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#1. During a late evening briefing, Jimmy listened as Harford told the group they would be teleporting. Harford's briefing didn't extend beyond saying the men might experience nausea, mild dizziness, and garbled sounds, and he couldn't tell them more because each person's experience of teleportation was unique. At last, Jimmy would find out what it was like, though the recent conversation with Vicar played on his mind. He wanted the answer to the one question that nagged him, but in the end, he didn't ask how many men had died during teleportation. He reasoned that Harford wouldn't tell him. - Author: J.M. Johnson
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by J.M. Johnson
#2. In 50 years, I'm going to tell my grandchildren, "Back when I was growing up we didn't have teleportation devices. We actually had to walk to school. In the snow. And shoes hadn't even been invented yet. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Jarod Kintz
#3. I practice neither black nor white magic.
What I do is a technology that I use for my own individual purposes. I don't strive to be a member of a club. - Author: Christopher Rankin
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Christopher Rankin
#4. Maybe it was teleportation. The Spirit took you there."
"That might explain my visit to the soccer game, but it doesn't elucidate why I was in two different editions of the bakery."
"Clarify, expound, explicate ... "
"You should have stopped at expound."
"Brandon! I need assistance here. - Author: James L. Rubart
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by James L. Rubart
#5. Something emerged from the air and slumped on the concrete floor behind Mosquera. The men near the table recoiled in horror. One gasped and stepped backwards, falling over a chair with a crash. Two others crossed themselves. Lock moved the fly so he could see past Mosquera. His blood ran cold. The lumpy mass on the floor looked as though the Devil himself had grabbed Miguel, squashed and scrambled his skin, muscles and bones, and dropped the mess back on the concrete. Like everybody else in the room, Lock was in shock. People didn't die in teleportation, but the evidence was in front of him. What on earth had Mosquera used? - Author: J.M. Johnson
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by J.M. Johnson
#6. I got swirling eyes and the capacity to shatter windows with my bare voice. Tod got teleportation and invisibility. The supernatural world is so far from fair. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Rachel Vincent
#7. I looked at Judith. "This sounds strange, but I don't suppose you saw three mad women with a cauldron of boiling tea pass by this way?"
"No," she replied. The polite voice of reasonable people scared of exciting the madman.
"Flash of light? Puff of smoke? Erm ... " I tried to find a polite way of describing the symptoms of spontaneous teleportation without using the dreaded "teleportation" word. I failed. I slumped back into the sand. What kind of mystic kept a spatial vortex at the bottom of their cauldrons of tea anyway? - Author: Kate Griffin
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Kate Griffin
#8. Elon is one of the few people that I feel is more accomplished than I am," said Craig Venter, the man who decoded the human genome and went on to create synthetic lifeforms. At some point he hopes to work with Musk on a type of DNA printer that could be sent to Mars. It would, in theory, allow humans to create medicines, food, and helpful microbes for early settlers of the planet. "I think biological teleportation is what is going to truly enable the colonization of space," he said. "Elon and I have been talking about how this might play out. - Author: Ashlee Vance
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Ashlee Vance
#9. Inside were long rows of blue teleportation booths. Their shape and color always reminded me of Doctor Who's TARDIS. - Author: Ernest Cline
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Ernest Cline
#10. Okay, before we do this, do you all know which Loculi you're carrying?" Aliyah asked. I adjusted my pack and stood. "I have Language and Flight." "Invisibility and Healing," Cass said. "Bert and Ernie," Marco said. Aliyah glared at him. "Okay. Underwater Breathing and Teleportation," Marco said. "Then let's roll," I said. Aliyah - Author: Peter Lerangis
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Peter Lerangis
#11. I have checked our teleportation technology," Tridax said. "There was no sign of sabotage. You are a liar."
"Well, no one ever said Makuta were observant," said Vezon, "How could you be so sure? Suppose I sabotaged it myself using my incredible powers of the mind."
"You have no powers," said the Makuta, picking up a wickedly sharp blade. "You have no mind. You are about to have no head. - Author: Greg Farshtey
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Greg Farshtey
#12. He put his head down and charged at the mirror. Perhaps it was a teleportation door to another section of the city, perhaps a simple doorway to a room beyond. Or perhaps, Alton dared to imagine in those few desperate seconds, this was some interplanar gate that would being him into a strange and unknown plane of existence!
He felt the tingling excitement of adventure pulling him on as he neared the wonderer thing - then he felt only the impact, the shattering glass, and the unyielding stone wall behind it.
