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#1. Yoga is a product of Eastern thought. A further complication is that the early Yoga teachers were both Indian and Hindu. So from the late 1800's and early 1900's the Yoga teachers who came across were as interested in Hinduism as in Yoga. Often what we were being taught was a mixture of two different systems. - Author: Paul Harvey
Eastern Thought quotes by Paul Harvey
#2. I realized that Eastern thought had somewhat more compassion for all living things. Man was a form of life that in another reincarnation might possibly be a horsefly or a bird of paradise or a deer. So a man of such a faith, looking at animals, might be looking at old friends or ancestors. In the East the wilderness has no evil connotation; it is thought of as an expression of the unity and harmony of the universe. - Author: William O. Douglas
Eastern Thought quotes by William O. Douglas
#3. Chinese dialectical reasoning had an impact on the physicist Niels Bohr, who was highly knowledgeable about Eastern thought. He attributed his development of quantum theory in part to the metaphysics of the East. There had been a centuries-long debate in the West about whether light consists of particles or waves. Belief in one was assumed to contradict and render impossible belief in the other. Bohr's solution was to say that light can be thought of in both ways. In quantum theory, light can be viewed either as a particle or as a wave. Just never both at the same time. - Author: Richard E. Nisbett
Eastern Thought quotes by Richard E. Nisbett
#4. A man who knows how little he knows is well, a man who knows how much he knows is sick. If, when you see the symptoms, you can tell, Your cure is quick.
A sound man knows that sickness makes him sick and before he catches it his cure is quick. - Author: Lao-Tzu
Eastern Thought quotes by Lao-Tzu
#5. I always thought the saddest feeling in life is when you're dancing in a really joyful way and then you hit your head on something. - Author: Lena Dunham
Eastern Thought quotes by Lena Dunham
#6. He'd been down at the Cass County Library, reading...Win danced a jig he thought that was so funny...about this cat Henry David Thoreau, which he pronounced Toe-Row. He read about his life and read some of his writings and this cat really had his shit together...Toe-Row knew better than anybody that Life is a Big Fat Asshole with everybody trying to Stick It To You when they get half the chance. - Author: Joe Eszterhas
Eastern Thought quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#7. When it's time to retire, maybe I could disappear too." "I always thought you'd end up taking a director's position at S.H.I.E.L.D." "Some day we all retire, Isaiah. The trick is to be sure you do it well before life is done with you. - Author: Nathan Edmondson
Eastern Thought quotes by Nathan Edmondson
#8. I'm with the fool in the psalm. You thought we could get on without you; no – you didn't care whether we got on without you or not. You just got up and left. So that's what we're doing, we're getting on. - Author: Philip Pullman
Eastern Thought quotes by Philip Pullman
#9. Olive thought she had forgotten what pain could be. She was a railway tunnel in which a battering train had come to a fiery halt. She was a burrow in which a creature had wedged itself and could go neither forwards nor back. - Author: A.S. Byatt
Eastern Thought quotes by A.S. Byatt
#10. We do not think in words and phrases. We think only in pictures and/or images. Words are the raw materials of thought. - Author: David J. Schwartz
Eastern Thought quotes by David J. Schwartz
#11. I thought that would be kind of cool, to make a bad guy look sympathetic. - Author: Christopher Atkins
Eastern Thought quotes by Christopher Atkins
#12. Bees will not work except in darkness;
Thought will not work except in Silence;
neither will Virtue Work except in secrecy. - Author: Maurice Maeterlinck
Eastern Thought quotes by Maurice Maeterlinck
#13. Don't just wish; be passionate about what you wish to see happen. Rise up and make it happen. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Eastern Thought quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#14. Yes," she thought, "nature is the refuge and home for women: they have no public career - no aim nor end beyond their domestic circle; but they can extend that, and make all the creations of nature their own, to foster and do good to. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Eastern Thought quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
#15. Books, he thought, were a sort of migratory bird. Here they rested a while, weary of their travels, before taking flight again, before moving, settling in another nest for a time. They seemed to him like a flock that had descended on these tables, pages fluttering like wings, and here they rested in the shade, enjoying the lull, knowing it would soon be time to go on their way again. - Author: Lavie Tidhar
Eastern Thought quotes by Lavie Tidhar
#16. Listening to Dad's guitar, halting yet lovely in the search for phrasing, I thought: Fair is whatever God wants to do. - Author: Leif Enger
Eastern Thought quotes by Leif Enger
#17. Happiness," he says, "is the price of profound thought."
"Who's that quote from?" I ask.
