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#1. If the well-being of my loved place depends on the well-being of Earth, I have a good reason for supporting the well-being of your loved place. I have selfish as well as cosmopolitan reasons for preserving the home-places of all human beings. Cosmopolitanism becomes thicker and more potent with this realization. - Author: Nel Noddings
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Nel Noddings
#2. By obtaining a sense of its place in the unfolding drama of life, set in an ecological theatre, so we can understand why it has become one of the leading players. - Author: Simon Conway Morris
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Simon Conway Morris
#3. New York presented a paradox. While foreigners thought of New York has the symbol of America, many Americans viewed the city with some suspicion as the country's most foreign. - Author: Charles Emmerson
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Charles Emmerson
#4. The question is not, therefore, _whether_ a theory is grand or small, or whether it is universal/global or particular/local, but _what function_ a theory plays and _whose interest_ it serves. - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#5. Highly esteemed dear Professor Franck,
In these days in which by your magnanimous decision you show the world where the insane oppression of the Jews leads to, I as one of your students would not like to be missing among those who declare their sincere thanks and unlimited veneration to you, and who especially now are filled with the highest admiration by your present step and the reason given by you, and who at the same time are filled with horror that such a thing is necessary.
I am at a loss for words to express what both my wife and I always and especially now feel for you. Please remember us to your wife and chidlren and accept our sincere greetings. - Author: Gerhard Herzberg
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Gerhard Herzberg
#6. The full measure of a culture embraces both the actions of a people and the quality of their aspirations, the nature of the metaphors that propel their lives. And no description of a people can be complete without reference to the character of their homeland, the ecological and geographical matrix in which they have determined to live out their destiny. Just as a landscape defines character, culture springs from a spirit of place. - Author: Wade Davis
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Wade Davis
#7. The abuse of the Earth is the ecological crisis. - Author: Vandana Shiva
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Vandana Shiva
#8. Any attempt to solve the ecological crisis within a bourgeois framework must be dismissed as chimerical. Capitalism is inherently anti-ecological. Competition and accumulation constitute its very law of life, a law … summarised in the phrase, 'production for the sake of production.' Anything, however hallowed or rare, 'has its price' and is fair game for the marketplace. In a society of this kind, nature is necessarily treated as a mere resource to be plundered and exploited. The destruction of the natural world, far being the result of mere hubristic blunders, follows inexorably from the very logic of capitalist production. - Author: Murray Bookchin
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Murray Bookchin
#9. Humans are now the most numerous mammal on the planet. There are more humans than rats or mice. Humans have a huge ecological footprint, magnified by their technology. - Author: David Suzuki
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David Suzuki
#10. Man has sought to take from the natural world not only that which is necessary for his stability and survival, but often seeks to satisfy his perceived and ultimately false psychological needs, such as his need for self-display, luxuries and the like. Twenty percent of humanity consumes eighty percent of the world's wealth and is accountable for an equal percentage of the world's ecological catastrophes. - Author: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I Of Constantinople
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I Of Constantinople
#11. Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints! - Author: Chief Seattle
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Chief Seattle
#12. Some of the technologies that were created during the Industrial Revolution were appalling, such as capitalization, investment, social hierarchy, sexism, racism, and ecological destruction. - Author: Chellis Glendinning
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Chellis Glendinning
#13. The current economic crisis ... has numerous causes and sends a powerful message about the need for a profound revision of the model of global economic development. It's an acute symptom that is added to other more grave and already well-known ones, such as the continued imbalance between wealth and poverty, the scandal of hunger, the ecological emergency and the problem of unemployment, which has now become general. In this context a strategic re-launching of agriculture appears decisive. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#14. We know that art is connected with the land, with its salt, with its smell, that outside of national culture there is no art. Cosmopolitanism - a world in which things lose their color and form, and words lose their significance. We love in our past all that we consider native, wonderful and fair. - Author: Ilya Ehrenburg
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Ilya Ehrenburg
#15. The immersive ugliness of the built environment in the USA is entropy made visible. It indicates not simple carelessness but a vivid drive toward destruction, decay and death: the stage-set of a literal "death trip," of a society determined to commit suicide. Far from being a mere matter of aesthetics, suburbia represents a compound economic catastrophe, ecological debacle, political nightmare, and spiritual crisis - for a nation of people conditioned to spend their lives in places not worth caring about. - Author: James Howard Kunstler
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by James Howard Kunstler
#16. The whole [scientific] process resembles biological evolution. A problem is like an ecological niche, and a theory is like a gene or a species which is being tested for viability in that niche. - Author: David Deutsch
