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I'm often a crier and many things make me cry. I come from a crying family - my mother cries, my grandma used to cry. It was never shameful to cry. My father never told me men don't cry. ~ Michael Silverblatt
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Michael Silverblatt
That was the day I made up my mind, I am the voice of those who don't have the strength to cry. ~ Dr. Lonnie Rex
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Dr. Lonnie Rex
I didn't cry out and I didn't weep when I was told that my son Henri was a prisoner in his own world, when it was confirmed that he is one of those children who don't hear us, don't speak to us, even though they're neither deaf nor mute. He is also one of those children we must love from a distance, neither touching, nor kissing, not smiling at them because every one of their senses would be assaulted by the odour of our skin, by the intensity of our voices, the texture of our hair, the throbbing of our hearts. Probably he'll never call me maman lovingly, even if he can pronounce the world poire with all the roundness and sensuality of the oi sound. He will never understand why I cried when he smiled for the first time. He won't know that, thanks to him, every spark of joy has become a blessing and that I will keep waging war against autism, even if I know already that it's invincible. Already, I am defeated, stripped bare, beaten down. ~ Kim Thuy
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Kim Thuy
Young people can be disruptive and screw up classes. But even if they are being a pain in the arse it's a cry for help - they don't feel like they are being listened to. ~ Jamie Oliver
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Jamie Oliver
It's okay to cry, ya know. Hearts don't break quietly. ~ Ryann Jansen
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Ryann Jansen
Good-bye, Christian, she says, and her voice falters, as if she's trying not to cry. Shit. My whole mood shifts from irritation and concern for her well-being to helplessness as her car roars off up the street. I don't know if I'll see her again. ~ E.L. James
Dont Cry Dear quotes by E.L. James
Helen, don't."
"I thought it was only a misunderstanding. I thought if I spoke to you directly, everything would be s-sorted out, and - " Another sob choked her. She was so consumed by emotion that she was only vaguely aware of Rhys hovering around her, reaching for her and snatching his hands back.
"No. Don't cry. For God's sake, Helen - "
"I didn't mean to push you away. I didn't know what to do. How can I make you want me again?"
She expected a jeering reply, or perhaps even a pitying one. The last thing she expected was his shaken murmur.
"I do want you, cariad. I want you too damned much."
She blinked at him through a bewildered blur, breathing in mortifying hiccups, like a child. In the next moment, he had hauled her firmly against him.
"Hush, now." His voice dropped to a deeper octave, a brush of dark velvet against her ears. "Hush, bychan, little one, my dove. Nothing is worth your tears."
"You are. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Lisa Kleypas
People have said, 'Don't cry' to other people for years and years, and all it has ever meant is, 'I'm too uncomfortable when you show your feelings. Don't cry.' I'd rather have them say, 'Go ahead and cry. I'm here to be with you.' ~ Fred Rogers
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Fred Rogers
Don't cry so bitterly, but remember this day, and resolve with all your soul that you will never know another like it. ~ Louisa May Alcott
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Louisa May Alcott
Borrow a child and get on welfare.
Borrow a child and stay in the house all day with the child,
or go to the public park with the child, and take the child
to the welfare office and cry and say your man left you and
be humble and wear your dress and your smile, and don't talk
back ... ~ Susan Griffin
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Susan Griffin
Don't marry a man unless he can make you laugh. Life just presents so many things where the only option is to laugh or cry. Laughing is the better option. ~ Belle Blackburn
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Belle Blackburn
Here's an Advent illustration for kids - and those of us who used to be kids and remember what it was like. Suppose you and your mom get separated in the grocery store, and you start to get scared and panic and don't know which way to go, and you run to the end of an aisle, and just before you start to cry, you see a shadow on the floor at the end of the aisle that looks just like your mom. It makes you really happy and you feel hope. But which is better? The happiness of seeing the shadow, or having your mom step around the corner and it's really her?

That's the way it is when Jesus comes to be our High Priest. That's what Christmas is. Christmas is the replacement of shadows with the real thing. ~ John Piper
Dont Cry Dear quotes by John Piper
That dance is your prayer. So don't rush it, and don't dance how you practice. there's only one way for an Indian man to express himself. It's that dance that comes from all the way back there. All the way over there. You learn that dance to keep it, to use it. Whatever you got going on in your life, you don't leave it all in here, like them players do when they go out on that field, you bring it with you, you dance it. Any other way you try to say what you really mean, it's just gonna make you cry. Don't act like you don't cry. That what we do. Indian men. We're crybabies. You know it. But not out there. ~ Tommy Orange
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Tommy Orange
We always thought we wanted to do a show that you could both laugh and cry in thirty minutes, and I don't know that there are that many comedies that try for that. ~ Lennon Parham
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Lennon Parham
She was unhappy. I'd made her unhappy. Making Jennifer unhappy was officially the worst feeling in the world, right up there with disappointing my brother Billy and seeing my sister cry.

So I blurted, "Have you ever done a cookiestand?"

She shook her head, sniffing, turning away from me to grab two cups.

"What's that?" Her voice was rough.

