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#1. All My Life

All my life I've been searching for something
Something never comes, never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies, but I'm getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope
All night long I dream of the day
When it comes around and it's taken away
Leaves me with the feeling that I feel the most
Feel it come to life when I see your ghost

Calm down, don't you resist
You've such a delicate wrist
And if I give it a twist
Something to hold when I lose my grip
Will I find something in there
To give me just what I need
Another reason to bleed
One by one hidden up my sleeve
One by one hidden up my sleeve

Hey don't let it go to waste
I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keep pinning me down

Hey don't let it go to waste
I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keep pinning me down

Will I find a believer
Another one who believes
Another one to deceive
Over and over down on my knees
If I get any closer
And if you open up wide
And if you let me inside
On and on I got nothing to hide
On and on I got nothing to hide

Hey don't let it go to waste
I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keep pinning me down

Hey don't let it go to waste
I love it but I hate the taste
Weight keep pinning me down

All my life I've been searching for something
- Author: Foo Fighters
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Foo Fighters
#2. Soldiers of the Ninth Century, I am your new centurion, Marcus Tribulus Corvus. From this moment I formally assume command of this century, and become responsible for every aspect of your well-being, discipline, training and readiness for war.'
He paused, looking to Dubnus, who drew a large breath and spat a stream of his native language at the troops.
'One fucking smile, cough or fart from any one of you cock jockeys, and I'll put my pole so far up that man's shithole that it won't even scrape onthe floor. This is your new centurion and you will treat him with the appropriate degree of respect if you don't want to lead short and very fucking interesting lives.'
He turned to Marcus and nodded, indicating that the Roman should continue.
'I can see from the state of your uniforms that you've been neglected, a state of affairs that I intend to address very shortly. I have yet to see your readiness for battle, but I can assure you that you will be combat ready in the shortest possible time. I do not intend to command a century that I would imagine is regarded as the laughing stock of its unit for any longer than I have to.'
Dubnus cast a pitying sneer over the faces in front of him before speaking again, watching their faces lengthen with the understanding of his methods, passed by whispered word of mouth from his previous century.
'You're not soldiers, you're a fucking waste of rations, a disgrace to the Tungrians! You look like shit, you smell lik - Author: Anthony Riches
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Anthony Riches
#3. Hate is too strong of an emotion to waste on someone you don't like - Author: Sixto Rodriguez
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Sixto Rodriguez
#4. I like street performance because it's garbage time. The subway is garbage time: no one can say I'm wasting their time because they've already thrown that time into the subway. If they don't want to see me they can go to the other end of the platform. But on the street I do feel this disgust towards the audience: why would you waste your time looking at me? Why are you being so respectful of me? You should attack me. - Author: Kalan Sherrard
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Kalan Sherrard
#5. End your journey well. Don't waste your life, and don't be satisfied with anything less than God's plan. - Author: Billy Graham
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Billy Graham
#6. Don't allow someone not worth it to have the power to occupy your thoughts. If they don't find you worth the effort or the time, why should you waste yours? - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#7. Don't waste your one beautiful life," Vivien said softly. - Author: Ann Hood
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Ann Hood
#8. Oh my God…How could he do such a thing? What kind of monster is he? (Kiara)
You think you're so unsullied. How dare you sit there like some high queen dispensing her judgment on us. Don't waste pity on Arast. If he'd been given the chance, he'd have raped you slowly and in ways you can't even conceive of, then cut you into little pieces and fed you to his dogs. All except your head with your contorted fear permanently twisted on your pretty little face – that he would have sent home to your father as a present, but only after he'd been paid. And that's nice compared to what he'd have done to Nykyrian. To what he's done to Nykyrian in the past. (Syn) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#9. Blood stains are not easy to remove. Yes, and they will enter the rooms and see my bedding. Perhaps a young girl will fit into my daughter's clothes. Or it'll all be a waste because they too lost a young daughter in the vadda raula. These clothes will haunt them. They will want to go back. How crazy! I don't want to be here and they don't want to be there. They can't be here and I can't be there. How absurd! It is like someone just did it in jest. What value does my life have? Zilch. Nobody thought of this? They live with my nightmares, I live with theirs. And then learn to ignore these sounds I hear from the crevices of the new house. Each night I plug my ears and shut my eyes. A new story over my story. The slate has been wiped clean. With blood. - Author: Sakoon Singh
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Sakoon Singh
#10. This is how my day usually goes.
I leave the faucet open and know what it's like
to have my fingers around a minuscule whirlpool,
and I cry, hoping if I do it for hours
the water will end up tasting like the ocean,
just so I could get myself half-drowning.
I don't know how to float on water.
