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#1. Japan has really great fans for all kinds of music. I think they're keeping metal alive. - Author: P. J. Soles
Doudney Metal quotes by P. J. Soles
#2. On April 16, 2010, 34 Chinese environmental organizations, including Friends of Nature, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, and Green Beagle, questioned heavy metal pollution in a letter sent to CEO Steve Jobs. - Author: Ma Jun
Doudney Metal quotes by Ma Jun
#3. The rabbit hole has collapsed, and my key is melded to a nugget of worthless metal. - Author: A.G. Howard
Doudney Metal quotes by A.G. Howard
#4. If heavy metal bands ruled the world, we'd be a lot better off. - Author: Bruce Dickinson
Doudney Metal quotes by Bruce Dickinson
#5. I was six when I first saw kittens drown.
Dan Taggart pitched them, 'the scraggy wee shits',
Into a bucket; a frail metal sound,

Soft paws scraping like mad. But their tiny din
Was soon soused. They were slung on the snout
Of the pump and the water pumped in.

'Sure isn't it better for them now?' Dan said.
Like wet gloves they bobbed and shone till he sluiced
Them out on the dunghill, glossy and dead.

Suddenly frightened, for days I sadly hung
Round the yard, watching the three sogged remains
Turn mealy and crisp as old summer dung

Until I forgot them. But the fear came back
When Dan trapped big rats, snared rabbits, shot crows
Or, with a sickening tug, pulled old hens' necks.

Still, living displaces false sentiments
And now, when shrill pups are prodded to drown,
I just shrug, 'Bloody pups'. It makes sense:

