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#1. Lately
I've been dreaming about you
About us
Sharing our secrets
Talking, even if we argued
Kept talking, till we slept
Maybe I woke up
On the wrong side of bed
Maybe I thought about you
Just a little too much - Author: Irum Zahra
Dreaming About You quotes by Irum Zahra
#2. Woke me up," she whispers. "I'm sure it did." I'm fascinated. "What were you dreaming about?" "You," she says in a small voice. - Author: E.L. James
Dreaming About You quotes by E.L. James
#3. There's nothing wonderful or interesting about unrequited love. I think it's shitty, just plain shitty. To love someone who doesn't return your affections might be exciting in books, but in life it's unbearably boring. I'll tell you what's exciting: sweaty, passionate nights. But sitting on the veranda outside the home of a sleeping woman who isn't dreaming about you is slow moving and just plain sad. - Author: Steve Toltz
Dreaming About You quotes by Steve Toltz
#4. I can't stop thinking of you," he said, "I can't stop dreaming about you, wanting you and needing you. All I know is that I desperately need you in my life. - Author: Sierra Rose
Dreaming About You quotes by Sierra Rose
#5. Hey, bluebird," he whispers. "I've been dreaming about you. - Author: Callie Hart
Dreaming About You quotes by Callie Hart
#6. Late at night when all the world is sleeping I stay up and think of you and I wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too ... Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight 'Til tomorrow I'll be holding you tight! And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be than here in my room, dreaming about you and me. - Author: Selena
Dreaming About You quotes by Selena
#7. You know what I used to dream about, in stir?" His voice was hoarse, the words low and fast and faintly guttural. "I used to dream about you. You were the only clean and good and decent thing left in my life, and I would dream about you. I used to dream about taking your clothes off piece by piece, and what you would look like naked, and how it would feel to fuck you really good. I used to dream about that in high school, too. In fact, I got off almost every night for the last fourteen years, dreaming about you." Rachel's lips parted with shock. Speechless, she stared at him wide-eyed for what seemed an eternity while her heart suddenly hammered and her throat went dry.
"I'm fucking tired of dreaming, - Author: Karen Robards
Dreaming About You quotes by Karen Robards
#8. I loved you before I even knew the name for it. Everyday I'd sit beside you, inhaling your scent, looking at your beautiful face. Every night, dreaming about you. You eclipsed everything else. It was you. Always you. - Author: Heather Anastasiu
Dreaming About You quotes by Heather Anastasiu
#9. I was dreaming about you."

"Was it a good dream?"

"Not really. I was chasing you and you wouldn't stop running from me."

~Brian/Myrna - Author: Olivia Cunning
Dreaming About You quotes by Olivia Cunning
#10. And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you'd be? - Author: Lewis Carroll
Dreaming About You quotes by Lewis Carroll
#11. I think about you all day and I dream about you all night. I want your days and I want your nights. I want all of you. - Author: Lisa Desrochers
Dreaming About You quotes by Lisa Desrochers
#12. if I've learned anything through all this, it's that you can't build walls around the people you care about. You can't do it to keep them near or to keep them safe. Even if they could stand the prison, that kind of control is still an illusion. To fate, the walls are made of air - Author: Kay Hooper
Dreaming About You quotes by Kay Hooper
#13. You're holding a challenge in a fencing club?"

"Yes. Is there something wrong with that?" He pulled on his black pants and the heavy silk green shirt I loved for him to wear because the material seemed to caress hisskin.

No, it's just kind of an incongruous place to hold something so serious as a challenge, isn't it?"

He finished with his shoes, grabbed another towel, and shook it out for me. I made sure Pal still had his back to me, hurrying out of the pool to clasp the towel around me.

"It is no less incongruous than holding a challenge in a bar."

I smiled. "Yes, but my challenge to you wasn't serious. I hope you'll notice that I'm not freaking out about this at all. I haven't even asked you how good you are with asword."

"I noticed." His mouth burned on mine for a moment, his fire being shared between us as his tongue twined around mine in a fiery - albeit brief - dance. "You are learning to have faith in me as is proper between a mateand her wyvern."

"No, I am learning to ask around. Pal told me earlier today that Dmitri had picked swords and that you were pleased because you were some sort of master swordsman a few centuries ago. You'd better not have forgotten anything."

