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#1. Last night you dreamt of a room -
a room full of fish,
and a swimming pool
where you waded knee-deep
and hauled them all in

except for one, already dead,
a large bluefish wedged
into a corner, its back stiff.

You remember it later: its eye
like a button,
a button on another person's coat. - Author: Talvikki Ansel
Dextran Eye quotes by Talvikki Ansel
#2. Be ever more convinced that your guardian angel is really present, that he is ever at your side. St. Frances of Rome always saw him standing before her, his arms clasped at his breast, his eyes uplifted to Heaven; but at the slightest failing, he would cover his face as if in shame, and at times, turn his back to her. - Author: John Bosco
Dextran Eye quotes by John Bosco
#3. Why couldn't the merciful God turn down the sunlight so it wasn't blasting like a red furnace against his aching eyes? Because he'd worshipped the god of beer, thats why. He'd broken a commandment and worshipped the false and foamy god of beer. And now he was being punished. - Author: Nora Roberts
Dextran Eye quotes by Nora Roberts
#4. If we desire a kinder nation, seeing it through the eyes of children is an eminently sensible endeavor: A city that is pro-child,for example, is also a more humane place for adults. - Author: Richard Louv
Dextran Eye quotes by Richard Louv
#5. Werner wonders in the dead of night, isn't life a kind of corruption? A child is born, and the world sets in upon it. Taking things from it, stuffing things into it. Each bite of food, each particle of light entering the eye - the body can never be pure. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Dextran Eye quotes by Anthony Doerr
#6. And, so, what was it that elevated Rubi from dictator's son-in-law to movie star's husband to the sort of man who might capture the hand of the world's wealthiest heiress?
Well, there was his native charm.
People who knew him, even if only casually, even if they were predisposed to be suspicious or resentful of him, came away liking him. He picked up checks; he had courtly manners; he kept the party gay and lively; he was attentive to women but made men feel at ease; he was smoothly quick to rise from his chair when introduced, to open doors, to light a lady's cigarette ("I have the fastest cigarette lighter in the house," he once boasted): the quintessential chivalrous gent of manners.
The encomia, if bland, were universal. "He's a very nice guy," swore gossip columnist Earl Wilson, who stayed with Rubi in Paris. ""I'm fond of him," said John Perona, owner of New York's El Morocco. "Rubi's got a nice personality and is completely masculine," attested a New York clubgoer. "He has a lot of men friends, which, I suppose, is unusual. Aly Khan, for instance, has few male friends. But everyone I know thinks Rubi is a good guy." "He is one of the nicest guys I know," declared that famed chum of famed playboys Peter Lawford. "A really charming man- witty, fun to be with, and a he-man."
There were a few tricks to his trade. A society photographer judged him with a professional eye thus: "He can meet you for a minute and a month later remember you very well." An - Author: Shawn Levy
Dextran Eye quotes by Shawn Levy
#7. Ah, what a warning for a thoughtless man, Could field or grove, could any spot of earth, Show to his eye an image of the pangs Which it hath witnessed,-render back an echo Of the sad steps by which it hath been trod! - Author: William Wordsworth
Dextran Eye quotes by William Wordsworth
#8. He felt the full warmth of that pleasure from which the proud shut themselves out; the pleasure which not only goes with humiliation, but which almost is humiliation. Men who have escaped death by a hair have it, and men whose love is returned by a woman unexpectedly, and men whose sins are forgiven them. Everything his eye fell on it feasted on, not aesthetically, but with a plain, jolly appetite as of a boy eating buns. He relished the squareness of the houses; he liked their clean angles as if he had just cut them with a knife. The lit squares of the shop windows excited him as the young are excited by the lit stage of some promising pantomime. He happened to see in one shop which projected with a bulging bravery on to the pavement some square tins of potted meat, and it seemed like a hint of a hundred hilarious high teas in a hundred streets of the world. He was, perhaps, the happiest of all the children of men. For in that unendurable instant when he hung, half slipping, to the ball of St. Paul's, the whole universe had been destroyed and re-created. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Dextran Eye quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#9. One loses one's eye in the lanes of sea phosphorescence & the Mississippi of stars streaming across the heavens. - Author: David Mitchell
Dextran Eye quotes by David Mitchell
#10. An eye will tend to behold what its owner expects to see. - Author: Galen Beckett
Dextran Eye quotes by Galen Beckett
#11. Oh," Jamie offered in a bright voice. "I could cook some
"NO!" Mae, Annabel, and Nick all exclaimed as one.
Annabel gave Nick a slightly startled look. He was too busy giving Jamie a forbidding look to notice.
"Look, I am getting better," Jamie argued.
"I saw you put rice in a toaster once," said Mae. "I was there when you made that tin of beans explode."
"It was faulty," Jamie protested, his eyes shifty. "I am sure of this. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Dextran Eye quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#12. There is no coming to heaven with dry eyes. - Author: Thomas Adams
Dextran Eye quotes by Thomas Adams
#13. they say
they only want
to grow from
my mouth,

