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#1. Nothing is what one thinks it is. Cloth is stone and circus is an art. There are no certainties. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#2. I've never thought much of strictly organised and methodical study. You can't arrange a library in alphabetical order until you've collected one. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#3. Anyone can write. Some people can write a bit better than others; they're called authors. Then there are some who can write better than authors; they're called artists. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#4. There's a reason for every journey, and mine was prompted by boredom and the recklessness of youth, by a wish to break the bounds of my normal existence and familiarise myself with life and the world at large. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#5. Really good literature is seldom appreciated in its own day. The best authors die poor, the bad ones make money - it's always been like that. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#6. I now understood the secret of music and knew what makes it so infinitely superior to all the other arts: its incorporeality. Once it has left an instrument it becomes its own master, a free and independent creature of sound, weightless, incorporeal and perfectly in tune with the universe. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#7. No one who writes a good book is really dead. - Author: Walter Moers
Dreaming Books quotes by Walter Moers
#8. Home is where you keep your books! - Author: Avijeet Das
Dreaming Books quotes by Avijeet Das
#9. I need a sitting room where I can entertain my friends, but I must have a library where my books entertain me. - Author: Brooks Adams
Dreaming Books quotes by Brooks Adams
#10. Never trust a man who reads only one book. - Author: Arturo Perez Reverte
Dreaming Books quotes by Arturo Perez Reverte
#11. If only they would all just leave me alone with my books and my letters, I would be content to let life, and the world pass me by - Author: Alison Weir
Dreaming Books quotes by Alison Weir
#12. Perhaps reading and writing books is one of the last defences human dignity has left, because in the end they remind us of what God once reminded us before He too evaporated in this age of relentless humiliations - that we are more than ourselves; that we have souls. - Author: Richard Flanagan
Dreaming Books quotes by Richard Flanagan
#13. The unlikely group that resulted from the union of five diverse characters in their late twenties operated with surprising harmony. This cohesiveness could be attributed to two factors: 1) everyone's issues and embarrassing pasts were plainly disclosed prior to the gang's formation and 2) the clan had been expressly conceived as a male support group. - Author: Zack Love
Dreaming Books quotes by Zack Love
#14. I get inspiration from literally everything and anything. I take inspiration from people, relationships, stories, and I take inspiration from movies I see, books I read and songs I hear. - Author: Sabrina Carpenter
Dreaming Books quotes by Sabrina Carpenter
#15. Keep on dreaming. Keep on believing. It is free. And it is a choice. - Author: Kcat Yarza
Dreaming Books quotes by Kcat Yarza
#16. Books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst ... They are for nothing but to inspire. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dreaming Books quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#17. Sleep like you can never be dead
Dream as if you have a soul inside your head - Author: Munia Khan
Dreaming Books quotes by Munia Khan
#18. That's the magic of books. They're never quite the same for any two people. When you read one, you automatically make it your own. - Author: Janette Rallison
Dreaming Books quotes by Janette Rallison
#19. Good characters make you feel like you have new friends, don't they? You have to re-read the books just to visit with them again. Grace Awakening. Book one: Awakening Dreams - Author: Shawn L. Bird
Dreaming Books quotes by Shawn L. Bird
#20. When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies. I grew up believing this dream. - Author: Elvis Presley
Dreaming Books quotes by Elvis Presley
#21. After ten whole minutes of painful silence, I finally raised my hand and told Mr. O'Hara I loved Miranda Blythe's romance novels, and I decided I liked him immediately when he didn't laugh or reassure me that we'd be reading real books. Like Mrs. Andrews had last year.
He did say, 'I'm afraid Ms. Blythe is not on the curriculum this semester. We'll be starting your education with the epic poets - boring, I know, but necessary building blocks. However, an extra-credit book report is always welcome, and you're free to choose whatever topic you like.'
Then Mr. O'Hara added, 'I think Ms. Blythe's works would be a particularly interesting topic for a report. In fact, if you want an example of the archetypal hero journey - '
'Wait, wait, wait.' Fred raised his hand. 'You read romance novels?'