Pal peeked at me out of the corner of his eye, his grin not too obvious. Drake pinched my bare behind as punishment for my saucy tone. "I never forget. Istvan will drive you when you are ready. The challenge is not f - Author: Katie MacAlister
Dreaming About You quotes by Katie MacAlister
#14. What I find most disturbing about Valentine's Day is, look, I get that you have to have a holiday of love, but in the height of flu season, it makes no sense. - Author: Lewis Black
Dreaming About You quotes by Lewis Black
#15. CBGB was a wild place, ... The first time I ever played there was in 1987, I think, with my hardcore band, Scream. And I remember the craziest [thing] about that club was you could be in
front of the stage and it could be louder than any show you've ever been to in your life. But if you were towards the back of the club at the bar, you could sit and have a conversation with
someone. It was the weirdest thing to me. - Author: Dave Grohl
Dreaming About You quotes by Dave Grohl
#16. There was something about clowns that was worse than zombies. (Or maybe something that was the same. When you see a zombie, you want to laugh at first. When you see a clown, most people get a little nervous. There's the pallor and the cakey mortician-style makeup, the shuffling and the untidy hair. But clowns were probably malicious, and they moved fast on those little bicycles and in those little crammed cars. Zombies weren't much of anything. They didn't carry musical instruments and they didn't care whether or not you laughed at them. You always knew what zombies wanted.) - Author: Kelly Link
Dreaming About You quotes by Kelly Link
#17. …He rocked against her, his body shuddering against hers again and again, until he collapsed on top of her and buried his face in her hair.

Brooke felt his heart beating against her chest as they lay there, boneless. For two people who preferred to speak in quips and sarcasm, that had been unexpectedly…intense.

She wasn't quite sure how to feel about that.

Then Cade spoke.

"I think this is the first time I've ever used this table," he said, against her neck.

Brooke began to laugh. My God, he was still inside her and she was already giggling. "I take it you don't do a lot of formal entertaining."

He pulled back, his dark hair falling across his forehead. "Were you not entertained, Ms. Parker? - Author: Julie James
Dreaming About You quotes by Julie James
#18. When you eat a chocolate bar, sure, the wrapper might be pretty, full of bold colours and fancy details ... but ultimately, what do you care about? The wrapper? Or what's inside the wrapper?
The chocolate. I care about the chocolate inside the wrapper.
Exactly! For me, it's the same with people. I don't care about what's on the outside. I care about what's on the inside. Someone's mind. Their heart and soul. For me, it doesn't matter whether they're a man or a woman. That's only the wrapper they come in. What I really care about is the chocolate. It's called being pan-sexual. ~ Isla - Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher
Dreaming About You quotes by Carrie Hope Fletcher
#19. You could have mentioned that this kid never sleeps,"
Tim calls from the living room. We go in to find him slumped in the easy chair next to the pulled-out sofa bed. Andy's sprawled out on the bed, long tan legs in a V, George gathered in her arms. Duff, still in his clothes, lies across the bottom, Harry curled in a ball on the pillow under Andy's outstretched leg. Safety, as much as could be found, must have lain in numbers.Patsy's fingering Tim's nose and pulling on his bottom lip, her eyes wide-blue open.
"Sorry, man," Jase says. "She's usually good to go at bedtime."
"Do you have any idea how many times I've read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to this kid? That is one fucked-up story. How is that a book for babies?"
Jase laughs.
"I thought it was about babysitting."
"Hell no, it's addiction. That friggin' mouse is never satisfied. You give him one thing, he wants something else, and then he asks for more and on and on and on. Fucked up. Patsy liked it, though. Fifty thousand times."
Tim yawns, and Patsy snuggles more comfortably onto his chest, grabbing a handful of shirt.
"So what's doin'?"
We tell him what we know - nothing - then put the baby in her crib. She glowers, angry and bewildered for a moment, then grabs her five pacifiers, closes her eyes with a look of fierce concentration, and falls very deeply asleep. - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Dreaming About You quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#20. If you have feelings about reading, you feel the rhythm of prose or of a poem like music. It awakens something in your soul and then of course you study, read, you grow up and you begin to understand the message and that is the first step towards understanding life. - Author: Maria Kodama
Dreaming About You quotes by Maria Kodama
#21. When problems arise, you will usually find two types of people: whiners and winners. Whiners obstruct progress; they spend hours complaining about this point or that, without offering positive solutions. Winners acknowledge the existence of the problem, but they try to offer practical ideas that can help resolve the matter in a manner that is satisfactory to both parties. - Author: George Foreman
Dreaming About You quotes by George Foreman
#22. A man fell in love with a tree.

It was as simple as that. He went into the forest to cut wood and he found a tree and he knew then that he loved it. He forgot about his axe. It fell from his hand and he knew it not. He forgot about the village that he had come from, forgot the path along which he had come, forgot even the brave ringing voices of his fellows, which sounded even then in the broad wood as they called his name, seeking after him. He sat down there before the tree and he made a place for himself and soon no one passing there could even see that he was lying between the roots.

