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When you see the genuine, you don't deal with the fakes anymore. ~ Nima Davani
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Nima Davani
And were you being good to yourself?
i don't think so. but, i forgive you, girl, who tallied stretch marks into reasons why no one should get close. i forgive you, silly girl, sweet breath, decent by default. i forgive you for being afraid. did everything betray you? even the rain you love so much made rust out of your jewelry? i forgive you, soft spoken girl speaking with fake brash voice, fooling no one. i see you, tender even on your hardest days. i forgive you, waiting for him to call, i forgive you, the diets and the cruel friends. especially for that one time you said 'i fucking give up on love, it's not worth it, i'd rather be alone forever'. you were just pretending, weren't you? i know you didn't mean that. your body, your mouth, your heart, made specifically for loving. sometimes the things we love, will kill us, but weren't we dying anyway? i forgive you for being something that will eventually die. perishable goods, fading out slowly, little human, i wouldn't want to be in a world where you don't exist. ~ Warsan Shire
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Warsan Shire
Having fake friends is like hugging cactus. The tighter you hug, the more pain you get. ~ Riza Prasetyaningsih
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Riza Prasetyaningsih
A friend who stands with you in pressure is more valuable than a hundred ones who stand with you in pleasure. ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
But now more often the old stale hopeless weariness overcame him: the black sickness which almost no one else, certainly not his nearest dearest friends, could understand at all. The idea of giving up the world, which had given him for a time so much life-energy, appeared now as a sort of fake suicide, a ghastly play-image of his death. This fatal falseness-of-heart was what perhaps Father Damien, on further acquaintance, had now seen in him. ~ Iris Murdoch
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Iris Murdoch
Shine with a genuine golden heart not with a business egoistic sparkle. ~ Angelica Hopes
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Angelica Hopes
Or you can fake your own death," Bill suggested.
"Because really, that's the most cathartic resolution - if all your friends and family think you're dead. Everyone cries, they have a little rant about all your potential going to waste, they put on a memorial service and you can hide and see who bothers to come - and if you're really lucky, they bury an empty coffin. When they couldn't even be bothered to spot you a twenty 'til payday. You know how much booze you could buy for the cost of a single coffin? ~ Jordan Castillo Price
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Jordan Castillo Price
They're not happy for you because they wish it was them. ~ Carlos Wallace
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Carlos Wallace
Yes beyonce, thank you very very much!!!

Growing up wasn't easy for me, even as a boy, then as a black boy, then it was even harder as a black boy who lives in Africa. You might think that white privilege is more prevalent in America but no, it is worse here in Africa were white people are literally worshiped as gods.

While growing up as a boy in my teens, i had serious self esteem issues, i didn't like the color of my skin, i didn't like my hair, i didn't like my butt, and i was a boy!!! can you believe it? in 2007 i even tried bleaching my skin, lucky for me i bought a fake bleaching cream, translation, it didn't work. I dyed my hair blonde several times.

But after a while i started to get my self esteem in place, the fact that i had so many white folks as friends at that time didn't help, truth is most white people living here in Africa claim not to be racist but when you catch that stare, hear that comment, see the way they react, you can smell racism all over them. I can give you a simple example, I had a white friend years ago who was an exec at a big oil company here in Nigeria, I had just graduated and needed a job, I spoke to him about it and y'all wont believe what he suggested, well, he suggested I work as his steward.

You see, a lot of Nigerians will jump at it, but i smelt racism all over that offer and i wasn't gonna be a slave to a white man who still had slave-owner tendencies, he totally undermined my degree and fel ~ Joseph Ejiro
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Joseph Ejiro
Fake friends are no friends. Choose wisely ~ Jordan Taub
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Jordan Taub
Fake friends drill holes under your boat and destroy your relationship that could otherwise have been great. They will pretend that they love you, yet they are secretly working overtime on your downfall. It's up to you to know and understand the real reasons why you keep certain people in your life. It's never too late to get rid of dead wood. ~ Itayi Garande
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Itayi Garande
You know what they say about friends and enemies.' Brochan nodded wisely. 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' My smile broadened. 'Nah. I'm talking about what you call a fake friend.' I received four identical eye rolls. I made an imaginary drum roll. 'A faux, of course. ~ Helen Harper
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Helen Harper
You expect me to 'respect' you"?
Congratulations dude,all i have now is "nothing on you."
"Fuck you,I'll buck you,you suck too.
When you see me you begin to hibernation ~ Street Violater
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Street Violater
Dragging ourselves through the slides of pseudo reality , I have seen (us) craving for that " fix".

