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Rose is not the prettiest flower, neither water lily or petunia nor magnolia! An elegant soul is the prettiest flower on earth! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Elegant Soul quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Our soul, like Mary's body, is to receive God Himself if only we, like her, believe, consent and receive; if only we speak her truly magic word fiat, "let it be." It is the creative word, the word God used to create the universe. ~ Peter Kreeft
Elegant Soul quotes by Peter Kreeft
If a man cannot learn well a melody on pipe or harp, unless he in every way strain his attention; how shall one, who sits as a listener to sounds mystical, be able to hear with a careless soul? ~ John Chrysostom
Elegant Soul quotes by John Chrysostom
I have always quested and still do for the Holy Grail, but I stopped looking in the earthen caves and in the stars. I started questing through the valleys and mountains of my own soul. ~ David Paul Kirkpatrick
Elegant Soul quotes by David Paul Kirkpatrick
Deal faithfully and truly with your own soul. ~ Ellen G. White
Elegant Soul quotes by Ellen G. White
Nothing is more beautiful in the eyes of God than a soul that loves to hear His Word. ~ Martin Luther
Elegant Soul quotes by Martin Luther
How the horse dominated the mind of the early races especially of the Mediterranean! You were a lord if you had a horse. Far back, far back in our dark soul the horse prances ... The horse, the horse! The symbol of surging potency and power of movement, of action in man! ~ D.H. Lawrence
Elegant Soul quotes by D.H. Lawrence
It's so good to see you," she whispered privately in the midst of the crowd. When she held him, there was no crowd, there was only him. There was always only him in her heart and soul. ~ Terry Goodkind
Elegant Soul quotes by Terry Goodkind
In order that the mind should see light instead of darkness, so the entire soul must be turned away from this changing world, until its eye can learn to contemplate reality and that supreme splendor which we have called the good. Hence there may well be an art whose aim would be to effect this very thing. ~ Socrates
Elegant Soul quotes by Socrates
We tend to go on loving the things the people who loved us loved. They are invested with soul, even if the people are long dead, even if they do not turn out to be who you thought they were. ~ Robert Goolrick
Elegant Soul quotes by Robert Goolrick
Lord Loss sows all the sorrows of the world
Lord Loss seeds the grief-starched trees
In the center of the web, lowly Lord Loss bows his head
Mangled hands, naked eyes
Fanged snakes his soul line
Curled inside like textured sin
Bloody, curdled sheets for skin
In the center of the web, vile Lord Loss torments the dead
Over strands of red, Lord Loss crawls
Dispensing pain, despising all
Shuns friends, nurtures foes
Ravages hope, breeds woe
Drinks moons, devours suns
Twirls his thumbs till the reaper comes
In the center of the web, lush Lord Loss is all that's left ~ Darren Shan
Elegant Soul quotes by Darren Shan
Being constantly in touch with your own sensuality develops you into a more intuitive person who knows how to minister to the hidden needs of the one(s) you love. ~ Lebo Grand
Elegant Soul quotes by Lebo Grand
We've surpassed ourselves now, we're exploring terrain beyond the limits of merely human understanding. Sometimes its contours, even in conventional space, are just too intricate for our brains to track; other times its very axes extend into dimensions inconceivable to minds built to fuck and fight on some prehistoric grassland. So many things constrain us, from so many directions. The most altruistic and sustainable philosophies fail before the brute brain-stem imperative of self-interest. Subtle and elegant equations predict the behavior of the quantum world, but none can explain it. After four thousand years we can't even prove that reality exists beyond the mind of the first-person dreamer. We have such need of intellects greater than our own. But we're not very good at building them. ~ Peter Watts
Elegant Soul quotes by Peter Watts
But a yogi never forgets that health must begin with the body. Your body is the child of the soul. You must nourish and train your child. Physical health is not a commodity to be bargained for. Nor can it be swallowed in the form of drugs and pills. It has to be earned through sweat. ~ B.K.S. Iyengar
Elegant Soul quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar
Peace would settle on his soul. ~ Steven Erikson
Elegant Soul quotes by Steven Erikson