'My dear boy,' Mr. O'Hara replied, 'I read everything. - Author: Caitlen Rubino-Bradway
Dreaming Books quotes by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway
#22. My needs were simple I didn't bother much with themes or felicitous phrases and skipped fine descriptions of weather, landscapes and interiors. I wanted characters I could believe in, and I wanted to be made curious about what was to happen to them. Generally, I preferred people to be falling in and out of love, but I didn't mind so much if they tried their hand at something else. It was vulgar to want it, but I liked someone to say 'Marry me' by the end. - Author: Ian McEwan
Dreaming Books quotes by Ian McEwan
#23. It's true that when you read YA you rarely have to read about middle-aged men having affairs. Personally I consider that a plus. - Author: Erin Bow
Dreaming Books quotes by Erin Bow
#24. You don't need a lot of money to live a full life
all you need is a fertile mind, some books and a good attitude. Books are free at the library, but a fertile mind takes practice. - Author: Robyn Carr
Dreaming Books quotes by Robyn Carr
#25. If you read a book which does not make you wonder, ponder! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Dreaming Books quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#26. Well, there are lot of people who make a lot of money off the fifth- and sixth-life crises. All of a sudden they have a ton of consumers scared out of their minds and willing to buy facial cream, designer jeans, SAT test prep courses, condoms, cars, scooters, self-help books, watches, wallets, stocks, whatever ... all the crap that the twenty-somethings used to buy, they now have the ten-somethings buying. They doubled their market! - Author: Ned Vizzini
Dreaming Books quotes by Ned Vizzini
#27. When you open a book," the sentimental library posters said, "anything can happen." This was so. A book of fiction was a bomb. It was a land mine you wanted to go off. You wanted it to blow your whole day. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of books were duds. They had been rusting out of everyone's way for so long that they no longer worked. There was no way to distinguish the duds from the live mines except to throw yourself at them headlong, one by one. - Author: Annie Dillard
Dreaming Books quotes by Annie Dillard
#28. morigu the desacration and morigu the dead great books but series is unfinished - Author: Mark C. Perry
Dreaming Books quotes by Mark C. Perry
#29. Every reader knows about the feeling that characters in books seem more real than real people. - Author: Cornelia Funke
Dreaming Books quotes by Cornelia Funke
#30. I want to print books by people in the film industry. - Author: Brett Ratner
Dreaming Books quotes by Brett Ratner
#31. Once I fell in love with books, I fell in love completely. - Author: Stephen King
Dreaming Books quotes by Stephen King
#32. I think of myself as a fairly logical, scientific and somewhat reserved person. Maura Isles, the Boston medical examiner who appears in five of my books, is me. Almost everything I use in describing her, from her taste in wine to her biographical data, is taken from my own family. Except I don't have a serial killer as a mother! - Author: Tess Gerritsen
Dreaming Books quotes by Tess Gerritsen
#33. Books were things not as complicated and unsatisfying as real life. - Author: Akhil Sharma
Dreaming Books quotes by Akhil   Sharma
#34. Graveyards are filled with books that were never written, songs that were never sung, words that were never spoken, things that were never done. - Author: Mark Victor Hansen
Dreaming Books quotes by Mark Victor Hansen
#35. I believe books are life's best gifts, as they allow us to venture into worlds we never thought existed. Giving us a chance to be someone different, giving us the chance to dawdle in the words - And feel free! - Author: Anonymous
Dreaming Books quotes by Anonymous
#36. So you haven't read the books." "I'm not really a book person." "That might be the most idiotic thing you've ever said - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Dreaming Books quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#37. Loneliness seeks out metaphors not just for definition but for the companionship of resonance, the promise of kinship in comparison. - Author: Leslie Jamison
Dreaming Books quotes by Leslie Jamison
#38. You read, move your lips, figure out the words, and it's like you're in two places at the same time: you're sitting or lying with your legs curled up, your hand groping in the bowl, but you can see different worlds, far-off worlds that maybe never existed but still seem real. You run or sail or race in a sleigh
