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There's more to sex, the really good kind, than orgasms. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
Karma Repair Kit Items 1-4. 1.Get enough food to eat, and eat it. 2.Find a place to sleep where it is quiet, and sleep there. 3.Reduce intellectual and emotional noise until you arrive at the silence of yourself, and listen to it. 4. ~ Richard Brautigan
Electroplating Kit quotes by Richard Brautigan
The book also includes tools including Website Resources, Baby Feeding/Diaper Schedule, Mom Medicine Schedule, Baby Clothes Size Chart, Baby Sitter Sheet, Short Hospital Bag Checklist, After Recovery Kit, Baby Medicine Basket Items, and 10 Things to Know When Traveling with a baby. ~ Lisa M. Rusczyk
Electroplating Kit quotes by Lisa M. Rusczyk
A number of the major terrorist captures we have made, the terrorist operations designed for the United States that we have interrupted, were enabled by the terrorist tracking program. ~ Kit Bond
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Bond
If you stumble over mere believability, what are you living for? Love is hard to believe, ask any lover. Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist. God is hard to believe, ask any believer. What is your problem with hard to believe? Reason is excellent for getting food, clothing and shelter. Reason is the very best tool kit. Nothing beats reason for keeping tigers away. But be excessively reasonable and you risk throwing out the universe with the bathwater ~ Yann Martel
Electroplating Kit quotes by Yann Martel
I vote you read and we fellows will listen in rapt silence." "And thus Kit is indoctrinated into the conspiracy to which all males belong," Sophie muttered. "And you ladies don't have conspiracies of your own?" He brought the child to his shoulder and started rubbing Kit's little back. The sight sent odd tendrils of warmth drifting through Sophie's insides. "We women are cooperative by nature; that's different from conspiratorial." She ~ Grace Burrowes
Electroplating Kit quotes by Grace Burrowes
Save your breath for screaming, ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
I should have told you. I guess I ... wanted you to know. I wanted you to know what I needed, but maybe you couldn't understand that what I needed was you."
"Do you need me?"
"I can survive without you, but it's only that. Surviving. I want to live. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
Just be Jared." She arched, pulling him closer. "I love him. I love you. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
The O'Kanes fucked freely and gleefully, but that wasn't why they fell in love. They found the people who carried them through the fuckups and cherished them even though they were flawed, fallible humans. Nessa ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
I've got it! Let's get Alex married off as quickly as possible. That will make it easier for all of us!" Nick spoke with dry humor, "I'm not sure it would make it easier for Alex." Kit feigned disappointment. "Nor her husband, I suspect." "I don't expect many men will be too thrilled at the prospect of courting Alex, to be honest, what with having us to contend with," Will said, then added, "I confess, the only thing I am looking forward to is terrifying her potential suitors." Kit chuckled. "It's an additional benefit that, in terrifying them, we shall infuriate her." The ~ Sarah MacLean
Electroplating Kit quotes by Sarah MacLean
What'll happen if I tell him? If I tell him I risked everyone in the damn sector, everyone in all the sectors. That I promised the scariest man any of us will ever meet an open-ended favor, and in return he kidnapped the most prized doctor in Eden and brought her here in the trunk of a fucking car?" Cruz slammed an open palm against the headboard and leaned over them, his gaze a little wild. "What will you do if I tell you that, Ace? Will you finally believe I fucking love you? Or will you figure out a way that it's all about her? ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
I like Kit-Kat, unless I'm with four or more people. ~ Mitch Hedberg
Electroplating Kit quotes by Mitch Hedberg
My daughter made me a Jerry Springer-watching kit, with crackers, Cheez Whiz, polyester stretch pants and a T-shirt with two fat women fighting over a skinny guy. ~ Roseanne Barr
Electroplating Kit quotes by Roseanne Barr
Seconds later, the female security officer grabbed a pair of my father's shorts from the top of the duffel bag, and emptied out the contents of his pockets. A lighter, three nail files, a pocket wrench, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and a nectarine fell onto the folding table. I looked at the woman, looked at my father, and then looked around to see if anyone else was watching.
"What's the problem?" my father asked the woman.
"Sir, I'm going to have to take this lighter away from you," she said.
"The lighter?" I asked her. "What about the bomb kit he's carrying around? He could do a lot more damage to a person with that wrench."
"I need the wrench!" he shrieked.
"For what?"
"What if something goes wrong with the plane? ~ Chelsea Handler
Electroplating Kit quotes by Chelsea Handler
Whether it be a matter of personal relations within a marriage or political initiatives within a peace process, there is no sure-fire do-it-yourself kit. ~ Seamus Heaney
Electroplating Kit quotes by Seamus Heaney
What do you need?"
A thousand things, but nothing as much or as hard as this. "Someone who gets me. Who doesn't want me to be anything or anyone else. What do I want?" He drew her closer. "I want it to be you."
"I want it to be me, too. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
But you got stupid. Never go soft over a piece of ass, man. Never. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
I've always been playing with other people, and that's how I learned. I got a kit of drums I couldn't play, but I also knew a guitarist and a friend of mine played bass and could teach us bass, and we just played. And I learned ... ~ Ringo Starr
Electroplating Kit quotes by Ringo Starr
