious."

"What should be pretty obvious?"

"Don't play coy."

"Kai - "

"I want you, Sehun. How many times should I tell you that?" he cupped Sehun's cheek, staring into his eyes. "And I'd go through every bit of what I went through tonight again if it were for you. ~ Hyperionova
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Hyperionova
I don't need those memories, Kai. We can make new ones. We… can start over. Just like we've met only yesterday. ~ Hyperionova
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Hyperionova
At dorm, I prefer practicing than resting. Maybe my practice time could be more than 2,000 hours ~ Kim Jongin Kai EXO
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Kim Jongin Kai EXO
No matter how hard it is, I will always smile like an idiot. ~ EXO Chanyeol
Encaminhar Exo quotes by EXO Chanyeol
God is solitary in His excellency. "Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?" (Exo 15:11). ~ Arthur W. Pink
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Arthur W. Pink
If you rush ahead, you will miss the important things. ~ D.O
Encaminhar Exo quotes by D.O
Let's live while doing things we like. ~ Sehun Exo-K
Encaminhar Exo quotes by Sehun Exo-K
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