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#1. Reading Aloud to My Father

I chose the book haphazard
from the shelf, but with Nabokov's first
sentence I knew it wasn't the thing
to read to a dying man:
The cradle rocks above an abyss, it began,
and common sense tells us that our existence
is but a brief crack of light
between two eternities of darkness.

The words disturbed both of us immediately,
and I stopped. With music it was the same --
Chopin's Piano Concerto - he asked me
to turn it off. He ceased eating, and drank
little, while the tumors briskly appropriated
what was left of him.

But to return to the cradle rocking. I think
Nabokov had it wrong. This is the abyss.
That's why babies howl at birth,
and why the dying so often reach
for something only they can apprehend.

At the end they don't want their hands
to be under the covers, and if you should put
your hand on theirs in a tentative gesture
of solidarity, they'll pull the hand free;
and you must honor that desire,
and let them pull it free. - Author: Jane Kenyon
Dying Fathers quotes by Jane Kenyon
#2. Ryder, we got a problem," Ristan called from beyond the other side of the etched-glass shower door.
"Someone had better be dying, Ristan," Ryder growled when he'd pulled
away from kissing me.
"They might be. You need to come see this."
"We will be right there," Ryder called out as I slid down his hard body.
He watched me with a smirk and then placed his hand on my arm to move me from beneath the water, so he could rinse off. I watched him, unable to pull my eyes off of his hands as they roved over his body.He was quicksand,
and I was sinking.
"Did you say we?" Ristan asked.
I blushed from my head to my Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose colored toenails. I opened the shower door and stepped out meeting Ristan's eyes. "Don't ask."
"How the ... did you sift into his shower?" he asked, bubbling with laughter.
"I said don't ask! It wasn't my fault. I was sleeping!" I shouted as both men laughed even harder.
"Real mature, just real fucking mature! - Author: Amelia Hutchins
Dying Fathers quotes by Amelia Hutchins
#3. I curled into a ball under the thin covers, trying to get warm. Despite the moonlight, darkness crept in, cold and complete, like the dying whisper of a gate. But it was the darkness in my head that was the hardest to shake. For the first time, the darkness had a name. It was the daywatch.

Thad had seventy-five days left. - Author: Lynne Matson
Dying Fathers quotes by Lynne Matson
#4. My ghost is the only soul who ever comes to cry on my grave ... Only the skies cried sincerely on my funeral. - Author: Simona Panova
Dying Fathers quotes by Simona Panova
#5. I'm a parent. I think we're responsible for the problems that young people have. I believe that. I don't blame them for any of it. I blame us for what we haven't done as mothers and fathers, not sticking together as a unit. - Author: Denzel Washington
Dying Fathers quotes by Denzel Washington
#6. Fathers like to have children good-natured, well-behaved, and comfortable, but how to put them in that desirable condition is out of their philosophy. - Author: Ernestine Rose
Dying Fathers quotes by Ernestine Rose
#7. My father, my uncles, my aunts, from my father's side and my mother's side ... they were all professional musicians. My father was a concert master, he took me to a lot of rehearsals, concerts, performances, opera, ballet. For me, that was life. - Author: Lalo Schifrin
Dying Fathers quotes by Lalo Schifrin
#8. A man who would not love his father's grave is worse than a wild animal. - Author: Chief Joseph
Dying Fathers quotes by Chief Joseph
#9. There is nothing
no, nothing
innocent or good, that dies and is forgotten; let us hold to that faith or none. An infant, a prattling child, dying in the cradle, will live again in the better thoughts of those that loved it, and play its part through them in the redeeming actions of the world, though its body be burnt to ashes or drowned in the deep sea. - Author: Charles Dickens
Dying Fathers quotes by Charles Dickens
#10. They called us the Dead Men because they said we weren't afraid of dying. - Author: Derek Landy
Dying Fathers quotes by Derek Landy
#11. Breast cancer is not just a woman's issue - it affects all of us: the brothers, husbands, fathers, children and friends. - Author: Ralph Lauren
Dying Fathers quotes by Ralph Lauren
#12. Reminders

'The peace garden is opposite the War Memorial,'
Said the old soldier.

'We had to fight to make peace
Back in the good old days.'

'No, the War Memorial is opposite the peace garden,'
Said the old pacifist.

