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Paul Brunton was a great original and got to a place of personal evolution that illumines the pathways of a future humanity. ~ Jean Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Jean Houston
Trust your instincts, and take control. ~ John Houston
Drake Houston quotes by John Houston
Nickel for my thoughts, dimes in my bed. Quarters of the kush shape the lines in my head. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
The torpedo launch console has big square plastic buttons - Flood Tube, Open Shuttle, Ready to Fire - that flash red or green, like something Q would have built into James Bond's Aston Martin. The missile compartment has similarly retro-looking panels of buttons. They provided the setup for one of the more quotable things Murray said to me - a line that, were fewer precautions in place, could have joined "Houston, we've had a problem" or "Watch this" in the pantheon of understated taglines for calamity: "I wouldn't lean on that. ~ Mary Roach
Drake Houston quotes by Mary Roach
I'm beginning to understand that when we want to kill ourselves, it is not because we are lonely, but because we are trying to break up with the world before the world breaks up with us. ~ Pam Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Pam Houston
Sometimes I'm afraid the main reason I spend half of my life outdoors is simply because there aren't any mirrors. ~ Pam Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Pam Houston
My dreams are who I'm racin wit but you can see I'm pacin it so that I'm always chasin it. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
Imma kill it I promise this, I know you mad. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
You'll never come second by putting God first. ~ Brian Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Brian Houston
That church . . . it reminds me of one in downtown Chicago. Do you remember? That beautiful one with the courtyard near the Drake."
Jeremy took a newspaper from a stack behind him and sat across from me. "I know the one you're talking about, but that church," he gestured out the window, "is older than America."
I sighed. "Of course it is. Did I really just try to compare British and American architecture? How insensitive of me. ~ Jessica Martinez
Drake Houston quotes by Jessica Martinez
Is there intelligent life on Earth? ~ Frank Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Frank Drake
There's this great Ron Carlson story, "A Note on the Type," and it's about this guy who keeps escaping from prison. He's really good at escaping, but he gets caught all the time, because he can't stop writing his name on underpasses where he's running from the law. And there's this whole beautiful paragraph about how to run is to write. And, you know, it's obviously about the writer's life. ~ Pam Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Pam Houston
Barley, where it succeeds, yields a larger weight of feed per acre than any other small grain crop. ~ David F. Houston
Drake Houston quotes by David F. Houston
It's been that way since the beginning. I just been playin, I aint even notice I was winnin. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
We'll find a way," I whispered. "I always do."
Danaus leaned forward and brushed a kiss against my temple, sending a wave of peace deep
into the marrow of my bones, helping to ease some of the pain. "And then we'll kill each other as
God intended. ~ Jocelynn Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Jocelynn Drake
When I first saw Drake, I thought I was never going to like him based on the person that I saw on T.V. He's just so full on, and he's got the ladies' man thing, which isn't necessarily something that would resonate with me. ~ James Vincent McMorrow
Drake Houston quotes by James Vincent McMorrow
If you were a star you'd be the one I'm searching for ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
When I was volunteering with Hurricane Katrina refugees in Houston in 2005, I first started thinking about the whole phenomenon of grace under pressure. ~ Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Drake Houston quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Even when the Phantom's leased, them hoes wanna get in. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
I'm scared that every girl I care for will find a better man and end up happier in the longrun ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
Pastor Kerney Thomas to these hoes.. miwacles. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
She did not belong to the healthy group of widows and widowers who, after mourning, would nurture the seed of their grief into growing from loss - perhaps continuing the dreams of the lost, or learning to cherish alone the things they'd cherished together.

She belonged instead to the sad lot who clung to grief, who nurtured it by never moving beyond it. They'd shelter it deep inside where the years padded it in saudade layers like some malignant pearl. ~ Darrell Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Darrell Drake
You know, Drake, I seem to recall this impertinent young pup who once told me that problems shared are problems solved. (Jake)
And I seem to recall a surly pirate telling me to mind my own business or I'd find myself gutted. (Morgan) ~ Kinley MacGregor
Drake Houston quotes by Kinley MacGregor
The things I can't change are the reasons you'll love me ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
The Universe has a plan to make sure we don't ever stop learning, not only in our minds, but also in our hearts. ~ Pam Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Pam Houston
Buckwheat may be planted later than any similar crop, and often does well on old meadows or waste land that can be broken after the more exacting crops are planted. ~ David F. Houston
Drake Houston quotes by David F. Houston
The simplicity of youth is mesmerizing to me. Maybe because I didn't know it long enough."
London Drake
"They All fall down ~ Nick Moccia
Drake Houston quotes by Nick Moccia
Everybody got a deal, I did it without one ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
...the purser has something resembling joy in her voice when she welcomes us to San Francisco. 'I probably don't need to tell you all to open the overhead bins with caution,' she says. 'If your contents haven't shifted, you must be carrying lead weights. ~ Pam Houston
Drake Houston quotes by Pam Houston
He's the real deal. Eric Taylor was one of my heroes and teachers when I started playing around Houston in the early 1970s. ~ Steve Earle
Drake Houston quotes by Steve Earle
Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
Thanks again and good luck! ~ Drake Craft
Drake Houston quotes by Drake Craft
Make your own path, your own rules. Be your own king or queen. Don't let anyone tell you how to live, when to breathe or what to love. Believe in something. Hold on to it and try not to let it go. Take care of yourself, trust a handful of people and always follow your heart. Find the good word, the good food and the good music, live by them. Make sure every moment counts and above all, be kind, for kindness is the greatest perk in life. It can take you anywhere. It can send you to the moon without ever leaving the ground, and it can save lives in the blink of an eye. ~ R. M. Drake
Drake Houston quotes by R. M. Drake
This supposed to be yall year? We aint get the memo. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
Slice and Dice, Slice and Dice ~ Michael Grant
Drake Houston quotes by Michael Grant
Emotions in this game run deep so before these haters kill me in my sleep I'd like to say, it's been a pleasure. ~ Drake
Drake Houston quotes by Drake
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