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#1. I spent my childhood and youth on the outskirts of the Alps, in a region that was largely spared the immediate effects of the so-called hostilities. At the end of the war I was just one year old, so I can hardly have any impressions of that period of destruction based on personal experience. Yet to this day, when I see photographs or documentary films dating from the war I feel as if I were its child, so to speak, as if those horrors I did not experience cast a shadow over me ... I see pictures merging before my mind's eye - paths through the fields, river meadows, and mountain pastures mingling with images of destruction - and oddly enough, it is the latter, not the now entirely unreal idylls of my early childhood, that make me feel rather as if I were coming home ... - Author: W.G. Sebald
Documentary Films quotes by W.G. Sebald
#2. Michael Moore announced that his next documentary film will attack the health care industry in America. He's not out to get the pharmaceutical companies. He's just looking for something to relieve the redness in the center of the country. - Author: Argus Hamilton
Documentary Films quotes by Argus Hamilton
#3. In documentary films, you're a storyteller using found objects. You still have to have a story arc and all the elements that make a good story. It really helped me mature as a storyteller. - Author: Garth Stein
Documentary Films quotes by Garth Stein
#4. One of the top challenges is the fact that you are dealing with survivors. Every time you deal with a documentary film subject it is fraught with obvious minefields but when you are dealing with a population that is severely traumatized and trying to recover from that trauma there is an extra level of vigilance and care and attention that has to be implemented all the time at every level. - Author: Amy Ziering
Documentary Films quotes by Amy Ziering
#5. It's a funny thing with documentary films - you want them to feel as entertaining and as gripping as a fictional film. With a fictional film you want it to feel as realistic as a documentary film. - Author: Jonathan Demme
Documentary Films quotes by Jonathan Demme
#6. The key fact missed most often by social scientists utilizing documentary films for data, is this: documentary films are not found or reported things; they're made things. - Author: Bruce Jackson
Documentary Films quotes by Bruce Jackson
#7. People outside the documentary world don't realize how time-consuming making a documentary film is there is a lot of responsibility, and in order to make something good you need time. - Author: Alex Hammond
Documentary Films quotes by Alex Hammond
#8. Documentary films are created in an inverted funnel of declining possibility. - Author: Bruce Jackson
Documentary Films quotes by Bruce Jackson
#9. electrical wires dragged down by the weight of the ice and flickering balefully, a row of sleet-covered planes stranded in an airport, a huge truck that's jackknifed and tipped over and is lying on its side with smoke coming out. An ambulance is on the scene, a fire truck, a huddle of raingear-clad operatives: someone's been injured, always a sight to make the heart beat faster. A policeman appears, crystals of ice whitening his moustache; he pleads sternly with people to stay inside. It's no joke, he tells the viewers. Don't think you can brave the elements! His frowning, frosted eyebrows are noble, like those on the wartime bond-drive posters from the 1940s. Constance remembers those, or believes she does. But she may just be remembering history books or museum displays or documentary films: so hard, sometimes, to tag those memories accurately. Finally, a minor touch of pathos: a stray dog is displayed, semi-frozen, wrapped in a child's pink nap blanket. A gelid baby - Author: Margaret Atwood
Documentary Films quotes by Margaret Atwood
#10. I am particularly pleased to see that the Bendheim Center for Finance is thriving. - Author: Ben Bernanke
Documentary Films quotes by Ben Bernanke
#11. In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director. - Author: Alfred Hitchcock
Documentary Films quotes by Alfred Hitchcock
#12. You kind of form a bond with your subjects, in a way. You're in it together. To a degree that people don't realize, documentary films - or at least the kind of documentary films I'm interested in - are a collaborative undertaking with the subjects. - Author: Steve James
Documentary Films quotes by Steve James
#13. Making an independent documentary film is so hard that usually, the usual model is that your film becomes a model for advocacy, so you can enlist that support group and get as much juice out of your film as possible. That's just practically, financially, what you need to do. - Author: Tim Hetherington
Documentary Films quotes by Tim Hetherington
#14. In documentary films, the most difficult thing to achieve is to make something complex appear simple. - Author: Leslie Cockburn
Documentary Films quotes by Leslie Cockburn
#15. I don't think you make documentary films to get your country house. If you're trying to gamble on that, you've very foolish. - Author: Liz Garbus
Documentary Films quotes by Liz Garbus
#16. So it is that one side effect of the HD revolution has been the gratifying and edifying return of the nature documentary - films about the hugely varied forms of life that eat, sleep, stalk, mate, fight, thrive, suffer and struggle on our dear and embattled old Earth. - Author: Tom Shales
Documentary Films quotes by Tom Shales
#17. There's a documentary film-maker called Werner Herzog, who's a German film-maker. I really dig his stuff, I'd love to chat with him. - Author: Finn Jones
Documentary Films quotes by Finn Jones