'Prevention of cruelty' talk cuts ice in town
Where they consider death unnatural,
But on well-run farms pests have to be kept down. - Author: Seamus Heaney
Doudney Metal quotes by Seamus Heaney
#6. He opened his mouth to protest, but she gave him her angry-black-woman death stare until he calmed down. She then strapped her grenade launcher to her back, slipped on her mask, pushed aside the metal latrine, and dropped into the sewer. - Author: Thomas Greanias
Doudney Metal quotes by Thomas Greanias
#7. Before these buildings were buildings, they were just the skeletons of them. Before they were skeletons, they were cross-beams and girders. Metal and glass and concrete. And before that, they were construction plans. Before that, architectural plans. And before that, just an idea someone had for the making of a city. - Author: Nicola Yoon
Doudney Metal quotes by Nicola Yoon
#8. I can't believe that after a lifetime of playing metal, it turns out the world is a shitty country song. - Author: Grady Hendrix
Doudney Metal quotes by Grady Hendrix
#9. Walking was not fast enough, so we ran. Running was not fast enough, so we galloped. Galloping was not fast enough, so we sailed. Sailing was not fast enough, so we rolled merrily along on long metal tracks. Long metal tracks were not fast enough, so we drove. Driving was not fast enough, so we flew.
Flying isn't fast enough for us. We want to get there faster. Get where? Wherever we are not. But a human soul can only go as fast as a man can walk, they used to say. In that case, where are all the souls? Left behind. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Doudney Metal quotes by Margaret Atwood
#10. The oubliette, I was not a mouse, I was a vampire, I was a blind vampire who would heal, of course, eventually, and see again. Stop, I told myself. I drew in a deep breath and smelled ancient death, crushed weeds, rotting metal, stone. I had no idea where the oubliette was located. I was simply at the bottom of it, standing in cold, filthy water and thinking that this time, my favorite slippers were well and truly ruined. Such a pity. - Author: Rachel Caine
Doudney Metal quotes by Rachel Caine
#11. I picked up the largest of the rocks that littered the ground and chucked them at the flaming metal balls. "What are you doing?" Logan said. "Going low-tech. - Author: A&E Kirk
Doudney Metal quotes by A&E Kirk
#12. I want to meddle with an Olympic medal made of silver metal. I want to alchemize it into gold, and use a mixture of science and mysticism to transform losing into winning. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Doudney Metal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#13. In this era of world leadership, the metal detector is the altar and the minicam may be god. - Author: Hugh Sidey
Doudney Metal quotes by Hugh Sidey
#14. I am standing still," Kelly said. "What, does that thing not work when I'm talking? It gets distracted? It's a metal detector with ADD? - Author: Abigail Roux
Doudney Metal quotes by Abigail Roux
#15. When I get 13 or 14 years old, I get crazy with rock music, like, like, deeply crazy. And one of my favorite bands at that moment was, for example, like - bands like Metallica or Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Santana, you know? And then I start to play metal, actually, when I was - at the age of 15. - Author: Juanes
Doudney Metal quotes by Juanes
#16. That's certainly the roots of heavy metal. That whole sense of revolution and wanting to be powerful is definetly a puberty thing. Fans don't have to be offended by that. Everybody goes through it. That's why heavy metal is so powerful. - Author: Ian Christe
Doudney Metal quotes by Ian Christe
#17. A typical day in the life of a heavy metal musician consists of a round of golf and an AA meeting. - Author: Billy Joel
Doudney Metal quotes by Billy Joel
#18. This is my emergency kit. It contained a roll of duct tape, a spare pair of pants, an envelope with two hundred dollars, two bags of dried fruit, two packages of beef jerky, three bottles of water, a roll of thick shop towels you see mechanics use, a small metal pipe - just right for cracking a skull with - and a fake beard. Look, you never know. - Author: David Wong
Doudney Metal quotes by David Wong
#19. I want to reassure fans that I am 100% involved and will continue working on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain; I'm determined to make it the greatest game I've directed to date. Don't miss it! - Author: Hideo Kojima
Doudney Metal quotes by Hideo Kojima
#20. And then he did rise from his wheelchair. But there was something odd about the way he did it. His blanket fell away from his legs, but the legs didn't move. His waist kept getting longer, rising above his belt. At first, I thought he was wearing very long, white velvet underwear, but as he kept rising out of the chair, taller than any man, I realized that the velvet underwear wasn't underwear; it was the front of an animal, muscle and sinew under coarse white fur. And the wheelchair wasn't a chair. It was some kind of container, an enormous box on wheels, and it must've been magic, because there's no way it could've held all of him. A leg came out, long and knobby-kneed, with a huge polished hoof. Then another front leg, then hindquarters, and then the box was empty, nothing but a metal shell with a couple of fake human legs attached. - Author: Rick Riordan
Doudney Metal quotes by Rick Riordan
#21. As in many countries precious metals belong to the crown, so here more precious natural objects of rare beauty should belong to the public. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Doudney Metal quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#22. Metal buildings are the dream that Modern Architects had at the beginning of this century. It has finally come true, but they themselves don't realize it. That's because it doesn't take an Architect to build a metal building. You just order them out of a catalog - comes with a bunch of guys who put it together in a couple of days, maybe a week. And there you go - you're all set to go into business - just slap a sign out front. - Author: David Byrne
Doudney Metal quotes by David Byrne
#23. I'm Perfect at Feelings,

so I have no problem telling you

why you cried over the third lost

metal or the mousetrap. I knew

that orgasms weren't your fault

and that feeling of keeping solid

in yourself but wanting an ecstatic

black hole was just bad beauty.

Certain loves were perfect

in the daytime and had every

right to express carnally behind

the copy machine and there are

no hard feelings for the boozy

sodomy and sorry XX daisy chain,

whenever it felt right for you.

And when the moment of soft

levitation with erasing hands

made you feel dirty, like

the main person to think up love

in the first place, I knew that.

It's okay, you're an innocent

with the brilliance of an animal

stuffing yourself sick on a kill.