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David Deutsch
#17. We can and must respond creatively to the triple crisis and simultaneously overcome dehumanization, economic inequality, and, ecological catastrophe. - Author: Vandana Shiva
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Vandana Shiva
#18. Inattention to he world's ecological state is well advised. Because attention to it mitigates against your happiness, contentment your sense of well being. - Author: Stephen Jenkinson
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Stephen Jenkinson
#19. Theological discourses function in various ways as sites of contestation and resistance, of forming new religious and personal identities, and of building solidarities. Theological discourses that theologians produce, disseminate, and teach in academia are not simply objective interpretations and neutral reflections on the world and the church in it. Instead theological discourses are productions of and for the world and the church that we live in - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#20. We [human beings] are two-legged omnivorous animals, and this means that we have many ecological niches, regarding the possible places where we can live. Therefore, we have to adapt to these different environments and we cannot predict, in a generic way, in which type of world we are going to live (cold as the North Pole or hot as Congo). - Author: Rodolfo Llinas
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Rodolfo Llinas
#21. That man's the best cosmopolite Who loves his native country best. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Alfred Lord Tennyson
#22. Ecological disturbance causes diseases to emerge. Shake a tree, and things fall out. Nearly all zoonotic diseases result from infection by one of six kinds of pathogen: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protists (a group of - Author: David Quammen
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David Quammen
#23. Thanks to the appearance of fiction, even people with the same genetic make-up who lived under similar ecological conditions were able to create very different imagined realities, which manifested themselves in different norms and values. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#24. Well I think on a simple ecological level that the diversity of this planet is important for our survival, that all of our different cultures, people are important to the health of the whole the same way that a species of animal should be saved and at a simple ecology level. - Author: Richard Gere
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Richard Gere
#25. I believe theology should be about one's way of life, a kind of gaze into onesself and others, and a mode of one's profound existence in the world. - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#26. There already exists the electronic capability for the tracking of individual behavior by centralized networks of surveillance and record-keeping computers. It is highly probable that the conversion to nuclear energy production will provide precisely those basic material conditions most appropriate for using the power of the computer to establish a new and enduring form of despotism. Only by decentralizing our basic mode of energy production - by breaking the cartels that monopolize the present system of energy production and by creating new decentralized forms of energy technology - can we restore the ecological and cultural configuration that led to the emergence of political democracy in Europe. - Author: Marvin Harris
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Marvin Harris
#27. The question is, does the educated citizen know he is only a cog in an ecological mechanism? That if he will work with that mechanism his mental wealth and his material wealth can expand indefinitely? But that if he refuses to work with it, it will ultimately grind him to dust? If education does not teach us these things, then what is education for? - Author: Aldo Leopold
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Aldo Leopold
#28. The money economy thus leaves a large ecological footprint, defined as the amount of land and resources required to meet a typical consumer's needs. For example, with only about 4% of the world's population, the United States, the largest money economy, consumes in excess of one-quarter of the world's energy and materials and generates in excess of 25 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. - Author: Stuart L. Hart
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Stuart L. Hart
#29. Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed - be it ecological, social, demographic or a general breakdown of civilization - will be unavoidable. If we are no longer threatened by world war or by the danger that the absurd mountains of accumulated nuclear weapons might blow up the world, this does not mean that we have definitely won. We are still incapable of understanding that the only genuine backbone of all our actions, if they are to be moral, is responsibility. - Author: Vaclav Havel
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Vaclav Havel
#30. The planet Mars
crimson and bright, filling our telescopes with vague intimations of almost-familiar landforms
has long formed a celestial tabula rasa on which we have inscribed our planeto-logical theories, utopian fantasies, and fears of alien invasion or ecological ruin. - Author: David Grinspoon
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David Grinspoon
#31. I want to affirm that thinking and living, knowing and doing, theory and practice intersect. - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#32. Cosmopolitan discourse is in a way a response to the issue of solidarity. Although the precondition for solidarity can be a _community_, solidarity requires more intentional commitment and performance than does community. - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#33. The pollution of the outward environment we are witnessing is only the mirror and the consequence
of the inward environment, to which we pay too little heed. I think that this is also the defect of the ecological movements. They crusade with an understandable and also legitimate passion against the pollution of the environment, whereas man's self-pollution of his soul continues to be treated as one of the rights of his freedom.