It was for him as though a blade of grass had turned to reveal a map of broad longing and direction and over it he could pass - and did.

He and his love then sought what they would with nothing asked of anyone. Asking no permission, they devised all manner of delights and found in each other everything that the world lacked. You are as bright as a coin. You are as tall as a grove. You are as swift as a thought. And so well did they hide themselves in their love that grass grew over their hearts and all their loud songs became indecipherable ribbons of air.

But then one day, the man awoke. He found himself again in front of a tree, but it was one he had never seen before. He had never seen the forest either--and the clothes he wore were worn almost to shreds. Where have I been, he asked himself, and stumbled out of the woods to where others waited - Author: Jesse Ball
Dreaming About You quotes by Jesse Ball
#23. Do you know what I feel about Dr. Who's? I feel the same way as I do about the Bonds. I love them all. I love them all! I don't have favorites. - Author: Kenneth Branagh
Dreaming About You quotes by Kenneth Branagh
#24. It's like the Earth becomes completely silent and still, and all that your mind can understand or feel is the vastness of the Universe and you gasp about your place within it. - Author: J.A. Redmerski
Dreaming About You quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#25. At Bruce's Air Conditioning, you can rest assured that you're going with a company that cares about service quality and customer support. Bruce's Air Conditioning has been providing expert, full-service residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and HVAC repair in Gilbert. We want to become your first choice for an AC installation in Gilbert. Call us anytime at (480) 968-5652 to get started! - Author: Bruce's Air Conditioning
Dreaming About You quotes by Bruce's Air Conditioning
#26. I know you enjoy coffee, I´d offer you some. But, the last time I got you coffee, it didn´t work out so well for me."
Tony smirked, "God, Claire you´re something else. I can´t imagine anyone else joking about that."
"Well, see, you misinterpreted. I wasn´t joking. I´m actually still pissed as hell. - Author: Aleatha Romig
Dreaming About You quotes by Aleatha Romig
#27. Often when you get a really good script, and you receive the new pages, you see that the entire thing has been dumbed down. Films in the '30s and '40s, that were huge blockbusters, were very sophisticated in their language, and the ideas they brought. There were no questions about whether the audience would get it or not. - Author: Connie Nielsen
Dreaming About You quotes by Connie Nielsen
#28. A lot of the powerful religious leaders, from Jesus to Buddha to Tibetan monks, they're really talking about the same things: love and acceptable, and the value of friendship, and respecting yourself so you can respect others. - Author: Jena Malone
Dreaming About You quotes by Jena Malone
#29. If you're in business, and you don't understand how that word of mouth works, you won't be able to take full advantage of it, how to get full adoption by getting that network to talk about you. - Author: Robert Scoble
Dreaming About You quotes by Robert Scoble
#30. You don't have to worry about me pressuring you. You say stop, we stop." That sums it up without me having to over explain. "But I'll never complain if you cop a feel above or below. - Author: Katie McGarry
Dreaming About You quotes by Katie McGarry
#31. When I was on The View, Barbara Walters was asking me about the blood and stuff, and I said, 'Well, you know, that's a staple of Japanese cinema.' And then she came back, 'But this is America.' And I go, 'I don't make movies for America. I make movies for planet Earth.' - Author: Quentin Tarantino
Dreaming About You quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#32. The lovely thing about being forty is that you can appreciate twenty-five-year-old men more. - Author: Colleen McCullough
Dreaming About You quotes by Colleen McCullough
#33. Growing up with an exterminator as a father was always slightly embarrassing for Anna and her brother, Kevin. "I remember," Tommy begins, "one year when Anna was about eight, and it was 'bring your daughter to work day.' That was a big thing back in the eighties," he chuckles. "Well, I remember Anna came down to breakfast that morning and told me she didn't want to come." Tommy half smiles, but shakes his head slightly and closes his eyes for a second. " 'Dad-dyyy, bugs are nasty. Why can't you be a pilot or a doctor or something cool like that?' I didn't even argue with her, I just let her go to school." Tommy sighs, "I told her I was sorry I didn't have a cooler job. - Author: Marina Keegan
Dreaming About You quotes by Marina Keegan
#34. I'm not trying to upset you. I just think it's about time you moved on."

"I have moved on."

"Have you? Because it looks a lot like standing around to me. - Author: Alexis Hall
Dreaming About You quotes by Alexis Hall
#35. A lot of people have the misconception that modeling is a glamourous job, and it can be. But ultimately if you don't like to stay quiet, and let people tell you what to do, and fuss on you ... it may not be the right fit. If you decide it's something you're really passionate about though, go for it! - Author: Kelly Cutrone
Dreaming About You quotes by Kelly Cutrone
#36. I like it too," Angelo said. "I love this country. Much you and anybody, and you know it."