#18. There is so much investment in it of people's labor time that it will never make money. But there are other documentaries that you might make that are sort of on assignment for television that turn around in three to six months. Then the margin can be much be better for you because you're not spending three-and-a-half years on it. So I think if you're doing documentary films, that's sort of the way to look at it. - Author: Liz Garbus
Documentary Films quotes by Liz Garbus
#19. When you make a documentary film, after many years the only thing you remember is what you put into the film, not what you took out. - Author: Pamela Yates
Documentary Films quotes by Pamela Yates
#20. If you want to tell the untold stories, if you want to give voice to the voiceless, you've got to find a language. Which goes for film as well as prose, for documentary as well as autobiography. Use the wrong language, and you're dumb and blind. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Documentary Films quotes by Salman Rushdie
#21. I like a lot of good European films, good - anything really. I'm a big fan of Netflix and I get films from them all the time. If I hear about something that I don't know, that I haven't seen, forgot about, I immediately jot it down and add it to my Netflix list or if there's a film that's available that I haven't seen for many years, I get that. - Author: Robert Barry
Documentary Films quotes by Robert Barry
#22. I'm sure that the book is incrediable, phenomenal and so on and so on going in positive direction... But the film wasn't made well (I'm talking about NeedFul Things by Stephen King), the effects weren't good, some scenes were missed, for example I'm very curiouis how does the guy kills his wife with the harmer... The scene reminds me for Shining, but Unfortunately in the Shining there were more possibilities to be saw this scene, than in this film... If some disadvantages will be fixed, then I'm sure that the film will be pretty interesting, however to don't forget about the quality! - Author: Deyth Banger
Documentary Films quotes by Deyth Banger
#23. I want to have more original-screenplay Oscars than anybody who's ever lived! So much, I want to have so many that - four is enough. And do it within ten films, all right, so that when I die, they rename the original-screenplay Oscar 'the Quentin.' And everybody's down with that. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
Documentary Films quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#24. Kids talk to me and say they want to do musicals again because they've studied the tapes of the old films. We didn't have that. We thought once we had made it, even on film, it was gone except for the archives. - Author: Gene Kelly
Documentary Films quotes by Gene Kelly
#25. I want to venture into film more, and I think that a nice way to transition into doing that would be a documentary. I think it would be interesting to find one person that really fascinated me or maybe a band and travel with them, but I don't think I could do it like I used to do it. - Author: Ryan McGinley
Documentary Films quotes by Ryan McGinley
#26. I've been writing for years and developing my own films and editing with a friend of mine in Australia. - Author: Aden Young
Documentary Films quotes by Aden Young
#27. There is such a weight of history behind this that it makes Valerio feel weak. He has never experienced anything of the sort, and neither has anyone he knows. For him, mass graves belong to the past, to book about the Spanish Civil War and films about the Fascist period. But not now, not in this life, not so close, not to Sheida; history is not supposed to come into one's home. - Author: Sahar Delijani
Documentary Films quotes by Sahar Delijani
#28. 'Blade Runner' was one of several dystopian science-fiction films to tank in the early and middle '80s. 'Tron,' 'The Dark Crystal,' 'The Keep,' 'Labyrinth': none found a large audience. - Author: Richard Corliss
Documentary Films quotes by Richard Corliss
#29. For me, in general, it's always about the material. Obviously, it's about the material and hoping that someone wants to hire me for a job, too, but I've certainly seen films like 'Orphan' and movies like that where I know that if I had had the opportunity to read that script or had an opportunity to do it, I would have wanted to do it. - Author: Jennifer Morrison
Documentary Films quotes by Jennifer Morrison
#30. Even though I was making documentaries, my films had fictional elements to them. I think I like blurring those distinctions because so much of what we see on television purports to be the truth, but it's often largely imaginary - or wishful thinking, or any number of less honorable things. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
Documentary Films quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#31. If you look at films about becoming a man, coming-of-age movies are made with 12-, 16-, 40-, 50-year-olds ... For a guy to feel like he's a 100 percent grown-up is almost like giving up. Like admitting that you're on your way into the grave. - Author: Kevin Bacon
Documentary Films quotes by Kevin Bacon
#32. For many years, it was believed that the pyramids were created on the sweat, blood and tears of slaves (with Hollywood often portraying this notion in films) but instead, we now know that they were built by a specialized team of around 5000 permanent employees and aided by up to 20,000 men on a temporary basis. These temporary employees would provide labor and other skills for around four months before being sent home. The - Author: Roman Collins
Documentary Films quotes by Roman Collins
#33. The only time I'm totally happy is when I'm watching films or making them. - Author: Steven Spielberg
Documentary Films quotes by Steven Spielberg
#34. I just don't see very many films. Because I make them. - Author: Kristin Scott Thomas
Documentary Films quotes by Kristin Scott Thomas
#35. I do like fantasy films. - Author: Teresa Palmer
Documentary Films quotes by Teresa Palmer