There is a discrepancy here. We want to eliminate the measurable pollution, but we don't consider the pollution of man's soul and his creaturely form ... he must acknowledge himself as a creature and realise that there must be a sort of inner purity to his creatureliness: spiritual ecology, if you will.
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Salt of the Earth, Ignatius Press, 1997, pp. 230-231 - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#34. Perhaps the central question about [Eliot] Porter's work is about the relationship between science, aesthetics, and environmental politics. His brother, the painter and critic Fairfield Porter, wrote in a 1960 review of [Porter's] colour photographs: 'There is no subject and background, every corner is alive,' and this suggests what an ecological aesthetic might look like. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#35. The United States has 250 Billion tons of recoverable coal reserves - enough to last 100 years even at double the current rate of consumption.' We humans have inhabited the earth for many thousands of years, and now we can look forward to surviving for another hundred by doubling our consumption of coal? This is national security? The world-ending fire of industrial fundamentalism may already be burning in our furnaces and engines, but if it will burn for a hundred more years, that will be fine. Surely it would be better to intend straightforwardly to contain the fire and eventually put it out! But once greed has been made an honorable motive, then you have an economy without limits. It has no place for temperance or thrift or the ecological law of return. It will do anything. It is monstrous by definition. - Author: Wendell Berry
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Wendell Berry
#36. Cosmopolitan discourse ... provides one with a _public gaze_ with which one can relate oneself to others in a different way. - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#37. Trees for which there is no commercial value are referred to as "weeds" that interfere with commercial harvesting. That's what alders were called until a method to make high-grade paper from them was developed, but you'd never know that alders play an important ecological role. They are the first trees to grow after an opening is cleared in a forest, and they fix nitrogen from the air to fertilize the soil for the later-growing, longer-lived, bigger tree species. Yew trees have tough wood with gnarled branches and were called weeds and burned until a powerful anti-cancer agent was found in their bark. - Author: David Suzuki
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David Suzuki
#38. Who are theologians? What kind of self-identity could or should a theologian claim? Should a theologian be a defender or transmitter of Christian _tradition_? What if the _tradition_ itself carries a dark side, implicitly or explicitly, bounded by religious or cultural superiorism, ethnocentrism, homophobism, exclusive nationalism, sexism, racism, and so forth? What kind of _identity_ would then justify my rule as theologian? This question has been lingering in my mind throughout the time I have been working on cosmopolitan theology. it may sound simple, but for me the identity issue has been fundamental. - Author: Namsoon Kang
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Namsoon Kang
#39. To make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone. - Author: Russell Brand
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Russell Brand
#40. Technological change is neither additive nor subtractive. It is ecological. I mean "ecological" in the same sense as the word is used by environmental scientists. One significant change generates total change. If you remove the caterpillars from a given habitat, you are not left with the same environment minus caterpillars: you have a new environment, and you have reconstituted the conditions of survival; the same is true if you add caterpillars to an environment that has had none. This is how the ecology of media works as well. A new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything. - Author: Neil Postman
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Neil Postman
