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#1. All political theories assume, of course, that most individuals are very ignorant. Those who plead for liberty differ from the rest in that they include among the ignorant themselves as well as the wisest. Compared with the totality of knowledge which is continually utilized in the evolution of a dynamic civilization, the difference between the knowledge that the wisest and that the most ignorant individual can deliberately employ is comparatively insignificant. - Author: Friedrich Hayek
Dynamic quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#2. We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future. We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension. - Author: Thomas Berry
Dynamic quotes by Thomas Berry
#3. Hold yourself on your own. A man's job in a romantic dynamic is not to be your butler, bank account or your father. - Author: Amy Chan
Dynamic quotes by Amy Chan
#4. Since we launched the original 'Pop Idol' in England, I've remained close with Simon Fuller. Working as executive producer on 'American idol' for its first seven years not only was an inspirational journey into the heart of American pop culture, it opened my eyes to the untapped potential of the incredibly dynamic young people in this world. - Author: Nigel Lythgoe
Dynamic quotes by Nigel Lythgoe
#5. At the end of the day, I think I understand the dynamic that we face. And I'm best prepared to be commander in chief on day one, with all due respect to my other colleagues, including Hillary Clinton. - Author: Lindsey Graham
Dynamic quotes by Lindsey Graham
#6. I've been round Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China in the last few months and the message that I've been taking is that New Zealand is building an up market dynamic into a connected economy. And that we are not the old-fashioned, ship mutton kind of product the people associate their export in work. - Author: Helen Clark
Dynamic quotes by Helen Clark
#7. The area of teenage life is not necessarily rarefied; we've all gone through that period. It's not as rarefied as a western or a space adventure or a gangster film, but it has its own dynamic. - Author: Gus Van Sant
Dynamic quotes by Gus Van Sant
#8. I had the luxury of skipping the cabinet meeting to attend my daughter's graduation. So many people don't have the luxury of taking an hour away from the workplace to attend indispensable family commitments. We have to change that dynamic. - Author: Thomas Perez
Dynamic quotes by Thomas Perez
#9. But in the dynamic space of the living Rocket , the double integral has a different meaning. To integrate here is to operate on a rate of change so that time falls away: change is stilled ... 'Meters per second ' will integrate to 'meters.' The moving vehicle is frozen, in space, to become architecture, and timeless. It was never launched. It never did fall. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Dynamic quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#10. I figure...

...that the people are now more deeply conscious than ever before in history of the existence and functioning principles of universal, inexorable physical laws; of the pervading, quietly counseling truth within each and every one of us; of the power of love; and--each man by himself--of his own developing, dynamic relationship with his own conception of the Almightiness of the All-Knowing.

...that our contemporaries just don't wear their faith on their sleeves anymore.

...that people have removed faith from their sleeves because they found out for themselves that faith is much too important for careless display. Now they are willing to wait out the days and years for the truthful events, encouraged individually from within; and the more frequently the dramatic phrases advertising love, patriotism, fervent belief, morals, and good fellowship are plagiarized, appropriated and exhibited in the show windows of the world by the propaganda whips for indirect and ulterior motives, no matter how meager the compromise--the more do people withdraw within themselves and shun taking issue with the nauseating perversions, though eternally exhibiting quiet indifference, nonchalance or even cultivating seemingly ignorant acceptance. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
Dynamic quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#11. Because infinite players prepare themselves to be surprised by the future, they play in complete openness. It is not an openness as in candor, but an openness as in vulnerability. It is not a matter of exposing one's unchanging identity, the true self that has always been, but a way of exposing one's ceaseless growth, the dynamic self that has yet to be. - Author: James P. Carse
Dynamic quotes by James P. Carse
#12. The digital capability is modular, dynamic, and nonlinear, having many visible and invisible business elements, for improving organizational competency, and enabling business strategy. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Dynamic quotes by Pearl Zhu
#13. I personally feel that the universe behaves more like a song than an equation because math is about static law and music is about dynamic expression. - Author: Rick Delmonico
Dynamic quotes by Rick Delmonico
#14. The one who has the little need is the one who controls the whole relationship. You can see this dynamic so clearly because usually in every relationship there is one who loves the most and the other who doesn't love, who only takes advantage of the one who gives his or her heart. You can see the way they manipulate each other, their actions and reactions, and they are just like the provider and the drug addict. - Author: Miguel Ruiz
Dynamic quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#15. It is a well-worn saying but one nonetheless true and nonetheless worthy of repetition, inasmuch as it expresses peculiarly the situation now widely prevalent, that "where there is no vision the people perish. " Mankind as a whole, or more particularly the Western element, has lost in some incomprehensible way its spiritual vision. An heretical barrier has been erected separating itself from that current of life and vitality which even now, despite willful impediment and obstacle, pulses and vibrates passionately in the blood, pervading the whole of universal form and structure. The anomalies presented today are due to this rank absurdity. Mankind is slowly accomplishing its own suicide. A self-strangulation is being effected through a suppression of all individuality, in the spiritual sense, and all that made it human. It continues to withhold the spiritual atmosphere from its lungs, so to speak. And having severed itself from the eternal and never-ceasing sources of light and life and inspiration, it has deliberately blinded itself to the fact - than which no other could compare in importance - that there is a dynamic principle both within and without from which it has accomplished a divorce. The result is inner lethargy, chaos, and the disintegration of all that formerly was held to be ideal and sacred. - Author: Israel Regardie
Dynamic quotes by Israel Regardie
#16. var says, "Let the compiler figure out the type." dynamic says, "Let the runtime figure out the type. - Author: Joseph Albahari
Dynamic quotes by Joseph Albahari
#17. Dynamic equivalence is a central concept in the translation theory, developed by Eugene A. Nida, which has been widely adopted by the United Bible Societies...Purporting to be an academically linguistic concept, it is in fact a sociocultural concept of communication. Its definition is essentially behavourist: determined by external forces, such as society--with strong pragmatist overtones--focusing on the reader rather than the writer. [M]ost twentieth-century American philosophical endeavours are predominantly pragmatist, dwelling in the shadows cast by William James and John Dewey. - Author: J. Cammenga
Dynamic quotes by J. Cammenga
#18. Dynamic capability is the ability to reconfigure your organization in the way that has the effect of increasing its variety. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Dynamic quotes by Pearl Zhu
#19. The art of integrating the ego and the impulse for empathy in a dynamic call and response. - Author: Mary Gaitskill
Dynamic quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#20. Iran is a country of 80 million people, educated and dynamic. It sits astride a crucial part of the world. It cannot be sanctioned and pressed down forever. It is the last great civilization to sit outside the global order. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
Dynamic quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#21. The all American work ethic, destructive enough by itself, also packs a gender double standard that strip-mines the natural resources of both parents. It has taught us that as their earnings and success increase, men become "more manly," while women become "less feminine." This perverse cultural dynamic gives fathers an incentive to stay away from their families and kill themselves at work, while coercing mothers to limit their career commitment, which in turn limits their wages and shortchanges their families. - Author: Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Dynamic quotes by Letty Cottin Pogrebin
#22. The soul is a living, dynamic part of each person. It exists as consciousness and therefore must be found in consciousness. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Dynamic quotes by Deepak Chopra
#23. He knew Doms who never sucked off their subs, claiming that it upset the power dynamic too much, tangled the lines drawn. To his mind, that was nonsense. He was in complete control here, just like he would be when it was Sterling's mouth on his cock, fervent, worshipful, obedient. Hell, if he ever wanted to, he could order Sterling to spank him and still be clearly, unmistakably, the one calling the shots - Author: Jane Davitt
Dynamic quotes by Jane Davitt
#24. Portable designs have the power to transform unused public spaces into dynamic environments that build and invite communal experiences. - Author: David Rockwell
Dynamic quotes by David Rockwell
#25. The city (regardless which one it is) does provide a certain degree of sophistication and intellectualism. It offers the challenge of professional matters. It throws new and interesting people in one's path. There is a dynamic and an energy in cities which is diametric to the life-forces of the forest.
Still the cabin is the wellspring, the source, the hub of my existence. It gives me tranquility, a closeness of nature and wildlife, good health and fitness, a sense of security, the opportunity for resourcefulness, reflection and creative thinking ... - Author: Anne LaBastille
Dynamic quotes by Anne LaBastille
#26. VanessaPlace Inc. is a trans-national corporation whose sole mission is to design and manufacture objects to meet the poetic needs of the human heart, face, and form. What is poetry really worth? What is poetry's purpose - personally, culturally, politically, financially? VanessaPlace offers a language-based solution to these and other dilemmas facing the culture business today. The poetry-products of VanessaPlace turn cultural capital into capitalized culture through a game-changing, dynamic shift of focus from manifesto to manifestation. - Author: Vanessa Place
Dynamic quotes by Vanessa Place
#27. If there are no other wonderful roles that come my way, I have a quite an interesting, dynamic life. - Author: Karen Allen
Dynamic quotes by Karen Allen
#28. In endeavor itself there is a certain dynamic entertainment, affording an illusion of useful purpose. With achievement the illusion is dispelled. Man's greatest accomplishment is to produce change. The only good in life is study, because study is an endeavor that never reaches fulfillment. It busies a man to the end of his days, and it aims at the only true reality in all this world of shams and deceits. - Author: Rafael Sabatini
Dynamic quotes by Rafael Sabatini
#29. The expansionary dynamic of Western culture has been the root, the denominating constant, of modern history. The grandeur of Western liberalism, its material abundance, the flourishing of its arts and sciences, its painful construction of constitutional democracy -- these interconnected achievements have been financed by the sustained theft called imperialism. - Author: Carl Oglesby
Dynamic quotes by Carl Oglesby
#30. Dynamic activity and deep rest of the mind are complementary to each other. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Dynamic quotes by Deepak Chopra
#31. No art takes places without inspiration. Every artist also needs effective knowledge of his or her tools (e.g., does a certain brush function well with a particular kind of paint?). What's more, artists need effective techniques for using those tools.
Likewise, to express ourselves skillfully with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, we need to investigate the most effective ways of using the mind and body since, in the end, they are the only "tools" we truly possess in life. - Author: H. E. Davey, Japanese Yoga: The Way Of Dynamic Meditation
Dynamic quotes by H. E. Davey, Japanese Yoga: The Way Of Dynamic Meditation
#32. The history of the Bible is one of perpetual revolution. In that light, we might begin to think about the Bible not so much as a fixed thing but as a dynamic, vital tradition. In light of its history, the Bible looks less like a rock than a river, continually flowing and changing, widening and narrowing, as it moves downstream.

