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#1. It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool. - Author: Steven Moffat
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Steven Moffat
#2. I was the first companion to kiss the Doctor. I played Grace Holloway to Paul McGann's Doctor in the 1996 TV movie. We shared three kisses, in fact: very sweet and chaste. When I took the part, I'd never even heard of 'Doctor Who.' No one warned me that the kisses would be a big deal. - Author: Daphne Ashbrook
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Daphne Ashbrook
#3. You could argue that this world is just the result of a monumental "storm" - you're here by accident, through blind, violent forces of nature, through the big bang - and when you die, you'll turn to dust. . . However, if Jesus is who he says he is, there's another way to look at life. If he's Lord of the storm, then no matter what shape the world is in - or your life is in - you will find Jesus provides all the healing, all the rest, all the power you could possibly want. - Author: David Jeremiah
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by David Jeremiah
#4. Hera thus suggested that she would tell Zeus that he had to couple with Aphrodite as a matter of duty, not love,since this was the wish of Eros & Chaos who were responsible for the Big Bang.And Themis volunteered to tell Aphrodite that she would have to couple with the King of the Gods for the same reason.And thus Themis & Hera took it upon themselves to rectify the consequences of the Big Bang by arranging the Big Crunch. And when the news got around, all the Gods & Goddesses of Olympus said that they would like to witness the spectacle. - Author: Nicholas Chong
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Nicholas Chong
#5. There is a strange ring of feeling and emotion in these reactions [of scientists to evidence that the universe had a sudden beginning]. They come from the heart whereas you would expect the judgments to come from the brain. Why? I think part of the answer is that scientists cannot bear the thought of a natural phenomenon which cannot be explained, even with unlimited time and money. There is a kind of religion in science; it is the religion of a person who believes there is order and harmony in the Universe. Every event can be explained in a rational way as the product of some previous event; every effect must have its cause, there is no First Cause. … This religious faith of the scientist is violated by the discovery that the world had a beginning under conditions in which the known laws of physics are not valid, and as a product of forces or circumstances we cannot discover. When that happens, the scientist has lost control. If he really examined the implications, he would be traumatized. - Author: Robert Jastrow
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Robert Jastrow
#6. We have not yet figured out why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe. Only one ten-billionth of the original matter in the early universe survived this explosion, and we are part of it. The leading theory is that something violated the perfect symmetry between matter and antimatter at the Big Bang, but we don't know what it is. There is a Nobel Prize waiting for the enterprising individual who can solve this problem. - Author: Michio Kaku
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Michio Kaku
#7. Her mother was a cockle, but her father was no other than Uranus, who held the highest office in the universe, as no one held a higher office than the Sky. And she was born together with Himeros[Passion] & Chaos[Confusion] at the same time, & together, as the white foam[aphros] of semen issued from Uranus` severed testicles, which had entrapped Himeros & Chaos after the Big Bang, & floated on the Sea [Pontus]. - Author: Nicholas Chong
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Nicholas Chong
#8. I confess I sometimes sneak a peek at 'The Big Bang Theory.' I chuckle at their antics. But I cringe when they portray physicists as clueless nerds who are doormats when it comes to picking up women. - Author: Michio Kaku
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Michio Kaku
#9. Big Bang is what made me who I am today. With them, I laugh the most, and I feel like I can achieve things - Author: Taeyang
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Taeyang
#10. Lilith: Oh, but your heart grows cold. A north wind blows and carries down the distant ... Rose?
The Doctor: Oooh, big mistake! Because that name keeps me fighting! - Author: Gareth Roberts
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Gareth Roberts
#11. Pain is a curse people can not bear but god who made the heavens and earth made it so so exept it. God made all living things he made us in his image Athiests were captured by the devil and were told lies so this is why we pray for them and hope they come to under stand we were not made by monkeys or a big bang. - Author: Gerald Olson
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Gerald Olson
#12. Consider the enormity of the problem. Science has proved that the universe exploded into being at a certain moment. It asks: What cause produced this effect? Who or what put the matter or energy into the universe? And science cannot answer these questions, because, according to the astronomers, in the first moments of its existence the Universe was compressed to an extraordinary degree, and consumed by the heat of a fire beyond human imagination. The shock of that instant must have destroyed every particle of evidence that could have yielded a clue to the cause of the great explosion. - Author: Robert Jastrow
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Robert Jastrow
#13. Moments like that, I thought maybe there was a God, a fickle puppet-master who decided it was time to remind us that life isn't just an echo of the Big Bang - that we're here, with beating hearts. - Author: Vikki Wakefield
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Vikki Wakefield
#14. I won't say that all senior citizens who can't master technology should be publicly flogged, but if we made an example of one or two, it might give the others incentive to try harder. - Author: Chuck Lorre
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Chuck Lorre
#15. From my college courses and my reading I knew the various names that came at the end of a line of questions or were placed as periods to bafflement: the First Cause, the First Mover, the Life Force, the Universal Mind, the First Principle, the Unmoved Mover, even Providence. I too had used those names in arguing with others, and with myself, trying to explain the world to myself. And now I saw that those names explained nothing. They were of no more use than Evolution or Natural Selection or Nature or The Big Bang of these later days. All such names do is catch us within the length and breadth of our own thoughts and our own bewilderment. Though I knew the temptation of simple reason, to know nothing that can't be proved, still I supposed that those were not the right names.