He winks. "Me. - Author: Alice Oseman
Eastern Thought quotes by Alice Oseman
#18. I first thought about becoming a writer after the age of 30, which is rather late, I'd say. In my 20s, I wasn't especially good at anything, and I didn't have a lot of experiences. I was just a young woman without a good job. - Author: Natsuo Kirino
Eastern Thought quotes by Natsuo Kirino
#19. I didn't know about beauty, he had thought. Nobody ever told me. - Author: Mordecai Richler
Eastern Thought quotes by Mordecai Richler
#20. When I was in Chicago, I was working as a carpenter while I was doing plays. I thought it'd be a fun set construction job, but it turned up to just be a straight-up factory. - Author: Timothy Simons
Eastern Thought quotes by Timothy Simons
#21. No, we discuss it as fans. When we see the game, we talk about what we thought was a call or a foul or no foul. We just have to deal with that in the game. There's gonna be plenty more of those. Referees are humans, so it's not a problem. - Author: Tim Howard
Eastern Thought quotes by Tim Howard
#22. The gods granted us misery, in jealousy over the thought that we two, always together, should enjoy our youth, and then come to the threshold of old age. - Author: Homer
Eastern Thought quotes by Homer
#23. I have always thought of our Service as an institution, more than any other bureau, engaged in a field essentially of morality
the aim of man to rise above himself, and to choose the option of quality rather than material superfluity. - Author: Freeman Tilden
Eastern Thought quotes by Freeman Tilden
#24. No one can make you feel low unless you allow them to. You're not stupid, Alix. And you're very beautiful. I just thought you should know that. (Devyn) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Eastern Thought quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#25. Dev laughed a tired, semi-crazed laugh on the other end of the line. 'I never thought life would be so exciting taking on a no-name screenwriter out of Maine.'
Rylie smiled. 'Aren't you glad you did? - Author: Jessica Lave
Eastern Thought quotes by Jessica Lave
#26. Let's imagine that many years ago, way way back in history, someone observed a particular characteristic or oddity – maybe soldiers who claimed that their whole life passed before their eyes in times of extreme danger, or perhaps people who simply walked out on work they hated, or those who when they loved someone it was with every ounce of their being, and who never apologised for who they were. People who were different. People who the fairies and goblins recognised. And just imagine that the person observing these Scamps decided to do something about it, such as start a cult with a weird set of beliefs and practices that aimed at improving the genetic quality of the human race, breeding people with the desirable heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations.

Just suppose this eugenically based cult was based on those with a childlike curiosity, on those who loved to be around people who lit them up, and only those with the most powerful experiences were chosen. Over a number of generations this careful and choosy breeding may have created a community who were without question so free that their very survival on earth was an act of insurgency.

Think about it! What if you and I are simply a subdivision, if you like, of that groove of humanity? - Author: Karl Wiggins
Eastern Thought quotes by Karl Wiggins
#27. That's the only hitch in learning: it's humbling. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. Anyway, all that's a long way around saying that it's crazy to do things just to prove you can do 'em. The more you learn, the more you'll find yourself doing things you never thought you could do in a million years. - Author: Peter Benchley
Eastern Thought quotes by Peter Benchley
#28. I never thought I had a career. I think Meryl Streep has a career. I have jobs that I am lucky to get ... I'm one of those actresses who never turns down a part, no matter how small. I don't have the luxury of picking and choosing. I take everything. - Author: Liz Torres
Eastern Thought quotes by Liz Torres
#29. Noumenon beyond phenomena. Thought of the divine incorporeity - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Eastern Thought quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#30. Convince is for thought; persuade is for action. You couldn't convince me that taping my horrible old-lady voice was a good idea, but you persuaded me to do it anyway, didn't you, you little dickens? - Author: Monica Wood
Eastern Thought quotes by Monica Wood
#31. Constructionism thus impoverishes humanity, by subtracting from our human powers and accrediting all of them - selfhood, reflexivity, thought, memory and emotionality - to society's discourse. - Author: Margaret Scotford Archer
Eastern Thought quotes by Margaret Scotford Archer
#32. When someone dies, it feels like the hole in your gum when a tooth falls out. You can chew, you can eat, you
have plenty of other teeth, but your tongue keeps going back to that empty place, where all the nerves are still a little raw. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Eastern Thought quotes by Jodi Picoult
#33. I thought The Shining was just absolutely wonderful. Stephen King reaches all kinds of people. In the beginning he was just dismissed out of hand, which was terrible. - Author: Anne Rice
Eastern Thought quotes by Anne Rice
#34. The principle is twofold, do not forget. The book, as a book, belongs to the author, but as a thought, it belongs – the word is not too extreme – to the human race. All intelligences, all minds, are eligible, all own it. If one of these two rights, the right of the writer and the right of the human mind, were to be sacrificed, it would certainly be the right of the writer, because the public interest is our only concern, and that must take precedence in anything that comes before us. - Author: Victor Hugo
Eastern Thought quotes by Victor Hugo
#35. No one should be so precious as to refuse criticism of their work. But to respect an opinion, we have to know that it was given honestly and with proper thought. - Author: Joanne Harris
Eastern Thought quotes by Joanne Harris
#36. You are stronger than you think you are. You are not your thoughts. The only devil inside of you is the one you created yourself. - Author: Amy Lukavics
Eastern Thought quotes by Amy Lukavics
#37. Do you know why I married you, Philip?" "Presumably you wanted the financial security and social prestige I could offer." She chuckled at that and shook her head ... "I believed," she confessed somberly, "I honestly believed that I had something to offer you too