Bones okay?" Kit slouched, feet propped on the coffee table. "That's fine." We watched in silence, side by side, occasionally chuckling at some of the jokes. I ~ Kathy Reichs
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kathy Reichs
Condom," she gasped.
A movement stopped.
Phoebe felt the earth open up in preparation of swallowing her. How could she have not mentioned this before?
"I'm not on anything right now," she whispered. "Birth control. I'm not on the Pill." She gestured helplessly.
"Shit, fuck, damn."
Disappointment tied her in knots. "I was really only interested in that middle part," she joked.
There was a second of silence, followed by a low chuckle. "You're never predictable, Phoebe. I'll give you that. Cross your fingers."
"Cross your fingers. I might have a condom in my shaving kit."
There was movement and rustling, then the sound of a zipper being opened.
"I'm going to have to put on the light."
She briefly debated being polite and closing her eyes, but who was she kidding? She wanted to see Zane naked. In preparation, she raised up on one elbow and stared in his general direction. When the light came on, she saw all she wanted and more.
He was kneeling at the end of the sleeping bag. Naked, aroused and more physically perfect than any man had a right to be. She saw the definition in his arms, the broad strength of his chest and his flat stomach before lowering her attention to his large, hard penis.
The physical proof of his desire for her made her so happy, she nearly cried. Her other instinct was to part her legs, tell him never mind with birth control and protection and demand he take her right there ~ Susan Mallery
Electroplating Kit quotes by Susan   Mallery
I remember the first time we took off our clothes in front of each other. It was like unwinding bandages. I was as much of a man as Olivia could bear at that point. I was her starter kit. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Electroplating Kit quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
To me, Bill's musical heart is in Earthworks, in the jazz they are playing, in the acoustic kit. ~ Robert Fripp
Electroplating Kit quotes by Robert Fripp
I love to eat - Kit Kats or cookies-and-cream ice cream. I need sugar like five times a day. ~ Kim Kardashian
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kim Kardashian
As we have heard, the end of al-Zarqawi is a significant blow to al-Qaida operations in Iraq. It is another clear indication of the progress we are making. ~ Kit Bond
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Bond
But only men think a duel over a woman is actually about the woman. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
His illicit allure would wear thin eventually, and the hero always got the girl. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
If you can't stay and be Lex, I'll be Declan and go. Anywhere you want, anywhere you can be happy. None of this is worth a damn if you're not here. ~ Kit Rocha
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rocha
My nurture mother never would have reset me. And I was never a kit. Or a 'female.' I might be a non-human, but I'm not an animal. I'm a girl. ~ Karen Sandler
Electroplating Kit quotes by Karen Sandler
Predators never expect to be hunted. ~ Kit Rose
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Rose
I kind of feel that once we're back in London and back in regular life, I just sort of get the bus and very occasionally this whole other role [ in Chronicels of Narnia] slips into my home life. Randomly people recognise me but even then it's very minor. It's not as if my life has been turned on its head and I can't walk down the street unless I'm wearing dark sunglasses and a ninja kit. ~ Skandar Keynes
Electroplating Kit quotes by Skandar Keynes
Having designed and built several clocks during my career it suddenly occurred to me that when you look at the face of a clock both hands have the same center. ~ Kit Williams
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Williams
The cowards never start and the weak die along the way. ~ Kit Carson
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Carson
Working with animals is always going to be tough because the animal doesn't know it's an actor. ~ Kit Harington
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Harington
If you looked for demons around every corner, you would eventually find them. Real or imagined. ~ Kit Ehrman
Electroplating Kit quotes by Kit Ehrman
Wonder is the starter kit for innovation ~ Tara Lemméy
Electroplating Kit quotes by Tara Lemméy
Yeah?' Kit asks tersely. He glances over Todd's shoul-der at me. 'Do you love him?' he asks me, nodding his head at Todd. The directness of the question stuns me. My mouth falls open. What the . . . ? 'Do you love him?' he demands again. 'Kit, it's none of your business,' I stammer, feeling the weight of Todd's gaze on me. 'Fine,' he says. 'It's none of my business. I have no right to ask you − I get that − but you need to speak to me. If you send me away, I'm just going to keep coming back until you do. ~ Mila Gray
Electroplating Kit quotes by Mila Gray
Please don't take this the wrong way, but you're so weird," she says. I look at her, or at least her chin, and discover that an offhand comment by Kit can disrupt my respiration. "But good-weird, you know?"


Good-weird is what I've been telling myself I am for years, when being just plain weird was too much of a burden to carry. Good-weird is the only solution to the problem, when normal isn't a viable option. Good-weird may very well be the opposite of cool, but I've never aspired to cool. At least not the version of it I'm familiar with.

"Thank you."

"Speaking of weird, I have a random question for you. What can you tell me about quantum mechanics?" Kit asks, and a shiver makes its way from the bottom of my spine all the way to the top.

Miney suggested that I think up some small-talk ideas in case Kit came back to my table today.

Top of my list?

Quantum mechanics.

It's almost enough to make me reconsider the entire concept of fate. ~ Julie Buxbaum
Electroplating Kit quotes by Julie Buxbaum
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