For some, thinking about the Bible as a river and not a rock is liberating. That rock has been a millstone around the neck and a tombstone that won't be rolled away. But for others, seeing it this way can be disorienting. That rock has promised solid foundation in a stormy world. Cling to it or be swept away. - Author: Timothy Beal
Dynamic quotes by Timothy Beal
#33. God is not a static thing ... but a dynamic, pulsating activity, a life, almost a kind of drama. Almost, if you will not think me irreverent, a kind of dance. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Dynamic quotes by C.S. Lewis
#34. We cannot understand the modern age without understanding the dynamic history of Protestant Christianity. - Author: Alec Ryrie
Dynamic quotes by Alec Ryrie
#35. I like the dynamic of PBS. They're very honest and authentic. - Author: Eric Ripert
Dynamic quotes by Eric Ripert
#36. I just like that dynamic in relationships in movies where they're kind of lovers as rivals, you know? - Author: Marc Webb
Dynamic quotes by Marc Webb
#37. forming the "hydrogen bond"... is dynamic, with the exchange occurring in a few billionths of a billionth of a second. Since water molecules can "lose" two hydrogen atoms and "win" two by way of their oxygen atom, they are on average regrouped in fours, and the network of water, whether in our glass or in our cells is tetrahedral. All the same, this arrangement is not perfect in liquid water (otherwise the water would be a solid crystal), and locally there are many defects in the network. Although the motif of four water molecules is the most common in "linear" hydrogen bonds, the water molecule sometimes has a "forked tongue" with bifurcated liaisons, which creates arrangements of three or five, or even two or six molecules. This variability prevents water from being structured over a great distance and enables it to remain in a liquid state at the ambient temperature. - Author: Denis Le Bihan
Dynamic quotes by Denis Le Bihan
#38. This device combines multiple features into a single hardware device. These features often include those of an AP, firewall, router, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, along with other features. Strictly speaking, these devices are residential WLAN gateways as they are the entry point from the Internet into the wireless
network. However, most vendors instead choose to label their products as wireless broadband routers or simply wireless routers.
Due - Author: Mark Ciampa
Dynamic quotes by Mark Ciampa
#39. To imprison yourself and then beg to be freed; this is the dynamic of a victim mindset. - Author: Steve Maraboli
Dynamic quotes by Steve Maraboli
#40. No one is saved alone, as an isolated individual, but God attracts us looking at the complex web of relationships that take place in the human community. God enters into this dynamic, this participation in the web of human relationships. - Author: Pope Francis
Dynamic quotes by Pope Francis
#41. What is his deal? He always looks furious." Danny shakes his head at my notepad and we do a bit more business-miming.
"That's his face."
"You guys have a weird dynamic going on."
"There's no dynamic. No dynamic." I begin swigging at my coffee. It's too hot and a terrible idea.
"But you know he's in love with you, right?"
I inhale my huge mouthful and being to drown on dry land. - Author: Sally Thorne
Dynamic quotes by Sally  Thorne
#42. The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things - Author: Richard P. Feynman
Dynamic quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#43. An age of expansion really did begin, but the phenomenon was of an expanding world, not, as some historians say, of European expansion. The world did not simply wait passively for European outreach to transform it as if touched by a magic wand. Other societies were already working magic of their own, turning states into empires and cultures into civilizations. Some of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding societies of the fifteenth century were in the Americas, southwest and northern Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. - Author: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Dynamic quotes by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
#44. Now you're coming back to Earth, and things are getting more and more dynamic. - Author: Duane G. Carey
Dynamic quotes by Duane G. Carey
#45. And despite the fact that the basis of this mathematical way of thinking in art is in reason, its dynamic content is able to launch us on astral flights which soar into unknown and still uncharted regions of the imagination. - Author: Max Bill
Dynamic quotes by Max Bill
#46. If I go to Germany, I learn something in addition. The German television is very precise and respectable. One has never stress. In Italy it is more dynamic. But I amuse myself madly in both countries. - Author: Michelle Hunziker
Dynamic quotes by Michelle Hunziker
#47. In modern praxis lost positions are salvaged most often when the play is highly complicated with many sharp dynamic variations to be calculated. - Author: Leonid Shamkovich
Dynamic quotes by Leonid Shamkovich
#48. The dynamic nature of knowledge is reflected in human progress and technological achievements. - Author: Eraldo Banovac
Dynamic quotes by Eraldo Banovac
#49. In place of a view of the genome as a static blueprint that operates independently of experience and only up to the moment of birth, we have come to understand the genome as a complex, dynamic set of self-regulating recipes that actively modulate every step of life. Nature is not a dictator hell-bent on erecting the same building regardless of the environment, but a flexible Cub Scout prepared with contingency plans for many occasions. - Author: Gary F. Marcus
Dynamic quotes by Gary F. Marcus
#50. I would love to be remembered as a wonderfully dynamic and multitalented actress who left a legacy through her work and through her life of helping people and of being a positive force in the world. - Author: Keshia Knight Pulliam
Dynamic quotes by Keshia Knight Pulliam
#51. Of all the public services, education is the one I'm most interested in. You get a more dynamic economy, you deal with most social problems, and it's morally right. - Author: George Osborne
Dynamic quotes by George Osborne
#52. Contrary to what we've been taught, genes do not determine physical and character traits on their own. Rather, they interact with the environment in a dynamic, ongoing process that produces and continually refines an individual - Author: David Shenk
Dynamic quotes by David Shenk
#53. The writer catches the changes of his mind on the hop. Growth is exciting; growth is dynamic and alarming. Growth of the soul, growth of the mind. - Author: Vita Sackville-West
Dynamic quotes by Vita Sackville-West
#54. In Hidden Writing, a main plot is constructed to camouflage other plots (which can register themselves as plot holes) by overlapping them with the surface (superficially dynamic plot) or the grounded theme. In terms of such a writing, the main plot is the map or the concentration blueprint of plot holes (the other plots). - Author: Reza Negarestani
Dynamic quotes by Reza Negarestani
#55. President Roosevelt's leadership put the world on notice that the United States of America - with the freest, most dynamic economy the world had ever seen - was open for business. - Author: John Hoeven
Dynamic quotes by John Hoeven
#56. We are all born and someday we'll all die. Most likely to some degree alone.What if our aloneness isn't a tragedy? What if our aloneness is what allows us to speak the truth without being afraid? What if our aloneness is what allows us to adventure – to experience the world as a dynamic presence – as a changeable, interactive thing?