'You've had so many wars to end all wars,
Still millions are dying from the wars you left behind.'

'Look,' said the old soldier.
'You chickens stuck your peace garden
In front of our War Memorial to cause non-violent trouble.
This War Memorial is necessary,
It reminds us that people have died for our country.'

'Look,' said the old pacifist,
'In the beginning was peace
And the peace was with God
And the peace was God,
This peace garden is unnecessary but
It reminds us that people want to live for our country. - Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
Dying Fathers quotes by Benjamin Zephaniah
#13. Less than twenty-four hours ago, I had a family and a home and a dreamworld I thought was as close to heaven as you could get without dying.
I have none of that now.
My brother is dead. My parents threw me out of the house - again - with barely enough to fill a small suitcase. And my dreamworld? I was right when I figured that, if God ever did exist, he turned his back on humanity centuries ago. - Author: Erica Cameron
Dying Fathers quotes by Erica Cameron
#14. Thousands of desires, each worth dying for...
Many of them I have realized...yet I yearn for more...
Why should my killer (lover) be afraid? No one will hold her responsible,
For the blood which will continuously flow through my eyes all my life. - Author: Avinash Advani
Dying Fathers quotes by Avinash Advani
#15. This gospel I preach to you. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Trust him quietly, humbly, simply, immediately. Trust him to make you a holy man - to deliver you from the power of the devil and the power of sin, and he will do it: I will be bound for him that he will keep his word. Jesus is truth itself, and never breaks his word. He never boasts that he can do what he cannot do. He has gone into heaven, and he is therefore "able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them." Only trust him. Trust him to overcome the evil you have to fight with. You will conquer it, man, if you will only trust Jesus. Woman, there is hope for you if you will trust the wounded, bleeding, dying, risen, living Savior. He will battle for you, and you shall get the victory. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Dying Fathers quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#16. It was like my uterus was tapping out a happy dance on the rest of my organs. God, I was dying the longest, most tortuous, and arousing death in the history of the world. - Author: Cora Carmack
Dying Fathers quotes by Cora Carmack
#17. I believe ghost story writing is a dying art. - Author: H.R. Wakefield
Dying Fathers quotes by H.R. Wakefield
#18. Losing confidence was more violent than losing love. Losing love was a slow dying, but losing confidence was a quick coup, a floor that opened right up and swallowed. - Author: Lorrie Moore
Dying Fathers quotes by Lorrie Moore
#19. I was greatly inspired by the Utopian Tamanend Ideals of St. Tammany; the only Native American Saint. St. Tammany continues to inspire great leaders to this day and started the original Peace Movement together with William Penn. Society of St. Tammany(Tammany Hall) ran NYC and world politics up until the 1950s in his name. - Author: John Lennon
Dying Fathers quotes by John Lennon
#20. God, the floor is cold! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I just thought "God." I don't use that word. Do I believe? Have I found faith here, on my knees, now, at the end? That seems kind of hypocritical-like to me. Ain't dying a hypocrite. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Dying Fathers quotes by Karen Marie Moning
A 'Special Day' once a year creates an excuse for neglect on the other 365 days for mothers, fathers & veterans - Author: Kamil Ali
Dying Fathers quotes by Kamil Ali
#22. TV networks are dying. The death throes of religion give us jihads. The death throes of television give us reality shows. - Author: Penn Jillette
Dying Fathers quotes by Penn Jillette
#23. Father of the fatherless daughter, do not be the lost soul in your daughter's life. Play a major role in your daughter's life. She should always be her daddy's little princess, even when she is old and gray. She deserves to be happy! She deserves to be loved! She deserves joy! And she deserves you! - Author: Charlena E. Jackson
Dying Fathers quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#24. Each poor immigrant girl had a plan in place to survive. Some had brothers or fathers for protection, others, young husbands; but for all of them, the first line of defense was their scissors. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
Dying Fathers quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#25. The feeling of death is not as peaceful as they make it sound in movies and books. It was frightening and empty ... I never want to feel it again. - Author: Shannon A. Thompson
Dying Fathers quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#26. The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. - Author: Antoine Francois Prevost D'Exiles
Dying Fathers quotes by Antoine Francois Prevost D'Exiles
#27. Southern DADDY - Dandy At Doin' Diapers Y'all! - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Dying Fathers quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#28. God uses means. Natural laws and human ingenuity are his tools, even when we do not see his hand. He didn't just establish these laws and then step away. As contemporary science reminds us, apparent chaos is ubiquitous. Things should fall apart, but they don't. Not for one moment could the cosmos sustain itself apart from the Father's loving word, which he speaks in his Son and by his Spirit. - Author: Michael S. Horton
Dying Fathers quotes by Michael S. Horton
#29. Dying is not a sin. Not living is. - Author: Jack Lemmon
Dying Fathers quotes by Jack Lemmon
#30. It is I who drink lonely
Drinks at twelve, midnight, in hotels of strange towns,
It is I who laugh, it is I who make love
And then, feel shame, it is I who lie dying
With a rattle in my throat. I am sinner,
I am saint. I am the beloved and the
Betrayed. I have no joys that are not yours, no
Aches which are not yours. I too call myself I. - Author: Kamala Suraiyya Das
Dying Fathers quotes by Kamala Suraiyya Das
#31. But I do exist. Remember that . . . This is not Avalon now, t'Larien, and today is not yesterday. It is a dying Festival world, a world without a code, so each of us must cling tightly to whatever codes we bring with us. (Jaan Vikary) - Author: George R R Martin
Dying Fathers quotes by George R R Martin
#32. Death is the evil twin of life. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Dying Fathers quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Mrs. Weasley's yells, a hundred times louder than usual, made the plates and spoons rattle on the table, and echoed deafeningly off the stone walls. People throughout the hall were swiveling around to see who had received the Howler, and Ron sank so low in his chair that only his crimson forehead could be seen.
Harry had been wondering when his name was going to crop up. He tried very hard to look as though he couldn't hear the voice that was making his eardrums throb.
A ringing silence fell. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Dying Fathers quotes by J.K. Rowling
#34. My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetery, people would stop dying. - Author: Ed Furgol
Dying Fathers quotes by Ed Furgol
#35. Mitochondria, as we have seen, are only passed on in the egg, so all 13 mitochondrial genes come from our mothers. If these genes really do influence lifespan, and we can only inherit them from our mothers, then our own lifespan should reflect that of our mothers but not our fathers. - Author: Nick Lane
Dying Fathers quotes by Nick Lane
#36. This is the work of a lifetime, here on earth: To invent the astral body, to create it. giving it our consciousness. Thus one will survive death. One could also die when one chooses… And on dying, not lose the awareness 'from here.'