I imagined that the right name might be Father, and I imagined all that that name would imply: the love, the compassion, the taking offense, the disappointment, the anger, the bearing of wounds, the weeping of tears, the forgiveness, the suffering unto death. If love could force my own thoughts over the edge of the world and out of time, then could I not see how even divine omnipotence might by the force of its own love be swayed down into the world? Could I not see how it might, because it could know its creatures only by compassion, put on mortal flesh, become a man, and walk among us, assume our nature and our fate, suffer our faults and our death?
Yes. I could imagine a Father who is yet lik - Author: Wendell Berry
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Wendell Berry
#16. Way back when I was four, I became increasingly sickly and spiritless. My mother took me to the doctor, who poked and prodded and deliberated. In the end, he pronounced, "She's depressed." Depressed at four years old. Why? No one had an answer....I have long evaded the real reasons for my discontentment. I still can't tell what they are, precisely, but I feel their presence most acutely in moments like this one with my grandmother, imagining a day in a big-box store that had replaced an old farm. - Author: Alisa Smith
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Alisa Smith
#17. Hunter filled the opening in the privacy curtains. He wore green scrubs like the doctors and nurses who had scraped me off the pavement. For a split second I mistook him for an adorable doctor who looked a lot like Hunter. I knew it was Hunter when he gaped at me with a mixture of outrage and horror, his face pale, and demanded, "What did you do?"
"Crossed the street," I said. "Badly." Wincing, I eased up from the gurney, putting my weight on my hand and my good hip. Only a few minutes had passed since they had brought me in, ascertained I wasn't dying, and dumped me here. I still felt very shaky from the shock of being hit. But I didn't want to face Hunter lying down.
In two steps he bent over me and wrapped his arms around me. He was careful not to press on my hospital gown low against my back where the road rash was, but his touch on my shoulders radiated pain to the raw parts. I winced again.
"Oh, God. I'm sorry." He let me go but hovered over me, placing his big hands on my shoulder blades. He was so close that the air felt hot between us. "What did you hurt?"
"This is just where I skidded across the road." I gestured behind my back and then flinched at the sting in my skin as I moved my arm.
"How far down does it go?" My back felt cold as he lifted on flap of my paper gown and looked.
I kept my head down, my red cheeks hidden. He was peering at my back where my skin was missing. What could be sexier? Even if the circumstances had been happi - Author: Jennifer Echols
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Jennifer Echols
#18. All that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology, the Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell. And it's lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. - Author: Paul Broun
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Paul Broun
#19. From conversations with her husband she was aware that the static came from a number of sources such as the atmosphere, other electrical equipment and even, incredibly, an amount from the noise of radiation emitted in the origin of the universe's Big Bang. To her however, it was the sounds of the souls of countless millions of people who had perished in this international disaster, brushing past her in the ether on their way to the afterlife. - Author: Antony J. Stanton
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Antony J. Stanton
#20. The Big Bang has made Idealists out of almost anybody who thinks. First there was absolutely nothing, then Bang! Something. This is beyond weird. Out of sheerest Emptiness, manifestation arises. - Author: Ken Wilber
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Ken Wilber
#21. If God created the world, who created God? No answer. If Big Bang caused the universe, what caused the Big Bang? Again, no answer. - Author: NARENDRA MURTY
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by NARENDRA MURTY
#22. From Roger Bacon, the 13th century Franciscan who pioneered the scientific method, to George Lemaitre, the 20th century Belgian priest who first developed a mathematical foundation for the 'Big Bang,' people of faith have played a key role in advancing scientific understanding. - Author: Kenneth R. Miller
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Kenneth R. Miller
#23. Some people owe everything they have to the bank accounts of their parents. I owe the state. Put simply, the state educated me, fixed my leg when it was broken, and gave me a grant that enabled me to go to university. It fixed my teeth (a bit) and found housing for my veteran father in his dotage. When my youngest brother was run over by a truck it saved his life and in particular his crushed right hand, a procedure that took half a year, and which would, on the open market - so a doctor told me at the time - have cost a million pounds. Those were the big things, but there were also plenty of little ones: my subsidized sports centre and my doctor's office, my school music lessons paid for with pennies, my university fees. My NHS glasses aged 9. My NHS baby aged 33. And my local library. To steal another writer's title: England made me. It has never been hard for me to pay my taxes because I understand it to be the repaying of a large, in fact, an almost incalculable, debt.