Perhaps it was just a mirror. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#13. Discord Airlines is now boarding for takeoff. - Author: Gayla Drummond
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Gayla Drummond
#14. Reading wasn't an attempt to educate myself. It was my chief escape from a world that, although gorgeous in landscape and rich with mountain culture, didn't provide what I needed - the promise of adventure, a life beyond the perimeter of hills. I often fantasized that I'd been adopted and had mysterious powers such as flying or teleportation. Books offered the promise of a world in which misfits like me could flourish. Within the pages of a novel, I was unafraid: of my father, of dogs, snakes, and the bully across the creek; of older boys who drove hot rods close enough to make me jump in the ditch; of armed men parked near the bootlegger. - Author: Chris Offutt
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Chris Offutt
#15. He wondered if other Shifters had the same homing instinct for a teleportation departure point. It never lasted long, maybe a couple of hours, a half day at most, like a subconscious computer memory. It baffled scientists years after they had first examined Lock's abilities. Nobody had come up with an answer for that ability and Lock was unaware of how he did it. It simply existed, like his other skills. - Author: J.M. Johnson
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by J.M. Johnson
#16. One of my favorite artists on Deviantart. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#17. We have big dreams - sometimes scary, unforgettable dreams that repeat on the same date every year and are shared by every person in town - but we make those big dreams come true. Remember the clock tower? It took eight years and $23 million to build, and despite its invisibility and constant teleportation, it is a lovely structure that keeps impeccable time. - Author: Joseph Fink
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Joseph Fink
#18. If you take a look at the most fantastic schemes that are considered impossible: teleportation, warp drive, parallel universes, other dimensions, artificial intelligence, ray guns, you realize that they can be possible if we advance technology a little bit. - Author: Michio Kaku
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Michio Kaku
#19. If I ever have to get that close to the Prince of Greed again, it'll be too fuckin' soon. And I ain't ever doin' that Star-Trek teleportation crap again, yah hear? I feel dirty . - Author: Pippa DaCosta
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Pippa DaCosta
#20. Long live transfinite mountains, the hollow earth, time machines, fractal writing, aliens, dada, telepathy, flying saucers, warped space, teleportation, artificial reality, robots, pod people, hylozoism, endless shrinking, intelligent goo, antigravity, surrealism, software highs, two-dimensional time, gnarly computation, the art of photo composition, pleasure zappers, nanomachines, mind viruses, hyperspace, monsters from the deep and, of course, always and forever, the attack of the giant ants! - Author: Rudy Rucker
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Rudy Rucker
#21. We teleported," Issie finishes. "Like in Star Trek or Harry Potter, sort of. No! Like in Dr. Who in that episode with the Sontarans and the brilliant human boy, or really any Dr. Who ever if you think of the Tardis! Holy canola! That is just the coolest thing ever! Wowie, wow, wow! - Author: Carrie Jones
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Carrie Jones
#22. I think there's a part of us that fantasizes about having some sort of super power. If I could have one, it would definitely be teleportation! - Author: Celina Jade
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Celina Jade
#23. Researchers still don't know what's involved in Shifting. Have you heard of dark matter?'
'I know the name but not what it is.'
'It's something like another dimension all around us. We can't see it or touch it, but there's five times more of it than what we call our world. It isn't made of atoms in the way that we are. It's at the edge of our understanding of the universe. It's like black holes – you can't view them, but you know they're there because of the way things act when they're in close proximity to one. It's the same with dark matter. We think teleportation involves a dimensional shift.'
Jackie (J M) Johnson, Starbirth Assignment Shifter - Author: J.M. Johnson
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by J.M. Johnson
#24. Dangerous? Do you remember what Xavier's power is? Teleportation. Limited Teleportation, They guy can move about 10 feet. Worst thing he could do to me? Poke me in the eyes, and go "Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk" and Zip away before I can smack him," - Elena - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#25. To only call Wizards, Aliens, and Starships engaging would be a real understatement
it is a delightful, funny, and immensely interesting romp through science and fiction. From candlepower to teleportation, all the way to the fate of the cosmos in the span of a googol years, this is a cornucopia of teachable material. It is also a reminder of the simple thrill of applying science to the world around us, real or imagined. A new classic. - Author: Caleb Scharf
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Caleb Scharf
#26. The point is, teleportation is a difficult thing that takes a crap ton of mystic."
"Is 'crap ton' a technical term?" Derek asked.
Smartass. "Yes," I growled. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Ilona Andrews
#27. If it was that easy, the American military would have figured it out years ago. - Author: Christopher Rankin
Deviantart Teleportation Acident quotes by Christopher Rankin

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