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#1. Digital is a different world because you are sitting at home and a hi tech piece of equipment today is within reach of most people, so they are watching a pretty hi tech version of whatever you've done. - Author: Ridley Scott
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Ridley Scott
#2. Other freshmen were already moving into their dormitory rooms when we arrived, with their parents helping haul. I saw boxes of paperbacks, stereo equipment, Dylan albums and varnished acoustic guitars, home-knitted afghans, none as brilliant as mine, Janis posters, Bowie posters, Day-Glo bedsheets, hacky sacks, stuffed bears. But as we carried my trunk up two flights of stairs terror invaded me. Although I was studying French because I dreamed of going to Paris, I actually dreaded leaving home, and in the end my parents did not want me to leave, either. But this is how children are sacrificed into their futures: I had to go, and here I was. We walked back down the stairs. I was too numb to cry, but I watched my mother and father as they stood beside the car and waved. That moment is a still image; I can call it up as if it were a photograph. My father, so thin and athletic, looked almost frail with shock, while my mother, whose beauty was still remarkable, and who was known on the reservation for her silence and reserve, had left off her characteristic gravity. Her face and my father's were naked with love. It wasn't something thatwe talked about - love. But they allowed me this one clear look at it. It blazed from them. And then they left. - Author: Louise Erdrich
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Louise Erdrich
#3. We also had to bring with us some desired scientific equipment over to the station as well as assemble new machines. For that, I had to conduct two space walks. - Author: Philippe Perrin
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Philippe Perrin
#4. If one's intellectual equipment was not great, one's spiritual experience not deep, the result of doing one's very best could only seem very lightweight in comparison with the effort involved. But perhaps that was not important. The mysterious power that commanded men appeared to him to ask of them only obedience and the maximum of effort and to remain curiously indifferent as to the results. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#5. He's got all the equipment of manhood save the parts that matter. - Author: Benjamin Whitmer
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Benjamin Whitmer
#6. To have him look at her as if she was a piece of office equipment whose presence offended him but whom he was obliged out of neccessity to have nearby. - Author: Judith McNaught
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Judith McNaught
#7. In my mid 30's, after a decade or so of giving full time to the music thing and finding myself with about $10 in the bank and no assets other than my musical equipment, I realized I needed to get serious about making a living. - Author: Mark Edwards
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Mark Edwards
#8. I have high-tech tastes. If I had $100 million, I would spend it on research equipment rather than a yacht. - Author: Stephen LaBerge
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Stephen LaBerge
#9. Of course, she should have known better than to go out with one of the muscle heads from her gym...It was a shame that a brain was optional equipment on his model, and he had not paid for the upgrade. - Author: Julia Mills
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Julia Mills
#10. He awoke in the evening completely refreshed. After a cold shower, Bond walked over to the Casino. Since the night before he had lost the mood of the tables. He needed to re-establish that focus which is half mathematical and half intuitive and which, with a slow pulse and a sanguine temperament, Bond knew to be the essential equipment of any gambler who was set on winning. - Author: Ian Fleming
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Ian Fleming
#11. . . .cash is highly effective at slashing the poverty rate. Moreover, GiveDirectly argues that cash is more valuable to its recipients than in-kind gifts, such as food or bed nets or sports equipment. If you're hungry, you cannot eat a bed net. If your village is suffering from endemic diarrhea, soccer balls won't be worth much to you. - Author: Annie Lowrey
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Annie Lowrey
#12. I found a way of working which pleased me because I didn't have to frighten people with heavy equipment. It was that little black box and me. - Author: Eve Arnold
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Eve Arnold
#13. The risk of an investment is described by both the probability and the potential amount of loss. The risk of an investment-the probability of an adverse outcome-is partly inherent in its very nature. A dollar spent on biotechnology research is a riskier investment than a dollar used to purchase utility equipment. The former has both a greater probability of loss and a greater percentage of the investment at stake. - Author: Seth Klarman
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Seth Klarman
#14. You shouldn't have an overbearing FCC. Let the market work itself. By allowing companies to compete in an unregulated forum, you're going to allow the faster deployment of new services and new equipment consumers are going to want. - Author: Fred Upton
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Fred Upton
#15. Ouch." The yelp came out by accident as Trent went back over the bumps of her spine. Harper winced. Trent was doing his best to move the needle location around, she could feel that, but it was really starting to hurt.