#36. I hate most people. And I don't want to, it's an awful way to be. But the human race gives me no comfort. I find myself turning to books and films for comfort still. It's repulsive, because one's life consists of people, not things. - Author: Morrissey
Documentary Films quotes by Morrissey
#37. I guess I probably make violent films partly because I can't express my anger in my real life very well. - Author: Park Chan-wook
Documentary Films quotes by Park Chan-wook
#38. My best actress of all time is Kate Winslet. I want to be just like her. 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is one of my favourite films. - Author: Maria Valverde
Documentary Films quotes by Maria Valverde
#39. I'm not seeking out genre films, but this just came my way, and Miramax was good enough to add a role for me because we wanted the chance to work together. - Author: Jeri Ryan
Documentary Films quotes by Jeri Ryan
#40. You do get really exhausted doing films. You work such long hours, and after a while, things can get out of perspective, just like if anyone's tired, things get on top of them. - Author: Alan Cumming
Documentary Films quotes by Alan Cumming
#41. I enjoy doing independent films more, only because there's more freedom. There's not as many cooks tampering with what you are trying to do. - Author: Illeana Douglas
Documentary Films quotes by Illeana Douglas
#42. My siblings and I, we were raised on TV and films. Not a day went by that we weren't watching one of three movies - 'Caddyshack,' 'Animal House,' 'Beverly Hills Cop' - on rotation. Our comedy, our personalities were set watching 'Sesame Street': these really sort of wacky, Jim Henson-y characters. - Author: Teddy Sears
Documentary Films quotes by Teddy Sears
#43. I think the only thing harder for a parent is having to sit down and watch you do a dying scene. I've died in three films, and my mom begs me, "Just tell me you don't die at the end." - Author: Garrett Hedlund
Documentary Films quotes by Garrett Hedlund
#44. In the early '90s, when those little art films started coming out, we were introduced to Quentin Tarantino and guys like that, and independent cinema was something that everyone wanted to be a part of. - Author: Ron Perlman
Documentary Films quotes by Ron Perlman
#45. The Hollywood movies are more like novels, and the kinds of films I make are more like poems. - Author: Stan Brakhage
Documentary Films quotes by Stan Brakhage
#46. I was doing experimental theater and experimental film in San Francisco, and I moved to Los Angeles, and what I got frustrated with was, it seemed like everyone was waiting for something to happen. Obviously, films take a lot of planning, and I wanted something more immediate, and comedy started to become that. - Author: Amy Seimetz
Documentary Films quotes by Amy Seimetz
#47. I prefer theater, but I love to do films, and I prefer theater primarily because I've done more. I know less about movies. You can't lie in either medium. The wonderful thing is that the camera, just like an audience, is made out of skin - because celluloid is skin. - Author: Amanda Plummer
Documentary Films quotes by Amanda Plummer
#48. I would love to. A dream of mine is to produce films, as well as to produce content for television. - Author: Janet Jackson
Documentary Films quotes by Janet Jackson
#49. My films must let every man, woman, and child know that God loves them, that I love them, and that peace and salvation will become a reality only when they all learn to love each other. - Author: Frank Capra
Documentary Films quotes by Frank Capra
#50. I think Shah Rukh and I have done essentially romantic films that had great contributions from everyone else, so it's not as if we alone are responsible for our hits. - Author: Kajol
Documentary Films quotes by Kajol
#51. I generally follow my own compass and make films about what's scaring me. - Author: Eli Roth
Documentary Films quotes by Eli Roth
#52. Can you pick me up on Washington Road in Mount Lebo, actually? I got here and them some kids stole my bike."
"Quinn, your life story is starting to turn into a documentary that people would walk out of because it's both too sad and too slow. - Author: Tim Federle
Documentary Films quotes by Tim Federle
#53. If you had watched any of those three wonderful films, you would have caught Vampire Gym Teacher # 2: Back to Cruel, where the vampire hunter ties a vampire chick to the shower and tortures her by turning on the water. They can‟t stand water, even if it‟s not holy water. - Author: Rusty Fischer
Documentary Films quotes by Rusty Fischer
#54. I'm pretty happy with who I am. I like myself and what I'm doing. I don't need to be the world's greatest director or the most famous
or the richest. I don't need to make a whole lot of great films. I can do my job and I can do it pretty well. This is the realization I've come to, later in life. It's called growing up. - Author: John Carpenter
Documentary Films quotes by John Carpenter
#55. I have friends who are leading men, and they're only ever allowed to play leading men of a certain type. But as a character actor, there's a wider variety of projects available. On the big Hollywood films, all they care about is having their lead in place, so it's actually easier for someone like me to slip in. And I'm happy to do so. - Author: Eddie Marsan
Documentary Films quotes by Eddie Marsan
#56. Jake Green isn't just Jake Green. Jake represents all of us. The colour green is the central column of the spectrum and the name Jake has all sorts of numerical values. All things come back to him within the film's world of cons and games. - Author: Guy Ritchie
Documentary Films quotes by Guy Ritchie
#57. Artist Matthew Barney has made a film about "shit". It is hardly original. Hollywood has made shit films for decades. - Author: Dean Cavanagh
Documentary Films quotes by Dean Cavanagh

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