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Watched as they flashed clips of people dancing, bartenders fixing whatever drink was en vogue, and a montage of interviews with delighted patrons. Maybe I really should try going out, it looks like fun ... but drunk people always look like they're having a good time. ~ Amber Lynn Natusch
Drunk Parents quotes by Amber Lynn Natusch
When I was 3 my parents put me in gymnastics because I was a bundle of energy and they just didn't know what to do with me! They put me in a Tots class and I just fell in love with it. ~ Shawn Johnson
Drunk Parents quotes by Shawn Johnson
And this charge plays out with partners, parents, friends, families and even our children. Many parents unconsciously 'use' their children so the parent can feel loved, important, special, and needed under the mask of being unconditionally loving to their children. The parent needs the child in order for the parent to feel love. This need is not love, simply another excuse for the parent to not feel their own lack and wound, and of course when the child acts up and does not meet their expectations, then the child receives harmful projections and verbal and physical abuse. ~ Padma Aon Prakasha
Drunk Parents quotes by Padma Aon Prakasha
I was relaxing in my parents' swimming pool with my brotherI asked him how the engineering business was going, and he reciprocated: 'How's the ministry world going?' 'Okay,' I said, 'except that a couple of weeks ago I realized that I don't know why Jesus had to die.' Then Peter, without skipping a beat, without even a moment's hesitation, said, 'Well, neither did Jesus.' ~ Brian D. McLaren
Drunk Parents quotes by Brian D. McLaren
Not only does overparenting hurt our children; it harms us, too. Parents today are scared, not to mention exhausted, anxious, and depressed. ~ Julie Lythcott-Haims
Drunk Parents quotes by Julie Lythcott-Haims
Whispering voice inside my head growing louder, my voice - not those of my parents or teachers or Carly or Muriel, even - telling me to live my life without fear or worry or doubt that nothing was going according to plan, as though such a plan ever existed in the first place. ~ Rachel Friedman
Drunk Parents quotes by Rachel Friedman
So you're here by yourself?"
"Seems like an odd place to come by yourself."
"I needed to get away."
"Woman trouble? That's another of my father's expressions."
"No, actually. I poisoned my neighbor's dogs."
After a moment she said, "How drunk are you?"
"Is that true?"
"That you poisoned your neighbor's dogs."
"I'm afraid it is."
"I have dogs."
"Well, keep them away from me. ~ David Gilmour
Drunk Parents quotes by David Gilmour
I shouldn't have survived - it was my destiny to die - even Dumbledore thought so - and yet i lived. I beat Voldemort. All these people - all these people - my parents, Fred, the Fallen Fifty - and it's me that gets to live? how is that? All this damage - and it's my fault. ~ Jack Thorne
Drunk Parents quotes by Jack Thorne
When I was ten, I caught glandular fever and had to have a year off school. My parents arranged for a tutor to keep me on track with my studies. ~ Anne Sebba
Drunk Parents quotes by Anne Sebba
Jon:'What are you doing up there? Why aren't you at the feast?'
Tyrion: 'Too hot, too noisy, and I'd drunk too much wine', the dwarf told him. 'I learned long ago that it is considered rude to vomit on your brother. ~ George R R Martin
Drunk Parents quotes by George R R Martin
Sometimes it's so weird just to do an interview. This morning I was back in my parents' house, with my brother, and we went for a jog together, then had breakfast as a family. And a couple of hours later I'm wearing high heels and a dress and makeup, and talking about my job. ~ Carey Mulligan
Drunk Parents quotes by Carey Mulligan
The messages we receive as children become the core information we use about ourselves and our position in the world for the rest of our lives. Often, however, we do not consciously realize that this information even exists. One of the greatest benefits of reexamining our backgrounds is that we discover what messages we got from our parents. Although this discovery process is painful, it assists us in our efforts to change our current behavior and even our feelings about ourselves. Messages, after all, are learned; any anything we learned can be unlearned. ~ Susan Forward
Drunk Parents quotes by Susan Forward
The Bible was written between 3,000 and 2,000 years ago, and it's filled with the knowledge that people had in that period of time, some of which you and I rejected long ago. The Bible says that women are property, that homosexuals ought to be put to death, that anybody who worships a false God ought to be executed, that a child that talks back to his parents ought to be stoned at the gates of the city. Those ideas are absurd. ~ John Shelby Spong
Drunk Parents quotes by John Shelby Spong
My parents warned me about horror movies
Blood and guts and Stephen King.
They told me to stop reading such disturbing stories
Stop playing such cutthroat games
But when I swapped my novels for newspapers
Changed the channel from AMC to CNN
My thoughts only grew darker
The world only seemed icier
Drunk Parents quotes by Holly Riordan
And if the child feels loved, the body is relaxed, the eyes are bright, there is a smile on the face; in some way the flesh becomes "transparent." A child that is loved is beautiful. But what happens when children feel they are not loved? There is tension, fear, loneliness and terrible anguish, which we can call "inner pain," the opposite of "inner peace." Children are too small and weak to be able to fend for themselves; they have no defense mechanisms. If a child feels unloved and unwanted, he or she will develop a broken self-image. I have never heard any of the men or women whom we have welcomed into our community criticize their parents, even though many of them have suffered a great deal from rejection or abandonment in their families. Rather than blaming their parents, they blame themselves. "If I am not loved, it is because I am not lovable, I am no good. I am evil. ~ Jean Vanier
Drunk Parents quotes by Jean Vanier
She is like a mathematical equation, always there and impossible to disprove. ~ Jeanette Winterson
Drunk Parents quotes by Jeanette Winterson
We are not always shaped by our parents, Cas. We're shaped by our choices. ~ Sarah Dalton
Drunk Parents quotes by Sarah Dalton
My parents walked in on me Googling 'agents for kids' when I was 9. ~ Graham Phillips
Drunk Parents quotes by Graham Phillips
Children are constantly focused on their parents and will mirror them. Therefore, what they experience in the home will be crucial for their empathy development.