something you needed. Do you know what it was?" "I can't imagine." "I thought I could teach you how to laugh and enjoy life." Philip and Caroline - Author: Judith McNaught
Eastern Thought quotes by Judith McNaught
#38. If he would just work with pure ideas like a proper mathematician he could go as fast as thought. As it happens, Alan has become fascinated by the incarnations of pure ideas in the physical world. The underlying math of the universe is like the light streaming in through the window. Alan is not satisfied with merely knowing that it streams in. He blows smoke into the air to make the light visible. He sits in meadows gazing at pine cones and flowers, tracing the mathematical patterns in their structure, and he dreams about electron winds blowing over the glowing filaments and screens of radio tubes, and, in their surges and eddies, capturing something of what is going on in his own brain. Turing is neither a mortal nor a god. He is Antaeus. That he bridges the mathematical and physical worlds is his strength and his weakness. - Author: Neal Stephenson
Eastern Thought quotes by Neal Stephenson
#39. He thought of that half-forgotten world lived in houses and streets and cars, where people ate three times a day, slept by night, and kept each other company. He was glad they were safe, and he was glad too that he was at last outside them. - Author: Rachel Joyce
Eastern Thought quotes by Rachel Joyce
#40. In his twenties, John Bridgens most identified with Hamlet. The strangely aging Prince of Denmark - Bridgens was quite sure that the boy Hamlet had magically aged over a few theatrical weeks to a man who was, at the very least, in his thirties by Act V - had been suspended between thought and deed, between motive and action, frozen by a consciousness so astute and unrelenting that it made him think about everything, even thought itself. - Author: Dan Simmons
Eastern Thought quotes by Dan Simmons
#41. The Historical Point of View, put briefly, means that when a learned man is presented with any statement in an ancient author, the one question he never asks is whether it is true. He asks who influenced the ancient writer, and how far the statement is consistent with what he said in other books, and what phase in the writer's development, or in the general history of thought, it illustrates, and how it affected later writers, and how often it has been misunderstood (specially by the learned man's own colleagues) and what the general course of criticism on it has been for the last ten years, and what is the "present state of the question. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Eastern Thought quotes by C.S. Lewis
#42. She thought she could see the lines on his forehead even in this darkness, she thought she could hear his heart beat with this colossal pain that had descended upon them all. She did not pity herself, or them, or wonder what they had done to deserve all of this, or even think that perhaps they were all paying their dues for some sin they had committed in a previous life. This was life, such as it was, and it had to be borne, it had to be lived. - Author: Indu Sundaresan
Eastern Thought quotes by Indu Sundaresan
#43. But there are not two laws, that was the next thing I thought I understood, not two laws, one for the healthy, another for the sick, but one only to which all must bow, rich and poor, young and old, happy and sad. He was eloquent. I pointed out that I was not sad. That was a mistake. Your papers, he said, I knew it a moment later. Not at all, I said, not at all. Your papers! he cried. Ah my papers. - Author: Samuel Beckett
Eastern Thought quotes by Samuel Beckett
#44. In life man commits himself and draws his own portrait, outside of which there is nothing. No doubt this thought may seem harsh to someone who has not made a success of his life. But on the other hand, it helps people to understand that reality alone counts, and that dreams, expectations and hopes only serve to define a man as a broken dream, aborted hopes, and futile expectations. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Eastern Thought quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#45. An ambulance, lights and sirens blaring, sped past us, going in the opposite direction, toward school, and for an instant, I felt a nervous excitement and thought, it could be someone I know. I almost wished it was someone I knew, to give new form and depth to the sadness I still felt. - Author: John Green
Eastern Thought quotes by John Green
#46. Considering the great importance to the public liberty of the freedom of the press, and the difficulty of submitting it to very precise rules, the laws have thought it less mischievous to give greater scope to its freedom than to the restraint of it. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Eastern Thought quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#47. Teachers were not allowed to beat children as they did in the past, although, Mma Ramotswe reflected, there were some boys-and indeed some young men-who might have been greatly improved by moderate physical correction. The apprentices, for example: would it help if Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni resorted to physical chastisement-nothing severe, of course-but just an occasional kick in the seat of the pants while they were bending over to change a tyre or something like that? The thought made her smile. She would even offer to administer the kick herself, which she imagined might be oddly satisfying, as one of the apprentices, the one who still kept on about girls, had a largeish bottom which she thought would be quite comfortable to kick. How enjoyable it would be to creep up behind him and kick him when he was least expecting it, and then to say: Let that be a lesson! That was all one would have to say, but it would be a blow for women everywhere. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Eastern Thought quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#48. I thought I had to show all my stuff and I almost tore the boards of the grandstand with my fastball. - Author: Cy Young
Eastern Thought quotes by Cy Young
#49. There are intangible realities which float near us, formless and without words; realities which no one has thought out, and which are excluded for lack of interpreters. - Author: Natalie Clifford Barney
Eastern Thought quotes by Natalie Clifford Barney

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