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#1. I think that if there are problems in journalism they're created by journalists ... the trivialisation of the news and the sort of snyed, cynical allowance of untruth to be in a newspaper because it might be titillating. - Author: Russell Crowe
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Russell Crowe
#2. I'm not good at narrative; I'm really a gag writer, and that comes from being in the newspaper comic strip world for a while in college. What I do is I just write tons of jokes, then I sort them out in terms of quality and then pick the best of the jokes and then try to form them into a plot. If I get a good theme going, I feel lucky. - Author: Jeff Kinney
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Jeff Kinney
#3. There is a fearful moment of reckoning before us should it ever chance that when all our trees shall have been sacrificed on the altar of the patron-fiend of news, the newspaper supply shall suddenly be cut off and we find ourselves some fine morning minus our tidbits of shame and failure and disaster, left to the companionship of our own thoughts. Dante never imagined a terror like this. - Author: Adeline Knapp
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Adeline Knapp
#4. At the moment, it actually says nothing about a possible cosmic-ray effect on clouds and climate, but it's a very important first step." This may be because he was ordered to speak circumspectly. According to science writer Nigel Calder, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the director of the CERN lab, told a German newspaper that "I have asked the colleagues to present the results clearly, but not to interpret them. That would go immediately into the highly political arena of the climate change debate. One has to make clear that cosmic radiation is only one of many parameters. - Author: Rolf-Dieter Heuer
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Rolf-Dieter Heuer
#5. A city with one newspaper, or with a morning and an evening paper under one ownership, is like a man with one eye, and often the eye is glass. - Author: A.J. Liebling
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by A.J. Liebling
#6. If there was no Black Sabbath, I could still possibly be a morning newspaper delivery boy. No fun. - Author: Lars Ulrich
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Lars Ulrich
#7. Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death.

It was her sister Josephine who told her, in broken sentences; veiled hints that revealed in half concealing. Her husband's friend Richards was there, too, near her. It was he who had been in the newspaper office when intelligence of the railroad disaster was received, with Brently Mallard's name leading the list of "killed." He had only taken the time to assure himself of its truth by a second telegram, and had hastened to forestall any less careful, less tender friend in bearing the sad message.

She did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance. She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister's arms. When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone. She would have no one follow her.