so i will
look them
in the

as i
soft petals
my lips,

my jaw

& spit
their feet

-i will never be your expectations of me - Author: Amanda Lovelace
Dextran Eye quotes by Amanda Lovelace
#14. 5. Be ofttimes mindful of the saying,(3) The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with hearing. Strive, therefore, to turn away thy heart from the love of the things that are seen, and to set it upon the things that are not seen. For they who follow after their own fleshly lusts, defile the conscience, and destroy the grace of God. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
Dextran Eye quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#15. Even now,when she wanted to pummel him for having the audacity to follow her,she still had to admire the strenght and power he radiated.He would never be called handsome,or even good-looking,but there was something dangerous about Jayce that was incredibly sexy.Without even trying,he exuded a raw sexuality that made women stand up and take notice.With his shaved head and a scar that crisscrossed over his left eye,he had...a presence that refused to be ignored.The scar only added to that edginess.And he was directing all of that at her with a very heated stare. - Author: Katie Reus
Dextran Eye quotes by Katie Reus
#16. Did you get checked out?" "Yeah, by a hot blond who sat in the corner of the bar and made googly eyes at me." "I meant by a doctor." "No, but a balding yet bizarrely hot paramedic said I'd be fine." "Oh, and he's an expert?" "At flirting. - Author: Darynda Jones
Dextran Eye quotes by Darynda Jones
#17. My children hate me being such a big star. It's very hard for them to have a father who is always in the public eye. - Author: Brian May
Dextran Eye quotes by Brian May
#18. In my head, Carlisle's kind eyes did not judge me. I knew that he would forgive me for this horrible act that I would do. Because he loved me. Because he thought I was better than I was. And he would still love me, even as I now proved him wrong. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Dextran Eye quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#19. Soon as I see her walk up in the club, I'm a flirt. Winking eyes at me, when I roll up on them dubs, I'm a flirt. Sometimes when I'm with my chick on the low, I'm a flirt. And when she's wit her man looking at me, damn right, I'm a flirt. - Author: R. Kelly
Dextran Eye quotes by R. Kelly
#20. I've always felt my spirit animal was a Tiger, so it's funny that now in 'Roar' with Katy Perry - which is a song we write together - there's the line: "I got the eye of the Tiger ... " So I feel like there's a little bit of me in there. - Author: Bonnie McKee
Dextran Eye quotes by Bonnie McKee
#21. Are you ashamed of what I've done?" she dared to ask.
His brow creased. "Why would you ever think that?"
She couldn't quite look him in the eye as she ran a finger down the blanket. "Are you?"
Aedion was silent long enough that she lifted her head - but found him gazing toward the door, as though he could see through it, across the city, to the captain. When he turned to her, his handsome face was open - soft in a way she doubted many ever saw. "Never," he said. "I could never be ashamed of you. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Dextran Eye quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#22. If I found out some gal was trying to steal my guy, I'd want to give her a black eye! Instead, I wrote this song. At the time I was writing each song [on this album], you could figure out the frame of mind I was in by listening closely. With every song I've ever recorded, I'm in it. I wouldn't write about it if I wasn't in it. - Author: Loretta Lynn
Dextran Eye quotes by Loretta Lynn
#23. The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of the child. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dextran Eye quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#24. Isolated, so-called "pretty theorems" have even less value in the eyes of a modern mathematician than the discovery of a new "pretty flower" has to the scientific botanist, though the layman finds in these the chief charm of the respective sciences. - Author: Hermann Hankel
Dextran Eye quotes by Hermann Hankel
#25. I'm giving you a free shot at my blood and you're playing hard to get? What kind of vampire are you?" When Wraith just stood there, Kynan rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on. My blood's eighty proof. You want it. You know you do. - Author: Larissa Ione
Dextran Eye quotes by Larissa Ione
#26. Slowly, Finley rose from the sofa, tilted her head back and looked him dead in the eye. "I have no desire to be any more in your debt than I already am."
He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Would it make you more comfortable if I demanded something in return? Would that put you at ease?"
When he put it like that, it made her sound like an awful sort of person for thinking the worst. "It would, yes. At least that would be honest."
It might have been laughter that came scoffing from his throat, but there was little humor in it. He shook his head, the light reflecting glints of russet in his hair. "I'd like to meet whomever it was who made you so distrusting and pull his teeth out one by one."
The vehemence in his tone startled her, yet was strangely warming. "'Twas more than just one."
His face darkened, like clouds overtaking the sun. Suddenly, this was no longer just some seemingly kind, bored aristocrat standing before her, but a young man capable of many dangerous things. - Author: Kady Cross
Dextran Eye quotes by Kady Cross
#27. Another boat, a straight-four, four sweep oarsmen without a coxswain, raced through our flotilla. I looked at them as they jetted past, and I quickly looked again. This boat appeared to be manned by four skeletons. Their cheek bones stood out like knots, their ribs were clearly defined as if they were painted on. Every leg and arm muscle showed as taut as steel cabling. Four pairs of deep-set eyes peered at us, conveying 'the look.' The four men who were rowing that shell were a special breed of oarsmen known as 'lightweights' ... - Author: Brad Alan Lewis
Dextran Eye quotes by Brad Alan Lewis
#28. There is an air of unreality in debating these arcane points when the world is changing in such dramatic ways right in front of our eyes because of global warming. - Author: Al Gore
Dextran Eye quotes by Al Gore
#29. All the stream that's roaring by
Came out of a needle's eye ... - Author: William Butler Yeats
Dextran Eye quotes by William Butler Yeats
#30. Because you've been on dates where y'know, you forget to open your eyes and wear pants and speak English. - Author: David Cross
Dextran Eye quotes by David Cross
#31. And since the mind is of a man one part,
Which in one fixed place remains, like ears,
And eyes, and every sense which pilots life;
And just as hand, or eye, or nose, apart,
Severed from us, can neither feel nor be,
But in the least of time is left to rot,
Thus mind alone can never be, without
The body and the man himself, which seems,
As 'twere the vessel of the same- or aught
Whate'er thou'lt feign as yet more closely joined:
Since body cleaves to mind by surest bonds. - Author: Lucretius
Dextran Eye quotes by Lucretius
#32. The very essence of truth is plainness and brightness; the darkness and crookedness is our own. The wisdom of God created understanding, fit and proportionable to truth, the object and end of it, as the eye to the thing visible. If our understanding have a film of ignorance over it, or be blear with gazing on other false glitterings, what is that to truth? - Author: John Milton
Dextran Eye quotes by John Milton
#33. A nation of character is filled with citizens who gradually build lives based on the living awareness that their deeds are judged by eyes of unchanging truth, by a will that is the real measure of what is right, and therefore of what is good. - Author: Alan Keyes
Dextran Eye quotes by Alan Keyes
#34. I never had a "project." I would go out and shoot, follow my eyes ... I tried to capture with my camera, for others to see. - Author: Helen Levitt
Dextran Eye quotes by Helen Levitt
#35. Well, I know better what I don't want. I don't want somebody who's always nagging me to be something I'm not. And I don't want somebody who thinks she knows what's best for me and who maneuvers around trying to get me to do things her way."