Glued to the small screens ,
Alike an "event horizon" ,
transporting us to other dimension ,
contemplating likes !
Obsessed with over cropped out images of our ex lovers lover,
Self contemplating and filtered obsession ,
who is getting fat and who all broke their back ,
Look at my carefully orchestrated life!
Ain't I clever ???

Look ,how much fun I had in the party!
.....look at how well liked I am .?!

I want all my 5000 fake friends to know that this is what fun is and I swear, I am ,having a good time!!! ~ BinYamin Gulzar
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
They say never ride with the ones you didn't walk with, real friends show you real love not only talk it.
I made the team but figured out the game wasn't important when I found my homies switching sides the nights we wasn't scoring. ~ John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)
There's no fall greater than one from a burnt bridge. ~ Carlos Wallace
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Carlos Wallace
Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies. ~ Sara Shepard
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Sara Shepard
If you want to be my friend, I prefer honesty to fake praise. I was never one to run with the wolves. ~ Christina Strigas
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Christina Strigas
If they talk about other people with you, they will talk about you with other people. ~ Carlos Wallace
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Carlos Wallace
May there be great peace and happiness in your lives! May society become a better place and those that are hurting deep down inside feel great about themselves and to those that hate the world as well as everything still, fight that ball of bitterness that lives within you. The world may not care about you so you have to care about yourself and take care of yourself or go to places for asylum & serenity. Don't feel ashamed or make the world give you the impression because of negative stereotypes that you shouldn't because humans are about themselves and their personal issues. At the end of the day, who knows you better than yourself? Perhaps close friends? God? But may God be a God of peace for you. And if you don't have any true friends, remember one genuine friend is better than a thousand fake friends. ~ Krystal Volney
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Krystal Volney
Often people that say they "don't care" actually do. The moment they discuss you with their friends and family, compete with you, bad mouth you to others or react to anything you do or say is when they give themselves away. You can either be saddened or flattered that you effected someone so much. The perspective is yours to determine. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Shannon L. Alder
I feel that we should always be a real friend, always, even to those who chose to be fake. Not because they are nice but because you are. ~ Rita Zahara
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Rita Zahara
You never lose Friends.
Real ones will always stay - no matter what
and the fakes, you don't need anyways. ~ Wordions
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Wordions
Other animals are exceptionally good at identifying and reacting to predators, rivals and friends. They never act as if they believe that rivers or trees are inhabited by spirits who are watching. In all these ways, other animals continually demonstrate their working knowledge that they live in a world brimming with other minds as well as their knowledge of those minds' boundaries. their understanding seems more acute, pragmatic, and frankly, better than ours at distinguishing real from fake. So, I wonder, do humans really have a better developed Theory of Mind than other animals? ...Children talk to dolls for years, half believing or firmly believing that the doll hears and feels and is a worthy confidante. Many adults pray to statues, fervently believing that they're listening. ...All of this indicates a common human inability to distinguish conscious minds from inanimate objects, and evidence from nonsense. Children often talk to a fully imaginary friends whom they believe listens and has thoughts. Monotheism might be the adult version. ...In the world's most technologically advanced, most informed societies, a majority people take it for granted that disembodied spirits are watching, judging, and acting on them. Most leaders of modern nations trust that a Sky-God can be asked to protect their nation during disasters and conflicts with other nations. All of this is theory of mind gone wild, like an unguided fire hose spraying the whole universe with presumed consciousness. ~ Carl Safina
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Carl Safina
Always be careful of your friend who loves your enemy; you either trust such a fellow for your life or for your death! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
We will always meet rivals in everything we do, but the most dangerous are those we believe to be our friends. ~ Paulo Coelho
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Paulo Coelho
If ever I create a website, I'll call it Two-Face Book, and I'll invite everyone to it, it will be a game board, of a whitewash chalkboard.
A social network, with reserved intentions, where we can fall into our cliques and circle of friends. We can dis who we want and accept who appeals to our discretion. Where the users will keep abusing, and abusers keep using, where the computer bullies will keep swinging and the J-birds that fly by will die; where the lonely will keep seeking and the needy still go desperate, where the envious will keep hating, and the lustful will keep flashing. Where those that think ignoring, will keep one down and the wannabes will foolishly think themselves greater by the number of "likes" that pours caffeine into their coffee. We can jump on the bandwagon of likes, or reserve not to show we care. Where the scorners, scammers and stalkers lay wait to take hold of the innocent and fragile, and my pockets will get fatter as more and more will join up, where being fake is accepted. As a mirror that stares at a different face. It will be my two-face epilogue, in a 3-world dimension, of a twofold war. I will build an empire of contagious hooks, and still we will live, happily-ever disastrous. ~ Anthony Liccione