She heard Trent put down his equipment and slide the stool around in front of her.
"This is the worst it's going to be, Harp. You're being so incredibly brave. I've had grown men cry at this point."
He paused for a moment before kissing her gently on the temple. "We have two options. I can stop in a minute and we can pick it up next time, or I can keep going for another twenty minutes and it will be done. The final appointments, then, will be short and sweet. Not to mention a whole lot less painful."
Harper took in a deep breath and blew it out harshly. Determined not to cry, she bit down on her lip hard. It stopped the pending deluge, but the tears still threatened.
"Oh darlin'." Trent kissed her softly. "I'd switch places with you in a heartbeat if I could. I know it hurts where I'm working."
Harper nodded. He understood. "Can you make it fifteen?"
Trent kissed the side of her eye, where a single tear was making a break for freedom.
"I'll do it in ten. - Author: Scarlett Cole
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Scarlett Cole
#16. Never let your wife prevent you from buying equipment. A car will not buy a synthesizer, but a synthesizer can buy a car. - Author: Hans Zimmer
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Hans Zimmer
#17. Chickens are soaked in baths of chlorine to remove slime and odor. Mixtures of excrement, blood, oil, grease, rust, paint, insecticides, and rodent droppings accumulate in processing plants. Maggots and other larvae breed in storage and transportation containers, on the floor, and in processing equipment and packaging, and they drop onto the conveyor belt from infested meat splattered on the ceiling. - Author: Steve Striffler
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Steve Striffler
#18. Of the necessary equipment to invent really top-notch - Author: Lemony Snicket
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Lemony Snicket
#19. a new biological species, the hit-and-run businessmen, who did not stay in any line of business longer than the span of one deal, who had no payrolls to meet, no overhead to carry, no real estate to own, no equipment to build, whose - Author: Ayn Rand
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Ayn Rand
#20. For almost a year, from June 1948 to October 1949, they kept the city alive by plane. In that time American and British planes made some 277,728 flights through Soviet airspace to drop bundles of food, clothing, cigarettes, medicine, fuel and equipment, including components for a new power station, to the people of West Berlin. In the west, the aircraft came to be known as the 'Rosinenbomber', or 'raisin bombers', because they brought food. But in the east, Koch and his classmates were told the enemy planes sprayed potato beetles over East German crops as they flew over, in order to spoil the harvest. - Author: Anna Funder
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Anna Funder
#21. My first day as a manager was at Digital Equipment in Atlanta. I was a sales rep. I was promoted from among my peers, so one day I was a peer, and the next day I was their boss. - Author: Carol Bartz
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Carol Bartz
#22. The uncertainty principle establishes that regardless of what equipment you use or what techniques you employ, if you increase the resolution of your measurement of one property, there is an unavoidable cost: you necessarily reduce how accurately you can measure a complementary property. As a prime example, the uncertainty principle shows that the more accurately you measure an object's position, the less accurately you can measure its speed, and vice versa. - Author: Brian Greene
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Brian Greene
#23. It is the freedom to concentrate military equipment in key locations around the world that has preserved American military might. - Author: Robert D. Kaplan
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Robert D. Kaplan
#24. Music is composed on computers and other electronic equipment; producers don't want to spend money on orchestra. - Author: Sivamani
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Sivamani
#25. I have more of a relationship with the subject than I do with my camera equipment. To me, camera equipment is like a tin of shoe polish and a brush - I use that as a tool, but my basic camera is my emotion and my eyes. It's not anything to do with the wonderful cameras I use. - Author: Don McCullin
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Don McCullin
#26. Theta programming, Phillips said, "involved the surgical implantation of sodium/lithium powered high frequency receiver/transducers coupled to a multi-range discharge capacitor that , when signaled by remote control would electronically stimulate designated parts of the brain to signal the victim to respond according to his or her hypnotic program.
"These "Delgado" experiments were only partially successful," Phillips said, "with a high mortality and paralysis rate. However, the technical mind control equipment evolution has advanced to levels well beyond the grasp of most people. Non-implanted, non-programmed victims will hold the largest majority since, in the 1990's breakthroughs were made which allow mind control without either implant or trauma base".
