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The Federalist Papers are very clear. Whenever one of the founding fathers and one of the people who was inventing the Constitution, they start to get apoplectic at the mention of Athens, the mention of Pericles, the mention of democracy. They go on and on about mobs, and we don't want this, and we don't want that. We're an oligarchy of the well-to-do. We were at the very beginning, when the Constitution was made, and we're even more so now. ~ Real Network
Dish Network quotes by Real Network
The purpose of this lab is to familiarize the students with what a working local area network
(LAN) looks like.
This lab is important to the student because the instructor can use the things seen during this
tour in later lessons as a point of reference to help students understand different topics that
will be discussed. If the student can visualize what the instructor is talking about, it will help
their understanding and retention. This lab will provide a shared central point of reference ~ Timothy Pintello
Dish Network quotes by Timothy Pintello
My dear, you used to be quite a dish; now you're quite a tureen. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Dish Network quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
I sold Blockbuster because I saw what was coming: the satellite dish, technology that would make the business obsolete in a few years. Why would people go to a store for a video and then have to return it when they had a dish? ~ Wayne Huizenga
Dish Network quotes by Wayne Huizenga
The road, more than simply a system of regulations and designs, is a place where many millions of us, with only loose parameters for how to behave, are thrown together daily in a kind of massive petri dish in which all kinds of uncharted, little-understood dynamics are at work. There is no other place where so many people from different walks of life
different ages, races, classes, religions, genders, political preferences, lifestyle choices, levels of psychological stability
mingle so freely. ~ Tom Vanderbilt
Dish Network quotes by Tom Vanderbilt
If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all truly successful individuals, I'd say it's the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts. ~ Harvey MacKay
Dish Network quotes by Harvey MacKay
Whatever this guy was about to dish out, I was prepared to respond with, "Thank you, sir, and, may I have another? ~ Nick Pageant
Dish Network quotes by Nick Pageant
Most commonly, hotel and airport networks restrict communication between machines on the local network, so even with the IP of the guest machine, you are unable to communicate. ~ Mitchell Hashimoto
Dish Network quotes by Mitchell Hashimoto
[S]ometimes, when you are a food person, the possible irrelevance of what you are doing doesn't cross your mind until it's too late. (Once, for example, when I was just starting out in the food business, I was hired by the caper people to develop a lot of recipes using capers, and it was weeks of tossing capers into just about everything but milkshakes before I came to terms with the fact that nobody really likes capers no matter what you do with them. Some people pretend to like capers, but the truth is that any dish that tastes good with capers in it tastes even better with capers not in in. ~ Nora Ephron
Dish Network quotes by Nora Ephron
Sometimes I think women are lucky because they can develop in ways men can't. The old-boy network may be oppressive to women, but it actually stunts men in terms of personal growth. ~ Willem Dafoe
Dish Network quotes by Willem Dafoe
The sport to which I owe so much has undergone profound changes, but it's still baseball. Kids still imitate their heroes on playgrounds. Fans still ruin expensive suits going after foul balls that cost five dollars. Hitting streaks still make the network news and hot dogs still taste better at the ballpark than at home. ~ Duke Snider
Dish Network quotes by Duke Snider
'Cosmos' wouldn't deserve its place in primetime evening network television were it not a landscape on which compelling stories were told. People, when they watch TV in the evening, want to see stories, and science simply tells the best stories. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Dish Network quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
There are only two companies in the world that can help me. That's Facebook and Google, because they are going to make me the largest digital network in the world, which is my goal. ~ Shane Smith
Dish Network quotes by Shane Smith
We left in pretty good time, and came after nightfall to Klausenburgh. Here I stopped for the night at the Hotel Royale. I had for dinner, or rather supper, a chicken done up some way with red pepper, which was very good but thirsty. (Mem. get recipe for Mina.) I asked the waiter, and he said it was called "paprika hendl," and that, as it was a national dish, I should be able to get it anywhere along the Carpathians. ~ Bram Stoker
Dish Network quotes by Bram Stoker