If I lived in Bosnia or Rwanda or who knows where else, needless death wouldn't be a distant symbol to me, it wouldn't be a metaphor, it would be a reality.

And I have no right to this metaphor. But I use it to console myself. To give a fraction of meaning to something enormous and needless.

This realization. This realization that I will live my life in this world where I have privileges.

I can't cool boiling waters in Russia. I can't be Picasso. I can't be Jesus. I can't save the planet single-handedly.

I can wash dishes. - Author: Rachel Corrie
Dynamic quotes by Rachel Corrie
#57. The activities of these parasites and degenerates gave rise to Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, Pointillism, Constructivism, Orphism, Surrealism, Dada, and also Impossibleism, Supersurrealism, Dynamic Double-Dog Realism, Ishkabibbleism, and Mama, which is like Dada only nicer. - Author: Daniel Pinkwater
Dynamic quotes by Daniel Pinkwater
#58. Even if it cannot be
proven that a fetus is an actual living human person, there is no doubt that it is a potential living human person. In other words, a fetus is a developing person. It is not in a frozen state of potentiality. The fetus is in dynamic process-without interference or unforeseen calamity, it surely will become a fully actualized living human person. - Author: R.C. Sproul
Dynamic quotes by R.C. Sproul
#59. It might be added that the concept 'doctrines of men' [WCF 1.10] now arguably includes behaviourism, pragmatism, dynamic equivalence, and modern textual criticism. - Author: J. Cammenga
Dynamic quotes by J. Cammenga
#60. With the resurrection of Jesus and the salvation of humanity, we are no longer identified by nation, race, gender, or any group dynamic. We don't get to stand behind the shield of church or denomination or political party. There is no "us" and "them" anymore. "Us" is the worldwide assembly of the rescued who have been transformed from hopeless humans to adopted sons and daughters of God through faith in Jesus. The end. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
Dynamic quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#61. The funny thing is that making a pilot is sort of an audition, at least for me. There's something psychological there, where you're sort of asking for the job while you're acting. And then when it's been picked up, it's a completely different psychological dynamic. - Author: Justin Kirk
Dynamic quotes by Justin Kirk
#62. My clothes have always got a very strong dynamic rapport with the body - they are very body conscious, they help you to look glamorous, more hourglass, more woman. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
Dynamic quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#63. Productive collaborations between family and school, therefore, will demand that parents and teachers recognize the critical importance of each other's participation in the life of the child. This mutuality of knowledge, understanding, and empathy comes not only with a recognition of the child as the central purpose for the collaboration but also with a recognition of the need to maintain roles and relationships with children that are comprehensive, dynamic, and differentiated. - Author: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Dynamic quotes by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
#64. My view of Sarah Palin is she is the most dynamic figure maybe in politics, even more in some ways than President Obama, who is a little more scripted than she is. He is great with the teleprompter. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
Dynamic quotes by Rudy Giuliani
#65. The computer model will be replaced by an organic model, in which the brain-mind is embodied - part of a whole, dynamic, living organism: one driven by emotional forces, not only cognitive ones. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Dynamic quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#66. What can make a marriage work is surprisingly simple.
Happily married couple aren't smarter, richer or more psychologically astute than others. But in their day-to-day lives, they have hit upon a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other (which all couple have) from overwhelming their positive ones. They have what i call an emotionally intelligent marriage. - Author: John Gottman And Nan Silver
Dynamic quotes by John Gottman And Nan Silver
#67. The fatal misconception behind brainstorming is that there is a particular script we should all follow in group interactions ... [W]hen the composition of the group is right - enough people with different perspectives running into one another in unpredictable ways - the group dynamic will take care of itself. All these errant discussions add up. In fact, they may even be the most essential part of the creative process. Although such conversations will occasionally be unpleasant - not everyone is always in the mood for small talk or criticism - that doesn't mean that they can be avoided. The most creative spaces are those which hurl us together. It is the human friction that makes the sparks. - Author: Jonah Lehrer
Dynamic quotes by Jonah Lehrer
#68. As far as I'm concerned, it's a damned shame that a field as potentially dynamic and vital as journalism should be overrun with dullards, bums, and hacks, hag-ridden with myopia, apathy, and complacence, and generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Dynamic quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#69. Tennis is not like other sports where the coach is hired by an independent entity, and that makes a huge difference in the dynamic. - Author: Ivan Lendl
Dynamic quotes by Ivan Lendl
#70. He would look to me to give him consequences for his actions. It was an expectation I'd allowed him to develop. It was also an essential aspect of our relationship dynamic. I wouldn't fail him. - Author: Fabian Black
Dynamic quotes by Fabian Black
#71. The one person who didn't seem enthusiastic about giving a speech in Berlin was Obama. When Favreau and I talked to him about it, he didn't offer much beyond suggesting we use Berlin's story to talk about what we were proposing in our own foreign policy. Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected a request from the campaign for the speech to take place at the Brandenburg Gate, where Reagan had called on Gorbachev to tear down the wall, saying that the venue should be reserved for an actual president. When he learned about this, Obama was embarrassed and annoyed. "I never said I wanted to give a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate," he snapped. It spoke to a larger dynamic in the campaign: While Obama was often blamed for the cult of personality growing up around him - arty posters, celebrity anthems, and lavish settings for his events - he was rarely responsible for it, and worried that we were raising expectations too high in a world that has a way of resisting change.