There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair. Into this she sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion that haunted her body and seemed to reach into her soul. (opening lines) - Author: Kate Chopin
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Kate Chopin
#8. I love you," he writes again and again. "I can't bear to live without you. I'm counting the minutes until I see you." The words he uses are the idioms of popular songs and poems in the newspaper. And mine to him are no less cliched. I puzzle over the onionskin, trying to spill my heart onto the page. But I can only come up with the same words, in the same order, and hope the depth of feeling beneath them gives them weight and substance. I love you. I miss you. Be careful. Be safe. - Author: Christina Baker Kline
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Christina Baker Kline
#9. I believe in the truth of fairy-tales more than I believe in the truth in the newspaper. - Author: Lotte Reiniger
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Lotte Reiniger
#10. America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men. - Author: Alexander Graham Bell
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Alexander Graham Bell
#11. I couldn't open up a magazine, you couldn't read a newspaper, you couldn't turn on the TV without hearing about the obesity epidemic in America. - Author: Morgan Spurlock
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Morgan Spurlock
#12. Bad dog. Hit yourself with a newspaper and cut it out. - Author: Timothy Ferriss
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#13. When I started my airline business, I didn't know everything, right? If I start up a newspaper tomorrow, I might get ripped off by journalists. You'd be naive to think you know everything from day one. - Author: Tony Fernandes
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Tony Fernandes
#14. I've found newspapers only useful as kindling material for campfires. It's been said that newspaper articles are written at a fifth grade reading level. If so, I can't figure out why journalists would write something that the average high school senior can't even read. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Jarod Kintz
#15. The best way to eat crabs, as everyone knows, is off newspaper at a large table with a large number of people. - Author: Laurie Colwin
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Laurie Colwin
#16. I was a newspaper editor in high school, and I truly thought of journalism as a career. I loved it. - Author: Ed Asner
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Ed Asner
#17. Luz leaned her head against the window. The bus was already on the outskirts of Mexico City and the endless urban landscape had never seemed so gray and or so harsh. Most of the city was nothing like the old money enclave of Lomas Virreyes where the Vegas lived or Polanco where the city's most expensive restaurants and clubs catered to the wealthy.
The bus passed block after block of sooty concrete cut into houses and shops and shanties and parking garages and mercados and schools and more shanties where people lived surrounded by hulks of old cars and plastic things no one bothered to throw away. Sometimes there wasn't concrete for homes, just sheets of corrugated metal and big pieces of cardboard that would last until the next rainy season. It was the detritus of millions upon millions of people who had nowhere to go and nothing to do and were angry about it.
The Reforma newspaper had reported a few weeks ago that the city's population was in excess of 28 million--more than 25 percent of the country's entire population--and Luz believed it. All of those people were clawing at each other in a huge fishbowl suspended 7500 feet above sea level, where there was never enough oxygen and the air was thin and dirty.
The city was hemmed in by mountains on all sides; mountains like Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl that sometimes spewed smoke and ash and prevented the contaminatión from cars and factories and sewers from escaping. Luz privately thought of it as la sopa-- - Author: Carmen Amato
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Carmen Amato
#18. Reality's just the accumulation of ominous prophecies come to life. All you have to do is open a newspaper on any given day to weigh the good news versus the bad news, and you'll see what I mean. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Haruki Murakami
#19. When the newspaper detailed the suicide of a young person, it was young drivers who then piled their cars into trees, poles, and embankments with fatal results; but when the news story concerned an older person's suicide, older drivers died in such crashes. l advised, then, to take special care in our travels at these times. - Author: Robert B. Cialdini
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Robert B. Cialdini
#20. I am disgusted that I was often taken into their bed and told to do things to both of them. The things a decent parent wouldn't think of. I didn't know that having sex with her or with him was wrong because I'd never known anything else but I never understood why it used to hurt so much. It carried on right until she died and I am sure that if she was still alive it would still be going on now. I wished someone would help me and stop them hurting me. I tried to do what they told me to do because somethings they were nice to me if I did it properly."

- Graham talks about being sexually abused by his mother (and her boyfriend)

Graham was sexually abused by his mother. The only person who showed him any affection in his childhood was his grandmother.

"My mother always told me the police would think I was a 'dirty little bastard' if I told them and they would take me away to a children's home and I would never see grandmother again."

"I knew it was my fault and nobody would believe me."
- Graham

Children often do not tell about abuse because of their fears about how other people will respond. The most common fear is that they will not be believed, It is a child's word against an adult's and the adult may be well liked and respected in the community. Nowadays, because of the television and newspaper coverage, people are aware that child sexual abuse does happen. In the recent past it was thought to be a rare occurrence, - Author: Carolyn Ainscough
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Carolyn Ainscough
#21. It was 1981. I was working on a novel. And I put that novel aside one day after I read a newspaper article. The story said there were 19 women still on the pension payroll who were Confederate war widows. They were women who very early in their lives had married very old men. - Author: Allan Gurganus
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Allan Gurganus
#22. Nothing had changed in my routine, except that when I went down the chippy and got me special fried rice, it would be wrapped in a newspaper that had my picture all over it. - Author: Robbie Fowler
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Robbie Fowler
#23. I will never be a brain surgeon, and I will never play the piano like Glenn Gould.

But what keeps me up late at night, and constantly gives me reason to fret, is this: I don't know what I don't know. There are universes of things out there - ideas, philosophies, songs, subtleties, facts, emotions - that exist but of which I am totally and thoroughly unaware. This makes me very uncomfortable. I find that the only way to find out the fuller extent of what I don't know is for someone to tell me, teach me or show me, and then open my eyes to this bit of information, knowledge, or life experience that I, sadly, never before considered.