Our chambers were always full of chemicals and of criminal relics which had a way of wandering into unlikely positions, and of turning up in the butter-dish or in even less desirable places. But his papers were my great crux. He had a horror of destroying documents, especially those which were connected with his past cases, and yet it was only once in every year or two that he would muster energy to docket and arrange them; for, as I have mentioned somewhere in these incoherent memoirs, the outbursts of passionate energy when he performed the remarkable feats with which his name is associated were followed by reactions of lethargy during which he would lie about with his violin and his books, hardly moving save from the sofa to the table. Thus month after month his papers accumulated, until every corner of the room was stacked with bundles of manuscript which were on no account to be burned, and which could not be put away save by their owner. One winter's night, as we sat together by the fire, I ventured to suggest to him that, as he had finished pasting extracts into his common-place book, he might employ the next two hours in making our room a little more habitable. He could not deny the justice of my request, so with a rather rueful face he went off to his bedroom, from which he returned presently pulling a large tin box behind him. This he placed in the middle of the floor and, squatting down upon a stool in front of it, he threw back the lid. I could see that it was alr ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Dish Network quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
I had a terrible premonition. His flight was to Miami. The old news footage flashed through my mind of Air Florida Flight 90 to Miami that went down in a freezing rain. It showed pieces of the wings and smashed fuselage floating in a huge hole in the ice next to the Fourteenth Street Bridge. A helicopter trying to lift a survivor from the black water. Rescuers watching helplessly from the shore. I tried to call him, but the network was down. I'd seen this fearsome power of the past before, how it can rise up without warning and strike the living with unerring timing. Later Lorenzo called from Miami and said it was a rough flight but they made it. I was happy that for once my intuition was wrong. ~ J. J. Jorgens
Dish Network quotes by J. J. Jorgens
System testing, involves testing of a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use, such as interacting with a database, using network communications, or interacting with other hardware, applications, ~ Anonymous
Dish Network quotes by Anonymous
As far as I understand it, and it's impossible not to understand it, you yourself, at the beginning and then again, very eloquently - albeit too theoretically - have been developing a picture of a Russia covered with an endless network of knots. For their part, each of the active groups, by proselytizing and branching out ad infinitum, has the task, through systematic denunciatory propaganda of constantly undermining the authority of the local authorities, creating confusion in the villages, fostering cynicism, scandals and an utter lack of belief in anything at all, a burning desire for something better, and finally, using fires as a measure that appeals primarily to the common people, to throw the country, at a designated moment, if necessary, even into a state of despair. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Dish Network quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The explosion of companies deploying wireless networks insecurely is creating vulnerabilities, as they think it's limited to the office - then they have Johnny Hacker in the parking lot with an 802.11 antenna using the network to send threatening emails to the president! ~ Kevin Mitnick
Dish Network quotes by Kevin Mitnick
Once you get off the network news train, it's hard to get back on. ~ Jane Clayson
Dish Network quotes by Jane Clayson
Calling 'Instagram' a photo-sharing app is like calling a newspaper a letter-sharing book, or a Mozart grand era symphony a series of notes. 'Instagram' is less about the medium and more about the network. ~ Kevin Systrom
Dish Network quotes by Kevin Systrom
Now, national conventions are largely an excuse for companies and party leaders to throw parties for delegates to attend, to network and have a good time. ~ Bob Barr
Dish Network quotes by Bob Barr
There are days when I literally have to eat 17 plates of food - it's intense. It's about moderation. You just need a few bites to get the gist of a dish. ~ Gail Simmons
Dish Network quotes by Gail Simmons
Though we feel extremely connected through all this technology [social networks], there's also this disconnect that happens. Because you're not actually talking to anyone. You're not actually meeting them for coffee. To me, social media is about "you". It's like, "Well, twenty people like this thing I said", so that's about me. ~ Gerard Way
Dish Network quotes by Gerard Way
The frontiers of a book are never clear-cut: beyond the title, the first lines, and the last full-stop, beyond its internal configuration and its autonomous form, it is caught up in a system of references to other books, other texts, other sentences: it is a node within a network. ~ Michel Foucault