"I know it," Prew said.

"But I still hate this country. You love the Army. But I dont love the Army. This country's Army is why I hate this country. What did this country ever do for me? Gimme a right to vote for men I cant elect? You can have it. Gimme a right to work at a job I hate? You can have that too. Then tell I'm a Citizen of the greatest richest country on earth, if I dont believe it look at Park Avenue. Carnival prizes. All carnival prizes. [..] They shouldnt teach their immigrants' kids all about democracy unless they mean to let them have a little bit of it, it ony makes for trouble. Me and the United States is dissociating our alliance as of right now, until the United States can find time to read its own textbooks a little."

Prew thought, a little sickly, of the little book, The Man Without A Country that his mother used to read to him so often, and how the stern patriotic judge condemned the man to live on a warship where no one could ever mention home to him the rest of his whole life, and how he had always felt that pinpoint of pleased righteous anger at seeing the traitor get what he deserved. - Author: James Jones
Dreaming About You quotes by James  Jones
#37. You just have to let go of your ego, think about what the other person wants from you, and to consciously take simple but definite steps to bridge the communication gap. - Author: Prem Jagyasi
Dreaming About You quotes by Prem Jagyasi
#38. I wanted to write something that made no linear sense. None. Zero. Something that was 87% pure nonsense, 12% pure alcohol, and 3% orange juice, for a chaser. That formula is accurate, give or take 2% for the milk. In my experience, comedy is 2/3rds tragedy, and one third 33.3 percent. And tragedy started at birth, so humor involving babies is probably the funniest. But even though I didn't write anything about babies, you might laugh so hard that you'll regret not wearing a diaper while reading. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Dreaming About You quotes by Jarod Kintz
#39. The world you're about to enter will be a different sea, with so much to do with how many likes you get on Facebook or who knows what ; where everyone is showing off rather than sharing their sadnesses and fears and what they really feel; - Author: Helen Fielding
Dreaming About You quotes by Helen Fielding
#40. There is no violent surface indication of the ecstasy which great thinkers alone enjoy. There is nothing dramatic about it, but there is some subtle light in the eye of the inspired one, or some even more subtle quiet emanation which surrounds the inspired thinker, which tells you that you are in the presence of one who has bridged the gap which separates the mundane world from the world of spirit. - Author: Walter Russell
Dreaming About You quotes by Walter Russell
#41. Its all about taste.If you are cheap, nothing helps - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
Dreaming About You quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
#42. wI don't care what they say about Aretha. She can be hiding out in her house in Detroit for years. She can go decades without taking a plane or flying off to Europe. She can cancel half her gigs and infuriate every producer and promoter in the country. She can sing all kinds of jive-ass songs that are beneath her. She can go into her diva act and turn off the world. But on any given night, when that lady sits down at the piano and gets her body and soul all over some righteous song, she'll scare the shit out of you. And you'll know - you'll swear - that she's still the best fuckin' singer this fucked-up country has ever produced. - Author: Billy Preston
Dreaming About You quotes by Billy Preston
#43. Cinema is about people, and we are a very emotional people. That is why you see those ups and those downs and those colours. That is what Indian cinema is about. - Author: Vidya Balan
Dreaming About You quotes by Vidya Balan
#44. The worldly life just goes round and round; there is no end to it. If you want to bring an end to it, ask the Gnani Purush [The enlightened one], 'How long do I have to keep on wandering? I have been going round and round like the ox running the millwheel. Tell the Gnani Purush 'please bring about a resolution for me! - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Dreaming About You quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#45. Imagine yourself being happy, unburdened, and filled with joy. That is how God wants you to be. 'Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about.' (1 Peter 5:7 NLT). - Author: Stephen Arterburn
Dreaming About You quotes by Stephen Arterburn
#46. You won't further the cause of human rights by walking away with your morals intact. Change is about getting your hand dirty. - Author: Brian Malloy
Dreaming About You quotes by Brian Malloy
#47. You've been in my life for so long that I stopped thinking about you as someone who existed separately from me. You were just part of me. And then all these changes happened, and you decided to leave me, and I've been going crazy ever since. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Dreaming About You quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#48. Frame in terms of what you want to have in the picture, not about making a nice picture, that anybody can do. - Author: Garry Winogrand
Dreaming About You quotes by Garry Winogrand
#49. I think if you look at Sam Raimi and Jim Cameron, those guys know things about filmmaking that almost nobody knows anymore. They are students of film from when they handmade films themselves, you know cut films with their own hands and razor blades and tape. - Author: Dileep Rao
Dreaming About You quotes by Dileep Rao

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