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In the environment in which we evolved, the careful choice of a mate was critical to a female's success in passing on her genes. If her man was not strong enough to be a successful hunter, or not of sufficiently high rank within the tribe to commandeer food from others, her children might be in trouble. The women who were reproductively successful were those with a sexual preference for effective providers. A kind of erotic "tunnel vision" was selected for, which causes women to focus their mating effort on the men at the top of the pack - the "alpha males" with good physical endowments, social rank, and economic resources (or an ability to acquire them). ~ F. Roger Devlin
Detonating Alpha quotes by F. Roger Devlin
Animal joy in his being is implicit in all his movements and attitudes. Since earliest manhood the center of his life has been pleasure with women, the giving and taking of it, not with weak indulgence, dependently, but with the power and pride of a richly feathered male bird among hens. […] He sizes women up with a glance, with sexual classifications, crude images flashing into his mind and determining the way he smiles at them. ~ Tennessee Williams
Detonating Alpha quotes by Tennessee Williams
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta...Delta is for Charlie and Charlie is for Cain ~ Robert Ludlum
Detonating Alpha quotes by Robert Ludlum
You sure are a sweet girl, Scout. I'm half tempted to keep you."
"Ummm ... Thanks?" Knowing she was a potential Alpha I worried about what "keeping me" might entail. Probably chains. And whips. And maybe a dog collar.
And now I was going to have to live with scary Fifty Shades Aunt Rachel pictures living in my head for all time. ~ Tammy Blackwell
Detonating Alpha quotes by Tammy Blackwell
Pleasure and pain.
That was my Melody.
She was my poison
so toxic, when sampled,
so sweet ... ~ Kenya Wright
Detonating Alpha quotes by Kenya Wright
I'm an enormous product of my century, I'm a product of my upbringing. I was not aware of the fact that I was entering marriage with the highest set of expectations that humans have ever brought to the institution. It was really good to find that out. It doesn't have to be the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the moon and the stars - it can just be the moon. It's enough that it just can be what it is. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Detonating Alpha quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
She knew that dark place all warriors go. ~ Armada West
Detonating Alpha quotes by Armada West
There are some women who need a different kind of romance. They need the angst, Alpha male, who takes what he wants and makes no apologies for his gruff behavior ~ Suzanne Steele
Detonating Alpha quotes by Suzanne Steele make it sound like this is work. I'm having a hard time thinking about sex as a project to manage."
He barely touched the cheeks of her ass, just a little tickle on her flesh, and her muscles clenched. "Only because you don't take it seriously."
"I take it very seriously," she shot back.
"No, you take the choice of your partner seriously, but not the sex itself. The sex itself you view as something you have to give up to get to what you really want, and that's companionship and affection. You can't buy those with sex, Avery. Those will come or not, and it doesn't mean a damn thing to any man. Not really. He'll take sex from you even if he doesn't particularly like you. He'll take it because you offer it up so easily. Again - not the relationship, but the sex. You're offering me easy sex. Sex where I don't have to work, but I want to work because I do like you and I do feel affection for you. Do you understand?"
"You think I should ask for more."
"No, I think you should demand more."
"That doesn't sound very submissive... ~ Lexi Blake
Detonating Alpha quotes by Lexi Blake
I just want to say one thing ... Thank you Eddie! ~ Oscar Gutierrez
Detonating Alpha quotes by Oscar Gutierrez
Oh my God, this was an interrogation.
Grady picked up his bottle as he smiled at me. "We just met, but I think we're…going to be pretty good friends."
"Good friends?" Brock chuckled, and my hands tightened into fists. "Sounds about right. Anyway," he said in a way that dripped dismissiveness, "I don't want to keep you all from your dinner. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I'll hit you up later," Brock said to Cam before focusing on me in that intense way of his that made you feel like there was no one else in the entire world but you.
He tapped the tip of my nose.
I blinked.
Brock grinned. "I'll see you again soon. ~ J. Lynn
Detonating Alpha quotes by J. Lynn
Are you telling me, or are you asking me?" Kathel said sarcastically.
"Depends on your answer," Wharick
"Yes, Gwardian. It would be my honor to be your second."
"Then I was telling you," Wharick told him. ~ Madison Thorne Grey
Detonating Alpha quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
Why have one alpha billionaire when you can have two? ~ Scarlett Avery
Detonating Alpha quotes by Scarlett Avery
Far back in the mists of ancient time, in the great and glorious days of the former Galactic Empire, life was wild, rich and largely tax free. Mighty starships plied their way between exotic suns, seeking adventure and reward among the furthest reaches of Galactic space. In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. And all dared to brave unknown terrors, to do mighty deeds, to boldly split infinitives that no man had split before
and thus was the Empire forged.