"Before he left for Afghanistan, he read a draft of the speech and told us he was satisfied with it - "You could put this speech on the teleprompter and I'd be fine," he said - but I was hoping for more than that. I was hoping for edits that would elevate the speech and make it more than a summation of our worldview. The shift to a foreign audience hadn't been hard, as Obama's message about working across races "and religions, his preference for diplomacy over war, his embrace of the science of climate c - Author: Ben Rhodes
Dynamic quotes by Ben  Rhodes
#72. The luxury of today is the necessity of tomorrow. Every advance first comes into being as the luxury of a few rich people, only to become, after a time, an indispensable necessity taken for granted by everyone. Luxury consumption provides industry with the stimulus to discover and introduce new, things. It is one of the dynamic factors in our economy. To it we owe the progressive innovations by which the standard of living of all strata of the population has been gradually raised. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Dynamic quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#73. I want to get back to my foundation. And my foundation was my mechanics and the way I repeat them in such a dynamic way. - Author: Tim Lincecum
Dynamic quotes by Tim Lincecum
#74. There is some strange sense in which distance and closeness are sisters, the two sides of the one experience. Distance awakens longing; closeness is belonging. Yet they are always in a dynamic interflow with each other. When we fix or locate them definitively, we injure our growth. It is an interesting imaginative exercise to interchange them: to consider what is near as distant and to consider the distant as intimate. - Author: John O'Donohue
Dynamic quotes by John O'Donohue
#75. I always think change is important in a character. The most dynamic choices that you can make for a character are always the best ones. - Author: Peter Sarsgaard
Dynamic quotes by Peter Sarsgaard
#76. Consistent and clear communication creates a dynamic and sustainable culture that is there when your not there. - Author: Farshad Asl
Dynamic quotes by Farshad Asl
#77. The best kind of design isn't necessarily an object, a space, or a structure: it's a process- dynamic and adaptable. - Author: Donald A. Norman
Dynamic quotes by Donald A. Norman
#78. Leadership is the name that people use to make sense out of complex events and the outcomes of events they otherwise would not be able to explain. In other words, people attribute leadership to certain individuals who are called leaders because people want to believe that leaders cause things to happen rather than have to explain causality by understanding complex social forces or analyzing the dynamic interaction among people, events, and environment. - Author: Joseph C. Rost
Dynamic quotes by Joseph C. Rost
#79. Somehow, the agenda has been put into the form of talking about a set of transitions from state A, the present, to a state B that's sustainable. The problem is that there is no such state. You have to assume that the transitions are going to continue forever and ever and ever. You have to talk about systems that are continuously dynamic, and that are embedded in environments that themselves are continuously dynamic. - Author: George Cowan
Dynamic quotes by George Cowan
#80. A goalies job is to stop pucks, ... Well yeah, thats part of it, but you know what else is? ... Youre trying to deliver a message to your team that things are OK back here. This end of the ice is pretty well cared for. You take it now and go. Go! Feel the freedom in order to feel that dynamic, creative, offensive player and go out and score ... That was my job. And it was to try to deliver a feeling. - Author: Ken Dryden
Dynamic quotes by Ken Dryden
#81. My temperament is not the adventuresome sort that enjoys starting new projects every six months. I love ensemble, nine-to-five stability. There's a family dynamic in making a television show that you don't get on a movie, where you're a hired gun for a few months. - Author: Ted Danson
Dynamic quotes by Ted Danson
#82. Sometimes it takes having differences, not understanding one another, and even being a little bit irritated by and bored with one another, to remind us that the church is a family and not a club. At its best, this family dynamic of the local church functions as God's fertile soil for growing us beyond mere tolerance toward true expressions of love and unity. - Author: Scott Sauls
Dynamic quotes by Scott Sauls
#83. In short, the idea dawns that the one universal principle which possibly ... between force and structure, the embodiment of the Principle of Least Action and the (unknown) force, which in mathematics is known as the attractor which pulls ... in the direction of the most optimal and relatively stable self-organized criticality, could very well be the Golden Ratio dynamic. the universal principle which as the balance between finiteness and infinity, stability and flexibility underlies self-similar fractal forms emerging at the 'edge of chaos' indeed seems to be the Golden Ratio Spiral. - Author: Marja De Vries
Dynamic quotes by Marja De Vries
#84. But here again it must be observed that this is a matter of a variation brought about through dynamic agencies. The static state, for which the contention attributed to the adherents of the mechanical version of the Quantity Theory would be valid, is disturbed by the fact that the exchange-ratios between individual commodities are necessarily modified. Under certain conditions, the technique of the market may have the effect of extending this modification to the exchange-ratio between money and other economic goods also. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Dynamic quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#85. The nonliving universe is as diverse and as dynamic as the living universe, and is also dominated by patterns of organization that are not yet understood. - Author: Freeman Dyson
Dynamic quotes by Freeman Dyson
#86. When I was eleven I stopped dreaming the dreams that didn't come true, I stopped talking to people who didn't listen, I lost hope and I retreated. I assumed that the root of the problem was that I was too strange for the real world. That being the case, I created a charming and dynamic personality to make the necessary forays into the Outside, and I kept my strangeness for myself; my own peculiar jewels under lock and key. - Author: Rosanne Cash
Dynamic quotes by Rosanne Cash
#87. The Cool Kids are Chicago. Me being from Michigan is a part of that dynamic. - Author: Chuck Inglish
Dynamic quotes by Chuck Inglish
#88. Whenever there is some trouble in any area of the economy, the simplest solution to many people is "Let the government fix it." Yet ... every time the government uses its money or its power to favor this group or that ... the net result is such a web of supports, subsidies, interventions and controls that it is almost impossible for a nation to find its way back into a dynamic system of really free enterprise. - Author: Lawrence Fertig
Dynamic quotes by Lawrence Fertig
#89. A great team doesn't mean that they had the smartest people. What made those teams great is that everyone trusted one another. It can be a powerful thing when that magic dynamic exists. - Author: Gene Kim
Dynamic quotes by Gene Kim
#90. Graphic design, which evokes the symmetria of Vituvius, the dynamic symmetry of Hambidge, the asymmetry of Mondrian; which is a good gestalt, generated by intuition or by computer, by invention or by a system of coordinates, is not good design if it does not communicate. - Author: Paul Rand
Dynamic quotes by Paul Rand
#91. In 'Guild Wars 2,' the dragons are the greatest threat, but there's so much more going on. It's a living world; it's a dynamic world. There are places where you find your piece of earth, and you can develop and play with it. - Author: Jeff Grubb
Dynamic quotes by Jeff Grubb
#92. Nowadays the dynamic element is more important in chess - players more often sacrifice material to obtain dynamic compensation. - Author: Boris Spassky
Dynamic quotes by Boris Spassky

Under the influence of this sensational climax I am reminded of the inundated calm before the storm as I find my mind to see through those same eyes that I have before. The curving slippage of her dynamic vehemence hums over me in a refreshing fixation that imbues this inseparable bond of the eternities. Her single touch sends shock waves down my entire vessel sending our bodies into a confluence of luscious allure. Her hips begin weaving in and out gently oscillating against me in a balmy nubile urge of effervesce and obsession. Again I occlude her recumbent orifice with the soft clasp of my wet lips, satiating my guest with an all-stimulating and interplanetary escape. In a largo samba-like motion I simultaneously absorb and alleviate the tension lingering beneath her plum fuselage as an overflowing ovulation of seismic and fulminating convulsage travels through the apex of her feminous core, following the crevice between her legs like the gentle waters that flow through the shaded gorge. As she levitates into a liberating reflex of celestial zest her panting grip begins to measure the odometer of our obsession. - Author: Luccini Shurod
Dynamic quotes by Luccini Shurod
#94. One of the most dynamic and significant changes you can make in your life is to make the commitment to drop all negative references to your past, to begin living now. - Author: Richard Carlson
Dynamic quotes by Richard Carlson
#95. Conservative ideas are alive and dynamic, the result of a free and intellectually honest vision for the country. As long as conservatism is strong, the future of a strong America is assured. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Dynamic quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#96. I saw Mercury Prize-winners Alt-J for the first time recently, touring their debut album 'An Awesome Wave,' and I'm still riding the high: they're the most musically dynamic and exciting band to have poured tune into my lug holes live since Bellowhead. - Author: Dan Stevens
Dynamic quotes by Dan Stevens
#97. In the 1960s, I would have considered China with its CPC an ideologically more dynamic country than the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union was strategically more threatening. - Author: Henry A. Kissinger
Dynamic quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#98. In the end I sort of though we created a companion who was so alive and dynamic and so wedded to the doctor that you'd need a whole universe to contain her in. The only way to get rid of her is to send her into a parallel world from which she can never return; otherwise she would stay with the doctor forever. - Author: Russell T. Davies
Dynamic quotes by Russell T. Davies
#99. Gaia is a thin spherical shell of matter that surrounds the incandescent interior; it begins where the crustal rocks meet the magma of the Earth's hot interior, about 100 miles below the surface, and proceeds another 100 miles outwards through the ocean and air to the even hotter thermosphere at the edge of space. It includes the biosphere and is a dynamic physiological system that has kept our planet fit for life for over three billion years. I call Gaia a physiological system because it appears to have the unconscious goal of regulating the climate and the chemistry at a comfortable state for life. Its goals are not set points but adjustable for whatever is the current environment and adaptable to whatever forms of life it carries. - Author: James E. Lovelock
Dynamic quotes by James E. Lovelock
#100. The coexistence of opposites - stillness and dynamism - makes you independent ... When you quietly acknowledge this exquisite coexistence of opposites, you align yourself with the world of energy - the quantum soup, the non-material non-stuff that is the source of the material world. This world energy is fluid, dynamic, resilient, changing, forever in motion. And yet it is also non-changing, still, quiet, eternal and silent. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Dynamic quotes by Deepak Chopra
#101. It's through diverse opinions and perspectives that a dynamic organisation can drive innovation and create its competitive advantage. - Author: Craig Dent
Dynamic quotes by Craig Dent
#102. I always notice the dysfunctional dynamic of human relationships because most places where you encounter it, people are trying to pretend it isn't happening. - Author: Sophie Hannah
Dynamic quotes by Sophie Hannah
#103. The best and most sustainable love story for markets is one based on a healthy and dynamic real economy that creates jobs and opportunities for many more people. - Author: Mohamed El-Erian
Dynamic quotes by Mohamed El-Erian
#104. Leadership doesn't occur in a vacuum, it manifests in a context. These contexts are as dynamic as the personalities, stakes, culture and information available. - Author: Michael M. Rose
Dynamic quotes by Michael M. Rose
#105. The Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration will be a building that will connect the excitement of science to the surrounding streets, river and highway. These forms are ambitious and dynamic. They appear to reach out beyond their physical limits. - Author: Cesar Pelli
Dynamic quotes by Cesar Pelli
#106. Entitlement is a precarious place from which to create or perform - it projects the idea that you have nothing to prove, nothing to claim, nothing to show but self-satisfaction, a smug boredom. It breeds ambivalence. It's as if instead of having to prove they are something, these musicians prove they aren't anything. It's an inverted dynamic, one that sets performers up to fail, but also gives them a false sense of having already arrived. I don't understand how someone would not push, challenge, or at least be present, how anyone could get onstage and not give everything. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
Dynamic quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#107. By habitus, I mean dispositions that inhere and mold the deepest, subtlest, intricate structures of personhood, are constituted and emergent in the most elusive folds and lineaments of consciousness, and are articulated in lastingly resilient, enduring textual tapestries of experience, orientations, desires. The range of habitus is deep and broad: habitus forms the long arc of evolutionary developments and arrangements of the body in action and at rest, posture, gait, stance, and gesture; it is the silent teacher of the phonemic alphabet, determining subtle distinctions of timbre and tone, accents and intonations in voice articulations; it is the subcutaneous, ingrained dynamic inhering in daily competencies, executed flawlessly and yet seemingly unconsciously, such as balancing huge loads the size of a person's body weight on the head as Kikuyu women often do, or walking fearlessly on narrow glacial paths through plunging cliffs as the Sherpas do, or weaving in and out of traffic while engaged in deep conversations on a cell phone as Californians do. Habitus describes the imbrication of structure and culture in desire. It is what defines subtle distinctions of taste, those almost ineffable differences of sweetness, succulence, spiciness, and bitterness in food and drink; the raging fetishes and unbidden cravings that shadow sexuality; the fickle difference between scents that intoxicate or trigger upheavals of wretching. Habitus, then, is "human nature" understood as the dee - Author: Omedi Ochieng
Dynamic quotes by Omedi Ochieng
#108. The dynamic is extremely similar to Gremlins and the hero is very similar, plus the small town atmosphere. It really is in a way the third Gremlins movie. - Author: Joe Dante
Dynamic quotes by Joe Dante
#109. Single cells analyze thousands of stimuli from the microenvironment they inhabit. The more awareness an organism has of its environment, the better its chances for survival. When cells band together they increase their awareness exponentially. Division of labor among the cells in the community offers an additional survival advantage. The efficiency it enables more cells to live on less. Evolution is based on an instructive, cooperative interaction among organisms and their environment enables life forms to survive and evolve in a dynamic world. - Author: Bruce H. Lipton
Dynamic quotes by Bruce H. Lipton
#110. The faculty of continual transformation ... is a profound expression of the dynamic character of the mind - Author: Anagarika Govinda
Dynamic quotes by Anagarika Govinda
#111. At the end of the day, it's really, really difficult to make a brand-new show, to write a pilot where you have to introduce characters and everyone has to kind of be dynamic and have something different for themselves. - Author: Missy Peregrym
Dynamic quotes by Missy Peregrym
#112. People don't stop me on the street and throw things at me. But I'm aware of what that dynamic is, so whenever people react strongly to a character and say that they hate me, I take it as a job well done. And for most people, there's a sense of removal. Most people are not saying, "Oh, my god, I hate you!" Most people that have reactions say, "I love to hate your character." - Author: Pablo Schreiber
Dynamic quotes by Pablo Schreiber
#113. Our objective must therefore be to ensure EU better regulation contributes towards delivering a modern European Union which relentlessly focuses on building a dynamic and innovative economy equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. - Author: John Hutton
Dynamic quotes by John Hutton
#114. Dogmatic theology is, by its very nature, unchangeable. The same can be said in regard to the spirit of the law. Law was and is to protect the past and present status of society and, by its very essence, must be very conservative, if not reactionary. Theology and law are both of them static by their nature.