This is the closest thing I will ever get to breathing
without forcing my lungs to turn into a garbage truck,
or a car alarm, or anything that can get my neighbors
out of their doors. Maybe if I blink my eyes
as fast as I can, I will end up having lightning
for tears because that's how much they hurt.
There is the constant banging on my door.
On my bedside table is an empty mug
that was once made with everything close
to tasting like beautiful and patient and calm.
And I am not. I am stepping on my own leash.
my skin has purple circles, my eyes has been spending
too many hours pretending to be an Olympic pool,
when it's too little to even be a sink. Last night,
I realized, the tap water will never taste like tears,
no matter how many hours I spent bending.
The banging on my bedroom door will never stop.
I wonder how long I can keep this up until I remember
that there's always a limit to pain, and none to love. - Author: Kharla M. Brillo
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Kharla M. Brillo
#11. None OF Days Are Ever Promised ... So Don't Waste Another, Being Angry And Upset Over What Was Done To You, You Don't Have Or Should Have Been. - Author: Timothy Pina
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Timothy Pina
#12. When you don't want something enough to make the effort, making an effort is a waste. - Author: Malcolm Forbes
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Malcolm Forbes
#13. Don't waste this life being sad, angry or depressed as you just don't have as much time as you think you do. - Author: Jellis Vaes
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Jellis Vaes
#14. With one Like I can say hi to a friend, support them during a crisis, share in a joke, make someone happy, or reinforce a person's self esteem. I make myself part of their world. It's like I stopped by for coffee. But, by Liking, I can also avoid talking to all the people I don't want to waste time on. Or I can check to see what my ex-girlfriend is doing seven or eight times an hour. It's a double-edged mouse click. - Author: Bart Hopkins
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Bart Hopkins
#15. The growth of The Body Shop is testimony to the fact that you don't need to waste money on costly advertising campaigns to be successful. Instead, we've always relied on word of mouth and stories. - Author: Anita Roddick
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Anita Roddick
#16. But I say, really, you know, I am an old friend of the family. Why, by Jove, now I remember, there's a photograph of me in the drawing-room. Well, I mean, that shows you!"
"If there is," said the policeman.
"I've never seen it," said the parlourmaid.
I absolutely hated this girl.
"You would have seen it if you had done your dusting more conscientiously," I said severely. And I meant it to sting, by Jove!
"It is not a parlourmaid's place to dust the drawing-room," she sniffed haughtily.
"No," I said bitterly. "It seems to be a parlourmaid's place to lurk about and hang about and - er - waste her time fooling about in the garden with policemen who ought to be busy about their duties elsewhere."
"It's a parlourmaid's place to open the front door to visitors. Them that don't come in through windows."
I perceived that I was getting the loser's end of the thing. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#17. Don't waste time looking for a better pencil: learn to write better. - Author: Seth Godin
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Seth Godin
#18. Our greatest release is 2 free our selves from attachments of the past and concerns with the future-2 be able 2 live in the present moment.When we do this, we concentrate our energies, and we don't lose vitality by criticizing, comparing and judging.The quality of release frees us from guilt which is a great waste of energy. Release brings freedom from attachment 2 possessions or fear of loss. - Author: Angie Karan
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Angie Karan
#19. What happened?"
Bria shrugged. "I waited until I was sure there was no one else around who could get hurt, then threw my coffee in the bastard's face and took away his gun. While he was screaming from the pain and the second-degree burns, I cuffed his ass and hauled him down to the station. End of story."
Fin gave my sister a warm, admiring look. "Nice takedown, detective. Even if you should have found another way to do it. Don't you know that you never, ever waste a cup of coffee like that? - Author: Jennifer Estep
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Jennifer Estep
#20. Emotions are like water, turning opaque when disturbed, yet transparent when still. As mindfulness calms our emotions, we can peer into their depths and see our overshadowing spiritual values reflected on the surface. - Author: Michael Benner
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Michael  Benner
#21. I have my work cut out for me where you're concerned, don't I? (Stryker)
Not really. Hate you today. Will hate you tomorrow. What say we don't waste any time? Give me the sword and let me have your throat now. (Zephyra) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#22. You don't waste your entire life waiting to go back to dust. - Author: Reba McEntire
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Reba McEntire
#23. I Don't Waste My Time Doing Crosswords, As My Life Is The Only Puzzle I Care To Resolve! - Author: Latif Mercado
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Latif Mercado
#24. MY BOSS SENDS me home because of all the dried blood on my pants, and I am overjoyed.
The hole punched through my cheek doesn't ever heal. I'm going to work, and my punched-out eye sockets are two swollen-up black bagels around the little piss holes I have left to see through. Until today, it really pissed me off that I'd become this totally centered Zen Master and nobody had noticed. Still, I'm doing the little FAX thing. I write little HAIKU things and FAX them around to everyone. When I pass people in the hall at work, I get totally ZEN right in everyone's hostile little FACE.
Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