Dish Network quotes by Michel Foucault
I love inventive food, but I want the classic dishes to taste like how I remember them. I get a little bummed out when there is too much fancy stuff going on and it doesn't resemble the original dish at all. ~ Drew Barrymore
Dish Network quotes by Drew Barrymore
I'm not in this sport to see how hard I can get hit or to see how many big punches I can take. I am in this game to fight as long as I can. I am trying to dish a lot of punishment. ~ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Dish Network quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
In the long term, a robust health IT network will support personalized treatment that adheres to proven best practices, and adapts to your personal health circumstances. The time will come when, whatever illness you may have, for your body type and health history, there will 'be an app for that' to keep you on your best path to wellness. ~ Sheldon Whitehouse
Dish Network quotes by Sheldon Whitehouse
Beyond the table, there is an altar, with candles lit for Billie Holiday and Willa Carter and Hypatia and Patsy Cline. Next to it, an old podium that once held a Bible, on which we have repurposed an old chemistry handbook as the Book of Lilith. In its pages is our own liturgical calendar: Saint Clementine and All Wayfarers; Saints Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt, observed in the summer with blueberries to symbolize the sapphire ring; the Vigil of Saint Juliette, complete with mints and dark chocolate; Feast of the Poets, during which Mary Oliver is recited over beds of lettuce, Kay Ryan over a dish of vinegar and oil, Audre Lorde over cucumbers, Elizabeth Bishop over some carrots; The Exaltation of Patricia Highsmith, celebrated with escargots boiling in butter and garlic and cliffhangers recited by an autumn fire; the Ascension of Frida Khalo with self-portraits and costumes; the Presentation of Shirley Jackson, a winter holiday started at dawn and ended at dusk with a gambling game played with lost milk teeth and stones. Some of them with their own books; the major and minor arcana of our little religion. ~ Carmen Maria Machado
Dish Network quotes by Carmen Maria Machado
At network television you could make a show like Freaks and Geeks, and even though 7 million people watch is every week, you were considered a terrible failure, and they got rid of you and staff. Now ... It's like a world where the replacements are the biggest fans in the world. It's, the Elvis Costellos of television are the winners. Creativity is king and it's very very exciting. ~ Judd Apatow
Dish Network quotes by Judd Apatow
Hampden College, as a body, was always strangely prone to hysteria. Whether from isolation, malice, or simple boredom, people there were far more credulous and excitable than educated people are generally believed to be, and this hermetic, overheated atmosphere made it a thriving black petrie dish of melodrama and distortion. I remember well, for instance, the blind animal terror which ensued when some townie set off the civil defense sirens as a joke. Someone said it was a nuclear attack; TV and radio reception, never good there in the mountains, happened to be particularly bad that night, and in the ensuing stampede for the telephones the switchboard shorted out, plunging the school into a violent and almost unimaginable panic. Cars collided in the parking lot. People sceamed, wept, gave away t heir possessions, huddled in small groups for comfort and warmth. Some hippies barricaded themselves in the Science Building, in the lone bomb shelter, and refused to let anyone in who didn't know the world to "Sugar Magnolia." Factions formed, leaders rose from the chaos. Though the world, in fact, was not destroyed, everyone had a marvelous time and people spoke fondly of the event for years afterward. ~ Donna Tartt
Dish Network quotes by Donna Tartt
The introduction of optical fiber systemswill revolutionize the communications network. The lowtransmission loss and the large bandwidth capability of the fibersystems allow signals to be transmitted for establishingcommunications contacts over large distances with few or noprovisions of intermediate amplification. ~ Charles K. Kao
Dish Network quotes by Charles K. Kao
The small scale of the groups within such networks helps them remain agile, while the many-to-many ties in the larger network ensure that even if 10 percent or 20 percent of its membership is eliminated, the network as a whole will continue to function. "How many times have we killed the number three in al-Qaeda? In a network, everyone is number three," notes [US Naval Postgraduate School professor of defense analysis Dr. John] Arquilla, dryly. ~ Andrew Zolli
Dish Network quotes by Andrew Zolli
I am more of an herb guy than a spice guy. It comes back to a certain conservatism I have regarding food. The French are not big on spices; they use more herbs. I know the spices used in European cooking and use them in moderation. I am not going to serve a dish that is wildly nutmegged!" David Waltuck, Chanterelle NYC ~ Karen Page
Dish Network quotes by Karen Page
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