The new Theta programming," Phillips said, "operates by computer driven satellite directed energy. Now, anybody can become a target of the new technology. - Author: Walter H Bowart
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Walter H Bowart
#27. No tricks, gimmicks, special pills, special potions, special equipment. All it takes is desire and will. - Author: Richard Simmons
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Richard Simmons
#28. There's nothing more fun than feeling frequencies and learning about equipment - everybody should do that. But if you're going to put your heart into an album and you want to give it to the world and add to the conversation, I think it's really important to take your time. - Author: Tamaryn
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Tamaryn
#29. I used to spend my nights oversewing dresses for a local dressmaker in order to pay for my school equipment. - Author: Azzedine Alaia
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Azzedine Alaia
#30. My dad owns a company that lends equipment to industrial projects. I've been obsessed with taking it over since I could talk. I'd follow him and repeat conversations about how many tons of cranes were arriving. He said it was a man's world, so I studied electrical engineering because it was related. - Author: Ruchi Sanghvi
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Ruchi Sanghvi
#31. The people are pieces of software called avatars. They are the audiovisual bodies that people use to communicate with each other in the Metaverse. Hiro's avatar is now on the Street, too, and if the couples coming off the monorail look over in his direction, they can see him, just as he's seeing them. They could strike up a conversation: Hiro in the U-Stor-It in L.A. and the four teenagers probably on a couch in a suburb of Chicago, each with their own laptop. But they probably won't talk to each other, any more than they would in Reality. These are nice kids, and they don't want to talk to a
solitary crossbreed with a slick custom avatar who's packing a couple of swords.
Your avatar can look any way you want it to, up to the limitations of your equipment. If you're ugly, you can make your avatar beautiful. If you've just
gotten out of bed, your avatar can still be wearing beautiful clothes and professionally applied makeup. You can look like a gorilla or a dragon or a
giant talking penis in the Metaverse. Spend five minutes walking down the Street and you will see all of these.
Hiro's avatar just looks like Hiro, with the difference that no matter what Hiro is wearing in Reality, his avatar always wears a black leather kimono. Most hacker types don't go in for garish avatars, because they know that it takes a
lot more sophistication to render a realistic human face than a talking penis. Kind of the way people who really know clothing can appreci - Author: Neal Stephenson
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Neal Stephenson
#32. Most of the boys would come with bits of equipment that their fathers had given them from their war days - helmets, canteens, binoculars, these kinds of things - that leant a kind of authenticity to the games we were playing. But, of course, my father never gave me anything. So I began to question him. You know, Why don't you have anything from the war? And I think he was ... embarrassed to tell me he hadn't fought, because, you know, little boys want to turn their fathers into heroes, and he didn't want to be diminished in my eyes. - Author: Paul Auster
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Paul Auster
#33. The intellectual equipment needed for the job of the future is an ability to define problems, quickly assimilate relevant data, conceptualize and reorganize the information, make deductive and inductive leaps with it, ask hard questions about it, discuss findings with colleagues, work collaboratively to find solutions and then convince others. - Author: Robert Reich
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Robert Reich
#34. I became a sales manager at Digital Equipment, promoted from within the sales team. My peers were less than excited that I had gotten the job, especially one of my male peers who said he just wasn't going to work for a woman. - Author: Carol Bartz
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Carol Bartz
#35. As digital equipment replaces the jobs of routine workers and lower-level professionals, technicians are needed to install, monitor, repair, test, and upgrade all the equipment. - Author: Robert Reich
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Robert Reich
#36. Protectionist measures may permit domestic industries to thrive, which under free trade would wither in the face of cheap imports. Imports may be opposed by the government in the public interest--for example because it thinks it imprudent to rely upon foreign suppliers of certain strategic goods such as staple foods, energy, or military equipment, or because it wishes to nurture an infant industry as yet too weak to compete internationally, or because it wishes to preserve traditional industries such as fishing in order to preserve employment and local communities. - Author: Vaughan Lowe
Dotterer Equipment quotes by Vaughan Lowe

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