Life is messy, Ren. It's not easy and it's definitely not for the timid. Everyone has a past. Things that stab them right between the eyes. Old grudges. Old shame. Regrets that steal your sleep and leave you awake until you fear for your own sanity. Betrayals that make your soul scream so loud you wonder why no one else hears it. In the end, we are all alone in that private hell. But life isn't about learning to forgive those who have hurt you or forgetting the past. It's about learning to forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Yes, people disappoint us all the time. But the harshest lessons come when we disappoint ourselves. When we put our trust and our hearts into the hands of the wrong person and they do us wrong. And while we may hate them for what they did, the one we hate most is ourself for allowing them into our private circle. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let them deceive me? We all go through that. It's humanity's brotherhood of misery. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Elegant Soul quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The ideal of having a real job that you risk your soul in and make good or be damned, belongs to the heroic age of capitalist enterprise, imbued with self-righteous beliefs about hard work, thrift, and public morals. Such an ideal might still have been mentioned in public fifty years ago; in our era of risk-insured semimonopolies and advertised vices it would be met with a ghastly stillness. ~ Paul Goodman
Elegant Soul quotes by Paul Goodman
If thinking is like perceiving, it must be either a process in which the soul is acted upon by what is capable of being thought, or a process different from but analogous to that. The thinking part of the soul must therefore be, while impassable, capable of receiving the form of an object; that is, must be potentially identical in character with its object without being the object. Mind must be related to what is thinkable, as sense is to what is sensible. ~ Aristotle.
Elegant Soul quotes by Aristotle.
Hm-m," he said. "Lookie, Ma. I been all day an' all night hidin' alone. Guess who
I been thinkin' about? Casy! He talked a lot. Used ta bother me. But now I been thinkin' what he said, an' I can remember-
all of it. Says one time he went out in the wilderness to find his own soul, an' he foun' he didn' have no soul that was his'n. Says he foun' he jus' got a little piece of a great big soul. Says a wilderness ain't no good, 'cause his little piece of a soul wasn't no good 'less it was with the rest, an' was whole. Funny how I remember. Didn't even think I was listenin'. But I know now a fella ain't no good alone. ~ John Steinbeck
Elegant Soul quotes by John Steinbeck
The measure of space & time creates an echo of haunting distance between us, yet we are close, we are united in the love we forge together. ~ Truth Devour
Elegant Soul quotes by Truth Devour
In the godforsaken, obscene quicksand of life, there is a deafening alleluia rising from the souls of those who weep, and of those who weep with those who weep. If you watch, you will see The hand of God putting the stars back in their skies one by one. ~ Ann Weems
Elegant Soul quotes by Ann Weems
You don't have to flay him with it. He's the son of a poet and has the soul of a bard. ~ Teal Ceagh
Elegant Soul quotes by Teal Ceagh
The beauty he saw in her was the beauty she forgot to see in herself and what a beautiful reminder, that love is what will see us all through. ~ Nikki Rowe
Elegant Soul quotes by Nikki Rowe
An abyss of fortune or of temperament sundered him from them. His mind seemed older than theirs: it shone coldly on their strifes and happiness and regrets like a moon upon a younger earth. No life or youth stirred in him as it had stirred in them. He had known neither the pleasure of companionship with others nor the vigour of rude male health nor filial piety. Nothing stirred within his soul but a cold and cruel and loveless lust. His childhood was dead or lost and with it his soul capable of simple joys and he was drifting amid life like the barren shell of the moon. ~ James Joyce
Elegant Soul quotes by James Joyce
A road-wise folkie with a bluesy soul reminiscent of early Michelle Shocked, Melissa Crabtree is an original storyteller and performer not to be missed. ~ Catie Curtis
Elegant Soul quotes by Catie Curtis
Because now that it's finally morning, the shadows are beginning to fade, the shadows that have been covering my mind and my soul. Now that they're gone, I can almost start to see the way, and it's different from the one they'd convinced me was all I could have. ~ Vixen Phillips
Elegant Soul quotes by Vixen Phillips
The important thing for me as an educator is how to - how do we unsettle the minds and touch the souls of significant numbers of young people who don't read texts or don't read my texts. ~ Cornel West
Elegant Soul quotes by Cornel West
I began to formulate a new law describing the relationship of protection to despondency: A sad soul can kill you quicker--far quicker--than a germ. ~ John Steinbeck