Philosophy, law and ethics, to be effective in a dynamic world must be dynamic; they must be made vital enough to keep pace with the progress of life and science. In recent civilization ethics, because controlled by theology and law, which are static, could not duly influence the dynamic, revolutionary progress of technic and the steadily changing conditions of life; and so we witness a tremendous downfall of morals in politics and business. Life progresses faster than our ideas, and so medieval ideas, methods and judgments are constantly applied to the conditions and problems of modern life. This discrepancy between facts and ideas is greatly responsible for the dividing of modern society into different warring classes, which do not understand each other. Medieval legalism and medieval morals- the basis of the old social structure-being by their nature conservative, reactionary, opposed to change, and thus becoming more and more unable to support the mighty social burden of the modern world, must be adjudged responsible in a large measure for the circumstances which made the World War inevitable. - Author: Alfred Korzybski
Dynamic quotes by Alfred Korzybski
#115. You don't have ideas when you're sitting in that sort of sterile little place, and you're not around people. The most boring scenes are the scenes where a character is alone. I just need that dynamic of other people around me to get my work done. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Dynamic quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#116. Creative thinking poses a dynamic asset to every human - Author: Wogu Donald
Dynamic quotes by Wogu Donald
#117. There's always been a little bit of tension between the writers of science fiction literature and then science-fiction televised shows or movies, partly because they have a different dynamic. - Author: John Scalzi
Dynamic quotes by John Scalzi
#118. I love the dynamic contrast between the spontaneous shots and the more formal, pro-rock-star photos. - Author: Bruce Pavitt
Dynamic quotes by Bruce Pavitt
#119. Prayer is the greatest power God has put into our hands for service - praying is harder than doing, at least I find it so, but the dynamic lies that way to advance the Kingdom. - Author: Mary Slessor
Dynamic quotes by Mary Slessor
#120. The Black Lives Matter movement can be read as an attempt to keep mourning an open dynamic in our culture because black lives exist in a state of precariousness. Mourning then bears both the vulnerability inherent in black lives and the instability regarding a future for those lives. - Author: Claudia Rankine
Dynamic quotes by Claudia Rankine
#121. Within the factory capitalist domination is seen to be virtually complete. Although workers might legitimately struggle to keep wages from being depressed in periods of crisis, such "economistic" struggles are ultimately confined within the dynamic of capitalist growth and cannot pose any real threat to its existence. The inevitable conclusion of this kind of analysis is to place all hope for effective struggle in the "political" sphere, which usually implies support for some form of party organization. - Author: Harry Cleaver
Dynamic quotes by Harry Cleaver
#122. You can be a dynamic actor, but could never be a star if you never spend time with the media. That's something that I neglected to do. - Author: Bokeem Woodbine
Dynamic quotes by Bokeem Woodbine
#123. The more your mind is restful, the more you're capable of dynamic activity. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Dynamic quotes by Deepak Chopra
#124. In England everything is liberalised. Within certain boundaries and rules everybody can do what he likes. Maybe London's society has a different tempo, a different dynamic. London is fast, productive, creative but it is not England. If you want to transfer that to football, you could say: in the four big English clubs and maybe in the one or two behind them there is a top level. Everything that comes after that rather mirrors English society. It's honest, fair and hard, sometimes also fast, but not always so perfect. - Author: Jens Lehmann
Dynamic quotes by Jens Lehmann
#125. It was out of the dynamic of cosmic celebration that we were created in the first place. We are to become celebration and generosity, burst into self-awareness. What is the human? The human is a space, an opening, where the universe celebrates its existence. - Author: Brian Swimme
Dynamic quotes by Brian Swimme
#126. I'm not thinking about forcing my kids to watch my movies. It's always awkward when someone says: "Hey, I wrote a song, can I play it for you?" That would be the dynamic, if I was like: "Hey, you're my son, watch my work!" I don't want to put them in that awkward position. Just because when they get older, that's when I'm worried, that they'll judge me and say: "Yeah, my father's [hand over mouth] Jack Black. He was in that cheesy movie." So, I'm going to keep it all high quality. It'll be a quality controller. - Author: Jack Black
Dynamic quotes by Jack Black
#127. It is not very natural to make dynamic changes with the recorder. When you play a long note and want to make a diminuendo, the pitch will fall, and vice versa. So you need to adjust these with your fingers. - Author: Michala Petri
Dynamic quotes by Michala Petri
#128. Geeks are running the world, anyone who's seen The Social Network knows the dynamic has shifted, but what I think is iconic and timeless about Peter Parker is that he's an outsider, on the outside looking in, and that was something I thought was very important to protect. - Author: Marc Webb
Dynamic quotes by Marc Webb
#129. I think I've always admired sort of dynamic filmmakers, which doesn't shy away from strong expressions. Which might be a little more theatrical at some points. - Author: Fredrik Bond
Dynamic quotes by Fredrik Bond
#130. Belief comes spontaneously as well as by effort. Belief is power. An insincere and uninspired seeker is aware of the truth that belief is power, but he cannot go beyond understanding or awareness; whereas a sincere, genuine, devoted and surrendered seeker knows that belief is dynamic power, and he has this power as his very own. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
Dynamic quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#131. So we see that what looks like a dead, uninteresting thing - a glass of water with a cover, that has been sitting there for perhaps twenty years - really contains a dynamic and interesting phenomenon which is going on all the time. To - Author: Richard Feynman
Dynamic quotes by Richard Feynman
#132. I have great hopes for the possibility of a dynamic universalism that respects all our people. - Author: Anthony Braxton
Dynamic quotes by Anthony Braxton
#133. It's imposible to even imagine Lucy Ricardo without Ethel Mertz, and because of that, this dynamic duo set the bar for future female friendships on TV. Consider Laverne and Shirley, Kate and Allie, Mar and Rhoda, Wilma and Betty, and Cagney and Lacey - where would they have been without Lucy and Ethel. - Author: Elisabeth Edwards
Dynamic quotes by Elisabeth Edwards
#134. Kids are so dynamic; if you're tired and you walk into a roomful of kids, your energy is brought up to their level. - Author: Jenna Bush
Dynamic quotes by Jenna Bush
#135. Essentially, all expressions of human nature ever produced, from a caveman's paintings to Mozart's symphonies and Einstein's view of the universe, emerge from the same source: the relentless dynamic toil of large populations of interconnected neurons. - Author: Miguel Nicolelis
Dynamic quotes by Miguel Nicolelis
#136. The human race, for all our facets and our institutional stupidity, is something I believe in. I admire our diversity, our stubbornness. The dynamic of conflict is one of our greatest traits. - Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Dynamic quotes by Peter F. Hamilton
#137. Imitation is human intelligence in its most dynamic aspect. - Author: Rene Girard
Dynamic quotes by Rene Girard
#138. Education, or enrichment, is a dynamic, evolving, lifelong process. Every time you look, sensitively with awareness, your vision grows. - Author: John Paul Caponigro
Dynamic quotes by John Paul Caponigro
#139. Only those who keep walking get sweet returns ... look at the sun's perseverance- dynamic & always on the move, never dormant ... hence keep moving. - Author: Narendra Modi
Dynamic quotes by Narendra Modi
#140. Specialness as a primary mode of death transcendence takes a number of other maladaptive forms. The drive for power is not uncommonly motivated by this dynamic. One's own fear and sense of limitation is avoided by enlarging oneself and one's sphere of control. There is some evidence, for example, that those who enter the death-related professions (soldiers, doctors, priests, and morticians) may in part be motivated by a need to obtain control over death anxiety. - Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Dynamic quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
#141. Watergate got us to think of leaders as mere mortals. America began to think of itself in a very different way - I would say a salutary way - and Reagan was most important in shifting the grand dynamic thrust of the American historical process by ending that. - Author: Rick Perlstein
Dynamic quotes by Rick Perlstein
#142. The Czech Republic is a dynamic United Nations Member State, active on the Human Rights Council, contributing to the peaceful settlement of disputes, and helping other countries to achieve a democratic transition. - Author: Ban Ki-moon
Dynamic quotes by Ban Ki-moon
#143. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN most interested in the question of what makes a house a home. What are the elements that move a house beyond its physical structure and provide the warmth that we all crave? In my fifteen years as a designer, I've come to understand that the answer is simple: It is about surrounding ourselves with things we love.