you're running away from someone, or you yourself have decided to attack
your heart thumps, life flies by, and it's wondrous: you can live as many different lives as there are books to read. - Author: Tatyana Tolstaya
Dreaming Books quotes by Tatyana Tolstaya
#39. Nuryevet wasn't a real thing--it was a story that people told one another. An idea they constructed in fantasy and then in stone and mortar, in lines of ink in labyrinthine law books, in cities and roads. It was a map, if you will, drawn on a one-to-one scale and laid out over the whole landscape like so much smothering cloth. So when I say there was nothing in Nuryevet worth saving, that's what I mean: the story wasn't worth saving, and none of its monstrous whelps were either--the government, their methods, the idea that they could feed their poor to the story like cattle to a sea monster so the wealthy could eat its leavings. - Author: Alexandra Rowland
Dreaming Books quotes by Alexandra Rowland
#40. Books are not brands. Some people are very willing to see themselves as a brand, but you can't be a certain type of writer to a certain type of person all the time. It will kill you. - Author: Zadie Smith
Dreaming Books quotes by Zadie Smith
#41. I don't dream. Come to think of it, i haven't had any dreams in a long time. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Dreaming Books quotes by Haruki Murakami
#42. There are no guarantees in life, but after any major disaster two separate and distinct groups will emerge - the Prepared and the Unprepared. It's up to you which group you'll belong to. As far as I'm concerned, the ultimate measure of this book's success will be how many people it can help guide into the "Prepared group. - Author: Richard Duarte
Dreaming Books quotes by Richard Duarte
#43. Books can warm the heart with friendly words and counsel, entering into a close relationship with us which is articulate and alive - Author: Petrarch
Dreaming Books quotes by Petrarch
#44. The song was a sea-shanty, and Snugs loved that kind of song. The music had an accordion, and the tune reminded him of the ship, and the songs Captain LightOwler played, when he was off duty, about pirates and the baddies on the sea. - Author: Suzy Davies
Dreaming Books quotes by Suzy Davies
#45. Not everyone can experience what other people can... That's why movies come out... films and books... and short stories and novels... - Author: Deyth Banger
Dreaming Books quotes by Deyth Banger
#46. Every new book we read in our brief and busy lives means that a classic is left unread. - Author: B.R. Myers
Dreaming Books quotes by B.R. Myers
#47. Japan is the first nation in the world to accord 'comic books'
originally a 'humorous' form of entertainment mainly for young people
nearly the same social status as novels and films. - Author: Frederik L. Schodt
Dreaming Books quotes by Frederik L. Schodt
#48. 'Legends Walking' was the first of my books to go to a second printing based on strong initial orders, but much of that printing never found its audience. - Author: Jane Lindskold
Dreaming Books quotes by Jane Lindskold
#49. I can't talk about my books. I have written them and tried to forget them. I have written once, and readers have read me many times, no? I try to think of what I wrote, it's very unhealthy to think about the past, the case of elegies is very sad, as much as the case of complaints. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Dreaming Books quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#50. A mustache sends a visual message to the mating population of Earth that says, "No thank you. I have procreated. My DNA is out in the world, and so I no longer deserve physical affection. Instead, it is time for me to turn away from sex and toward new pursuits, the classic weird dad hobbies such as puns, learning trivia about bridges and wars, and dreaming about societal collapse and global apocalypse. - Author: John Hodgman
Dreaming Books quotes by John Hodgman
#51. Experience is the catalyst for all great stories. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Dreaming Books quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#52. It was not necessary to leave to learn that. But there were other reasons to go. If a person had a child but no husband, a room but no house, a place but no home, a will but no way, and if a person was losing her son and herself, little by little, day by day, because she knew what she knew in her skin and bones but not what her sister-in-law knew in her books and pamphlets, then yes, it was necessary. - Author: Jamie Zeppa
Dreaming Books quotes by Jamie Zeppa

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