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Till Elizabeth entered the drawing-room at Netherfield, and looked in vain for Mr. Wickham among the cluster of red coats there assembled, a doubt of his being present had never occurred to her. The certainty of meeting him had not been checked by any of those recollections that might not unreasonably have alarmed her. She had dressed with more than usual care, and prepared in the highest spirits for the conquest of all that remained unsubdued of his heart, trusting that it was not more than might be won in the course of the evening. But in an instant arose the dreadful suspicion of his being purposely omitted for Mr. Darcy's pleasure in the Bingleys' invitation to the officers; and though this was not exactly the case, the absolute fact of his absence was pronounced by his friend Denny, to whom Lydia eagerly applied, and who told them that Wickham had been obliged to go to town on business the day before, and was not yet returned; adding, with a significant smile, "I do not imagine his business would have called him away just now, if he had not wanted to avoid a certain gentleman here. ~ Jane Austen
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Jane Austen
DO WHAT YOUR HEART tells you to do, and hope for the best had been Lou's advice. Elizabeth found it ironic that her heart was telling her to murder Caroline Bingley and dispose of the body in the San Francisco Bay.
"No, those floatation devices on her chest will keep her from sinking," she murmured to herself as she steered her car toward Darcy's place. "Better to give her the dirt nap." Homicidal fantasies had filled her mind for the past twenty-four hours. ~ Sara Angelini
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Sara Angelini
There is seldom a physical description of a character or scene in Pride and Prejudice and yet we feel that we have seen each of these characters and their intimate worlds; we feel we know them, and sense their surroundings. We can see Elizabeth's reaction to Darcy's denunciation of her beauty, Mrs. Bennet chattering at the dinner table or Elizabeth and Darcy walking in and out of the shadows of the Pemberley estate. The amazing thing is that all of this is created mainly through tone - different tones of voice, words that become haughty and naughty, soft, harsh, coaxing, insinuating, insensible, vain.
The sense of touch that is missing from Austen's novels is replaced by a tension, an erotic texture of sounds and silences. She manages to create a feeling of longing by setting characters who want each other at odds. ~ Azar Nafisi
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Azar Nafisi
So what do you think, Miss Bennet? Will you come to Pemberley?" He Spoke quietly over her shoulder; she hadn't realized he was so close. Feeling a mischievous impulse, likely from her nervousness at his proximity, she said the first thing that came to her mind.
"It is tolerable, I suppose, but not hadsome enough to tempt me."
Mr. Darcy's face went from shocked and angry, to hurt and confused, and finally to understanding as her words sunk in. ~ Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Adams
The most moving scene for me in 'Pride and Prejudice' is the Pemberley music room scene: Elizabeth has just saved Darcy's sister from embarrassment and confusion, and as the music plays on, Darcy's look of gratitude becomes a look of love, which we see reciprocated in Elizabeth's eyes. ~ Andrew Davies
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Andrew Davies
Alma learned that her father drank out of bottles in the evening, and that those bottles sometimes contained danger (raised voices; banishment), but could also contain miracles - such ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
We find comfort in routine and in the warmth of our own living rooms. ~ Elizabeth Rudnick
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Rudnick
The place I was bound for on my latest pilgrimage was filled with living, first-hand memories of all the enchanted years that lie between two and eighteen. How enchanted those years are is made more and more clear to me the older I grow. There has been nothing in the least like them since; and though I have forgotten most of what happened six months ago, every incident, almost every day of those wonderful long years is perfectly distinct in my memory. ~ Elizabeth Von Arnim
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Do you know how long I've wanted you? You're like sunlight and water and air to me. All you need to do is walk across my line of sight and my whole world lights up. ~ Elizabeth Camden
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Camden
There are stages in the contemplation and endurance of great sorrow, which endow men with the same earnestness and clearness of thought that in some of old took the form of Prophecy. To those who have large capability of loving and suffering, united with great power of firm endurance, there comes a time in their woe, when they are lifted out of the contemplation of their individual case into a
searching inquiry into the nature of their calamity, and the remedy
(if remedy there be) which may prevent its recurrence to others as
well as to themselves.