#41. Acedia is not a relic of the fourth century or a hang-up of some weird Christian monks, but a force we ignore at our peril. Whenever we focus on the foibles of celebrities to the detriment of learning more about the real world- the emergence of fundamentalist religious and nationalist movements, the economic factors endangering our reefs and rain forests, the social and ecological damage caused by factory farming - acedia is at work. Wherever we run to escape it, acedia is there, propelling us to 'the next best thing,' another paradise to revel in and wantonly destroy. It also sends us backward, prettying the past with the gloss of nostalgia. Acedia has come so far with us that it easily attached to our hectic and overburdened schedules. We appear to be anything but slothful, yet that is exactly what we are, as we do more and care less, and feel pressured to do still more. - Author: Kathleen Norris
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Kathleen Norris
#42. People are aware that they cannot continue in the same old way but are immobilized because they cannot imagine an alternative. We need a vision that recognizes that we are at one of the great turning points in human history when the survival of our planet and the restoration of our humanity require a great sea change in our ecological, economic, political, and spiritual values. - Author: Grace Lee Boggs
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Grace Lee Boggs
#43. In calling society an ecological system we are not merely using an analogy; society is an example of the general concept of an " ecosystem " that is, an ecological system of which biological systems
forests, fields, swamps
are other examples. - Author: Kenneth E. Boulding
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Kenneth E. Boulding
#44. Wars don't happen on battlefields; they go on happening in people's hearts for generations and generations, and the ecological damage is unfathomably complex and dire. - Author: Michael Leunig
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Michael Leunig
#45. The planet's witnessing the appearance of a new creature now, ones that have already conquered all continents and almost every ecological niche. They travel in packs and are anemophilous, covering large distances without difficulty.
Now I see them from the window of the bus, these airborne anemones, whole packs of them, roaming the desert. Individual specimens cling on tight to brittle little desert plants, fluttering noisily-perhaps this is the way they communicate.
The experts say these plastic bags open up a whole new chapter of earthly existence, breaking nature's age-old habits. They're made up of their surfaces exclusively, empty on the inside, and this historic forgoing of all content unexpectedly affords them great evolutionary benefits. - Author: Olga Tokarczuk
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by Olga Tokarczuk
#46. If the long arc of history bends toward social justice, it also bends toward environmental justice and ecological sanity. - Author: David Jaber
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David Jaber
#47. The multiplicity of human identity is not just a spiritual principle, it's a biological fact - a basic ecological reality. ... only 10% of the cells in your body belong to you. The rest are the cells of bacteria and microorganisms that call your body home, and without these symbionts living on and within your physical self, you would be unable to digest and process the nutrients necessary to keep you alive. Your physical body is teeming with a microscopic diversity of life that rivals a rainforest. The insight of the Gaia Theory - that "the Earth system behaves as a single self-regulating system comprised of physical, chemical, biological and human components" - is as much a statement about our own physical bodies as it is about the planet. If we imagine the Earth as the body of a goddess, we can also imagine our own bodies as a sacred home to an ecologically complex and diverse array of microscopic life." -- Alison Leigh Lilly, "Naming the Water: Human and Deity Identity from an Earth-Centered Perspective - Author: John Halstead
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by John Halstead
#48. Ideas and statutes that live only in disembodied intellect are fragile, easily manipulated by both sides in a debate. This is as true of European "sustainability" regulations as it is for Amazonian súmac káusai removed from its forest home. Knowledge gained through extended bodily relationship with the forest, including the forest's human communities, is more robust.
... There is truth that cannot be accessed through intellect alone, especially intellect that is not aware of local ecological variations. - Author: David George Haskell
Ecological Cosmopolitanism quotes by David George Haskell

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