(...) And in this case, the beauty comes from the owners' love of books.

Books are beautiful objects in their own right - their bindings and covers - and the space they fill on shelves or stacked on coffee tables in colorful piles add balance and texture to any room. And just like any other part of a home, books require maintenance: They need to be dusted, categorized, rearranged, and maintained. Our relationship with them is dynamic and ever changing.

But our connection to them goes beyond the material. In each house we visited, the libraries were the heart of the home, meaningful to the collectors' lives. In this book, we tried to capture what they brought to the home - the life and spirit books added. Some subjects have working libraries they constantly reference; others fill their shelves with the potential pleasures of the unread. When we visited the homes, many people could find favorite books almost by osmosis, using systems known only to themselves.

(...) As we found repeatedly, surrounding yourself with books you love tells the story of your life, your interests, your passions, your values. Your - Author: Nina Freudenberger
Dynamic quotes by Nina Freudenberger
#144. The saying"Tradition goes on" is anti-dynamic and ruins the progress and development of every nation that adheres to it - Author: ABC
Dynamic quotes by ABC
#145. Women already come equipped with a core of steel fiber strength, depths of resolve a man cannot comprehend. It's not the dynamic strength men have, all power and show. It's a strength of endurance, fortitude. It is the strength that allows women to conceive life and to carry that life until the day it can stand on its own. - Author: James R Tuck
Dynamic quotes by James R Tuck
#146. Ben's Mr. Market allegory may seem out-of-date in today's investment world, in which most professionals and academicians talk of efficient markets, dynamic hedging and betas. Their interest in such matters is understandable, since techniques shrouded in mystery clearly have value to the purveyor of investment advice. After all, what witch doctor has ever achieved fame and fortune by simply advising 'Take two aspirins'? - Author: Warren Buffett
Dynamic quotes by Warren Buffett
#147. The Deleuzian philosopher Brian Massumi clearly formulated how today's capitalism has already overcome the logic of totalizing normality and adopts instead a logic of erratic excess: the more varied, and even erratic, the better. Normalcy starts to lose its hold. The regularities start to loosen, This loosening of normalcy is part of capitalism's dynamic. It's not a simple liberation. It's capitalism's own form of power. It's no longer disciplinary institutional power that defines everything, it's capitalism's power to produce variety - because markets get saturated. Produce variety and you produce a niche market. The oddest of affective tendencies are okay - as long as they pay. (...) What happens next, when the system no longer excludes the excess, but directly posits it as its driving force - as is the case when capitalism can only reproduce itself through a continual self-revolutionizing, a constant overcoming of its own limits? Then one can no longer play the game of subverting the Order from the position of its part-of-no-part, since the Order has already internalized its own permanent subversion. - Author: Slavoj Zizek
Dynamic quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#148. In the courageous standing of uncertainty, faith shows most visibly its dynamic character. - Author: Paul Tillich
Dynamic quotes by Paul Tillich
#149. The cultural forces that help politically sustain both the militaristic and the corporate function of the Deep State, however, are growing more irrational and antiscience. A military tradition that glories in force and appeals to self-sacrifice is the polar opposite of the Enlightenment heritate of rationality, the search for peace, and a belief in the common destiny of mankind. The warrior-leader, like the witch doctor, ultimately appeals to irrational emotionalism; and the cultural psychology that produces the bravest and most loyal warriors is a mind-set that is usually hostile to the sort of free inquiry of which scientific progress depends. This dynamic is observable in Afghanistan: no outside power has been able to conquer and pacify that society for millennia because of the tenacity of its warrior spirit; yet the country has one of the highest illiteracy rates on earth and is barely out of the Bronze Age in social development. p 260 - Author: Mike Lofgren
Dynamic quotes by Mike Lofgren
#150. Up to now our thinking was either purely mechanical - discursive - atomistic - or purely intuitive - dynamic. Perhaps now the time for union has come? - Author: Novalis
Dynamic quotes by Novalis
#151. The conception that growth and progress are just approximations to a final unchanging goal is the last infirmity of the mind in its transition from a static to a dynamic understanding of life. - Author: John Dewey
Dynamic quotes by John Dewey
#152. One in four sub-Saharan Africans is Nigerian, and it has 140 million dynamic people - chaotic people - but very interesting people. - Author: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Dynamic quotes by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
#153. Many people have grown up attending church and hearing about God all their lives, but they do not have a personal, dynamic, growing relationship with God. - Author: Henry T. Blackaby
Dynamic quotes by Henry T. Blackaby
#154. Cannabis sativa and its derivatives are strictly prohibited in Turkey, and the natural correlative of this proscription is that alcohol, far from being frowned upon as it is in other Moslem lands, is freely drunk; being a government monopoly it can be bought at any cigarette counter. This fact is no mere detail; it is of primary social importance, since the psychological effects of the two substances are diametrically opposed to each other. Alcohol blurs the personality by loosening inhibitions. The drinker feels, temporarily at least, a sense of participation. Kif abolishes no inhibitions; on the contrary it reinforces them, pushes the individual further back into the recesses of his own isolated personality, pledging him to contemplation and inaction. It is to be expected that there should be a close relationsip between the culture of a given society and the means used by its members to achieve release and euphoria. For Judaism and Christianity the means has always been alcohol; for Islam it has been hashish. The first is dynamic in its effects, the other static. If a nation wishes, however mistakenly, to Westernize itself, first let it give up hashish. The rest will follow, more or less as a manner of course. Conversely, in a Western country, if a whole segment of the population desires, for reasons of protest (as has happened in the United States), to isolate itself in a radical fashion from the society around it, the quickest and surest way is for it to replace alcohol b - Author: Paul Bowles
Dynamic quotes by Paul Bowles
#155. The more I know about myself the more dynamic I become, the more expansive I become. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
Dynamic quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#156. The gospel of justifying faith means that while Christians are, in themselves still sinful and sinning, yet in Christ, in God's sight, they are accepted and righteous. So we can say that we are more wicked than we ever dared believe, but more loved and accepted in Christ than we ever dared hope - at the very same time. This creates a radical new dynamic for personal growth. It means that the more you see your own flaws and sins, the more precious, electrifying, and amazing God's grace appears to you. But on the other hand, the more aware you are of God's grace and acceptance in Christ, the more able you are to drop your denials and self-defenses and admit the true dimensions and character of your sin. - Author: Timothy Keller
Dynamic quotes by Timothy Keller
#157. What was true of an ancient community of Christian believers struggling with a powerful and appealing philosophy is also true for Christians in a postmodern context. Arguments that deconstruct the regimes of truth at work in the late modern culture of global capitalism are indispensable. So also is a deeper understanding of the counterideological force of the biblical tradition. But such arguments are no guarantee that the biblical metanarrative will not be co-opted for ideological purposes of violent exclusion, nor do arguments prove the truth of the gospel. Only the nonideological, embracing, forgiving and shalom-filled life of a dynamic Christian community formed by the story of Jesus will prove the gospel to be true and render the idolatrous alternatives fundamentally implausible. - Author: Brian J. Walsh
Dynamic quotes by Brian J. Walsh
#158. 'Jurassic Park' was able to get away with big, dynamic filmmaking that might be out of place in another kind of story. - Author: Colin Trevorrow
Dynamic quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#159. Nations that can manage to develop their language and make it accommondating while at the same time staying faithful to the roots of it are the most communicative societies that are also most dynamic in thought. - Author: M. Fethullah Gulen
Dynamic quotes by M. Fethullah Gulen
#160. We've seen several of these oscillations just in the last decade or so since the web became prominent. At first we thought all the computer power would be in server farms, and the browsers would be stupid. Then we started putting applets in the browsers. But we didn't like that, so we moved dynamic content back to the servers. But then we didn't like that, so we invented Web 2.0 and moved lots of processing back into the browser with Ajax and JavaScript. We went so far as to create whole huge applications written to execute in the browsers. And now we're all excited about pulling that JavaScript back into the server with Node. - Author: Robert C. Martin
Dynamic quotes by Robert C. Martin
#161. Chet couldn't wipe away his smile. "I have learned much since we parted ways, and one of those lessons is that a static force, even in mass, can be crushed by a dynamic one."