Kate frowned. "Nobody wants anyone like that. It's like saying, 'I don't want someone who'll poke me in the eye with a sharp stick.' Forget what you don't want. What do you want? - Author: Jennifer Crusie
Dextran Eye quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#36. Love makes a good eye squint. - Author: George Herbert
Dextran Eye quotes by George Herbert
#37. The knuckles of his hand that had Shaw's name inked across them caught my eye. I pointed to them.
"You have her with you forever already, a ring isn't going to make that much of a difference, bro."
"I need to wait until she's done with school next semester. She needs to graduate and focus on starting med school. I don't want her worrying about me or a wedding while she does it. Honestly, talking to Lando made me start thinking about it. God, forbid something happened to me or to her. I want everyone on the planet to know how much she means to me. How she changed my life and made me want to be a better man for her and her alone. - Author: Jay Crownover
Dextran Eye quotes by Jay Crownover
#38. Is she pleasing to the eye?"
Gabriel went to an inset sideboard to pour himself a brandy. "She's bloody ravishing," he muttered.
Looking more and more interested, his father asked, "What is the problem with her, then?"
"She's a perfect little savage. Constitutionally incapable of guarding her tongue. Not to mention peculiar: She goes to balls but never dances, only sits in the corner. Two of the fellows I went drinking with last night said they'd asked her to waltz on previous occasions. She told one of them that a carriage horse had recently stepped on her foot, and she told the other that the butler had accidentally slammed her leg in the door." Gabriel took a swallow of brandy before finishing grimly, "No wonder she's a wallflower."
Sebastian, who had begun to laugh, seemed struck by that last comment. "Ahhh," he said softly. "That explains it." He was silent for a moment, lost in some distant, pleasurable memory. "Dangerous creatures, wallflowers. Approach them with the utmost caution. They sit quietly in corners, appearing abandoned and forlorn, when in truth they're sirens who lure men to their downfall. You won't even notice the moment she steals the heart right out of your body- and then it's hers for good. A wallflower never gives your heart back."
"Are you finished amusing yourself?" Gabriel asked, impatient with his father's flight of fancy. "Because I have actual problems to deal with."
Still smiling, Sebastian reached for some chalk - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Dextran Eye quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#39. Most people don't understand that being in the public eye is emotionally exhausting. It takes a lot out of you. - Author: Tabitha King
Dextran Eye quotes by Tabitha King

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