Afterward, I find something odd happens. I find what I have just learned is suddenly everywhere: on billboards or in the newspaper or SMACK: Right in front of me, and I can't help but shake my head and speculate how and why I never saw or knew this particular thing before. And I begin to wonder if I could be any different, smarter, or more interesting had I discovered it when everyone else in the world found out about this particular obvious thing. I have been thinking a lot about these first discoveries and also those chance encounters: those elusive happenstances that often lead to defining moments in our lives.


I once read that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I fundamentally disagree with this idea. I think that doing the same thi - Author: Debbie Millman
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Debbie Millman
#24. The cool air Edie speaks of? It drifts down off the mountain, unraveling itself through trees, dipping its fingers in the streams. It comes in through the back door and through the windows cast open for it. The fat possums shiver and return to their meals. It lifts up the months on the calendar and leafs through the newspaper pattern in a pile on the table. It fills up the yellow kitchen and overflows into the hallway and spills into the rooms.
Rose closes her eyes again and smiles. - Author: Karen Foxlee
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Karen Foxlee
#25. The media love to cover black people on the front page. After all, when you live in a society that will lock up about 30 percent of all black men at some time in their lives and send more of them to prison than to college, chances are a fair number of those black faces will end up in the newspaper. - Author: Michael Moore
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Michael Moore
#26. Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#27. Society always consists, in greatest part, of young and foolish persons. The old, who have seen through the hypocrisy of the courts and statesmen, die, and leave no wisdom to their sons. They believe their own newspaper, as their fathers did at their age. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#28. It was while making newspaper deliveries, trying to miss the bushes and hit the porch, that I first learned the importance of accuracy in journalism. - Author: Charles Osgood
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Charles Osgood
#29. It was Dominick Gleeson, aka Big Dom, editor of the city's only newspaper, the Bohane Vindicator. Of course, it was in no small part thanks to Logan Hartnett that the Vindicator remained the city's only newspaper. Its masthead solgan: 'Truth or Vengeance', as inked above a motif of two quarrelling ravens. - Author: Kevin Barry
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Kevin Barry
#30. This impressed me when I was the editor of the Sunday Times [of London] - we had the "Bloody Sunday" killings of 13 unarmed civilians by British paratroopers. We interviewed 500 people for our report, and not one of them could give us a total picture of what was happening. It was like the Rashomon effect multiplied a million times. For a website or even a newspaper to be a collector of information flow is not the highest form of journalism. - Author: Harold Evans
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Harold Evans
#31. That thing that everyone talks about. That really big newspaper in the sky that came along and ruined everything else, blah blah blah.'
Rosie was stumped, until light finally dawned. 'You mean the internet?'
'Well, yes. I hate that thing.'
'The whole thing?'
'You hate the entire internet?'
'Yes. - Author: Jenny Colgan
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Jenny Colgan
#32. I view social media as a Sunday newspaper that is pleasant to read on a lazy morning. - Author: Steven Magee
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Steven Magee
#33. A rolled-up newspaper landed on my head and then on Jim's. "None of that in my house!"
Oh my gods. The alpha of Clan Cat just got smacked with a rolled-up newspaper. "Mom!"
She pointed at me with the newspaper. "Do not shame me."
I clamped my mouth shut. When she pulled out the shame card, it was all over. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Ilona Andrews
#34. ... sentiments which Feliks had already come to recognise as being characteristic of The Times, which would have described the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as strong rulers who could do nothing but good for the stability of the international situation. - Author: Ken Follett
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Ken Follett
#35. As adults we choose our own reading material. Depending on our moods and needs we might read the newspaper, a blockbuster novel, an academic article, a women's magazine, a comic, a children's book, or the latest book that just about everyone is reading. No one chastises us for our choice. No one says, 'That's too short for you to read.' No one says, 'That's too easy for you, put it back.' No one says 'You couldn't read that if you tried
it's much too difficult.'
Yet if we take a peek into classrooms, libraries, and bookshops we will notice that children's choices are often mocked, censured, and denied as valid by idiotic, interfering teachers, librarians, and parents. Choice is a personal matter that changes with experience, changes with mood, and changes with need. We should let it be. - Author: Mem Fox