Wellington's face stiffened. "What kind of foolish talk is that?"

"You will find out. On the Fourth of July, as you sit here in your governor's mansion pandering to your public servants - using them to climb into more power, you will learn what it feels like to have everything you believe in shatter before your very eyes."

Wellington shifted irritably in his seat. "What sort of riddle is that, Chet? You and I have been in this political game our entire lives. You know how it works, and that's not going to change. Ever. One party controls the knobs of politics with one hand, and the other party controls the knobs with the other hand. But they are all one body, members of a political ruling class. That's what we do. This isn't anything new."

Chet pushed his brows over his eyes in a gaze that could melt steel. "You will not be able to stop the ramifications of its impact. This thing I'm about to unleash upon you, I'm doing to you because you are an evil man. I used to be, I'll give you that. But I changed, luckily, before death found me. And I will not let you get away with what you are doing to this country."

Wellington was aghast. "So you're involved with terrorism now, are you? What are you going to do?"

Chet shook his head. "The tru - Author: Rich Hoffman
Dynamic quotes by Rich Hoffman
#162. Making women the sexual gatekeepers and telling men they just can't help themselves not only drives home the point that women's sexuality is unnatural, but also sets up a disturbing dynamic in which women are expected to be responsible for men's sexual behavior. - Author: Jessica Valenti
Dynamic quotes by Jessica Valenti
#163. Favoring specialization over intelligence is exactly wrong, especially in high tech. The world is changing so fast across every industry and endeavor that it's a given the role for which you're hiring is going to change. Yesterday's widget will be obsolete tomorrow, and hiring a specialist in such a dynamic environment can backfire. A specialist brings an inherent bias to solving problems that spawns from the very expertise that is his putative advantage, and may be threatened by a new type of solution that requires new expertise. A smart generalist doesn't have bias, so is free to survey the wide range of solutions and gravitate to the best one. - Author: Eric Schmidt
Dynamic quotes by Eric Schmidt
#164. One of the most painful stages in the twin flame relationship is that of the "runner and chaser" dynamic. After the initial stages of ecstatic union and fairy-tale partnership, things start to heat up. Egos begin to clash, core wounds, insecurities, and traumas are rubbed raw, and shadow selves lash out. As a result, it's inevitable that almost every twin flame relationship will battle through drama and dysfunction at first. - Author: Aletheia Luna
Dynamic quotes by Aletheia Luna
#165. The emergence of a unified cognitive moment relies on the coordination of scattered mosaics of functionally specialized brain regions. Here we review the mechanisms of large-scale integration that counterbalance the distributed anatomical and functional organization of brain activity to enable the emergence of coherent behaviour and cognition. Although the mechanisms involved in large-scale integration are still largely unknown, we argue that the most plausible candidate is the formation of dynamic links mediated by synchrony over multiple frequency bands. - Author: Francisco Varela
Dynamic quotes by Francisco Varela
#166. It is not okay for someone you like to treat you poorly and then pretend it didn't happen, making you question your own grasp on reality. This dynamic is called gaslighting. It's a common tactic of abusers to shift the focus of the blame from their bad behavior onto the person they are victimizing. One important side effect of gaslighting is having your memory "black out" after a fight (because your brain is trying to protect you from the cruelty of the abuse), which results in not being able to remember how an argument started. You may start to internalize the idea that there is something wrong with you and that you did something to provoke the situation as you're increasingly beaten down and confused. - Author: Shannon Weber
Dynamic quotes by Shannon Weber
#167. Rather than experiencing the richness of a dynamic, intimate relationship with the righteous One, you put God in a little box that you can check off your to-do list each week. By settling for rules and religion and feeling pretty good about how much you're doing for the church and those less fortunate, you become blinded to legalism and self-righteousness. - Author: Craig Groeschel
Dynamic quotes by Craig Groeschel
#168. Human social life, I suggest, is the magma that erupts and builds up, so to speak, at the fault lines where natural human capacities meet and grind against and over natural human limitations ... . This meeting of powers and limitations produces a creative, dynamic tension and energy that generates and fuels the making of human social life and social structures ... . It is real human persons living through the tensions of natural existential contradictions who construct patterned social meanings, interactions, institutions, and structures. - Author: Christian Smith
Dynamic quotes by Christian Smith
#169. While filming 'The Matrix,' we studied how a Chinese fight-choreography team trains actors before production starts so that they can participate in action sequences in a more dynamic way. - Author: David Leitch
Dynamic quotes by David Leitch
#170. In this way the world market is, with regard to its immanent dynamic, 'a space in which everyone has once been a productive labourer, and in which labour has everywhere begun to price itself out of the system'. - Author: Slavoj Zizek
Dynamic quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#171. It's a great dynamic. The dynamic between men and women in the workplace is really interesting. - Author: Elisabeth Moss
Dynamic quotes by Elisabeth Moss
#172. You are an eternal being now on the pathway of endless unfoldment, never less but always more yourself. Life is not static. It is forever dynamic, forever creatingnot something done and finished, but something alive, awake and aware. There is something within you that sings the song of eternity. Listen to it. - Author: Ernest Holmes
Dynamic quotes by Ernest Holmes
#173. My love of dynamic complications often led me to avoid simplicity when perhaps it was the wisest choice. - Author: Garry Kasparov
Dynamic quotes by Garry Kasparov
#174. I know plenty of people with kids in elite, private schools and had heard many stories. I have drifted into the homes of some of those very wealthy families in New York and am fascinated with the dynamic and how much freedom the children are given. - Author: Jane Green
Dynamic quotes by Jane Green
#175. The secret to extraordinary faith is fully engaging our MINDS, as well as our hearts, because DYNAMIC FAITH REQUIRES A HEALTHY BALANCE OF BOTH. - Author: Patty Houser
Dynamic quotes by Patty Houser
#176. Nevada has a very dynamic economy, with gambling being the number-one industry, followed closely by blood donorship. - Author: Dave Barry
Dynamic quotes by Dave Barry
#177. The theme of Cosmology, which is the basis of all religions, is the story of the dynamic effort of the World passing into everlasting unity, and of the static majesty of God's vision, accomplishing its purpose of completion by absorption of the World's multiplicity of effort. - Author: Alfred North Whitehead
Dynamic quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
#178. There is something very consistent about governance in the Arab world. Among the Arab countries today in which there is a modicum of internal stability, each is controlled by an Arafat-type figure - an anti-democratic strongman who is able to crush all challenges to his authority. Likewise, among those Arab countries that aren't ruled by a despot, the political dynamic is also consistent: In Lebanon, Iraq, and now Gaza, sectarian violence is the dominant form of political expression. - Author: Michael Totten
Dynamic quotes by Michael Totten
#179. According to the historian William H. McNeil, European churches did not have pews until sometime in the eighteenth century. People stood or milled around, creating a very different dynamic than we find in today's churches, where people are expected to spend most of their time sitting. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Dynamic quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#180. A problem that I have with everything fictional is that writers are always having to come up with sudden artillery explosions in the middle of whatever is going on. The characters are having interesting, subtle interactions, or jealousies, or whatever it is, and suddenly some gigantic angry eruption has to happen, a giant gasp where everyone has to scramble around. That's the point where I'm turned off. I want the dynamic range to be a little smaller. I don't like the big false bangs. - Author: Nicholson Baker
Dynamic quotes by Nicholson Baker
#181. The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a righteous and dynamic faith. - Author: John Foster Dulles