Hence the beautiful, noble efforts which are from time to time
brought to light, as being continuously made by those who have once hung on the cross of agony, in order that others may not suffer as they have done; one of the grandest ends which sorrow can
accomplish; the sufferer wrestling with God's messenger until a
blessing is left behind, not for one alone but for generations. ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
Since I was a girl I always felt as if I would like to write stories. I never had that ambition or shine to make a name; first place because I knew what time and labor it meant to acquire a literary style. Second place, because whenever I wanted to write a story I never could think of a plot. ~ Kate Chopin
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Kate Chopin
We're collecting about 100,000 telomere lengths in saliva samples and then looking at how those relate to both the extensive longitudinal clinical records that Kaiser is collecting and the genome sequence variations. ~ Elizabeth Blackburn
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Blackburn
The Irish landowner, partly from laziness but also from an indifferent delicacy, does not interfere in the lives of the people round. Sport and death are the two great socializing factors in Ireland, but these cannot operate the whole time: on the whole, the landowner leaves his tenants and work-people to make their own mistakes, while he makes his. ~ Elizabeth Bowen
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
For Angie time was as big and round as the sky, and to try to make sense out of it was like trying to make sense of music and God and why the ocean was deep. ~ Elizabeth Strout
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Strout
It is a pity that Elizabeth and I cannot marry each other. Our children would have gained mastery over the whole world. ~ Pope Sixtus V
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Pope Sixtus V
They were living to themselves: self, with its hopes, and promises, and dreams, still had hold of them; but the Lord began to fulfill their prayers. They had asked for contrition, and He sent them sorrow; they had asked for purity, and He sent them thrilling anguish; they had asked to be meek, and He had broken their hearts; they has asked to be dead to the world, and He slew all their living hopes; they had asked to be made like unto Him, and He placed them in the furnace, sitting by "as a refiner of silver," till they should reflect His image; they had asked to lay hold of His cross, and when He had reached it out to them, it lacerated their hands. They had asked they knew not what, nor how; but He had taken them at their word, and granted them all their petitions. They were hardly willing to follow so far, or to draw so nigh to Him. They had upon them an awe and fear, as Jacob at Bethel, or Eliphaz in the night visions, or as the apostles when they thought they had seen the spirit, and knew not that it was Jesus. They could almost pray Him to depart from them, or to hide His awefulness. They found it easier to obey than to suffer--to do than to give up--to bear the cross than to hang upon it: but they cannot go back, for they have come too near the unseen cross, and its virtues have pierced too deeply within them. He is fulfilling to them his promise, "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.