... In these enlightened days, of course, no one believes a word of it. ~ Douglas Adams
Detonating Alpha quotes by Douglas Adams
Most of the time, I don't know whether to fight you, spank you or screw you. You make me crazy and you don't listen to me, which pisses me off. ~ A.P. Jensen
Detonating Alpha quotes by A.P. Jensen
Guurl. Tell me. Do you keep your hair this long for religious reasons? Like, will you lose your strength if you cut it?--Terry, a member of the glam squad, to Khloe Richardson ~ Naima Simone
Detonating Alpha quotes by Naima Simone
This is my house and I'm in charge. I can make her do whatever I want while she's under my roof. ~ Olivia T. Turner
Detonating Alpha quotes by Olivia T. Turner
No, not in a creepy way. I am anti-incest. It says so on my bumper sticker. ~ Laurel Ulen Curtis
Detonating Alpha quotes by Laurel Ulen Curtis
Hello, darling," Alessandro smiled at her. Oh, that smile. Bree wanted to close her eyes, press her hands against her eyes and keep them shut forever so she wouldn't see that smile. She must have had the question on her face, the knowledge on her face because as she looked at him now, something flickered in his eyes. Guilt. Oh God. "Mommy, look. I make good bouncies. See?" Will said, dribbling the ball. "I gonna be a basset ball player when I gwoed up." The little boy's voice sounded far away as Bree narrowed in on Alessandro and the look in his eyes. "Brian. I want you and Vanessa to take Will and Gianni out for a little while." "Oh but we're having a good time out here, aren't we Gianni?" Alessandro asked, tickling Gianni who squealed and curled inward. "Now," Bree said, her voice tight. Will stopped bouncing the ball and held it against his chest looking at both of them, picking up on the angry tension that suddenly covered them all. "Uh oh. I tink mommy's mad." "I'm not leaving you alone in your condition, Bree. Alessandro, we just came from the hospital. Colin's awake," Brian informed him, his voice tight with anger. "You spoke to Colin?" Alessandro asked, meeting Bree's eyes. "I did. And Carrie." He looks like a cornered animal. And what do Dardanos do when they're cornered? They lie. They cheat. Oh God. "Fine, then can you just take the boys upstairs?" Bree said, speaking to Brian, but not moving her gaze from her husband. "Come on, guys. Let's go play upstairs for a w ~ E. Jamie
Detonating Alpha quotes by E. Jamie
He lowered his head and shook it from side to side, giving her a rueful smile. "I find it so ironic that someone I think of as sometimes so brave to the point of stupidity could be so terrified of her own happiness,"
Bree felt the shot hit home, and she couldn't look at him. She ran her finger along the marble topped of the island. "That's ridiculous. Who in their right mind is afraid of being happy?"
"Someone who has lost too much," he moved slowly towards her in gentle careful strides as if he was afraid of startling her.
Fair enough, she did tend to attack him when he tried to corner her, but for some reason, Bree just couldn't tonight. The much too relaxing bubble bath must be making her sluggish.
"Someone who is so used to being told she caused too much pain to others to ever be worthy of happiness herself,"
Bree closed her eyes. "Shut up. Please, Alessandro. ~ E. Jamie
Detonating Alpha quotes by E. Jamie
If you have a lover, I'm sure he would not wish to hear how you moan for me, how you plead for my cock, how you rotate those hips to keep me inside you, how your slick begins to drip just hearing me unbuckling my pants." Her shoulders stiffened, her chest rising rapidly as he stood over her. "If you have a lover, I can assure you, he will no longer satisfy you. Not like I do. ~ Zoey Ellis
Detonating Alpha quotes by Zoey Ellis
And I wake up happy, baby, because I possess beauty and I own that beauty in all the forms it can take and the least important of those are physical. ~ Kristen Ashley
Detonating Alpha quotes by Kristen Ashley
When a man wants something he must pursue it with all he has. - Salvadore, The Tutor by Kailin Gow ~ Kailin Gow
Detonating Alpha quotes by Kailin Gow
What if your ménage fantasy became possible? Two gorgeous hunks, one dark and surly, the other blond and bright, lived to please and sexually fulfill you? What if you burned with passion like a cat in heat and only these two alpha males could satisfy you? What if you found out they were shape-shifters and so were you?" ~ Eliza ~ ~ Eliza March
Detonating Alpha quotes by Eliza March
I wasn't stupid. I realized that I was preventing her from being around her sister and her parents. Her boyfriend. I was banishing her from everything she knew.
From a comfortable future.