"It's like a keg stand, but with cookies."

Jenn's movements stilled. She blinked. A new frown formed, but this one was thoughtful, not miserable.

"You mean where those people do a handstand and drink beer?"

"That's right. But with cookies."

"That sounds awful."

"At least you don't get crumbs on your shirt." I bit into the third cookie.

"Yes, but," Jenn shook her head, a hesitant smile claiming her luscious lips, "then they'd go up your nose."

"That's the best part. You can save them for later. ~ Penny Reid
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Penny Reid
Life gets hard and we run out of options, or maybe we just get curious about faith again, or we simply can't find any other way to fix our problems. So we check ourselves in to Jesus' rehab center, frantically and desperately knocking on the door of Dr. Jesus in the middle of the night. We don't feel good enough. We don't feel adequate. We don't feel that God has any reason to pay attention to us. But suddenly we've reached the end of our options, so we pray, we plead, we cry, and we beg for him to pay attention to us and to help us in our crisis. And what do we find at the door of Dr. Jesus? We find grace. Even ~ Johnnie Moore
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Johnnie Moore
Q: What is a baby's motto? A: If at first you don't succeed, cry, cry again. Q: ~ Rob Elliott
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Rob Elliott
The sad thing that many of us empaths don't realize is that often our desire to heal others is a disguised cry for help for our own healing. Because many of us weren't taught how to value or nurture ourselves at a young age, we tend to unconsciously seek out our own healing in the healing of others. ~ Mateo Sol
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Mateo Sol
You've stopped crying. I'm glad. I don't want you to cry anymore. ~ Tara Janzen
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Tara Janzen
Oh, don't cry, I'm so sorry I cheated so much, but that's the way things are. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
First Aid and Home Nursing classes were popular during 1913, and at the beginning of 1914. We all went to these, bandaged each other's legs and arms, and even attempted to do neat head-bandaging: much more difficult. We passed our exams, and got a small printed card to prove our success. So great was female enthusiasm at this time that if any man had an accident he was in mortal terror of ministering women closing in on him.
'Don't let those First Aiders come near me!' The cry would rise. 'Don't touch me, girls. Don't touch me! ~ Agatha Christie
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Agatha Christie
All through the night
I'll be standing over you
All through the night
I'll be watching over you
And through the bad dreams
I'll be right there,
Baby holding your hand,
Telling you everything is all right.
And when you cry
I'll be right there
Telling you were never
Anything less than beautiful.
So don't worry
I'm your Angel standing by. ~ Jewel
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Jewel
Don't you dare cry. If you do, then I shall, and I refuse to allow it. ~ Patricia Ryan
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Patricia Ryan
Tenleigh," Kyland said, his voice gravelly. "Please don't cry." He stepped toward me. "Anything but that. Please." He sounded desperate. "This is what I've been trying to avoid. This. I don't want either of us to feel this way.
He'd been pulling away from me to make it easier. And yet pulling away only made it hurt more.
"Well, I do! And you don't get to take that from me. I love you, and you don't get to say anything about it. The love I feel for you is mine. And I'll feel it if I want to. ~ Mia Sheridan
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Mia Sheridan
Wyatt." She tore it open and stood there, drinking him in.Just the sight of him had her heart doing a happy dance in her chest.
"Don't throw me out." He lifted a hand. "I come in peace.With food."
When she didn't say a word he added, "Pizza.With all your favorite toppings.Sausage, mushrooms, green..."
"Well,then." To hide the unexpected tears that sprang to her eyes,she turned away quickly. "Since you went to so much trouble,you may as well come in."
"It was no trouble.I just rode a hundred miles on my Harley,fought my way through the smoke screen at the Fortune Saloon,had to fend off Daffy's attempts to have her way with me, and discovered that I'd left my wallet back at the ranch,which meant I had to sign away my life before Vi would turn over this pizza,wine,and dessert. But hey, no trouble at all.It's the sort of thing I do nearly every day."
He followed her to the kitchen, where he set down the pizza box and a brown bag.
He glanced over at the stove. "Are you going to lift that kettle, or did I interrupt you making a recording of you whistling along with it in harmony?"
Despite her tears,she found herself laughing hysterically at his silly banter.
Oh,how she'd missed it.
He set the kettle aside.The sudden silence was shocking.
Because she had her back to him, he fought the urge to touch her.Instead he studied the way her shoulders were shaking. Troubled,he realized he'd made her cry.
"Sorry." Deflated,his tone lowere ~ R.C. Ryan
Dont Cry Dear quotes by R.C. Ryan
Who told you you couldn't come back when you're grown? Was it the same person who told you grown-ups don't cry or blush or clap their hands when they're happy? Don't try to say otherwise, I've seen you fighting like a boxer to change your face so that it never shows anything. Whoever told you that's what growing up means is a villain, as true as a mustache. I am growing up, too, and look at me! I cry and I blush and I live in Fairyland always! ~ Catherynne M Valente
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Catherynne M Valente