Elegant Soul quotes by John Steinbeck
When it is time for you to say goodbye to a beloved animal friend, remember that while the physical interaction ceases, the soul connection you share is eternal and remains with you both forever. ~ Amy Miller
Elegant Soul quotes by Amy Miller
Atticus Finch's secret of living was so simple it was deeply complex: where most men had codes and tried to live up to them, Atticus lived his to the letter with no fuss, no fanfare, and no soul-searching. His private character was his public character. His code was simple New Testament ethic, its rewards were the respect and devotion of all who knew him. Even his enemies loved him, because Atticus never acknowledged that they were his enemies. He was never a rich man, but he was the richest man his children ever knew. His ~ Harper Lee
Elegant Soul quotes by Harper Lee
The divine is at the edge of our awareness and vision, but it is also within us as the first seeker found when all seemed lost completely. In order to find the dream of life again, we must first find the way that the dream exists within our own souls. We may be daunted by the surfacing of all the dilemmas and trouble of this troubled world, but the deep self and soul within us already knows how we are intended to swim in the blessed turmoil of the waters of life. For humans exist to bring meaning to the surface of life and awareness to the dream of existence. ~ Michael Meade
Elegant Soul quotes by Michael Meade
I'm going to tell you the most important secret of human life. The most critical need of the human soul is to be kind. ~ David O. McKay
Elegant Soul quotes by David O. McKay
There is no amount of money, and there is neither gold nor silver, nor any treasure trove that can compensate a soul for the loss of love. ~ Stephan Attia
Elegant Soul quotes by Stephan Attia
You forget that the world is full of ordinary decent people like yourselves, good Samaritans who'll stop and help a soul in need. ~ Gail Honeyman
Elegant Soul quotes by Gail Honeyman
O admirable Mother of God! How many sins have I committed for which thou hast obtained pardon for me, and how many others would I have committed if thou hadst not preserved me? How often have I seen myself on the brink of Hell in obvious danger of falling into it but for thy most benign hand which saved me? How often would the Roaring Lion of Hell have devoured and swallowed up my soul had not the charity of thy heart opposed him? Alas! Without thee, my dearest and my all-good Mother, where should I be today? I should be in the fiery furnace of Hell from which I would never emerge! ~ John Eudes
Elegant Soul quotes by John Eudes
Puke and starve and cut and drink because you don't want to feel any of this. Puke and starve and cut and drink because you need an anesthetic and it works. For awhile. But then the anesthetic turns into poison and by then it's to late because you are maintaining it now,straight into your soul. It is rotting you and you can't stop. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
Elegant Soul quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
Something about the circus stirs their souls, and they ache for it when it is absent. ~ Erin Morgenstern
Elegant Soul quotes by Erin Morgenstern
Start with the soul and end with the sale. Not the other way around. ~ C.C. Chapman
Elegant Soul quotes by C.C. Chapman
In my philosophy, the wry androgyny doesn't have any meaning. I think there is no difference between men and women. We are different in bod, but sense, spirit and soul are the same ~ Yohji Yamamoto
Elegant Soul quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
She, the clear heart'ed soul shall show a small crack (in heart) as clearly as the equally transparent, but dirty rogue can cleverly hide it. ~ Priyavrat Thareja
Elegant Soul quotes by Priyavrat Thareja
Humans crave the comfort of company when in the darkness. Not darkness of vision, which they have trained themselves over long centuries and millennia to endure and overcome. But the darkness of soul. The darkness of spirit which cries out for help, for assurance that there is brightness in the dark, even if that brightness is only the spark of another human life. For where there is life there is always a small measure of hope. ~ Michaelbrent Collings
Elegant Soul quotes by Michaelbrent Collings
I can't do everything for you. You must walk alone to find your soul. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
Elegant Soul quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
If sensuality were happiness, beasts were happier than men; but human felicity is lodged in the soul, not in the flesh. ~ Seneca The Younger
Elegant Soul quotes by Seneca The Younger
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