Dynamic quotes by John Foster Dulles
#182. Psychoanalysis and Greek mythology are two sides of the same medallion. To put it differently: without classical mythology, there would be no psychoanalysis. If that seems like too bold a statement, this chapter aims to show that it is not. It will look at the dynamic relationship forged between psychoanalysis and classical myth, and the impacts, positive and negative, that each has made upon the other.
There are numerous psychoanalytic theorists, but Freud necessarily takes centre stage. Like many in 19th-century Germany, Freud was passionate about ancient
Greece and its myths. He was both an analyst of the psyche, or mind (using Greek myth) and of Greek myth (using the psyche). As a result, he initiated a radical new method of enquiry, psychoanalysis, and wrote a momentous chapter in the history of classical mythology. - Author: Helen Morales
Dynamic quotes by Helen Morales
#183. Here is God's purpose - For God, to me, it seems, is a verb not a noun, proper or improper; is the articulation not the art, objective or subjective; is loving, not the abstraction "love" commanded or entreated; is knowledge dynamic, not legislative code, not proclamation law, not academic dogma, not ecclesiastic canon. Yes, God is a verb, the most active, connoting the vast harmonic reordering of the universe from unleashed chaos of energy. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
Dynamic quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#184. One has to be in control, otherwise the whole dynamic becomes a total disaster. - Author: Helen Fielding
Dynamic quotes by Helen Fielding
#185. Faith is a dynamic and ever-changing process, not some fixed body of truth that exists outside our world and our understanding. God's truth may be fixed and unchanging, but our comprehension of that truth will always be partial and flawed at best. - Author: Gene Robinson
Dynamic quotes by Gene Robinson
#186. Nutrition is an exciting, dynamic field - there are more than 10,000 articles published on human nutrition in medical journals every year. - Author: Michael Greger
Dynamic quotes by Michael Greger
#187. It seemed so wimpy at first when I started to play [guitar]. So I started playing loud with lots of effects just to try to mimic the dynamic [of the drums]. Drums seemed a lot more expressive. [I was] Trying to emulate the feeling of playing the drums on the guitar - I guess that's why I played it so loud. - Author: J Mascis
Dynamic quotes by J Mascis
#188. Private listening really took off in 1979, with the popularity of the Walkman portable cassette player. Listening to music on a Walkman is a variation of the "sitting very still in a concert hall" experience (there are no acoustic distractions), combined with the virtual space (achieved by adding reverb and echo to the vocals and instruments) that studio recording allows. With headphones on, you can hear and appreciate extreme detail and subtlety, and the lack of uncontrollable reverb inherent in hearing music in a live room means that rhythmic material survives beautifully and completely intact; it doesn't get blurred or turned into sonic mush as it often does in a concert hall. You, and only you, the audience of one, can hear a million tiny details, even with the compression that MP3 technology adds to recordings. You can hear the singer's breath intake, their fingers on a guitar string. That said, extreme and sudden dynamic changes can be painful on a personal music player. As - Author: David Byrne
Dynamic quotes by David Byrne
#189. What is Hope?Hope is that inner dynamic that compels us to explore and pursue the expectations built into the human condition. Hope was born the day the first human beings discovered the first bridge and decided not to jump off the bridge in despair, but to cross it - Author: Henri Nouwen
Dynamic quotes by Henri Nouwen
#190. The Russian composers, especially, tricked the symphony orchestra into the kind of dynamic, rhythmic thing. - Author: Gerry Mulligan
Dynamic quotes by Gerry Mulligan
#191. We are learning that through striving for justice, tears and laughter, seem more dynamic and shared as each step is taken with communal courage together. Record a legacy, they truly lived, not once stepped back on the path that beckoned. I am proud of my partner, of my family, of our friends. We have learned to value the quiet patience of gentle support both, unspoken and felt, heard and embraced. And if we seem cryptic in message at times, we wish to lift to the world the cause as artists, using the language of our nature and craft, to address the twisted currents of current laws and corruption, where ears are dulled from light by agendas, that the beauty of Art may be expressed in the reclaiming of itself, from the wreckage of the court system mired with soiled attorney and tainted judge. Colors to where there is grey, to lift the hues cast in cast iron graves, stamped Summary Judgement, with no judgement applied. So together we formulate, and forge what is possible, while tear stains cheek, falling upon lighted smile, in thought of our loved ones, that keeps our current path clear. - Author: Tom Althouse
Dynamic quotes by Tom Althouse
#192. In this context the British and Irish governments will have to promote a new, imaginative and dynamic alternative in which both governments will share power in the north. - Author: Gerry Adams
Dynamic quotes by Gerry Adams
#193. Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies. - Author: Desmond Tutu
Dynamic quotes by Desmond Tutu
#194. It happens all the time! People are always talking about that explosive moment in their family history that sort of changed everything and rattled the cage, and more times than not it has nothing to do with trans issues. That's why people are relating to this show [Transparent], because our family is their family and they understand that dynamic. - Author: Judith Light
Dynamic quotes by Judith Light
#195. The way we interact online becomes the norm for how we interact offline. Facebook and Twitter communications are pretty short, clipped, and very rapid. And that is not a way to have a good conversation with someone. Moreover, a good conversation involves listening and timing and that is pretty much taken away with Internet communications, because you are not there with the person. So someone could send you a message and you could ignore it, or someone could send you a message and you get to it two hours later. But if you are in real time in a real place with real bodies and a real voice, that is a very different dynamic. You shouldn't treat another person the way you would interact with Twitter. - Author: Douglas Groothuis
Dynamic quotes by Douglas Groothuis
#196. We humans desperately seek stability in hopes, I think, that we can control our lives, though that isn't the way things work. Everything is in flux; we are dynamic beings born with expiration dates into an uncertain Universe. - Author: Larry J. Dunlap
Dynamic quotes by Larry J. Dunlap
#197. It is true that snobisme may be urged against them; but it is at least snobisme in its most dynamic form, with a great deal of sound sense and energy behind it; and they are stricter with themselves than with any outsider. - Author: Frank Stewart Flint
Dynamic quotes by Frank Stewart Flint
#198. What The Mysteries of Udolpho suggests is how a novel, by presenting phenomena before it present resolutions, can create an on-going, perhaps spurious, but nevertheless compelling dynamic between details which can undermine the ability of form to impose its particular tyranny on the reader's experience: there is a life in the novel which comes from within. - Author: Ian Gregor
Dynamic quotes by Ian Gregor
#199. This is a dynamic and mysterious universe and human life is, no doubt, conditioned by imponderables of which we are only dimly aware. People sometimes say, "the strangest coincidence happened." Coincidences may seem strange, but they are never a result of caprice. They are orderly laws in the spiritual life of man. They affect and influence our lives profoundly. These so-called imponderables are so important that you should become spiritually sensitized to them. Indeed, the more spiritually minded you become the more acute your contact will be with these behind-the-scenes forces. By being alive to them through insight, instruction, and illumination, you can make your way past errors and mistakes on which, were you less spiritually sensitive, you might often stumble. - Author: Norman Vincent Peale
Dynamic quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#200. If your struggle with the conflicting parts of yourself is conscious, you are able to choose consciously the response that will create the karma that you desire. You will be able to bring to bear upon your decision an awareness of what lies behind each choice, and the consequences of each choice, and choose accordingly. When you enter into your decision-making dynamic consciously, you insert your will consciously into the creative cycle through which your soul evolves, and you enter consciously into your own evolution. - Author: Gary Zukav
Dynamic quotes by Gary Zukav

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