Maybe I don't feel what others feel. I have no way of knowing. But I do feel. It's just that what I feel does not elicit tears. What I feel when others cry is more like a dry, empty aloneness, like I'm the only person left in the world. ~ Francisco X Stork
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Francisco X Stork
Everyone has a right to cry uncle on a genre every once in awhile. I've done it myself. Sometimes you just can't bear another gear or pair of wings or vampire teeth. You go on a fast, and sometimes you come back, and sometimes you don't. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Catherynne M Valente
Don't shed no tears, no woman, no cry. ~ Bob Marley
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Bob Marley
It's an odd thing about love. When someone you love cries, your heart melts. But when someone you don't love cries, you look at them and think, Why are you telling 'me' this? ~ Jude Deveraux
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Jude Deveraux
I mean honestly, who just sits around in a house with a bunch of short guys waiting for their prince to come? So your mom is a bitch and wants to kill you because her mirror told her to? Cry me a river why don't you? Your big plan is sitting around cleaning house waiting for the other shoe to drop? And speaking of shoes, everyone has been picked on by mean girls. You do not wait for some old lady to pop in and transmogrify some innocent rodents just so you can sneak in to a dance under false pretenses. And let's say you do sneak in. For the love of all that is holy take your mask off and look the guy in the face and say. "Hi, I'm Cindy from down the street, I have this thing at midnight. Can we do coffee later?" This nonsense with a shoe and searching the entire village for one girl, it's crap. ~ John Goode
Dont Cry Dear quotes by John Goode
I thought it could be something, I mean, eventually." Harrison finally looks at us. "My life I thought-but I mean ... it's nothing."
"Don't cry" Grace says. "You have a lot of time."
"No, I don't."
"Yeah, you do."
"Yeah! Yeah, you do. It's okay. Look-"
She does something that is so amazingly selfless and also gross. She tilts Harrison's face up and gives him a sweet kiss on the lips and it lasts long enough for him to taste her back, to move his mouth against hers.
Harrison stares at her dumbfounded but he's stopped crying
She is so nice. ~ Courtney Summers
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Courtney Summers
How come she never got sad?"
She did get sad, Booboo. She got sad in her way instead of yours and
mine. She got sad, I'm pretty sure."
You remember how the staff lowered the flag to half-mast out front by
the portcullis here after it happened? Do you remember that? And it
goes to half-mast every year at Convocation? Remember the flag, Boo?"
Hey Hal?"
Don't cry, Booboo. Remember the flag only halfway up the pole?
Booboo, there are two ways to lower a flag to half-mast. Are you
listening? Because no shit I really have to sleep here in a second. So
listen - one way to lower the flag to half mast is just to lower the
flag. There's another way though. You can also just raise the pole.
You can raise the pole to like twice its original height. You get me?
You understand what I mean, Mario?"
She's plenty sad, I bet. ~ David Foster Wallace
Dont Cry Dear quotes by David Foster Wallace
decent ladies don't cry, because tears are how wicked women make righteous men doubt their convictions. ~ Kit Rocha
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Kit Rocha
Are you sure about this?" I wring my hands. "I was a homeless druggie, a beggar and an escort. I'm prone to breakdowns and poor decisions. Have you picked up strays before and let them into your house?" He laughs, not taking me seriously at all. "I don't give a flying fuck as long as you're here." He rubs my abs to soothe me. "Liam. You make me happy. Life's too short not to grab hold of happiness when it comes knocking at my door." Fuck. He has done it again. Tears surge in my eyes. "And you just seem to make me cry like a fucking twat!" He smiles, comes closer and kisses me. Before I know it, he wraps his arms around my waist and thighs and tries to lift me up and carry me. I am pretty lithe but I'm still too tall and heavy for him. He manages to half-lug, half-drag me up the stairs and into the bedroom while laughing his head off. ~ A. Zukowski
Dont Cry Dear quotes by A. Zukowski
You love me, but you don't want me," he said with such sadness, I burst into tears.
While crying, I had the biggest orgasm of my life as Luke held me tighter than ever and rocked into me and climaxed with me. He wiped at my tears.
"I didn't mean to make you cry," he said. ~ L.D. Davis
Dont Cry Dear quotes by L.D. Davis
Don't cry after my death . with smiling face send me to heaven. ~ Yakoobkhan
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Yakoobkhan
We've accumulated a lot of things over the years and many things from our grandmother. Hopefully it'll be all right. I really don't want to cry, but I can't help it. ~ Dorothy Fields
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Dorothy Fields
She raised her hand, bony fingers spread. "Don't worry. She is supposed to cry. Her life will never be the same. You can't give her everything."

I realized what Rajima meant. Until that moment, I had been almost exclusively providing everything Krishna could want or need. I was her sole succor and haven. But her needs were changing. She would now need sustenance from the earth, from Mother Nature, from the world, or at least Whole Foods. She would need more than what I could give her from my own body. We ~ Padma Lakshmi
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Padma Lakshmi
I cry because I don't have the upper-arm strength to flatiron my hair. I ~ Helen Ellis
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Helen Ellis
If i die dont cry look at the sky and say good bye ~ Prasad
Dont Cry Dear quotes by Prasad
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