Don't, don't feel like the runt alien

on my ship: I get you. I know

the dimensions of your wishing

and losing and don't think you

a glutton with petty beefs. But

even I, who know your triggers,

your emblematic sacs of sad fury,

I understand why the farthest fat trees

sliver down with your disappointment

and why the big sense of the world,

wrong before you, shrugs but

somewhere grasps your spinning,

stunning, alone. But you have me. - Author: Brenda Shaughnessy
Doudney Metal quotes by Brenda Shaughnessy
#24. Museums are obliged to denature and make dreary the impulse which led to an object's original creation. Serried rows of coins are like Panini football stickers in a more ponderous form. But as objects to be handled they tell an extraordinary story, from the most over-the-top gold monster to a clipped, almost featureless little square of rough metal used as emergency currency in the Siege of Vienna. - Author: Simon Winder
Doudney Metal quotes by Simon Winder
#25. Carpe Diem. The words are etched in the metal pendant. Tomorrow isn't a guarantee. Nothing is promised. So today? Seize the Day.
That's how Naz lives his life.
That's how I want to live it with him. - Author: J.M. Darhower
Doudney Metal quotes by J.M. Darhower
#26. I sometimes wonder how many hours of my life I have wasted bitching about keyboards. The use of keyboards and synthesizers is the Roe v. Wade of '80s metal. It was-without question-the lamest instrument a band could use. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
Doudney Metal quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#27. After she left, he stood as still as he dared, listening to the sound of the cart recede into the distance. Listening, past all hope of hearing her. He wasn't even conscious of breathing, and yet his lungs ached fiercely. He had been wrong. It would have been easier if it had slain him. But he was still standing. Still cogent. And that meant he was all too aware of how badly it hurt. He clutched her hairpin until the metal cunt into the palm of his hand, unable to let even that much go. - Author: Courtney Milan
Doudney Metal quotes by Courtney Milan
#28. I think that was going on with bands like The Strokes was that the idea of the band, a real band, was making a comeback. My brother in law is an example- before he was listening to some country music, even some of that awful nu-metal stuff , but there weren't many options really. - Author: James Mercer
Doudney Metal quotes by James Mercer
#29. Mobile Crane Magnet
Mobile Crane magnet designed and manufactured by M/S Electro Flux Equipments Pvt Ltd., Chennai India.

scrap lifting electromagnet fitted in J C P, HITACHI or in cranes used to lift metal scraps, MS plates and ferrous materials loading, unloading and material handling purpose.

easy cost effective way of material handling in open scrap yards by mobile crane electromagnets.

power source: generators/ alternators (fixed in crane). - Author: Electro Flux
Doudney Metal quotes by Electro Flux
#30. Or should I have said that I wanted to die, not in the sense of wanting to throw myself off of that train bridge over there, but more like wanting to be asleep forever because there isn't any making up for killing women or even watching women get killed, or for that matter killing men and shooting them in the back and shooting them more times than necessary to actually kill them and it was like just trying to kill everything you saw sometimes because it felt like there was acid seeping down into your soul and then your soul is gone and knowing from being taught your whole life that there is no making up for what you are doing, you're taught that your whole life, but then even your mother is so happy and proud because you lined up your sign posts and made people crumple and they were not getting up ever and yeah they might have been trying to kill you too, so you say, What are you goona do?, but really it doesn't matter because by the end you failed at the one good thing you could have done, and the one person you promised would live is dead, and you have seen all things die in more manners than you'd like to recall and for a while the whole thing fucking ravaged your spirit like some deep-down shit, man, that you didn't even realize you had until only the animals made you sad, the husks of dogs filled with explosives and old arty shells and the fucking guts of everything stinking like metal and burning garbage and you walk around and the smell is deep down into you now and yo - Author: Kevin Powers
Doudney Metal quotes by Kevin Powers
#31. We didn't gel with Poison and the Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi was the best of the pop metal bands, but we never fit in with the hair metal stuff. We were never as hip as the Chili Peppers. We were in the middle. - Author: Gary Cherone
Doudney Metal quotes by Gary Cherone
#32. If you write a letter of resignation or something with an agenda, you're simply using a pen to record what you have thought out. In a poem, the pen is more like a flashlight, a Geiger counter, or one of those metal detectors that people walk around beaches with. - Author: Billy Collins
Doudney Metal quotes by Billy Collins
#33. Jim watched them eat, his eyes fixed on every morsel that entered their mouth. When the oldest of the four soldiers had finished he scraped some burnt rice and fish scales from the side of the cooking pot. A first-class private of some forty years, with slow, careful hands, he beckoned Jim forward and handed him his mess tin. As they smoked their cigarettes the Japanese smiled to themselves, watching Jim devour the shreds of fatty rice. It was his first hot food since he had left he hospital, and the heat and greasy flavour stung his gums. Tears swam in his eyes. The Japanese soldier who had taken pity on Jim, recognising that this small boy was starving, began to laugh good-naturedly, and pulled the rubber plug from his metal water-bottle. Jim drank the clear, chlorine-flavoured liquid, so unlike the stagnant water in the taps of the Columbia Road. He choked, carefully swallowed his vomit, and tittered into his hands, grinning at the Japanese. Soon they were all laughing together, sitting back in the deep grass beside the drained swimming-pool. - Author: J.G. Ballard
Doudney Metal quotes by J.G. Ballard
#34. She stood in a swaying, sealed chamber of metal, looking at the giant generators. She had wanted to see them, because the sense of triumph within her was bound to them, to her love for them, to the reason of the life - work she had chosen. In the abnormal clarity of a violent emotion, she felt as if she were about to grasp something she had never known and had to know. She laughed aloud, but heard no sound of it; nothing could be heard through the continuous explosion. "The John Galt Line!" she shouted, for the amusement of feeling her voice swept away from her lips. - Author: Ayn Rand
Doudney Metal quotes by Ayn Rand
#35. I am a closet metal fan. - Author: Jon Gries
Doudney Metal quotes by Jon Gries