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Anthony Liccione
In life you have a choice: Bitter or Better? Choose better, forget bitter. ~ Nick Vujicic
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Nick Vujicic
That was interesting.Who was that?"
Matt looks unhappy. "What?" I ask him.
"You'll talk to that guy,but you won't talk to us anymore?"
"Sorry," I mumble, and climb out of his car. "He's just a friend.Thanks for the ride."
Matt gets out,too. Cherrie starts to follow,but he throws her a sharp look. "So what does that mean?" he calls out. "We aren't friends anymore? You're bailing on us?"
I trudge toward the house. "I'm tired, Matt.I'm going to bed."
He follows anyway.I dig out my house key,but he grabs my wrist to stop me from opening the door. "Listen,I know you don't want to talk about it,but I just have this one thing to say before you go in there and cry yourself to sleep-"
"Toph isn't a nice guy.He's never been a nice guy. I don't know what you ever saw in him.He talks back to everyone, he's completely unreliable, he wears those stupid fake clothes-"
"Why are you telling me this?" I'm crying again.I pull my wrist from his grasp.
"I know you didn't like me as much as I liked you. I know you would have rather been with him,and I dealth with that a long time ago.I'm over it."
The shame is overwhelming. Even though I knew Matt was aware that I liked Toph,it's awful to hear him say it aloud.
"But I'm still your friend." He's exasperated. "And I'm sick of seeing you waste your energy on that jerk. You've spent all this time afraid to talk about what was going on between you two,but if you'd bothered to ju ~ Stephanie Perkins
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Stephanie Perkins
Everybody isn't your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn't mean they're for you. Just because they say they got got your back, doesn't mean they won't stab you in it. People pretend well. Jealousy sometimes doesn't live far. So know your circle. At the end of the day real situations expose fake people so pay attention. ~ Trent Shelton
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Trent Shelton
Everyone wanted to see [him] fall so they could devour his remains. As is usually the case, the army of sycophants had turned into a horde of hungry hyenas ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
You tell your friends your most personal secrets, and they use them against you." "Fake friends; those who only drill holes under your boat to get it leaking; those who discredit your ambitions and those who pretend they love you, but behind their backs they know they are in to destroy your legacies. ~ Muhammad Zeeshan Munir
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Muhammad Zeeshan Munir
I know amazing people in fashion who are anything but fake. They are very real and very sensitive. They are happy and sad. They are loyal friends. ~ Alber Elbaz
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Alber Elbaz
Friends can be incredible sometimes, but have you ever had a friend that can be really annoying or really mean to you? Friends shouldn't stab you in the back. Have you ever wondered if your friend has ever said stuff about you to their other friends? It gets pretty intimidating sometimes to think about that. What I'm saying is to find your friends that are real. Don't keep the ones that are fake and are just friends with you for what you have. Be strong. Don't take no for an answer. Never back down. Stand up for what you believe in. Friends are great to have, but just be cautious. (: ~ Austin Mahone
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Austin Mahone
We ought to readily share our successes with those with whom we readily share our problems. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The greatest boon of your life is to get felicitated by your fake friends and hidden enemies ~ 'SON Of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by 'SON Of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
Haters don't hate you, they hate themselves for not being more like you. ~ Clyde Lee Dennis
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Clyde Lee Dennis
I would choose to live a century in a dark room instead of hanging out with fake friends. ~ Sher E Yazdan
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Sher E Yazdan
Bitter truth of life. To have some genuine friends, you need to have some fake ones too. ~ Shikha Kaul
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Shikha Kaul
Friends with spiteful hearts and thousand eyes of evil, mock not my slumbering glory. I just might be the next in line to gain access to the secret fount of good riches. ~ Darmie Orem
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Darmie Orem
Friends are like orgasms: you can never have too many, but just try to watch out for the fake ones. ~ Jarod Kintz
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Jarod Kintz
When we operate from the central concern of being seen a certain way, we can't develop healthy relationships in the messy soil of reality-- the only place they'll grow. Presenting a perfect, fake life to others generates fear in our own hearts and intimidation in everyone else's, and creates nice, fake relationships-- with our friends, with our family members, even with our own children. ~ Jen Hatmaker
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Jen Hatmaker
And still, even when he'd told her how he felt about her, and that he wanted their fake relationship to be real, she'd held herself back out of fear that their friends-to-lovers story was too good to be anything but fiction. ~ Bella Andre
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Bella Andre
Trying to change someone to suit your desires is a setup for disappointment. ~ Carlos Wallace
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Carlos Wallace
It's enough for me... I saw the image

We were together
We were friends
We were in relationship

Memories are enough...

THAT ARE FAKE ONE... it happens just once or twice sometimes... ~ Deyth Banger
Eliminating Fake Friends quotes by Deyth Banger
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