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Mem Fox
#36. When the mind is full of any one subject, that subject seems to recur with extraordinary frequency - it appears to pursue or to meet us at every turn: in every conversation that we hear in every book we open, in every newspaper we take up, the reigning idea recurs; and then we are surprised, and exclaim at these wonderful coincidences. - Author: Maria Edgeworth
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Maria Edgeworth
Must be literate and possess a keen intellect and open mind.
Strong stomach preferred.
Inquire at 926 Augur Lane.
Do not stare at the frog. - Author: William Ritter
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by William Ritter
#38. For some reason, Superman seems to be held to higher standards on the subject of secret/super identities than other superheroes. No one ever says, 'Peter Parker was a nerdy kid. He can't possibly be Spider-Man, attract a good-looking gal, work in a newspaper, etc.' And no one gets hung up on whether his nerdiness is a disguise. - Author: Gary Frank
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Gary Frank
#39. Business cards, of course, are not proof of anything. Anyone can go to a print shop and have cards made that say anything they like. The king of Denmark can order business cards that say he sells golf balls. Your dentist can order business cards that say she is your grandmother. In order to escape from the castle of an enemy of mine, I once had cards printed that said I was an admiral in the French navy. Just because something is typed - whether it is typed on a business card or typed in a newspaper or book - this does not mean it is true. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Lemony Snicket
#40. I didn't work for any newspapers in college, never worked for any newspaper before 'The Washington Post'. - Author: Michael Dirda
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Michael Dirda
#41. I read in a newspaper that I was to be received with all the honors customarily rendered to a foreign ruler. I am grateful for the honors; but something within me rebelled at that word 'foreign'. I say this because when I have been in Canada, I have never heard a Canadian refer to an American as a 'foreigner'. He is just an 'American'. And, in the same way, in the United States, Canadians are not 'foreigners', they are 'Canadians'. That simple little distinction illustrates to me better than anything else the relationship between our two countries. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#42. The United States established itself as a trustworthy new nation in its first two decades after the Revolutionary War by paying its debts, even when many in the country believed it had no obligation to do so. Alexander Hamilton, the founder of this newspaper, insisted on it. - Author: John Podhoretz
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by John Podhoretz
#43. A headline last year, after the death of Saddam Hussein, read: 'Tyrant is hanged'. My auntie looked at the newspaper and sobbed, 'Who's going to present "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"' - Author: Steve Williams
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Steve Williams
#44. American newspaper?" "The Tribune, general." Dornberger - Author: James Follett
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by James Follett
#45. It is the advertiser who provides the paper for the subscriber. It is not to be disputed, that the publisher of a newspaper in this country, without a very exhaustive advertising support, would receive less reward for his labor than the humblest mechanic. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#46. I wasn't for Vietnam. When I told that to the hippie newspaper, all my people got nervous. - Author: Loretta Lynn
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Loretta Lynn
#47. Two thirds of my countrymen read this kind of newspaper, read things written in this tone every morning and every night, are every day worked up and admonished and incited, and robbed of their peace of mind and better feelings by them, and the end and aim of it all is to have the war over again, the next war that draws nearer and nearer, and it will be a good deal more horrible than the last. All that is perfectly clear and simple. Anyone could comprehend it and reach the same conclusion after a moment's reflection. But nobody wants to. Nobody wants to avoid the next war, nobody wants to spare himself and his children the next holocaust if this be the cost. To reflect for one moment, to examine himself for a while and ask what share he has in the world's confusions and wickedness - clearly, nobody wants to do that. And so there's no stopping it, and the next war is being pushed on with enthusiasm by thousands upon thousands day by day. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Hermann Hesse
#48. I am a candid interview and I have a dark and dry sense of humor - a very Canadian sense of humor and I am only learning now stupidly that you can't read tongue. When I say something funny in a newspaper and I meant it to be funny, it doesn't read that way. - Author: Michael Buble
Dokkum Newspaper quotes by Michael Buble

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