This morning the hermit thrush was absent at breakfast,
His place was taken by a family of chickadees;
At noon a flock of humming birds passed south,
Whirling in the wind up over the saddle between
Ritter and Banner, following the migration lane
Of the Sierra crest southward to Guatemala.
All day cloud shadows have moved over the face of the mountain,
The shadow of a golden eagle weaving between them
Over the face of the glacier.
At sunset the half-moon rides on the bent back of the Scorpion,
The Great Bear kneels on the mountain.
Ten degrees below the moon
Venus sets in the haze arising from the Great Valley.
Jupiter, in opposition to the sun, rises in the alpenglow
Between the burnt peaks. The ventriloquial belling
Of an owl mingles with the bells of the waterfall.
Now there is distant thunder on the east wind.
The east face of the mountain above me
Is lit with far off lightnings and the sky
Above the pass blazes momentarily like an aurora.
It is storming in the White Mountains,
On the arid fourteen-thousand-foot peaks;
Rain is falling on the narrow gray ranges
And dark sedge meadows and white salt flats of Nevada.
Just before moonset a small dense cumulus cloud,
Gleaming like a grape cluster of metal,
Moves over the Sierra crest and grows down the westward slope.
Frost, the color and quality of - Author: Kenneth Rexroth
Doudney Metal quotes by Kenneth Rexroth
#37. Once when I was a tree, African sun woke me up green at dawn. African wind combed the branches of my hair. African rain washed my limbs. Once when I was a tree, flesh came and worshipped my roots. Flesh came to preserve my voice. Flesh came honoring my limbs. Now flesh comes with metal teeth, with chomping sticks and fire launchers. And flesh cuts me down and enslaves my limbs to make forts, ships, pews for other gods. Now flesh laughs at my charred and beaten frame, discarding me in the mud, burning me up in the flames. Flesh has grown pale and lazy. Flesh has sinned against the fathers. Now flesh listens no more to the voice of spirits talking through my limbs. If flesh would listen, I would warn him that the spirits are displeased and are planning what to do with him. But flesh thinks I am dead, charred and gone. Flesh thinks that by fire he can kill, thinks that with metal teeth, I will die. Thinks that all the voices linked from root to limb are silenced. Flesh does not know that he does not give me life, nor can he take it away. That Is What the spirits are singing now. It is time that flesh bow down on his knee again. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Doudney Metal quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#38. Give metal a chance! - Author: James Durbin
Doudney Metal quotes by James Durbin
#39. I listen to every type of metal under the sun. I'm not very discerning. - Author: David Pajo
Doudney Metal quotes by David Pajo
#40. Construction of an aerial vehicle which can carry even a single man ... requires the discovery of some new metal or force. Even with such a discovery, we could not expect one to do more than carry its owner. - Author: Simon Newcomb
Doudney Metal quotes by Simon Newcomb
#41. We filled out emergency 'next-of-kin notification' forms and were issued metal dog tags attached to a chain to be worn around the neck. Legal officers assisted each of us in drafting a last will and testament and power of attorney." (Page 135) - Author: David B. Crawley
Doudney Metal quotes by David B. Crawley
#42. I love gaming, I'm actually more of a nerd than a metal head and if you see me at shows chances are I'm by our merch table playing league of legends on my laptop or playing super Nintendo or Playstation through an emulator. My Nintendo pretty much raised me. - Author: Mike Powell
Doudney Metal quotes by Mike Powell

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