Parents have a big responsibility because they are the primary example of empathy and must practice being empathic themselves. ~ Iben Dissing Sandahl
Drunk Parents quotes by Iben Dissing Sandahl
Can't release her? The air caught in my chest, hardened, and refused to move. There was a good chance I wasn't making it out of this basement. The craziest thing I had ever done was ride some insane roller coaster at Cedar Point
and now that seemed like no big deal. I'd never been out of the country. Never played with my unborn niece.
Never made amends with my parents and sister since our continued fighting began almost eight months earlier. ~ Skye Callahan
Drunk Parents quotes by Skye Callahan
People say things to me like, 'It's really cool that you don't go out and get drunk all the time and go to clubs.' I appreciate that, but I'm kind of an introverted kind of person just by nature. ~ Emma Watson
Drunk Parents quotes by Emma Watson
Parents should be encouraged to read to their children, and teachers should be equipped with all available techniques for teaching literacy, so the varying needs and capacities of individual kids can be taken into account. ~ Hugh Mackay
Drunk Parents quotes by Hugh Mackay
I think part of being a parent is trying to kill your kids. ~ Stephen King
Drunk Parents quotes by Stephen King
I think everybody gets bullied in their own way. Even athletes probably get it from their parents. To a degree everybody gets bullied. ~ Shane Koyczan
Drunk Parents quotes by Shane Koyczan
I'm not important, having a child is not an amazing feat, and my child, while extraordinarily important to and beloved by her parents, is not particularly special in the scheme of things. ~ Emily Flake
Drunk Parents quotes by Emily Flake
Nothing reassures parents more than surrounding their kids with the kind of guys who have a lot of weapons and nothing to do on weekdays. ~ Stephen Colbert
Drunk Parents quotes by Stephen Colbert
Christmas is supposed to be this time when everyone is nice to one another and forgives one another and all that, but the true meaning of Christmas is presents. And in the real world, Santa's not fair. Rich kids get everything and poor kids get secondhand crap their parents bust their asses to afford. It costs money just to sit on Santa's lap. ~ Holly Black
Drunk Parents quotes by Holly Black
I've never seen a more beautiful woman in my life," Sebastian rasped, brushing his fingers over her cheek. Raelynn snorted. " You're only saying that because you're drunk."Sebastian shook his head. " No. I thought that from the moment you almost broke my finger," he said with a smirk.Raelynn laughed. " You're crazy."" It's good that you understand that now," he joked with a chuckle. ~ Andria Large
Drunk Parents quotes by Andria Large
I think you are looking at sexuality and not attributes, and I think it's odd because the conservative mantra is a meritocracy. And I think what you're suggesting is the fact that being gay parents makes you not as good as others. And I would suggest that a loving, gay family with a financially secure background beats the hell out of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline any day of the week. ~ Jon Stewart
Drunk Parents quotes by Jon Stewart
Mr. Churchill your drunk!"
Mr. Churchill: "And you, Lady Astor, are ugly. As for my condition, it will pass by the morning. You, however, will still be ugly. ~ Winston Churchill
Drunk Parents quotes by Winston Churchill
To me 'they lived happily ever after' means to be happy with yourself! My parents always taught me that being happy has to work without Prince Charming. My life is completed without a prince but it's nice of course to have someone who loves you and fights for you. ~ Kristen Stewart
Drunk Parents quotes by Kristen Stewart
Jess narrowed her eyes at him. 'Are you only pretending to be drunk?'

'Haven't had a drink all night. What are you pretending to be this time?'

Jess thought about it, then smiled. 'Interested. ~ Kirsty Eagar
Drunk Parents quotes by Kirsty Eagar
The most valuable investment we can make is in our children's education. When we make education a priority, we give our children opportunity. Opportunity to learn at higher levels than their parents were able to learn; to earn at higher levels than we were able to earn. ~ Martin O'Malley
Drunk Parents quotes by Martin O'Malley
There's no way you could last a sit-down with Luther. He'd end up exorcising you when you snapped."
"It could be entertaining," Neil said. "It could be," Andrew allowed.
"Let's all go," Neil said. "Aaron will agree for Nicky's sake and Nicky can see if his parents have come around. There's no way you'll let Kevin that far out of your sights, so take him with you. I'll tag along so you can harass me instead of Luther. Imagine how uncomfortable Nicky's parents will be if they have to contend with the five of us."
"Or we could stay here."
"Not as interesting," Neil said.
"Appealing to my nonexistent attention span is a cheap trick," Andrew said.
"But is it effective?"
"You wish it was."
"I hate that word."
"Does your shrink know you have a grudge against half of the English language?" Neil asked, but Andrew only grinned. ~ Nora Sakavic
Drunk Parents quotes by Nora Sakavic
I do not encourage you to blame your parents. We are all victims of victims, and they could not teach you something that they did not know. ~ Louise L. Hay
Drunk Parents quotes by Louise L. Hay
Most of us become parents long before we have stopped being children. ~ Mignon McLaughlin
Drunk Parents quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
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