What has happened to you is a detachment of your astral body while your physical body sleeps. This occurs to vîras; it's an automatic unconscious process. Sometimes, by simple chance, a glimmer of consciousness reaches this fine body and then, on suddenly awakening or the next day, one gets the impression of experiencing something much more real than physical reality. The deja-vu of psychologists has its explanation in this phenomena of detachment.

Have you seen those children who elevate a kite and send messages with little rolls of paper that go slowly up to the kite? So it is, more or less, with that other. The astral body breaks away, still attached to the physical body by a string which has been called a 'silver cord' that is only cut at death. Thanks to this cord we can go immeasurable distances without losing the connection with our physical bodies. It always returns. So it reaches consciousness, like those messages of children with their kite. Yes, we must become like children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven… with our astral bodies. Pay attention to this other analogy: As a child finds itself joined to its mother by the umbilical cord, so the astral body is joined to its father, the physical body, by a silver cord - Author: Miguel Serrano
Dying Fathers quotes by Miguel Serrano
#37. I don't believe we return to haunt or comfort the living or anything, but I think something becomes of us." "But you fear oblivion." "Sure, I fear earthly oblivion. But, I mean, not to sound like my parents, but I believe humans have souls, and I believe in the conservation of souls. The oblivion fear is something else, fear that I won't be able to give anything in exchange for my life. If you don't live a life in service of a greater good, you've gotta at least die a death in service of a greater good, you know? And I fear that I won't get either a life or a death that means anything." I just shook my head. "What?" he asked. "Your obsession with, like, dying for something or leaving behind some great sign of your heroism or whatever. It's just weird." "Everyone wants to lead an extraordinary life. - Author: John Green
Dying Fathers quotes by John Green
#38. His smile is too beautiful for this world, and I am dying of love. - Author: Ann Aguirre
Dying Fathers quotes by Ann Aguirre

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