From money and opportunity.
From family Christmases and blue-eyed kids with Dean, who was oh-so-fucking enchanted with her.
From love.
I was ruining her life.
Because. I. Was. Jealous. ~ L.J. Shen
Detonating Alpha quotes by L.J. Shen
I've been keeping an eye on Henry throughout the fight. I glanced at him just as he stepped onto the mat.
"Alpha," he called. "I chal - "
He never got the whole word out - because I drew my foster father's SIG and shot him in the throat before he could.
For a split second everyone stared at him, as if they couldn't figure out where all that blood had come from.
"Stop the bleeding." I said. Though I made no move to do it myself. The rat could die for all I cared. "That was a lead bullet. He'll be fine." But he wouldn't be talking - or challenging Adam - for a while. "When he's stable put him in the holding cell where he can't do any more harm."
Adam looked at me. "Trust you to bring a gun into a fist fight." He said with every evidence of admiration. Then he looked at his pack. Our pack. "What she said." He told them. ~ Patricia Briggs
Detonating Alpha quotes by Patricia Briggs
Masturbating in front of him while talking dirty brings me far more pleasure than I expected…" - Sofia Herrera (French Kiss, Unbearable Passion, #2) ~ Scarlett Avery
Detonating Alpha quotes by Scarlett Avery
What I am fucking tired of is seeing you hide behind dull clothes shaped like tents and sacks because you're afraid of being noticed. Like you're trying to disappear. And that's a damn crime. Screw this Bennett. I could give two fucks about Bennett. This is about you. About you seeing the beauty you are so maybe others will, too.--Niall Hunter to Khloe Richardson ~ Naima Simone
Detonating Alpha quotes by Naima Simone
Come see my mommy, Becky!" Will said and Bree stopped in her tracks. "Oh hell no!" she exclaimed staring at 'Becky'. Rebecca, the bane of Bree's existence. The blonde woman smiled mockingly at Bree. "How ya doing?" "What?" Bree asked but the question was directed at her brother and not the skank in front of her. "So how was Paris?" Rebecca asked moving right past Bree to practically press her body against Alessandro. "Seriously, what?" Bree demanded, glaring at Brian. "Hey, Alessandro. Great to see you again." "Stop talking. Stop talking now before I ram your botoxed head through this table!" Bree hissed lunging at her. Brian grabbed her quickly and held her back. "Sorry. Bree's a little bit touchy about that whole Vegas thing I guess. But hey, looks like it all worked for the best, huh?" Rebecca winked at Alessandro ~ E. Jamie
Detonating Alpha quotes by E. Jamie
Then what's the problem?" He was getting irritated now. "Are you scared, V? Scared that fucking me might turn into something more?" Taunting her, he continued, "Scared that I might just be able to get past that impenetrable outer shell? ~ Nicole Edwards
Detonating Alpha quotes by Nicole Edwards
Excuse me?"
The librarian looked up again.
"I need help now. I need to print this article and . . . do you have any books about dukes?"
The librarian's eyes went wide and she rubbed her hands together with glee. "We have a fantastic romance section," she said. "Do you need recommendations? How do you like your dukes? Grumpy? Tortured? Alpha, beta, or alpha in the streets, beta in the sheets?"
"Actually, I meant nonfiction," Portia said glumly.
The librarian sighed. "Aye. Just a warning, love - the non-fic dukes are not nearly as fun. ~ Alyssa Cole
Detonating Alpha quotes by Alyssa Cole
War always costs more than you expect. Hostility takes over every facet of your accustomed life. It worms and digs its way into each tiny crevice, spreading, ripping, and shredding everything that is familiar. Eventually, fighting congeals and reforms itself into a living, breathing reality that consumes everything you knew. ~ Alpha Four
Detonating Alpha quotes by Alpha Four
My father and I used to watch a ton of old horror movies when I was growing up. 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon' was one of my father's favorites and he was very excited for me to see the film. But after the movie was over, I told him that I was kind of bored. I said to him, 'I'm sorry, Daddy, but I saw the zipper in the back of the monster's costume. From that point on, I was really never scared at all. The point I'm trying to make is that I don't believe someone intentionally tipped off the target. And I maintain that no one made some horrendous mistake, which I'm now trying to cover up. I believe what really happened with the operation was that our target ended up seeing the zipper. Orlo Kharms realized something around him wasn't… real. And he was able to avoid the trap we had laid out for him. ~ Richard Finney
Detonating Alpha quotes by Richard Finney
Let me rephrase." He took a seething step toward me. "When it comes to you ... I don't like to share. ~ Samantha Young
Detonating Alpha quotes by Samantha Young
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