....The charming tale of benign state intervention described above is now relegated to the land of fairy tales: not just naïve but actually fantastic. Having one's own history so suddenly and abruptly made unreal is an experience of a whole generation of British people, who must now wander around like so many ancient mariners boring foreigners about how they went to university for free and could once find a National Health dentist on their high street. - Author: Zadie Smith
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Zadie Smith
#24. Rose: Who are you then? Who's that lot down there? [The Doctor ignores her] I said who are they?!
The Doctor: They're made of plastic. Living plastic creatures. They're being controlled by a relay device on the roof. Which would be a great big problem if- [he pulls a bleeping bomb out of his coat] -I didn't have this. So I'm gonna go upstairs and blow it up. And I might well die in the process. But don't worry about me, no. You go home, go on! Go and have your lovely beans on toast. [suddenly serious] Don't tell anyone about this 'cos if you do, you'll get them killed. [closes the door] [opens it again] I'm The Doctor, by the way. What's your name?
Rose: Rose.
The Doctor: Nice to meet you, Rose. [holds up the bomb, shaking it slightly while grinning.] Run for your life! - Author: Russell T. Davies
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Russell T. Davies
#25. My mother was the best and most beautiful woman who ever lived. She was clean, and good, and always helped "the poor and needy who cluster round your door," like it says in the poetry piece, and there never could have been a reason why God would want a woman to suffer herself, when she went flying on horseback even dark nights through rain or snow, to doctor other people's pain, and when she gave away things like she did - why, I've seen her take a big piece of meat from the barrel, and a sack of meal, and heaps of apples and potatoes to carry to Mandy Thomas - when she gave away food by the wagonload at a time, God couldn't have wanted her to be hungry, and yet she was that very minute almost crying for food; - Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#26. A five-week sand blizzard?" said Deep Thought haughtily. "You ask this of me who have contemplated the very vectors of the atoms in the Big Bang itself? Molest me not with this pocket calculator stuff. - Author: Douglas Adams
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Douglas Adams
#27. 'What was there before the Big Bang?' That's a question that both kids and adults love to pose to anyone who seems sympathetic. After all, if the universe has only been around for roughly 14 billion years, isn't it legitimate to ask what was in existence before the mother-of-all-events cranked up the cosmos? - Author: Seth Shostak
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Seth Shostak
#28. Scientists - who prefer explanations subject to laboratory tests - figure that everything we see today was as inevitable as wrinkles, once the Big Bang established physics. Stars and planets were cooked up as huge clouds of matter collapsed and coalesced. - Author: Seth Shostak
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Seth Shostak
#29. My lack of faith in God is not a dilapidated house.
It does not need to be razed to the ground or burned down to cinders.
I refuse to be the wounded woman on a cross
that you crucify with your disapproval like nails;
I will only be the woman who believes in thunderstorms
the same way lightning loves the tops of trees it strikes
every time it gets tired of being pent up in an unforgiving sky,
the only difference is that I believe these are natural weather phenomenons,
not God's belly rumbling or synapses firing.
When my doorway is filled with groups of people
wielding religious conversion pamphlets like crossbows,
I will be the martyr who steps aside to let the arrows
crack through the plaster in my wall instead of piercing my chest.
This is not a eulogy to the believer I could have been.
This is a battle cry to the believer I always have been,
believer in sunsets like splashes of paint, handholding
like willow branches brushing one another, new mornings
after old nights spent drowning in despair, believer
in love as an entire language instead of a single word.
Just because my beliefs align themselves on a different spectrum
does not mean they are the wrong wavelength or color.
And even though I think the universe was created by the Big Bang
instead of a God with magic dust shooting from his fingertips,
my universe does not contain fewer stars. - Author: Meggie Royer
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Meggie Royer
#30. Pope Francis is not the first religious leader who has endorsed evolution and the Big Bang, but he is certainly one of the most influential. - Author: Ken Ham
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Ken Ham
#31. Physicists explain creation by telling us that the universe began with the Big Bang, an intense energy singularity that continued expanding. But who created the singularity? - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
#32. And that historical moment when the young Aphrodite held Poseidon`s magnificent phallus in her small hand & squeezed it was the greatest event of the universe since the Big Bang. It was the moment when Eros, separated from Himeros & Chaos in the Big Bang, were reunited, to become one again. And all who were there saw Aphrodite`s girdle changed its colour from a passion red to orange, & then to gold, the colour of Love. - Author: Nicholas Chong
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Nicholas Chong
#33. Even if you think the Big Bang created the stars, don't you wonder who sent the flowers? - Author: Robert Breault
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Robert Breault
#34. The Doctor: Oh, now what's this, then? I love this. A big, flashy-lighty thing. That's what brought me here. Big, flashy-lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually, but give me time ... and a crayon. - Author: Steven Moffat
Doctor Who The Big Bang quotes by Steven Moffat

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