But now, at last, their turn is come. Before, they had only hear ~ Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
There is a great deal in a name. It often signifies much, and may involve a great principle. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
and there you go - i was alone, without love, for eight years. and it took me about twenty minutes - over a cappuchino and an egg salad sandwich - to fall in love with him. ~ Elizabeth Noble
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Noble
Everything was dirty and beautiful and wonderful. If she wasn't so terrified, New York City would have felt just right to her. ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
I do want to direct, eventually. I don't know if it will be a short film or a music video or a feature, but I know that I want to at least try it and see. ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
The resting place of the mind is the heart. The only thing the mind hears all day is clanging bells and noise and argument, and all it wants is quietude. The only place the mind will ever find peace is inside the silence of the heart. That's where you need to go. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
The sea, as well as the air, is a free and common thing to all; and a particular nation cannot pretend to have the right to the exclusion of all others, without violating the rights of nature and public usage. ~ Elizabeth I
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth I
This is the testimony of all the good books, sermons, hymns, and memoirs I read
that God's ways are infinitely perfect; that we are to love Him for what He is and therefore equally as much when He afflicts as when He prospers us; that there is no real happiness but in doing and suffering His will; and that this life is but a scene of probation through which we pass to the real life above. ~ Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
It is taken as a strong proof of a man's innocence that he should look you full in the face with a steadfast gaze when you look at him with suspicion plainly visible in your eyes; but would he not be the poorest villain if he shirked that encounter of glances when he knows full surely that he is in that moment put to the test? It is rather innocence whose eyelids drop when you peer too closely into its eyes, for innocence is appalled by the stern, accusing glances which it is unprepared to meet. Guilt stares you boldly in the face, for guilt is hardened and defiant, and has this one grand superiority over innocence
that it is prepared for the worst. ~ Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Cooking is about respect. Respect for the food, respect for your space, respect for your colleqgues and respect for your diners. The chef who ignores one of those is not a chef at all. ~ Elizabeth Acevedo
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
Women learned one important lesson
namely, that it is impossible for the best of men to understand women's feelings or the humiliation of their position. When they asked us to be silent on our question during the War, and labor for the emancipation of the slave, we did so, and gave five years to his emancipation and enfranchisement ... I was convinced, at the time, that it was the true policy. I am now equally sure that it was a blunder. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
makes me more than sad, it makes my heart burn within me, to see that folk can make a jest of striving men; of chaps who comed to ask for a bit o' fire for th' old granny, as shivers i' th' cold; for a bit o' bedding, and some warm clothing to the poor wife who lies in labour on th' damp flags; and for victuals for the childer, whose little voices are getting too faint and weak to cry aloud wi' hunger. For, brothers, is not them the things we ask for when we ask for more wage? We donnot want dainties, we want bellyfuls; we donnot want gimcrack coats and waistcoats, we want warm clothes; and so that we get 'em, we'd not quarrel wi' what they're made on. We donnot want their grand houses, we want a roof to cover us from the rain, and the snow, and the storm; ay, and not alone to cover us, but the helpless ones that cling to us in the keen wind, and ask us with their eyes why we brought 'em into th' world to suffer?" He ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
We who dance hungry and wild...under a winter's moon ~ Elizabeth Coatsworth
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Coatsworth
Prayer is a mighty ministry that any believer can have - anywhere, anytime, and in any circumstance. ~ Elizabeth George
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth George
from The Barretts of Wimpole Street
Elizabeth: Sometimes there are passages . . . which rather puzzle me.
Browning: Oh, Sordello! I've done my best to forget it. However . . ( His smile fades. He mutters.) Extraordinary. . .But - but a passage torn from context . . .
Elizabeth: Well?
Browning: Well, Miss Barrett - when that passage was written only God and Robert Browning understood it. Now only God understands it. ~ Rudolf Besier
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Rudolf Besier
33 Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself: and the wife see that she reverence her husband. If every man were as pure and as self-sacrificing as Jesus is said to have been in his relations to the Church, respect, honor and obedience from the wife might be more easily rendered. Let every man love his wife (not wives) points to monogamic marriage. It is quite natural for women to love and to honor good men, and to return a full measure of love on husbands who bestow much kindness and attention on them; but it is not easy to love those who treat us spitefully in any relation, except as mothers; their love triumphs over all shortcomings and disappointments. Occasionally conjugal love combines that of the mother. Then the kindness and the forbearance of a wife may surpass all understanding. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The very worst impulses of humankind can survive generations, centuries, even millennia. And the best of our individual efforts can die with us at the end of a single lifetime. ~ Elizabeth Kostova
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
What are friends for, but to help each other get through bad times and have multiple orgasms? ~ Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
That none discussed their doubts, that they assumed everyone else was just having a grand time of it and felt at ease and enjoying the ride, was perhaps the most toxic element to this particular kind of noisy loneliness. ~ Elizabeth Winder
Elizabeth And Darcys Marriage quotes by Elizabeth Winder
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