You give up all your worldly possessions and your car and go live in a rented house in the toxic waste part of town where late at night, you can hear Marla and Tyler in his room, calling each other hum; butt wipe.
Take it, human butt wipe.
Do it, butt wipe.
Choke it down. Keep it down, baby.
Just by contrast, this makes me the calm little center of the world.
Me, with my punched-out eyes and dried blood in big black crusty stains on my pants, I'm saying HELLO to everybody at work. HELLO! Look at me. HELLO! I am so ZEN. This is BLOOD. This is NOTHING. Hello. Everything is nothing, and it's so cool to be ENLIGHTENED. Like me.
Look. Outside the window. A bird.
My boss asked if the blood was my blood.
The bird flies downwind. I'm writing a - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#25. Don't waste your energy on those who don't get on your bus. - Author: Jon Gordon
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Jon Gordon
#26. Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it. - Author: William Shakespeare
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by William Shakespeare
#27. Don't waste your time obsessing over stupid actions of stupid people - Author: Elle Kennedy
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Elle Kennedy
#28. Nanny Piggins lost the Vegetable Peeling, Gutter Cleaning, and Long Division Explaining tests as well. She got caught telling Michael, 'Don't bother to learn that. Long division is a waste of brain space, when you can just buy a calculator.' Which is only the truth. - Author: R.A. Spratt
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by R.A. Spratt
#29. Don't waste your time trying to understand why other people are happy with their choices; spend your time making sure you are happy with you own. - Author: Robert J Braathe
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Robert J Braathe
#30. It is a strange thing, looking at the sea. When it is calm, or with only gentle ripples, it gives an impression of being soft and kind. But often, on such a calm, the wind suddenly blows, thrusting the water back into angry waves. At such times, in a certain sense, one feels sorry for the sea. Never of itself offensive to others, it is all too often attacked by wind and rain, the rain falling densely upon it, shaming the beauty of its calm face with a million bouncing bubbles. Were the wind to stop blowing, the ocean, surely, would never afflict the land with any calamity, nor would any human beings suffer. - Author: Tan Kok Seng
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Tan Kok Seng
#31. Improvisation, for me, is when the cameras start rolling, we don't know where we're going and let's just waste people's time and money. - Author: Jason Bateman
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Jason Bateman
#32. Don't waste your time with fear.. Fear won't keep you safe from being hurt. - Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
#33. Don't waste your daydreams on your mind. Tell the world a story. - Author: Giuseppe Bianco
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Giuseppe Bianco
#34. I said, 'I'll tell you about shit, Roebuck. Take it from an expert. There's two main things about it. One thing is it's stink and corruption and waste. The other thing is if you don't pile it up too thick in any one place, it makes the seeds grow.' I said, 'Roebuck, God's where there's seeds growing. God's where there's something no bigger than the head of a pin starting to inch up out of the stink and dark of shit towards the light of day.' I said, 'Roebuck, God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son down there into the shit with the rest of us so something green could happen, something small and green and hopeful'. - Author: Frederick Buechner
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Frederick Buechner
#35. The water was calm and blue today, and as they walked along the dunes they could see the hump of Poplar Island off the Eastern Shore. - Author: Ken Grimwood
Dont Waste Calm Water quotes by Ken Grimwood

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